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Screenshot of ad_scastle1d
Title:Nyarlathotep's Sand Castle (ddf484bfe989cb93885caefd1f9b47bf)
Filesize:2553 Kilobytes
Release date:11.01.2017
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
ad_scastle1d_readme.txt4 KB11.01.2017
maps/ad_scastle.bsp3701 KB11.01.2017
maps/ad_scastle.lit1444 KB11.01.2017
maps/ad_scastle.map2978 KB11.01.2017

Nyarlathotep's Sand Castle

Large Egyptian-themed temple. The map source is included.

Note: This map requires Arcane Dimensions and an engine port with increased limits.

Tags: large, egyptian, temple, sand, waterfall, bricks, fog, secrets, ad, limits, source, tomb, arcanedimensions

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.5/5 with 60 ratings
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ru Guest 25 January 2017, 23:59


Icaro Registered 26 January 2017, 21:28

Another Sock´s Masterpiece!

Hazza_the_Fox Guest 29 January 2017, 4:44

LOL! My first thought was "Meh, an Egypt map, those aren't my cup of tea", but typical that Sock would prove me wrong.

I love it- the layout is great and takes a new, more novel approach to how levels work. Secrets are nice and unique, but I have a few minor critiques (no spoilers, really);

1- There should be a mechanic that tells players those buttons activate after doing something... with some clues what that "something" is. To be honest I had no idea what I actually did to make them change.

2- The spare silver key and the detour suggests there was going to be a special hidden silver door! Would have been awesome if there was (not that I'd know what to put in it, as it's just one map of course).

ru Guest 30 January 2017, 10:37

There are 2 silver keys and 2 silver locks. They are not hidden at all :)

FifthElephant Registered 4 February 2017, 14:31

I streamed this. NSFW, I am a potty mouth. There's no twitch chat embedded in the vid so it may seem like I am talking crazy talk due to a lack of context. (with chat) (no twitch chat)

Great map btw.

MikeTaylor Registered 6 February 2017, 13:22

It hardly needs saying that Nyarlathoteps Sand Castle is beautiful, and plays beautifully. My only twinges of unhappiness with it are (A) the anticlimax after getting to gold key; and (B) my sense that I found loads of cool secrets, but ended up having found only three of the ten official ones (and 138 of the 142 kills on Hard). I love the secrets guides that Bloughsburgh puts in his README files, and I wish more people would do the same -- specially for maps like this one, where there are interesting hierarchies of secrets.

Anyway, it's a clear 5/5. Yay for the golden age of Quake!

MikeTaylor Registered 9 February 2017, 16:59

Hey, site admins! Can we please have a page for sm178_pack, so I have somewhere to leave comments? Thanks!

FacilisDK Registered 28 February 2017, 12:34

Normally I'm not very fond of the egyptian theme, but this map really nailed it. I found the gameplay to be very well balanced. I did end up spending about 10 minuttes, getting really lost. Finished the map in ~33 minuttes.

AnthonyS Guest 21 May 2017, 19:16

Nice game play, well designed map. Wish there was more of a challenge, but overall very well done.

5/5 stars

nxanthos Registered 24 February 2020, 4:05

Excellent map. Does anybody have a guide to all the secrets though? At least one of them escapes me every time.

mastema88 Registered 2 March 2020, 11:00

Fun map, beautiful. enjoyable design with difficult to find secrets. was a bit on the easy side (especially for this level designer), ripped through hard on my first try in 16 minutes with 3 secrets. I look forward to trying nightmare next time and looking for all secrets!

Escalate_krsk Registered 22 January 2023, 19:26

Great map! The pacing of combat and exploration is superb! Final challenge (elevator) was fun!

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