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Screenshot of 100b2
Author:Aardappel, Blitz, czg, FredTheFishSlayer, Hanz, Necros, Rcktrob, Scragbait
Title:100 Brush Competition #2 (160cd1708855587b3aedda75c7915fbc)
Filesize:4300 Kilobytes
Release date:20.05.2001
Additional Links:
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✘ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Walkthrough demos:

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sources/Spring.map43 KB05.05.2001
sources/titanic.map66 KB28.03.2001
sources/ftfs100b.map76 KB26.04.2001
sources/czgtoxic.map133 KB03.04.2001
sources/aard100.map251 KB26.04.2001
sources/BZ100B.map56 KB21.04.2001
sources/czg_moon.map86 KB30.03.2001
sources/r100br.map69 KB27.04.2001
sources/school.map78 KB30.03.2001
sources/n3_100b.map54 KB23.04.2001
maps/TITANIC.bsp1179 KB27.03.2001
maps/BZ100B.bsp374 KB21.04.2001
maps/R100BR.bsp451 KB27.04.2001
maps/czgtoxic.bsp1471 KB03.04.2001
maps/aard100.bsp1787 KB26.04.2001
maps/ftfs100b.bsp923 KB26.04.2001
maps/spring.bsp516 KB05.05.2001
maps/start.bsp808 KB20.05.2001
maps/czg_moon.bsp1585 KB30.03.2001
maps/n3_100b.bsp505 KB23.04.2001
maps/school.bsp1082 KB30.03.2001
readme.txt34 KB21.05.2001
progs_readme.txt1 KB20.05.2001
texts/czg_moon.txt1 KB30.03.2001
texts/bz100b.txt2 KB20.04.2001
texts/school.txt1 KB30.03.2001
texts/r100br.txt5 KB27.04.2001
texts/czgtoxic.txt1 KB03.04.2001
texts/FtFs100b.txt2 KB26.04.2001
texts/n3_100b.txt4 KB23.04.2001
texts/Spring.txt2 KB05.05.2001
texts/titanic.txt1 KB27.03.2001
texts/aard100.txt4 KB26.04.2001
progs.dat405 KB25.04.2001
autoexec.cfg1 KB20.05.2001

100 Brush Competition #2

Results for the second 100 brush mapping competition. Contains 10 Quake Single Player maps, all made using 100 brushes or less. Includes a start map to access them all from.
  1. Biotoxin by CZG
  2. The Secret Castle by Aardappel
  3. CZG's Moonshot by CZG
  4. Cenotaph Of Seqqarra by Rcktrob
  5. Tower of 100 pieces by FredTheFishSlayer
  6. oH gOd by Necros
  7. Spring Cleaning by Scragbait
  8. Raj Maul by -=Blitz=-
  9. School Assassin by Hanz
  10. Titanic by Hanz

Tags: 100b, contest

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