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digs’ new map! Install it with the Quake Injector! Hooray!

*Updated* with a fixed version. A bug you might have run into was squashed for your convenience.

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5 new releases

Thanks to the busy bee named negke there are some additions to the site: – April Fools II, – Speedmap pack 164, – Deathmatch Classics Vol. 3, – The Altar of Storms (oh my god!), – Dimension of the Doomed.

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April Fools II by Asaki

Asaki made a map for April Fools’. Not at Quaddicted until someone (I can’t be arsed) makes a .zip file.

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Speedmapping pack 162

gb, negke and Zwiffle speedmapped:

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Sludge Factory by Tronyn

Tronyn released a new map: Sludge Factory ( Read the readme.

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