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  • New Q1SP: The Faults Within by mfx (2016/05/22 23:53)
    Icantthinkofanickname says: mfx has released a remix of id's e2m3 (The Vaults of Zin) for Arcane Dimensions, entitled The Faults Within. With modern brushwork, baddies from the expanded bestiary, new secrets and other surprises, this lava-drenched runic level should tide over those awaiting the rumoured updated version of the monumental mod by Soc...
  • New Q1SP: FourFeather by Madfox (2016/05/22 20:10)
    Icantthinkofanickname says: Another not-quite-new but new-to-Quaddicted release! Madfox released FourFeather back towards the beginning of March, but it has now joined the Quaddicted database. This large map is set in a partly technological, party runic and partly medieval complex featuring an impressive castle and plenty of new custom content -- ...
  • New Q1SP: sm177 - Escher (+ bonus map!) (2016/05/21 16:35)
    Icantthinkofanickname says: Cocerello, digs, Doomer and newcomer Shamblernaut have released a pack of four singleplayer speedmaps inspired by the artworks of


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