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Screenshot of ad_sepulcher
Author:Giftmacher, Sock
Title:The Forgotten Sepulcher (285a9752d80bda8da7dda9fc05460cdb)
Filesize:30238 Kilobytes
Release date:17.06.2017
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
ad_quake.def285 KB15.06.2017
ad_sepulcher_readme.txt23 KB17.06.2017
effectinfo.txt141 KB14.06.2017
gfx/conchars.tga65 KB08.06.2017
gfx/mainmenu2.lmp31 KB22.04.2017
gfx/p_mod.lmp7 KB08.06.2017
maps/ad_chapters.bsp6336 KB17.06.2017
maps/ad_chapters.lit785 KB17.06.2017
maps/ad_chapters.map2612 KB17.06.2017
maps/ad_sep.wad4467 KB10.06.2017
maps/ad_sepulcher.bsp41452 KB17.06.2017
maps/ad_sepulcher.lit8196 KB17.06.2017
maps/ad_sepulcher.map30878 KB17.06.2017
maps/bmodels/sep_chain2.map79 KB29.08.2016
maps/bmodels/sep_chain3.map41 KB29.08.2016
my_progs/ai_ammoresist.qc7 KB31.10.2016
my_progs/ai_checkattack.qc75 KB19.05.2017
my_progs/ai_combat.qc19 KB25.05.2017
my_progs/ai_enemytarget.qc8 KB04.05.2017
my_progs/ai_explosion.qc11 KB18.11.2016
my_progs/ai_gibs.qc27 KB14.06.2017
my_progs/ai_minions.qc10 KB12.07.2016
my_progs/ai_pathcorner.qc18 KB01.05.2017
my_progs/ai_states.qc7 KB12.05.2017
my_progs/ai_subs.qc41 KB12.05.2017
my_progs/ai_tether.qc5 KB04.04.2017
my_progs/breakable.qc61 KB14.06.2017
my_progs/client.qc49 KB15.06.2017
my_progs/client_camera.qc13 KB30.04.2017
my_progs/client_debuff.qc13 KB16.07.2016
my_progs/client_info.qc6 KB30.11.2016
my_progs/client_power.qc11 KB05.04.2017
my_progs/defs.qc28 KB19.04.2017
my_progs/defscustom.qc78 KB14.06.2017
my_progs/dpextensions.qc120 KB28.04.2014
my_progs/estate.qc7 KB30.11.2016
my_progs/func.qc30 KB09.04.2017
my_progs/func_buttons.qc9 KB30.11.2016
my_progs/func_doors.qc24 KB01.05.2017
my_progs/func_doorsecret.qc14 KB28.11.2016
my_progs/func_plats.qc11 KB30.11.2016
my_progs/func_trains.qc21 KB28.11.2016
my_progs/globalfog.qc13 KB06.06.2017
my_progs/hiprot.qc32 KB25.10.2016
my_progs/items.qc125 KB12.05.2017
my_progs/lights.qc21 KB31.03.2017
my_progs/mathlib.qc15 KB19.07.2015
my_progs/misc.qc57 KB03.06.2017
my_progs/misc_targetdummy.qc14 KB22.08.2016
my_progs/misc_textbook.qc26 KB26.03.2017
my_progs/mon_boil.qc19 KB14.06.2017
my_progs/mon_bossboglord.qc23 KB30.04.2017
my_progs/mon_bosseidolon.qc38 KB13.11.2016
my_progs/mon_bossfiretop.qc16 KB12.11.2016
my_progs/mon_bossicegolem.qc46 KB08.12.2016
my_progs/mon_bossidchthon.qc20 KB02.11.2016
my_progs/mon_bossidshub.qc12 KB02.11.2016
my_progs/mon_bossnour.qc40 KB13.11.2016
my_progs/mon_bossxxchthon.qc20 KB13.11.2016
my_progs/mon_bossxxshub.qc19 KB13.11.2016
my_progs/mon_centurion.qc14 KB28.04.2017
my_progs/mon_dcrossbow.qc37 KB01.05.2017
my_progs/mon_demon.qc14 KB21.08.2016
my_progs/mon_dfury.qc39 KB11.05.2017
my_progs/mon_dguard.qc28 KB12.12.2016
my_progs/mon_dknight.qc36 KB12.12.2016
my_progs/mon_dog.qc18 KB12.12.2016
my_progs/mon_drole.qc24 KB12.12.2016
my_progs/mon_dsergeant.qc33 KB12.12.2016
my_progs/mon_eel.qc8 KB15.05.2017
my_progs/mon_enforcer.qc19 KB28.04.2017
my_progs/mon_fish.qc9 KB28.07.2016
my_progs/mon_freddie.qc25 KB12.12.2016
my_progs/mon_gargoyle.qc23 KB12.12.2016
my_progs/mon_gaunt.qc19 KB12.12.2016
my_progs/mon_golem.qc35 KB20.12.2016
my_progs/mon_hknight.qc36 KB29.10.2016
my_progs/mon_hogre.qc23 KB12.12.2016
my_progs/mon_hogreham.qc23 KB13.12.2016
my_progs/mon_hogremac.qc23 KB12.12.2016
my_progs/mon_jim.qc21 KB08.04.2017
my_progs/mon_knight.qc22 KB12.12.2016
my_progs/mon_lostsoul.qc22 KB09.11.2016
my_progs/mon_minotaur.qc33 KB12.12.2016
my_progs/mon_ogre.qc27 KB07.03.2017
my_progs/mon_pyro.qc18 KB12.12.2016
my_progs/mon_scorpion.qc22 KB12.12.2016
my_progs/mon_seeker.qc29 KB12.12.2016
my_progs/mon_shalrath.qc15 KB18.12.2016
my_progs/mon_shambler.qc21 KB14.05.2017
my_progs/mon_skullwiz.qc36 KB19.02.2017
my_progs/mon_soldier.qc21 KB19.05.2017
my_progs/mon_spider.qc30 KB12.05.2017
my_progs/mon_swampling.qc25 KB12.05.2017
my_progs/mon_tarbaby.qc11 KB04.05.2017
my_progs/mon_voreling.qc27 KB12.05.2017
my_progs/mon_wizard.qc14 KB01.05.2017
my_progs/mon_wraith.qc35 KB19.02.2017
my_progs/mon_zombie.qc32 KB06.03.2017
my_progs/mon_zombiek.qc40 KB06.03.2017
my_progs/monsters.qc45 KB08.06.2017
my_progs/part_emitter.qc67 KB09.05.2017
my_progs/part_generate.qc37 KB21.04.2017
my_progs/part_manage.qc24 KB09.05.2017
my_progs/player.qc24 KB08.11.2016
my_progs/progs.src2 KB14.06.2017
my_progs/projectiles.qc53 KB14.06.2017
my_progs/qc_highlight.xml7 KB16.09.2015
my_progs/settings.qc30 KB13.06.2017
my_progs/sounds.qc16 KB21.04.2017
my_progs/sprites.qc1 KB28.05.2009
my_progs/subs.qc29 KB25.05.2017
my_progs/subs_soc.qc14 KB14.06.2017
my_progs/targets.qc28 KB11.06.2017
my_progs/traps.qc24 KB21.03.2017
my_progs/traps_pendulum.qc17 KB04.04.2016
my_progs/traps_sawblade.qc10 KB21.08.2016
my_progs/triggers.qc72 KB06.06.2017
my_progs/triggers_states.qc13 KB22.04.2017
my_progs/weapons.qc36 KB11.05.2017
my_progs/world.qc31 KB14.06.2017
particles/fte_weather.cfg3 KB14.06.2017
progs.dat1568 KB16.06.2017
progs/artifact_sharp.mdl49 KB03.05.2017
progs/gib_blclaw1.mdl33 KB30.04.2017
progs/gib_blclaw1b.mdl33 KB30.04.2017
progs/gib_blclaw2.mdl33 KB30.04.2017
progs/gib_blclaw2b.mdl33 KB30.04.2017
progs/gib_blfoot1.mdl33 KB30.04.2017
progs/gib_blfoot1b.mdl33 KB30.04.2017
progs/gib_blfoot2.mdl33 KB30.04.2017
progs/gib_blfoot2b.mdl33 KB30.04.2017
progs/gib_swampleg.mdl5 KB28.02.2017
progs/gib_swamplegp.mdl5 KB28.02.2017
progs/h_boglord.mdl97 KB30.04.2017
progs/h_boglordb.mdl97 KB30.04.2017
progs/misc_book1c.mdl40 KB16.02.2017
progs/misc_player.mdl550 KB06.05.2017
progs/mon_boil.mdl300 KB09.07.2016
progs/mon_bossboglord.mdl392 KB29.04.2017
progs/mon_swampling.mdl45 KB22.02.2017
progs/mon_swamplingp.mdl45 KB22.02.2017
progs/proj_blord1b.mdl12 KB29.04.2017
progs/proj_blord1s.mdl9 KB29.04.2017
progs/proj_blord2b.mdl12 KB29.04.2017
progs/proj_blord2s.mdl9 KB29.04.2017
progs/proj_blordbeam1.mdl12 KB21.07.2016
progs/proj_blordbeam2.mdl12 KB29.04.2017
progs/proj_blordbolt1.mdl8 KB12.10.2016
progs/proj_blordbolt2.mdl8 KB29.04.2017
progs/proj_swampling.mdl8 KB22.02.2017
quake.rc6 KB13.06.2017
sound/ambience/rain1_nl.wav151 KB29.03.2017
sound/ambience/rain2_fade.wav194 KB30.03.2017
sound/ambience/rain2_nl.wav65 KB30.03.2017
sound/boglord/attack2.wav8 KB23.06.2015
sound/boglord/bangdoor1.wav31 KB20.07.2016
sound/boglord/bangdoor2.wav39 KB20.07.2016
sound/boglord/bolt_fire.wav113 KB26.10.2015
sound/boglord/death1.wav39 KB18.07.2016
sound/boglord/idle1.wav16 KB18.07.2016
sound/boglord/idle2.wav19 KB18.07.2016
sound/boglord/melee1.wav10 KB18.07.2016
sound/boglord/melee2.wav12 KB18.07.2016
sound/boglord/melee3.wav19 KB21.07.2016
sound/boglord/pain1.wav11 KB18.07.2016
sound/boglord/pain2.wav11 KB18.07.2016
sound/boglord/sboom.wav22 KB12.10.2016
sound/boglord/sight.wav29 KB18.07.2016
sound/boglord/slime_explode.wav38 KB30.06.2015
sound/boglord/slime_miss.wav15 KB26.06.2015
sound/boglord/thud.wav22 KB18.07.2016
sound/boglord/thud2.wav104 KB20.07.2016
sound/gibs/stonedeath.wav75 KB13.12.2016
sound/items/backpack_ammo.wav18 KB02.05.2017
sound/items/backpack_armour.wav20 KB02.05.2017
sound/swampling/attackmunch.wav18 KB01.07.2015
sound/swampling/attacktear.wav9 KB01.07.2015
sound/swampling/death.wav18 KB01.07.2015
sound/swampling/idle1.wav129 KB23.02.2017
sound/swampling/idle2.wav69 KB23.02.2017
sound/swampling/idle3.wav168 KB23.02.2017
sound/swampling/jumpland.wav5 KB01.07.2015
sound/swampling/miss.wav15 KB26.06.2015
sound/swampling/pain3.wav66 KB22.02.2017
sound/swampling/sight2.wav86 KB22.02.2017
sound/swampling/spit4.wav76 KB23.02.2017
sound/zombie/boil_explode.wav38 KB09.07.2016
sound/zombie/boil_idle1.wav33 KB09.07.2016
sound/zombie/boil_idle2.wav33 KB09.07.2016
sound/zombie/boil_sight.wav33 KB09.07.2016
sound/zombie/boil_squirt.wav15 KB26.06.2015
sound/zombie/boil_windup.wav22 KB09.07.2016
sound/zombie/zk_sight.wav27 KB11.05.2016
textures/{dutcweb1.tga129 KB08.06.2017
textures/{dutcweb2.tga129 KB08.06.2017
textures/{dutcweb3.tga129 KB08.06.2017
textures/{dutcweb5.tga129 KB08.06.2017
textures/{dweb1b.tga65 KB08.06.2017
textures/{dweb2b.tga65 KB08.06.2017
textures/{dweb3b.tga65 KB08.06.2017
textures/{dweb5b.tga65 KB08.06.2017
textures/{vinehang2b.tga257 KB08.06.2017

The Forgotten Sepulcher

Huge and intricately detailed map set in a medieval swampy environment. Loosely based on e1m3.

The map source and the texture wad are included.

Note: The download includes an update to Arcane Dimensions 1.5, which is required.

Note: This release requires an engine with dramatically raised limits, such as Quakespasm 0.93.0 or higher.

Tags: large, limits, monsters, arcane dimensions, source, medieval, swamp, remix, e1m3, necropolis, exploration, quake_awards_2018_winner, ad

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.5/5 with 96 ratings
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guest Guest 22 June 2017, 23:29

OMG finally ! - been waiting 4 this )

path0gen Guest 23 June 2017, 14:10

You can also use Vulkan Quake executable to play this:

As a bonus, you have nice software-style underwater warp :) A GPU supporting Vulkan API with up-to-date drivers is required, obviously.

ludicrous Guest 24 June 2017, 18:37

SZGetSpace overflow with all overflow set adsepulcher

Any suggestions? Can't google a hint that fits.

Playing, as always -heapsize 256000 -zone 4096

Cheers, ludicrous

ericw Guest 24 June 2017, 22:50

ludicrous: due to exceeding several limits, this map only runs on the modified engines released with the map (check the description at the top of page)

ludicrous Guest 25 June 2017, 15:01


sorry, I didn't mention:

the fault above was given using


when trying


it gives

Der Prozedureinsprung "SDL_DequeueAudio" wurde in der DLL "C:.............\quakespasm-spike-admod.exe" nicht gefunden.

Any suggestions?



ludicrous Guest 25 June 2017, 15:06

By the way, playing



works, with


same fault

guest Guest 25 June 2017, 17:27

Great map. Definitely missed something during walkthrough - ended up with 33/50+ secrets found and 488/500+ kills.

Icaro Registered 25 June 2017, 21:33

Excellent map!!!

Gigantic - new monsters - new ideas - new game play - full of secrets - spectacular details -

Thanks Sock & Giftmacher

Icaro Registered 25 June 2017, 21:33

Excellent map!!!

Gigantic - new monsters - new ideas - new game play - full of secrets - spectacular details -

Thanks Sock & Giftmacher

ericw Guest 26 June 2017, 18:35

@ludicrous check that the developer cvar is 0. (setting it to 1 will cause the SZ_GetSpace error on this map, in quakespasm-admod.exe).

for the SDL_DequeueAudio error, make sure to overwrite any existing SDL2.dll when you extract the archive with the engines.

ludicrous Guest 26 June 2017, 20:47


thank u so much.

Hint developer cvar 0 didn't work from console or autoexec.cfg.

Maybe I have to create a new autoexec.cfg in subdir \ad ?

But quakespasm-spike-admod works, it really was an old SDL2.dll. Think it looks even better than quakespasm-admod.

Butane Registered 27 June 2017, 2:33

What a beast of a map! Gorgeous architect and brushes. Also really dig the spike version of Quakespasm. Subtle but very effective touches added to the Quake universe for an increased moody atmosphere. Hope it makes it into my the official branch of future releases.

QuakePone Registered 28 June 2017, 8:43

Incredible map but I still can't find the remaining 2 damn secrets


BTW Darkplaces effects in Spike awesome

MikeTaylor Registered 29 June 2017, 14:23

Well, here I am, currently on 473 of 506 kills, and 35 of 50. And rather than exit the level, I am tramping around hunting more secrets -- by which I mean not just hidden rooms, but hidden entire areas of the map. I've never see anything like it, not even from Sock. Secrets within secrets within secrets -- a truly massive map that is as immersive as a real environment, endlessly inventive, joyously loops and inhabited by the most absolutely revolting new monsters. A total triumph, such that awarding it only five stars seems like ludicrous insult.

Once more, the bar has been raised. The Forgotten Sepulcher is insanely great, and marks a new "best ever Quake level".

MikeTaylor Registered 29 June 2017, 18:45

I'm up to 482/507 kills -- I wonder where the extra monster came from? -- and 37/50 secrets. I've never known a game that so rewards careful exploration.

MikeTaylor Registered 29 June 2017, 18:48

Is there any reward for killing all eight of the kraken spawn? I don't see one.

Also: is there a rocket-launcher anywhere?

FrankBerloffa Registered 29 June 2017, 21:31

308 kills of 308 but just 41 secrets of 50. Incredible map anyway, congratz to the authors. Good job.

Butane Registered 30 June 2017, 2:18

@MikeTaylor I didn't notice any reward for killing all 8 kraken either. I'm also wondering if there's a rocket launcher somewhere. Prefer it over the grenade launcher when searching for secret areas.

Btw, someone rated this map a 3?! Dafuq...

mfx Registered 30 June 2017, 20:24

Thinking Zendar couldn't be topped was wrong, this map is even better. 7/5

BDDVW Guest 1 July 2017, 5:17

The amount of detail, the different bloody gibs all over combined with that new "monster", the intricate layout supporting that many secrets is unbelievably well done and an absolute first i'm sure. Almost unkind, and somehow uncanny too. I'd throw money at the creators for a game like this anytime.


ludicrous Guest 1 July 2017, 15:42

Had to use

-exec quake.rc

cause of error message

hosterror: edalloc: no free edicts (max_edicts is 8192)

works until now ...

great map, it's really fun.

ludicrous Guest 1 July 2017, 16:03

Doesn't work, same fault

no free edicts (max_edicts is 8192)

any hints?

cheers ludicrous

Mista Heita Guest 2 July 2017, 20:29

Cant launch the map - ad_chapters says "not available" , console says there is no map file. Using Injector

Hipnotic Rogue Registered 3 July 2017, 13:20

People band this term around a lot but this map is truly a masterpiece. Every time I load it up I am lost in an eerie 'other world'. Astounding stuff.

AD and this map in particular is the new benchmark of Quake map design.

This is the Quake sequel we've been craving...Zenimax don't know what they're missing!

MikeTaylor Registered 3 July 2017, 15:03

It's true. This is the only Quake map I've ever played where my immediate reaction to finishing it was the immediately start over again. And when I did, I took some different paths, and it was like playing a completely different level: coming into lots of areas from different directions, and so facing different challenges.

Vasya shkolnik Guest 3 July 2017, 17:34

Link to patched Quakespasm doesnt work. Please, somebody, upload this to mirror.

Oliver93 Registered 4 July 2017, 21:31

Sup guys im new in the page, i just want to say this map is awesome,i played it on nightmare skill and i got 476/507 kills and 41/50 secrets i really enjoyed this map and the level desing is top notch, greetings from Monterrey, Mexico

MikeTaylor Registered 5 July 2017, 12:30

I'm now playing through for a third time -- this time, trying to follow the extremely terse secrets guide in the README to find all the goodies. This map has a lot of replayability.

Lane Powell Registered 8 July 2017, 6:43

E1M3 is Homer's Odyssey. This is Joyce's Ulysses. hehe

ludicrous Guest 16 July 2017, 13:01

OK, it finally worked with loading ad_sepulcher and typing exec quake.rc directly . Maybe I missed that before ... got 35/50 secrets. Wonderful map. I'll try it now with skill 1. :-) Cheers, ludicrous

Buddy Guest 16 July 2017, 23:41

Sorry but i can't run any map! Maybe i miss something, where i have to paste "-heapsize 256000 -zone 4096 -game ad"? Why when i write "map ad_nameofmap" i just say i cannot spawn?

Berzerk Guest 18 July 2017, 4:50

I can't start this at all. Always getting a fast flashing screen followed by a "couldn't create window" error message after a few seconds. Any help would be really appreciated. I'm using the GOG version of Quake on Win 7 x64.

Berzerk Guest 19 July 2017, 16:25

Had to delete the opengl32.dll from my Quake main folder. Now The Forgotten Sepulcher is working like a charm.

ArrrCee Registered 31 July 2017, 5:31

The Forgotten Sepulcher on The Quake Grave

What can I say? I echo everyone else's sentiments here, this is an amazing release!

I don't really have any critiques here. It's a long map, that I don't normally like too much, but this one kept my attention the whole time. By splitting up combat and exploration almost 50/50 through the map, it really kept me interested. The way the map is set up, everything is intertwined somehow and there are a million different alcoves and areas to discover. every time I entered a new room, the thought was, okay, where can I get to from here!?

The other thing that makes the exploration feel satisfying is that this map also tells a great story throughout it. In fact, it's telling several stories within it, and it's hard to to not want find out where each of them lead to.

Sock and Giftmacher really out did themselves with this map and it's really the giant cherry on top of the Arcane Dimensions sundae. Nice work guys!

erc Registered 5 August 2017, 19:47

Now that was some exploration allright! Great work as always, Sock.

Dom Guest 30 August 2017, 9:53

After a quad deep scanning of the map I found and handled all monsters (skill 1) but only 47 secrets. Most fun I received from poetic hints inside the books, no matter English is not my native. Very big and very accurate work!

Anon36 Guest 7 September 2017, 18:19

AMAZING. Arcane dimensions FTW! I hope the sequel had WIZARDS!

Mugwump Registered 8 September 2017, 17:57

Umm... what sequel?

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 20 November 2017, 13:50

The regular release of Quakespasm can now run this, as of version 0.93.0. Changed the map description accordingly.

guest Guest 9 December 2017, 0:27

Any further plans for further expanding the AD universe in any way ? Would be great!

Repus Guest 10 December 2017, 20:23

This is an epic level, there's no doubt. It has outstanding graphics, new monsters, solid architecture, etc.

Though I found it really boring. The space to walk around is huge, and it's not clear where to go, there are some books with runes along the way, but they sound more like old fairy tales. This creation lack the good Quake combat, in fact the authors created something more of a quest.

Played about 40 minutes or so, killed a bunch of enemies (100+), found about 10 secrets, walked in circles, bushed like 20 button, and still it was not clear what to do next. Sorry, just quit. Was never into quests.

awww Guest 12 December 2017, 0:35


MikeTaylor Registered 12 December 2017, 8:34

I know, right? What can you say about someone who doesn't enjoy ad_sepulcher? Repus, are you sure you want be playing Quake at all?

Oh well. I guess it's all personal opinions.

Greed Registered 12 December 2017, 20:18

Somebody's itching to get IP banned I see.

onetruepurple Registered 12 December 2017, 20:47

That's not cool. Not everybody has to enjoy what the popular opinion enjoys.

Despite my heartfelt pity and disdain for the co-author, and my firm belief that the original version before their interference was much better, I thought Sepulcher was a very good map.

skacky Registered 13 December 2017, 0:25

Sepulcher is VASTLY different from your regular Quake map though. Repus has sometimes weird criteria but this time you can't really argue against them. Sepulcher is definitely not for everyone.

JMP Guest 13 December 2017, 14:50

I actually agree with Repus here, for the reason Skacky articulates: this is so different from the typical Quake map that it strips away many of the things I like about Quake. It's a technical marvel, and I can appreciate the skill and ambition that went into creating it, but it's just not a map I can get into--purely for subjective reasons.

Lane Powell Registered 13 December 2017, 20:48

I love this map, but I definitely think that's a valid perspective. I see this as a map for mapcrawlers. There are so many side areas and alternate routes that add to the mapcrawling dimension, but which could be confusing if you want to blast through a 'normal' Quake map.

dwere Registered 14 December 2017, 7:07

This is one of those maps that are just a little bit too detailed and/or interconnected for their own good, which detracts from exploration as well. There's just too much shit around, and it's hard to focus.

However, hours spent on secret-hunting and admiring the scenery were well worth an occasional moment of confusion. I wish there were more maps like this.

Spirit Registered 14 December 2017, 22:53

This map was so boring and confusing to me that since trying to find the gameplay in it, I did not touch any new Quake releases I think, because it took the "new style" of maps to the extreme and left me longing for stock id1.

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 16 December 2017, 15:47

I really like both Giftmacher's and Sock's work in general -- granted, Giftmacher hasn't released that many Q1SP maps yet, but "The Brimstone Mine" from func_mapjam 9 is my favourite map from 2017, and one of my all-time top maps (at the moment, at least). And there are several Sock releases I love, including Backsteingotik and The Ivory Tower.

That being said, I'm not a big fan of The Forgotten Sepulcher either, for similar reasons to what some of the more critical comments above mention. I really admire it and have great respect for the amount of work that went into it.

However, visually, I find it far too busy, and it comes across as overworked. As dwere points out, this impedes navigation, but aesthetically as well, I much prefer maps that are more restrained. Both Giftmacher and Sock have released much better looking maps, in my opinion.

I'm not a big fan of the gameplay either, although -- in partial response to Skacky's and JMP's comments above -- I wouldn't say it's due to the deviation from the standard Quake formula. Nor is it because of the focus on exploration and quests. I enjoy exploration-heavy and quest-based gameplay in general, and I love In the Shadows, for instance, which deviates much further from standard Quake. This, however, I found simply too big and unfocussed, and, much like ad_swampy, I found it confusing, exhausting and a bit of a chore to complete.

There were parts of it I enjoyed. The new monsters were fun, and some of the side quests and secret hunts were engaging. But although it is indisputably a very high quality release, groundbreaking in many ways and -- to quote JMP -- "a technical marvel" , it is (just like any other map) not beyond criticism.

brunomiwa Registered 9 February 2018, 3:40

Well shit.

Loved the map, everyone said everything that I would have said. So this time I came here with a question.

How do you get the red armor just underneath the gold key door? I think no one will read this, but I have been searching for ages. Even nocliped to see if it was a grenade secret. No.

Found a different texture brick and even one buttonless hole, but with the same size, near a breakable window. Frustrated.

dwere Registered 9 February 2018, 12:30

As far as I remember, it's just a hidden shootable button somewhere nearby. Despite this, it took me forever to find it.

Fei Guest 24 March 2018, 5:50

Look under the vines. It's a red backpack not a red armour as far as I remember.

user7346 Registered 6 May 2018, 21:38

11/10 still wouldn't be enough for this map lol

Karnage Guest 9 May 2018, 4:52

I am blown away by the technical, and visual aspects of this entire project. To even make this while using the BSP system and mapping tools for Quake is mind blowing. But, I sadly and absolutely do not enjoy the Gameplay. The altered guns, the boring aspect of roaming around in big maps, and the forced puzzles are not my cup of tea. Quake is not a puzzle game to me nor is it about wandering around in gigantic maps.

But, this is a must see to believe it type of mod.

Johnny Law Registered 21 July 2018, 21:13

I normally don't get into giant maps, but I loved this one from beginning to end. Just so much fun to poke around in... so many places to find and secrets to uncover, a good variety of fights and locales and mild routefinding puzzles. It does help that this map leans into one of my favorite Quake texture themes. And I didn't end up getting lost THAT much.

It looks fantastic of course.

After finishing it I went back to the entryway and just poked around for a bit to soak it in a little more. Good stuff guys, well done. I'm not sure I would recommend this as the introduction to Arcane Dimensions, but once you're familiar with the AD changes this is a great way to put them through their paces.

Esrael Registered 31 July 2018, 10:54

This map won the "Best Expanded Limits" and "People's Choice Award" categories at the Quake Awards 2018.

Sour Guest 24 September 2018, 19:32

Too big to explore at first , overwhelming. Combat always en point. Never gets old , like a classic indeed. Awesome!!!

One Man Gaming Guest 9 January 2019, 17:52

Is there any video yet showing a complete run? All secrets, enemies, etc?


Gioyo3aa Registered 14 February 2019, 12:57

Arcane Dimensions features such an excellent collection of maps that it nearly seems unfair to pick favourites lest the other maps in the pack be overlooked. However this map, together with Firetop Mountain and Leptis Magna, are special highlights for me and have particularly high replay value. Everything in these three maps has been carefully crafted, from the architecture to the monster placement to the progression, and the many secrets and additional quests make The Forgotten Sepulcher (as well as the other two maps) unique Quake experiences to me.

Congratulations to the authors for such an excellent work. I can't imagine how many hours you must have spent refining this massive map. But perhaps a bit sadistically, I look forward to many more quality contributions from them :-)

Lysander Registered 10 March 2019, 21:02

An extremely immersive and special experience. When the map first started up I immediately felt lost in a special otherworld, the kind one dreams of experiencing in gaming but which so rarely happens. There are so many dark, inventive, occultish, gruesome and eerie touches. It's beautiful to behold.

I have so far completed 238/308 kills, 16/50 secrets and have walked round a lot trying to find out how to get the bloody key, the crypt key, the silver key and to the Boglord. So much more to discover. What a piece of work. A stunning achievement, and a whole new world to get lost in.

Ranger-Danger Guest 12 March 2019, 20:40

Absolutely Amazing! Vast spaces and gloomy places!

Gioyo3aa Registered 3 June 2019, 17:36

Also, I wholeheartedly agree with MikeTaylor on secrets. This is what I love about sock's maps: secrets are not just some hidden health pack behind a poorly concealed door, they lead you to whole new areas worthy of exploration, often including side quests and so forth.

This is the kind of map that got me into treasure hunting (well, in the context of Quake, mind you) and gave real meaning to replaying maps. I didn't really care about getting all secrets before, now it's one of the things I look forward to in the maps I download from Quaddicted. The more the better --- even though maps that take it to this level are unfortunately still rare to the best of my knowledge, but I'd be delighted to be proven wrong.

octdamage Guest 15 March 2020, 18:00

Like much of the rest of AD, visually stunning, the monsters and weapons are inventive and interesting and the difficulty on Hard about right. But the non linear level design is frankly bad. I have nothing against non linear but it has to be done properly. Progression has to be intuitive. Guesswork is not fun when you have to run around places you have been to a dozen times before with no reasonable clues to find some obscure button particulary such a confusing labyrinth of a level. Another gripe - it is possible also to complete this game having seen only half of what it has because of the unnecessarily confusing multi options it offers. There are many points where after completing an objective, you are forced to guess at something that is completely non intuitive and leaves you lost for hours before the "really ?". This is just sloppy level design. Such a shame beacause it is massive, beautiful, extremely atmospheric - clearly a lot of work has gone into it but profoundly confusing because of poorly thought out progression and an over egged non linear trope. If half the effort that went into the look of these levels went into the design of game progression, they would be brilliant.

Marian Registered 23 June 2020, 11:29

I want the Giftmacher and Sock to know, that there are people who love The Forgotten Sepulcher, not only for its visuals, but also for its gameplay and other things it does. I played it on the day of its release and played it again yesterday (3 years after), to refresh my memory before I'm writing this review.

For me, The Forgotten Sepulcher is an absolute pinnacle of a level design. A dream come true. I always loved Quake for several reasons. Besides the most obvious ones, like visuals, level design and setting, gunplay, movement, secrets, etc. for me, one of the biggest enjoyment comes from memorizing the 3D layout of a map. There is always some amount of confusion, where to go and what to do, in the beginning of each non-linear map. As you often backtrack and revisit areas, you begin to get familiar with the layout. As I run through the corridors back and forth, I'm constructing a 3D map of the level in my imagination. After some time, as the pieces begins to fit, an overall image starts to uncover. It's like a 3D puzzle. I prefer term "puzzle" instead of "maze" which in my opinion is not accurate, because a maze is usually just a trial and error run (not fun for me). At some point of the game, when I have a considerably good "3D map" in my head, there comes a very rewarding feeling. And this is what I like about FPS games in general, especially in Quake.

It is important to say, that the non-linear level design is very difficult to make properly. Many things can go wrong during the design process and gameplay. I don't mind getting lost as long as I feel I'm making a progress. But when you got desparately lost, and despite your effort you cannot proceed further, and if the key parts are easy to miss, then something is wrong and the fun is lost. For me the Forgotten Sepulcher does this right in most parts and is "on the edge" in other few parts. Considering its size and the fact that these guys pushed everything to its limts, I would describe it as a success overall. I don't want to flaunt (to show off), but during my recent second playthrough (3 years after its release), it took me 2 hours to finish (0,5 hour of backtracking). Without dying once, without much effort I found 47/50 secrets, which most of them I had still in my memory (to my own surprise) and I left only 5 monsters alive. I wouldn't remember as much, if it was badly designed. This is the reason I think the Giftmacher and Sock got it right. It is overwhelming, but fairly enough. BTW: there are arrows all over the place, navigating you forth, don't forget about that!

To be fair here are some of my complaints: The silver key door is easy to miss. Some of the breakable walls are hard to identify as breakable. I would appreciate more power-ups along the way, at least one more quad-damage. If you reach the exit portal and you want to find the rest of the secrets (let's say you killed all the enemies, but want to find some minor secrets), you will have a hard time. A very very hard time. This is probably what drove people crazy the most.

It is a let down for me to read some of let's say not-so-positive comments here. I thought here on Quaddicted, we all are a bunch of nerds, playing a 24 years old game, feeling things similarly... But clearly not. I can understand some of the criticism, it could be overwhelming for someone (note that my second playthrough took me 2 hours), but I cannot grasp an argument like: "it's gameplay is different than the original". Yes it is, for Chthon's sake it is! 24 years is a good amount of time to push things further. It is different, but I think it walks in the same spirit as the original swampy/medieval maps, expanding upon it, exceeding the limits, mastering the design and complexity. Forgotten Sepulcher truly is a masterpiece.

vIE888 Registered 26 November 2020, 14:01

Geez, another one of these 100minutes played maps. Master level at design for sure and it's one of the most great maps ever done for quake. It reminds me of Thief games, where secrets are everywhere, mostly last game of the Thief franchise.

It's very complex, it was fun at first, but then with time it became to complex and tiring. It was more exploration with addition of monsters to me.

It's marvellous at design, but I'm not so sure if it fits quake. Maybe remade into RPG?

Still damn Great Job!

triple_agent Registered 29 May 2021, 23:39

That moment when the map starts and you simply feel amazed and astounded with the ambiance, breathing in the atmosphere, without the will nor courage to move, anticipating the experience, if you finally let it - it becomes known: this is it.

I can perfectly see how and why this map could possibly trigger some people. Yes, "The Forgotten Sepulcher" is a lot; it is also dense in content - but nobody says you have to take all or nothing from it. Just take some. Maybe you will return sometime, try a different route perhaps. If not, even a little experience of the map, should give you fair example of what the whole picture is about. No need to be obsessive. Do yourself a favor and simply let it have secrets; no need to know them all. If you feel like, go ahead, try discover them all, talk about the map, involve in communities - it would be great. If you are satisfied with just a little, then good for you; move on to another realm, find something more attune with your taste. There is plenty to search through.

In my opinion, truly an act of artistry "The Forgotten Sepulcher" is; far beyond mere craftsmanship. It does feel like surpassing 'Quake' not by a step, but by two - definitely too much in order to avoid possible controversy.

The environmental storytelling in "The Forgotten Sepulcher", does tell of a mayhemed place - a place of grand battle, waged once in a distant past. Notwithstanding, the danger, is very much undead - or alive - like an unstable, slumbering structure, ready to bury alive anyone who dares disturb it. The ancient foes haunt the inert battlefield, taking captive of every soul daring to cross their paths of deathly quiet. It is a dungeon full of traps.

"The Forgotten Sepulcher", is not only an advancement in the way of gameplay approach within the universe of 'Quake', but also is it a technological breakthrough, proudly making great use of the "Arcane Dimensions" base of assets and technology. I say it superficially, though, myself being not the most significant authority to give an opinion in this regard. But I can see how the modern way of the map, differs from the original game (1996) or the original-flavour gameplay formula. 'Quake', has come a long way and who knows what we are yet to see in the times to come - hopefully speaking.

What else to say, if not: this is the new 'Quake' - and I am for it.

MikeTaylor Registered 17 December 2021, 13:35

I just re-re-replayed this (or maybe re-re-re-replayed, or maybe more — it's hard to keep count). It really is the most astonishing achievement, so satisfying in so many ways. Only three things could make it better. 1. The rocket-launcher. So far as I can tell (44 of 50 secrets in my most recent playthrough) it's simply not in the map. 2. The promised lich-fiend putting in an appearance. 3. Something happening when you kill all the kraken spawns after completing the map. But those three flaws serve only to bring it down from 100% to 99.943% perfect.

Kurkumai Registered 8 March 2022, 12:09

+1 to the last comment above.

Gioyo3aa Registered 29 March 2022, 11:00

I'm giving this yet another replay (I've lost count too) and I can't thank you enough for releasing the best map I'll ever play. Although I've walked these rooms countless times, I always discover something new, even if it's "merely" new paths taking me to places I know. It's easy to miss a lot of things if you're not thorough.

Mistawright Registered 10 July 2022, 20:30

Great map!

Escalate_krsk Registered 20 January 2023, 21:41

...... Lich-fiend is a lie?

MikeTaylor Registered 23 January 2023, 16:51

@Escalate_krsk: yes, I'm afraid it is.

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