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Shambling Shamblers

Every now and then I browse for “Quake” media. It’s always new pictures of Shamblers I find, I guess people really love it (I do so too). So are some from my collection I like. Where possible I linked to the sources. The others I don’t remember. Images badly need some proper easy metadata standard… If you know more sources please tell me.

Creatures_of_Quake__Shambler_by_Naburus Finnished_Shambler_turnaround_by_SIM_MO

Shmbler_by_LouisGFX shambler_by_chrislazzer

Dimensional_Shambler_by_Mortis_of_midian shambler2ip5

S_H_A_M_B_L_E_R___Quake_I_by_melete shambler_3hour


Disco_Infernal_by_RazielArt shambler2926

Someone remind me to do a follow-up with 3D models and real media (like plastics or fabric).

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Oktober Fan-Art #3: A short story by Tronyn

Known for major backstories to his maps Tronyn could not resist submitting a story too:

The Netherworld

No one’s scraped the blood off the walls here for at least a hundred years.

The only sound is my breathing.

Once every few hours a drip of water falls, somewhere off in the vast darkness.

These halls of dull metal must go on forever. Thousands of miles in every direction.

And the walls are all inscribed with bizarre characters – not hieroglyphics, not words – some script halfway between.

I’ve been unable to discover any meaning in them. But my shotgun is the most advanced thing here.

Meaning something carved out all those characters by hand, or by -

Miles and miles, on the floor, walls, ceilings, into seeming infinity.

Some inconcievable mad god.

I’ve met enough disciples – things without eyes that crawl out of the darkness.

Sometimes I see other humans, or – former humans. From different time periods.

One time I saw a guy with the same kind of gear as me. Real messed up. No eyes, just bloody holes. Screaming.

Most of the humans I see – maybe one or two a month, but then what’s Time here? – wear metallic armour.

Like they’re from centuries ago, earth time. The middle ages. Makes me think they knew something we don’t.

But the vast majority of the moving flesh I’ve seen here is not human, nothing like it.

I can’t remember when I got here, and I don’t think I’ll ever leave. Nothing can save me.

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October Fan-Art #2 – A short story by ijed

I already thought no more submissions would come but Warp Spasm mastermind ijed submitted a short story:

Nail that fucker down!

He fired until empty, dropped the gun with precision. Just a knight, lower class, nothing special. Infected, the rage and hate of the place. He wasn’t always like this. Leaning his head on the wall he tried to think back, the harsh edges of the stone a cold counterpoint to the warm images he was trying to summon.

Had her name been Marie?

Had she been beautiful? Was that a trick of rememberance or a trick of this whole pitiful existance of violence he was trapped within.

Were the children part of that same phantasm. Stupid questions. Without worth. Only continued existance mattered now.

As if in response to his thoughts a shout came from the end of the hall. Another knight.

Would they never learn? Looked like a berserker as well. Machinelike, he dropped to one knee and took its head off. The body kept coming in mid swing, the bloody sword dropping in the last split second from the mailed fingers.

With an anguished roar he shoulder barged the charging corpse and took away the midsection in another blast.

Ears ringing, he fell to the floor, the shredded remains falling aside. He threw the shotgun aside and sobbed.

Inside, a part of him sneered. He wasn’t crying for higher ideals or his supposed lost humanity. He was crying for lost dreams. Seeing life on this side of the lens had long stripped away those sentiments, or so he’d thought.

Some time passed.

He stood up, recovered the shotgun. Needed to eat, losing strength. Looked at the knights destroyed corspe. No way. The portal ahead had endless promise.

What it was promising he didn’t want to think.

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October Fan-Art #1

Madfox sent in two drawings of Quake monsters:
ogrek knight

He also created paper art of two of his monsters, both of which you can encounter on his maps: The Orb and the Stegosaurus.

scar3crow sent me

*Ia! Sadistic Defenders*

Thundering and pacing
Memories and ill visions chasing
Down through every hall

Under arched stone
Blood red domes
And purple sky they call

With nightmarish intentions
And arcane inventions
Along every surface they scrawl

Their devotions of violence
Their screams in silence
Of whom they shall rip and maul

The four runes they defend
Innumerable flesh they rend
In the name of the hell-mother of all


By the ring on my finger
I may pass unnoticed
A temporary pacifist, unblinkingly secure

By the spiked rune of my holding
I may deal my fury justly
And with the force of four

By the points of five
I am as distant as the mystic
Within reach but untouchable to their harm
But with a minutes pause
The Elder Gods leave me for their truly devoted
And with another minutes pause, they have a newly devoted

Keep ‘em coming!

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Happy Birthmonth Quaddicted

This months marks the 5th anniversary of my Quake site. Before Quaddicted was born, there was “Spirit of 85′s Quake Weblog”. I published it on the 22th October 2004. had a hard time mirroring the stupid host I used, but here is how it looked like. I will try to find some backup and put it online some day. Even though the site was named differently and covered much more news (and had no archives) I consider the Quakeblog to be “the” site already. Quaddicted was just the new name and address at some point later.

Looking through some backups I cannot believe how much time I wasted for this site. Waste in the sense of actually doing things in the most complicated way. Anyone who helped converting the database files in 2005(?) knows… Getting all the positive feedback is a great reward though and I hope the people who helped with this site do feel rewarded too. Definitely the nicest feeling comes from people discovering their old maps in the archive.

Anyways, I wanted to make something bigger but my personal life got in the way (in a very very good way, hooray!). So let’s celebrate the 5th anniversary of this Quake Archive with a month of fanart creation. Whatever you make, mail (spirit at this domain) me about it and I will try to do regular posts. If it is older, previously released stuff or not your own creation please say so.

Here is my “first I was serious but then I had to finish it quickly” attempt of some plain old rhyming.

Late at night,
when QuakeWorld sleeps
through dark and light
the Ranger creeps.

Searching for prey,
fearless and mean,
hiding in shadows
the Fiend is being unseen.

If fate or if bad luck
couples these two
you better get out there
or you will be screwed.
By one or the other…

Or how about some stupid Haiku?

Shamblers headbanging
Fiends galloping against walls
Quake monsters on dope

Those two are silly, sorry. Some really moody dark Quake poetry would be ace. I cannot draw, otherwise I would. Or how about some good old comics? Maybe you sometimes like playing amateur blacksmith like me? Or do you build paperwork? How about Quakeopoly (by metlslime). Whatever your Quake mind can think of, send it in.

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