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Dark Ritual (Single Player Version) by negke

negke continues singleplayermapsing deathmatch maps, this time: Dark Ritual by Tyrann.

This is the single player version of Tyrann’s deathmatch map. A medium-sized
nightly industrial base where a dark ritual is being performed in order to
summon some evil demon. The original map has been expanded by additional areas
on the rooftops and a boss arena. The deathmatch layout and item placement
remain unchanged. The GPL map source is included.

Download (1 Megabyte).

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Undergate Re-Release by Baker (ingame 3D map browser)

If the Quake Injector is too 2D for you, check out the new release of Baker’s “Undergate” project. It let you wander around screenshots of maps by displaying them in a custom map. Choose one you want to play and hop right into it.

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Rubicon 2 by metlslime

metlslime released a new mappack: Rubicon 2!

Download (9 MB), rate, tag and comment on its description page. You can install and launch it with the Quake Injector!

If it crashes or you are irritated by the messages about progs/centurion.mdl and sound/misc/laser_off.wav not being found, do launch with “+map start”. The demos reference file paths from development. It will be fixed later.

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Devastation by ShadoW and negke

If you play QuakeLive or at least follow the Quake 3 mapping scene, then the name ShadoW won’t be new to you. That man is a crazy mapping machine, pushing out one quality work after another. Recently he started making open-source deathmatch maps for Quake. negke took the chance to turn the first released one into a singleplayer adventure. Surprise, it rocks.

Check out – Devastation (single player version)

negke also did the same for an earlier release by spirit: – Zeal & Fury (single player version)

That is not me but my namesake spirit. I am usually using an uppercase S to underline my awesomeness lazyness.

You can install and launch both maps using the Quake Injector!

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Dry Sorrow by Tronyn

A new map release by Tronyn: Dry Sorrow.

The latest version of PM’s Drake is the mod that will be required for some upcoming maps by Tronyn. The first of these maps, Dry Sorrow, is a small Egyptian/industrial Q1SP based on an old DM map. More maps should be coming in the nearish future.

Download the Drake mod (17 Megabytes) which you will need to install. Then download and install the map (3 Megabytes).

Note: You have to go through the first door right away or you will be trapped for eternity!

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