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Screenshot of 1916_v2
Author:James Bernard Roth
Title:1916 (71ac91a40f49c250031af833817a72f7)
Filesize:6278 Kilobytes
Release date:14.12.2019
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
maps/1916.bsp1357 KB14.12.2019
maps/1916.map196 KB14.12.2019
maps/1916.txt2 KB14.12.2019
music/track121.mp35821 KB12.12.2019


Small level that aims to recreate the horrors of World War I. Comes with a custom music track and the map source is included.

Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.

Note: In this version the music track is in the right place in the zip.

Tags: ww1, realism, music, zombies

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User Rating:
2.2/5 with 30 ratings
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Philnemba Registered 3 January 2020, 6:48

I want to like this map because of the idea behind it but it feels executed badly gameplay wise when its just a few hallways ending with an army of grunts at the end. 1/5

dwere Registered 3 January 2020, 9:36

Someone had even more mixed feelings about this, judging by Recent Activity.

Gug Guest 3 January 2020, 13:28

Beyond terrible, you could knock 20 years off of that release date and I'd still be amazed at how godawful it is.

Quakelord Registered 3 January 2020, 13:42

Great idea for a map, not so bad for a first level.

Hal Registered 3 January 2020, 13:45

Aims to recreate the horrors of World War 1 but then has a crappy generic metal soundtrack that doesn't fit?

The quality of this map is so bad it almost becomes satire. It really captures the style of those awful maps from the late 90's and I congratulate it for that.

Made me feel nice and nostalgic for the year 1996.

1 out of 5.

Dusty Guest 3 January 2020, 16:58

It's ok. Music fits if you know the lyrics. Zombie by the Cranberries:

Another head hangs lowly Child is slowly taken And the violence, caused such silence Who are we mistaken? But you see, it's not me It's not my family In your head, in your head, they are fighting With their tanks, and their bombs And their bombs, and their guns In your head, in your head they are crying In your head, in your head Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie What's in your head, in your head Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie, oh Du, du, du, du Du, du, du, du Du, du, du, du Du, du, du, du Another mother's breaking Heart is taking over When the violence causes silence We must be mistaken It's the same old theme Since nineteen-sixteen In your head, in your head, they're still fighting With their tanks, and their bombs And their bombs, and their guns In your head, in your head, they are dying In your head, in your head Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie What's in your head, in your head Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ie-ie oh

dwere Registered 3 January 2020, 18:04

Du du du oh oh oh.

Kayne Registered 3 January 2020, 19:18

Ah this map. It isn't very great, and certainly feels like it was designed to be intentionally bad.

was this just clever satire of those modern military rail shooters, in which progression is just a hallway with a handful of baddies?

Maybe it is making fun of those poorly made maps in the 90's, when the tools weren't entirely up to snuff?

Or poking fun at the corridor shooter trope perhaps?

Either way, the map isn't really all that great. it is dark, progression is just a tunnel, and there really isn't any game play at all in it. there is no ammo pickups, no health, and just a slew of dull encounters leading to a questionably short ending.

The concept of a WW1 quake map isn't a bad one, but there was certainly more that could have been done with the concept than what this map had showcased.

All things considered however, I will give this at the very least 2 out of 5. It is at the very least possible to complete it, and while dull, it doesn't show any major technical faults that would prevent the player from finishing the map... Even if it can be done in about one minute flat...

James Bernard Roth Registered 3 January 2020, 20:11

Thanks for the feedback. This was my first try at a level, quite a learning curve getting to grips with Trenchbroom in just a few hours and all the little things that need to be set just right.

Some added gameplay will come if you try going over the barricades and then looking for a way to go 'Over the Top'... not sure anyone has tried that yet. There are 2 'SECRETS' to be attained.

I might revisit the whole trench WW1 fighting in another level. Greater realistic detailing for the trench systems, underground bunkers, breaching tunnels, shell craters, hordes of grunts programmatically going over no mans land, burnt and shelled forests of stumps, wrecked prototype tanks and aircraft, barbed wire everywhere, mine fields, hell on earth... would be nice for deathmatches too.

Hal Registered 3 January 2020, 21:54


Literally every human on Earth knows Zombie by the Cranberries, even more so recently-ish after O'Riordan died RIP.

The music doesn't fit because it's a crappy generic metal /cover/ of a good song. That's why it feels like something from the 90's, it has the mishmash of tone you often saw back then. Slightly serious initial opening with the trench and raining particles combined with completely out-of-place music.

Did you watch that fan recut of Stanley Kubrick's Paths of Glory but with DragonForce as the soundtrack?

dumptruck_ds Registered 4 January 2020, 20:39

Jesus tough crowd here. It's like everyone posting here woke up on the wrong side of bed or something. Here's a hint:

You can play Quake without music!!!!

dwere Registered 4 January 2020, 22:37

It's part of the package, therefore it's being judged alongside the rest.

MikeTaylor Registered 6 January 2020, 18:23

"Aims to recreate the horrors of World War I" is a laudable goal. But unless I've misunderstood my history, the main horror of WWI was neither the inability to climb out of the trenches, nor the tendency to get stuck on walls. I hate to be negative about anyone's debut, but this feels both misconceived and poorly implemented. I would suggest that if James Bernard Roth has the will to continue mapping, he'd do best to try something with no particular theme, and concentrate on playability.

dwere Registered 8 January 2020, 19:14

So is it supposed to be called 1914 or 1916? The package and the text string disagree a bit.

Gina Registered 18 January 2020, 19:52

Cool theme. Caged Scrags, nice!

wizardbeard Registered 14 February 2020, 3:31

I hope you continue to map and in the future rework this idea but at this time the execution on this map is a miss.

Here's a playthrough and some additional commentary:

brfld Registered 26 November 2020, 17:12

This map is amazing if you're into speedrunning.

I don't know if the skips are planned in advance but they work out very well and are fun to do aswell.

Nice job. :)

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