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Quake port to Flash has been released

It seems that a programmer named Michael Rennie has released a Flash port of Quake. I say “it seems” because yes, there is a port but I could not find any more information about it. And neither did I find the source code.

Anyways, here it is:
Apparently the shareware is bundled inside. You can mouselook by holding the left mouse button.
I hate Flash and am not posting for visitor whoring so it is not embedded. Just open the file with your Flashplayer-using browser.

PS: I totally missed that the Quake Silverlight port was released too. Thanks Randy! (Yay, more proprietary browser crap :P )

Update: The source is available at

Reviews at The Abandoned Workshops

I’ve been wanting to post a link to this site for ages but always missed the opportunity when a new Quake map review was posted. But now there is a new review of Kinn’s Bastion of the Underworld up and thus I try again. The Abandoned Workshops is the site of Ryan “quakis” Rouse who reviews not only Quake maps, but those for a multitude of first person shooters. They are long, indepth and well done. So make sure to subscribe to his RSS feed and/or visit The Abandoned Workshops regularly.

PS: Also check out the (Half-Life centric) SP Map Corner.

Conservation of Planetquake-hosted Quake sites

A bunch of Quakers are actively archiving the soon to be deleted hosted websites from Planetquake. If you want to follow progress or even help out, check out the Inside3D forums: IGN Decides To “discontinue Free Hosting Services” -> Quake Archiving Project

Make sure you read them wholly before you start contributing. It is not as easy as one might wish. :( rips off other sites

Sorry for the profanity, but this makes me so angry. I want to say a big FUCK YOU to for ripping information from all kinds of sites just for their monetary benefit.

*wiki wegame com /Quake_Bots/ is a blatant ripoff from Megazoid’s Quake Bots page.

*wiki wegame com /Quake_Weapons/#1 is ripped from . Yeah, “damagwe”. They are violating the GNU Free Documentation License here.

Such scum. You know, I was recently thinking about putting all the content on this site under some free license. Needless to say that my enthusiasm to do so has faded. I was also thinking about having a contest with people uploading Quake custom map gameplay videos to wegame, ha-ha…

* Links scrambled to not give search engines any false hope. Add dots and remove the space if you want to see the sites.

Pappy-R on the Planet Quake

Jehar interviewed a couple of people lately for the Tastyspleen TastyCast. Latest interviewee was Pappy-R of Planet Quake fame. They talk about the community, the (recent) meltdown of Planet Quake and many other things. Go check it out!

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