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I interviewed American McGee about Quake

because I had so many questions about Quake and he seemed like a good victim for my over-zealous enthusiasm. Oh and also this year is Quake’s 15th anniversary, today in 1996 the shareware was released. I did not play Quake until ~2000/2001, lame isn’t it? Anyways, here you go: American McGee on Quake. Enjoy!

An interview with mexx

Last year Marcus “mexx” Dromowicz popped up in the forums, setting some things straight about Abyss of Pandemonium. I could not let the opportunity slip and asked if I could interview him. He accepted but I did not notice the reply for a week, then I forgot, then I remembered and forgot again. Finally some time ago I sent him questions and we chatted a bit. So, without further ado, dive into my interview with a Quake legend: mexx.

More interviews

I just finished the last bunch of interviews (unless I overlooked some submission), never expected them to be that much time-intense work. Here is the full list:
biff, Borsato (new!), DaMaul, Daz, gibbie, ijed, Jago, JPL (new!), Kona (new!), Lunaran, Madfox, Matthias Worch, metlslime, necros, negke, ORL, Paul (new!), Pingu, Pope, ProdigyXL (new!), RickyT23, Scampie, Scragbait (new!), SleepwalkR, Tiddles, Trinca, Tronyn (new!), Vondur, Zwiffle

And of course the older and more “personal” one with Kell. Enjoy reading!

Last chance for Coop & more Interviews

The coop server will be gone in about 3 days, so if you want to play some, be quick.
I posted more interviews, check in the QExpo Booth which ones are new (lazy? me?).

And the rmx pack has finally been released (QExpo Booth), I’ll (probably) make a news post somewhen later (told you I wasn’t lazy). It includes a fantastic, well balanced, nicely textured, incredibly detailed map with magnificient brushwork by yours truly… *cough*

Maps! Updates! Interviews!

It’s description update time. Thanks to negke, an unknown contributor and me there are more than 40 new descriptions.

Excellent and Nice: aopfm_v2, auximine, dark04b, ne_lend_doom, nsoe, shesp1

The rest: alsc, anaconda, anoxia, apocshel, axeme7, break1-map, bridges_2, brt01q1, brt04q1, brt06q1, brt07q1, brt08hip, brt08q1, building, burns, butcher, cargoshp, cavosin_fixed, chess, chqmd, city, corporal, dblback, dock5, dxm2, dxmf, fun!, maze1, mercy, platform, series1, skymaze, vr

And the fiffy maps got better ratings. I am sure I made some mistakes as usual, so please don’t hesitate reporting errors.

I also posted some more interviews in the QExpo booth, thanks to Lardarse who did the “processing” work: necros, negke, Pingu, SleepwalkR, Tiddles, Vondur

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