Quake VR - Samsung Gear VR

Quake VR for the Samsung Gear VR can be downloaded by installing SideloadVR. Support and questions should be asked at the official reddit page.


All work on Quake GVR is completed on a voluntary basis with the goal of spreading the VR experience of this classic game to as many people as possible. If you would like to contribute for my time that is much appreciated. You may use the below donation system.


A Gamepad is required in order to play.

Be warned, Quake (as if you don’t know..) is a fast paced first person shooter, if you are not accustomed to games like this in VR, then there is a good chance you will make yourself ill if you try to play too long, even with the default “swivel-chair” mode enabled.

Once installed you will need to run the game at least once for the appropriate folders to be created, by default they will contain the shareware version of Quake. If you own the full version of Quake, then you can copy the contents of the game’s id1 folder to the QGVR/id1 folder on your phone (overwriting what is already there). Yaw Control

To attempt to avoid sim-sickness, the default turning-mode for the game is swivel-chair/standing, the right-stick is redundant in this mode, so you use your head and body to turn. Additionally, there is a “comfort-mode” implementation, with a configurable incremental turn distance using the right stick. Finally, for the hard-core VR gamers with stomachs of iron there is the old-school stick based yaw.. Whatever mode you choose, if you vomit I am not responsible.

hi-res texture packs

It is also highly recommended you download the hi-res textures and unpack them to the id1 folder. They greatly improve on the regular game textures and don’t have any impact on the in-game performance (that I’ve noticed). The hi-resolution texture packs can be found on the following site:
If you have the hi-res texture packs installed, then please allow extra time for levels to load and for the game to start.

Custom Maps

You can find a list of working custom maps and the required settings on the following post Custom Maps


Multiplayer has been tested using a PC based server and is confirmed as working, if you have details of a mutiplayer server that you are prepared to allow others to connect to, then this sub is the place to share them.

Additional notes

The game starts with the credits showing and the background dimmed in order to prevent you throwing up when the demo suddenly starts playin

Game menu is opened using the Start button on the gamepad

"Always Run" will default to Off on game start

You can mess about with lighting and rendering options as much as you like, however real-time world lighting, and some other graphical options, will make the game almost unplayable due to the impaired FPS. In order for changes to settings to persist, you need to quit the game through the menu (and you probably need to say yes to exit to oculus home)

Additional Credits

My part in this was to take the DarkPlaces engine used in QI4A and many other Quake implementations and wrap it in the OVR Mobile SDK and make some tweaks to make it a more pleasant experience in VR. Therefore I would like to extend my personal gratitude to the following people and their role in this port:

LordHavoc - DarkPlaces - You may never even read this, but thanks for the DarkPlaces engine.. it's really is something special

n0n3m4 - QI4A - Without this existing port of Quake to Android this probably wouldn't have happened, if you ever want to get it working on lollipop I have the fix

mallmagician - Tester Extraordinaire - The one of most comprehensive testers I've had the pleasure of working with, without mallmagician's dedicated testing and improvement suggestions I don't think it would be where it currently is

Baggyg - Tester and Website Creator

Wormslayer - Icon Designer - Responded to my cry for help and came up with some nice clean icons I could use

My Wife - My incredibly patient other half who has allowed me just enough time in the evenings and on our holiday to actually work on this port.>