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Quake Water VIS Tools (Modern) 1.0.1 Download Fixed

I updated Quake Water VIS Tools (Modern) to 1.0.1 but forgot to change the download link. @engage16 thanks for pointing out to me.

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy 2011!

Happy New Year!

New Pages Added…

I added a few new pages to the site.

This page shows you how to patch your existing maps for transparent water even if VIS Patch data files are not available from this site:

How to Patch Maps for Transparent Water

This page shows you how you can extract VIS Patch data from your already patched maps that you can later give to other users:

How to Create VIS Patch Data

This information is mostly compiled from the classic site but regurgitated in an easier to read format without the “fluff”.

More information will come as we decide on the new format of VIS Patch data files and where users can upload them for other users to have!


Quake Water VIS Project Gets A New Domain!


Welcome to the new Quake Water VIS Project domain!!!


I struggled for weeks trying to find a decent domain name…  this one isn’t too bad, it gets the message across, and it was the best I could find.  You can also hit http://qwvis.com but I’m waiting to see if it will work 100% with subdomains and other redirection tricks.  If it works I will keep the shorter domain too…  if it doesn’t work I will scrap it.  Only time will tell.

I have made some final edits to the Classic Water VIS website.  It is officially dead now.  R.I.P.

The Downloads section is growing.  It has probably doubled in size just this weekend.  I have added more details to some downloads, added more maps, mods and conversions and I have finally added a new category:  Modern VIS Tools.  This new category contains all of the tools I use from my quake\bin folder.  You can download them one at a time or you can download just Quake Water VIS Tools (Modern) to get them all in one shot.

Quake logo Copyright © 1996 by id Software

Quick Update

The original Water VIS Classic site (1999) was written by hand in either Notepad or Wordpad (I forget which). Recent updates (2010) to the classic pages were done with Microsoft Word. The new Quake Water VIS Project site (you are here) started out with the e107 CMS but I have decided to switch to WordPress. e107 has been my “fallback” for years but I’ve been jealous of what WordPress can do for a very long time so I decided to switch it up one more time and really give WordPress a chance.

The Downloads section of this site uses WordPress Download Monitor, a WordPress plugin, and I am going to give it a shot too.

I am actively working on this site and the project which you should see by looking at the site overall and by visiting the Downloads area. I have download links posted for all of the original “classic” files: Classic VIS Patches and Classic VIS Tools.

For the first time this site will offer downloads for all of the original Maps, Mods & Conversions that include the maps that will be patched for transparent water. Some of these downloads are already in place. Many of these maps, mods and conversions have been lost to time. I have been researching most of the “originals” for weeks and looking back I think most of the Quake community is still reeling from the loss of CDROM.COM, Simtel and the original PlanetQuake which doesn’t seem to mirror much of anything prior to Quake III. All of the old mirrors we used to rely on are simply gone forever. Over time I will provide links to sites that seem to have taken over some of the old Quake projects.

Note: the download descriptions are not 100% (admittedly) yet.

In addition to everything mentioned so far you will also find two new gems… my original Quake maps (lol): Ancient Quake Maps by sgt-d (3.24 MB) and combined artwork for the Quake Water VIS Project from Shane Galbraith (antishane) and myself: Quake Water VIS Project Art (40.65 MB).

Visit the Downloads page to get started!

Quake Water VIS Project Re-Revisited

I am reviving the Quake Water VIS Project website and updating all of the content.

Until I am done, please go here:

Water VIS Classic Website

Special Thanks to Matthias “Maddes” Bücher who hosted the Water VIS site for many, many years.



Ok, I give up. WTF is Water VIS?


The quickest possible answer is that Water VIS is a ongoing project (possibly 13 years old now) that attempts to provide tons of useful community downloads, utilities, installers and VIS patches that allow users to quickly and easily patch their Quake maps for translucent water in GLQuake… and then to centrally locate everything for easy access.

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