Migrating to a new host

Since I am currently working on migrating to a new server comments on news and user registration are disabled for the time being. You can still use all the map archive functions.

update: actually it will take a bit longer than expected so commenting is possible again.

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Categorisation of mods?

If you want Quaddicted to cover mods then now is the time to make constructive contributions. So post suggestions on categories. Some random thoughts from me:

Singleplayer / Multiplayer

These are random ideas, do not base your own on them.

Simple mods:

These are random ideas, do not base your own on them.

Complex mods:
New gamemodes / altered game play / different game:

These are random ideas, do not base your own on them.

Engine requirements:

These are random ideas, do not base your own on them.

What is Zerstörer, what is Nehahra, what is Quoth, what is Qonquer, what is e1m1red, what is X-Men.
What about Darkplaces mods/games?
What about Bots?
idgames2 was rather stupid with its partial conversions vs QuakeC/, right?
QuakeC is a term for programmers, not Quake players.

Speak now or be silent forever.

Atom feed for the latest additions to the SP archive

I hacked a quick and dirty Atom feed.
It will break every now and then (and does not even validate) but maybe someone has any use for it already.

Paginated browsing #1

My booth was eaten by a grue so I post it here: (super work-in-progress, broken and ugly). I’m gonna try to finish this in the next few days. This should excite new visitors much more than that “boring” list. Do not worry, that list will stay where it is since I consider it most useful.

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Sophisticated user-tracking now live

I just installed a local tracking and analysis software because I am interested how users interact with this website. Normal webserver logs are not enough.

Only I (and of course theoretically my server provider) have access to the data. IP addresses are anonymised. I do not match the user accounts to the visitor statistics. You can opt-out (this requires you to save cookies). If you feel that this is bad, please tell me so. Either here or in private at spirit % quaddicted . com.

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