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Welcome to a Quake fan-site offering a complete-as-can-be singleplayer map archive with an accompanying install & launcher tool, several rather messy archives (engines, tools, wads, multiplayer maps, websites) and a variety of articles, knowledge and help.

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  • New releases: April 2020 (2020/05/05 17:37)
    negke says: April 2020 round-up Quake April Fools Mega Jokemap Extravaganza Incorporated (Jokejam) by various authors Primum non nocere & Ziggurat Sierpinski ...
  • New releases: March 2020 (2020/04/25 09:23)
    negke says: March 2020 round-up Human1320 by human[rus] Castle Zanthu by Greenwood
  • New releases: February 2020 (2020/04/25 09:22)
    negke says: February 2020 round-up Speedmapping pack 206: Prototype textures by various authors Lords of Chaos by Dennis Katsonis


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