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Screenshot of ad_v1_42final
Author:sock, mfx, necros, Lunaran, Scampie, FifthElephant, ionous, EricW, Preach
Title:Arcane Dimensions 1.42 (6df800287a28324fce340e609700a8c4)
Filesize:139698 Kilobytes
Release date:25.12.2015
Additional Links: Func_MsgboardScreenshot collagePatch
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
ad_quake.def236 KB24.12.2015
ad_quake.fgd80 KB22.12.2015
ad_v1_42_readme.txt136 KB22.12.2015
dplights.cfg1 KB26.02.2014
dpsetting.cfg1 KB29.08.2015
effectinfo.txt97 KB23.12.2015
gfx/env/interstellar_bk.tga3073 KB28.08.2005
gfx/env/interstellar_dn.tga3073 KB28.08.2005
gfx/env/interstellar_ft.tga3073 KB28.08.2005
gfx/env/interstellar_lf.tga3073 KB28.08.2005
gfx/env/interstellar_rt.tga3073 KB28.08.2005
gfx/env/interstellar_up.tga3073 KB28.08.2005
gfx/env/l_swampn_bk.tga3073 KB12.01.2015
gfx/env/l_swampn_dn.tga3073 KB05.02.2015
gfx/env/l_swampn_ft.tga3073 KB12.01.2015
gfx/env/l_swampn_lf.tga3073 KB12.01.2015
gfx/env/l_swampn_rt.tga3073 KB12.01.2015
gfx/env/l_swampn_up.tga3073 KB05.02.2015
gfx/env/moonhigh_bk.tga1025 KB19.03.2014
gfx/env/moonhigh_dn.tga1025 KB19.03.2014
gfx/env/moonhigh_ft.tga1025 KB19.03.2014
gfx/env/moonhigh_lf.tga1025 KB19.03.2014
gfx/env/moonhigh_rt.tga1025 KB19.03.2014
gfx/env/moonhigh_up.tga1025 KB28.10.2015
gfx/env/moonrise_bk.tga3073 KB13.05.2015
gfx/env/moonrise_dn.tga3073 KB13.05.2015
gfx/env/moonrise_ft.tga3073 KB13.05.2015
gfx/env/moonrise_lf.tga3073 KB13.05.2015
gfx/env/moonrise_rt.tga3073 KB13.05.2015
gfx/env/moonrise_up.tga3073 KB13.05.2015
gfx/env/violent180_bk.tga3073 KB26.08.2005
gfx/env/violent180_dn.tga3073 KB05.11.2015
gfx/env/violent180_ft.tga3073 KB26.08.2005
gfx/env/violent180_lf.tga3073 KB26.08.2005
gfx/env/violent180_rt.tga3073 KB26.08.2005
gfx/env/violent180_up.tga3073 KB05.11.2015
gfx/env/voidsmoke_bk.tga3073 KB28.10.2015
gfx/env/voidsmoke_dn.tga3067 KB28.10.2015
gfx/env/voidsmoke_ft.tga3073 KB28.10.2015
gfx/env/voidsmoke_lf.tga3073 KB28.10.2015
gfx/env/voidsmoke_rt.tga3073 KB28.10.2015
gfx/env/voidsmoke_up.tga3073 KB28.10.2015
map_hacker.jpg58 KB02.03.2015
maps/ad_brk/all_brick.map23 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/all_glassa.map9 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/all_metal.map13 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/all_rocka.map10 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/all_wood.map9 KB10.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick01.bsp8 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick01.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick02.bsp8 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick02.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick03.bsp9 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick03.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick04.bsp8 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick04.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick05.bsp8 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick05.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick06.bsp9 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick06.map2 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick07.bsp11 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick07.map2 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick08.bsp14 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick08.map4 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick09.bsp8 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick09.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick10.bsp9 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick10.map2 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick11.bsp11 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick11.map2 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick12.bsp14 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick12.map4 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick13.bsp8 KB26.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick13.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick14.bsp8 KB26.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick14.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick15.bsp9 KB26.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick15.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick16.bsp8 KB26.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick16.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick17.bsp8 KB27.09.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick17.map1 KB27.09.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick18.bsp9 KB27.09.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick18.map2 KB27.09.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick19.bsp11 KB27.09.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick19.map2 KB27.09.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick20.bsp13 KB27.09.2015
maps/ad_brk/brick20.map4 KB27.09.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass01.bsp8 KB23.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass01.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass02.bsp7 KB23.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass02.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass03.bsp8 KB23.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass03.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass04.bsp8 KB23.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass04.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass05.bsp24 KB23.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass05.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass06.bsp24 KB23.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass06.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass07.bsp23 KB23.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass07.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass08.bsp24 KB23.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass08.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass09.bsp24 KB23.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass09.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass10.bsp24 KB23.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass10.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass11.bsp23 KB23.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass11.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass12.bsp24 KB23.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/glass12.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal01.bsp8 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal01.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal02.bsp10 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal02.map2 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal03.bsp10 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal03.map2 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal04.bsp11 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal04.map2 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal05.bsp9 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal05.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal06.bsp8 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal06.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal07.bsp9 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal07.map2 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal08.bsp8 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal08.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal09.bsp8 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal09.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal10.bsp8 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal10.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal11.bsp8 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal11.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal12.bsp9 KB03.05.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal12.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal13.bsp8 KB14.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal13.map1 KB14.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal14.bsp10 KB14.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal14.map2 KB14.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal15.bsp10 KB14.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal15.map2 KB14.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal16.bsp11 KB14.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal16.map2 KB14.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal17.bsp9 KB19.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal17.map1 KB19.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal18.bsp8 KB19.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal18.map1 KB19.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal19.bsp9 KB19.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal19.map2 KB19.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal20.bsp8 KB19.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/metal20.map1 KB19.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock01.bsp24 KB23.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock01.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock02.bsp24 KB23.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock02.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock03.bsp25 KB23.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock03.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock04.bsp25 KB23.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock04.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock05.bsp24 KB29.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock05.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock06.bsp24 KB29.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock06.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock07.bsp24 KB29.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock07.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock08.bsp25 KB29.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock08.map2 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock09.bsp9 KB24.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock09.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock10.bsp8 KB24.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock10.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock11.bsp9 KB24.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock11.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock12.bsp9 KB24.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock12.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock13.bsp8 KB14.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock13.map1 KB14.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock14.bsp8 KB14.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock14.map1 KB14.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock15.bsp9 KB14.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock15.map1 KB14.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock16.bsp9 KB14.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock16.map1 KB14.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock17.bsp9 KB17.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock17.map1 KB17.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock18.bsp8 KB17.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock18.map1 KB17.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock19.bsp9 KB17.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock19.map1 KB17.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock20.bsp9 KB17.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock20.map2 KB17.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock21.bsp24 KB17.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock21.map1 KB17.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock22.bsp24 KB17.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock22.map1 KB17.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock23.bsp25 KB17.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock23.map1 KB17.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock24.bsp25 KB17.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/rock24.map1 KB17.12.2015
maps/ad_brk/sandstone01.bsp24 KB27.11.2015
maps/ad_brk/sandstone01.map1 KB27.11.2015
maps/ad_brk/sandstone02.bsp24 KB27.11.2015
maps/ad_brk/sandstone02.map1 KB27.11.2015
maps/ad_brk/sandstone03.bsp25 KB27.11.2015
maps/ad_brk/sandstone03.map1 KB27.11.2015
maps/ad_brk/sandstone04.bsp24 KB27.11.2015
maps/ad_brk/sandstone04.map1 KB27.11.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood01.bsp8 KB22.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood01.map2 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood02.bsp7 KB22.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood02.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood03.bsp7 KB22.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood03.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood04.bsp8 KB22.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood04.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood05.bsp8 KB22.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood05.map2 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood06.bsp7 KB22.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood06.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood07.bsp7 KB22.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood07.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood08.bsp8 KB22.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood08.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood09.bsp8 KB22.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood09.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood10.bsp8 KB22.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood10.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood11.bsp8 KB22.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood11.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood12.bsp8 KB22.04.2015
maps/ad_brk/wood12.map1 KB06.06.2015
maps/ad_crucial.bsp13463 KB20.12.2015
maps/ad_crucial.lit3656 KB17.12.2015
maps/ad_crucial.map6707 KB20.12.2015
maps/ad_dm1.bsp2876 KB25.12.2015
maps/ad_dm1.lit1064 KB25.12.2015
maps/ad_dm1.map1489 KB25.12.2015
maps/ad_dm5.bsp6033 KB24.12.2015
maps/ad_dm5.lit1775 KB24.12.2015
maps/ad_dm5.map4235 KB24.12.2015
maps/ad_e2m7.bsp4417 KB24.12.2015
maps/ad_e2m7.lit1306 KB24.12.2015
maps/ad_e2m7.map1641 KB24.12.2015
maps/ad_end.bsp7542 KB25.12.2015
maps/ad_end.lit5284 KB25.12.2015
maps/ad_end.map2008 KB25.12.2015
maps/ad_lavatomb.bsp17525 KB07.12.2015
maps/ad_lavatomb.lit5376 KB07.12.2015
maps/ad_mountain.bsp5437 KB25.12.2015
maps/ad_mountain.lit2156 KB25.12.2015
maps/ad_mountain.map4579 KB25.12.2015
maps/ad_necrokeep.bsp9454 KB24.12.2015
maps/ad_necrokeep.lit3348 KB24.12.2015
maps/ad_necrokeep.map4591 KB24.12.2015
maps/ad_obd.bsp6297 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_obd.lit2758 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_obd.map6707 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_start.wad5344 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_swampy.bsp26938 KB24.12.2015
maps/ad_swampy.lit7573 KB23.12.2015
maps/ad_swampy.map12866 KB24.12.2015
maps/ad_test1.bsp3248 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test1.lit1063 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test1.map2692 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test1.rtlights18 KB08.08.2015
maps/ad_test10.bsp1813 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test10.lit479 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test10.map969 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test11.bsp359 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test11.lit124 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test11.map213 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test2.bsp1487 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test2.lit409 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test2.map715 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test3.bsp6202 KB24.12.2015
maps/ad_test3.lit1950 KB24.12.2015
maps/ad_test3.map2782 KB24.12.2015
maps/ad_test4.bsp796 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test4.lit191 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test4.map272 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test4.rtlights3 KB27.10.2015
maps/ad_test5.bsp1836 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test5.lit493 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test5.map972 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test6.bsp5725 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test6.lit1827 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test6.map4895 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test7.bsp2095 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test7.lit673 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test7.map1383 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test8.bsp610 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test8.lit162 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test8.map189 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test9.bsp735 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test9.lit325 KB21.12.2015
maps/ad_test9.map283 KB21.12.2015
maps/base_brk/baserub1.bsp23 KB08.10.2015
maps/base_brk/baserub1.map1 KB08.10.2015
maps/base_brk/bz8_brk.bsp13 KB08.10.2015
maps/base_brk/bz8_brk.map1 KB08.10.2015
maps/base_brk/crate_r1.bsp29 KB11.10.2015
maps/base_brk/crate_r1.map1 KB11.10.2015
maps/base_brk/glass01.bsp8 KB13.10.2015
maps/base_brk/glass01.map1 KB13.10.2015
maps/base_brk/grate_r1.bsp32 KB10.10.2015
maps/base_brk/grate_r1.map3 KB10.10.2015
maps/base_brk/pbt04.bsp18 KB08.10.2015
maps/base_brk/pbt04.map1 KB08.10.2015
maps/base_brk/phk_03brk.bsp88 KB22.10.2015
maps/base_brk/phk_03brk.map2 KB22.10.2015
maps/base_brk/rock_sw01.bsp9 KB07.08.2015
maps/base_brk/rock_sw02.bsp9 KB07.08.2015
maps/base_brk/rock_sw03.bsp10 KB07.08.2015
maps/base_brk/sfloor4_2.bsp8 KB13.10.2015
maps/base_brk/sfloor4_2.map1 KB13.10.2015
maps/base_brk/tech10_2d1.bsp45 KB23.10.2015
maps/base_brk/tech10_2d1.map1 KB23.10.2015
maps/base_brk/tech10_2d2.bsp45 KB23.10.2015
maps/base_brk/tech10_2d2.map1 KB23.10.2015
maps/m_bchains1.bsp74 KB02.08.2015
maps/m_bchains1.map43 KB02.08.2015
maps/m_bchains2.bsp82 KB03.08.2015
maps/m_bchains2.map42 KB03.08.2015
maps/m_bridge1.bsp422 KB12.12.2015
maps/m_bridge1.lit47 KB12.12.2015
maps/m_bridge1.map118 KB12.12.2015
maps/m_bridge2.bsp197 KB12.12.2015
maps/m_bridge2.lit22 KB12.12.2015
maps/m_bridge2.map51 KB12.12.2015
maps/m_bridge2b.bsp197 KB12.12.2015
maps/m_bridge2b.lit22 KB12.12.2015
maps/m_bridge2b.map52 KB12.12.2015
maps/m_bridge3.bsp303 KB28.07.2015
maps/m_bridge3.lit46 KB28.07.2015
maps/m_bridge3.map135 KB28.07.2015
maps/m_chains1.bsp244 KB23.05.2015
maps/m_chains1.map167 KB23.05.2015
maps/m_chains2.bsp132 KB23.12.2015
maps/m_chains2.lit16 KB23.12.2015
maps/m_chains2.map60 KB23.12.2015
maps/m_chains2l.bsp153 KB12.12.2015
maps/m_chains2l.lit16 KB12.12.2015
maps/m_chains2l.map60 KB12.12.2015
maps/m_chains2p.bsp153 KB23.12.2015
maps/m_chains2p.lit16 KB23.12.2015
maps/m_chains2p.map60 KB23.12.2015
maps/m_chains2r.bsp131 KB30.11.2015
maps/m_chains2r.lit12 KB30.11.2015
maps/m_chains2r.map59 KB30.11.2015
maps/m_chains2rl.bsp131 KB01.12.2015
maps/m_chains2rl.lit13 KB01.12.2015
maps/m_chains2rl.map60 KB01.12.2015
maps/m_chains3.bsp120 KB05.07.2015
maps/m_chains3.map57 KB05.07.2015
maps/m_chains4.bsp199 KB06.07.2015
maps/m_chains4.map111 KB06.07.2015
maps/m_chains4p.bsp201 KB25.12.2015
maps/m_chains4p.lit36 KB25.12.2015
maps/m_chains4p.map110 KB25.12.2015
maps/m_chains5.bsp93 KB10.07.2015
maps/m_chains5.map44 KB10.07.2015
maps/m_chains5l.bsp115 KB15.07.2015
maps/m_chains5l.map45 KB15.07.2015
maps/m_chains5p.bsp115 KB23.12.2015
maps/m_chains5p.lit9 KB23.12.2015
maps/m_chains5p.map45 KB23.12.2015
maps/m_thanshelf.bsp138 KB24.12.2015
maps/m_thanshelf.lit4 KB24.12.2015
maps/m_thanshelf.map11 KB24.12.2015
maps/medieval_brk/azr1.bsp14 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/azr1.map2 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/azr2.bsp14 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/azr2.map2 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/azr3.bsp14 KB02.07.2015
maps/medieval_brk/booksh1w_brk1.bsp24 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/booksh1w_brk1.map1 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/booksh1w_brk2.bsp24 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/booksh1w_brk2.map1 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/booksh1w_brk3.bsp23 KB14.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/booksh1w_brk3.map1 KB14.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/booksh1w_brk5.bsp23 KB21.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/booksh1w_brk5.map1 KB21.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/brick2_4brk1.bsp9 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/brick2_4brk1.map2 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/brick2_4brk2.bsp8 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/brick2_4brk2.map1 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/brick2_brk2.bsp46 KB09.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/brick2_brk2.map2 KB09.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/brick2_brk3.bsp45 KB09.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/brick2_brk3.map1 KB09.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/brick2_brk4.bsp45 KB09.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/brick2_brk4.map1 KB09.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/city2_3d1.bsp8 KB20.12.2015
maps/medieval_brk/city2_3d1.map1 KB20.12.2015
maps/medieval_brk/city2_3rd.bsp7 KB14.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/city4_2_brk1.bsp8 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/city4_2_brk1.map1 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/city4_2_brk2.bsp8 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/city4_2_brk2.map1 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/city4_2_brk3.bsp10 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/city4_2_brk3.map2 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/city6_8brk1.bsp8 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/city6_8brk1.map1 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/city6_8brk2.bsp8 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/city6_8brk2.map1 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/floor015_brk1.bsp13 KB23.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/floor015_brk1.lit1 KB23.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/floor015_brk1.map1 KB23.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/floor015_brk2.bsp13 KB23.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/floor015_brk2.lit1 KB23.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/floor015_brk2.map1 KB23.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/floor015_brk3.bsp13 KB03.12.2015
maps/medieval_brk/floor015_brk3.lit1 KB03.12.2015
maps/medieval_brk/floor015_brk3.map2 KB03.12.2015
maps/medieval_brk/plat_brk.bsp57 KB21.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/plat_brk.map3 KB21.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/rock_sw01.bsp9 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/rock_sw01.map2 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/rock_sw02.bsp9 KB04.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/rock_sw02.map2 KB04.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/rock_sw03.bsp10 KB04.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/rock_sw03.map2 KB04.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/rock_sw04.bsp10 KB19.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/rock_sw04.map2 KB19.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/rot_p.bsp13 KB12.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/rot_p.map3 KB12.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/waa1.bsp24 KB04.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/waa1.map1 KB04.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/wbrick15_brk.bsp8 KB19.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/wbrick15_brk.map1 KB19.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/win1ah_brk.bsp34 KB22.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/win1ah_brk.map1 KB22.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/win1ah_brk2.bsp34 KB22.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/win1ah_brk2.map1 KB22.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/wiz14_brk1.bsp9 KB21.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/wiz14_brk1.map2 KB21.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/wiz14_brk2.bsp7 KB21.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/wiz14_brk2.map1 KB21.11.2015
maps/medieval_brk/ws14_brk1.bsp8 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/ws14_brk1.map1 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/ws14_brk2.bsp9 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/ws14_brk2.map2 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/ws14_brk3.bsp9 KB07.08.2015
maps/medieval_brk/ws14_brk3.map2 KB07.08.2015
maps/start.bsp3172 KB25.12.2015
maps/start.lit576 KB25.12.2015
maps/start.map1480 KB25.12.2015
maps/start_test.bsp770 KB21.12.2015
maps/start_test.lit236 KB21.12.2015
maps/start_test.map507 KB21.12.2015
my_progs/ai_checkattack.qc64 KB19.12.2015
my_progs/ai_combat.qc18 KB23.12.2015
my_progs/ai_enemytarget.qc8 KB07.07.2015
my_progs/ai_gibs.qc19 KB13.12.2015
my_progs/ai_minions.qc11 KB19.12.2015
my_progs/ai_pathcorner.qc17 KB28.09.2015
my_progs/ai_states.qc6 KB21.12.2015
my_progs/ai_subs.qc40 KB24.12.2015
my_progs/breakable.qc58 KB19.12.2015
my_progs/client.qc43 KB17.12.2015
my_progs/client_camera.qc11 KB24.11.2015
my_progs/client_debuff.qc13 KB15.12.2015
my_progs/client_info.qc6 KB29.09.2015
my_progs/client_power.qc7 KB10.12.2015
my_progs/defs.qc27 KB10.12.2015
my_progs/defscustom.qc62 KB23.12.2015
my_progs/dpextensions.qc120 KB28.04.2014
my_progs/estate.qc6 KB21.12.2015
my_progs/func.qc26 KB15.12.2015
my_progs/func_buttons.qc8 KB15.12.2015
my_progs/func_doors.qc23 KB20.12.2015
my_progs/func_doorsecret.qc13 KB15.12.2015
my_progs/func_plats.qc10 KB15.12.2015
my_progs/func_trains.qc21 KB15.12.2015
my_progs/globalfog.qc12 KB07.08.2015
my_progs/hiprot.qc30 KB20.10.2015
my_progs/items.qc99 KB23.12.2015
my_progs/lights.qc19 KB10.12.2015
my_progs/mathlib.qc15 KB19.07.2015
my_progs/misc.qc45 KB22.12.2015
my_progs/misc_targetdummy.qc14 KB24.11.2015
my_progs/misc_textbook.qc20 KB24.12.2015
my_progs/mon_boss.qc18 KB23.12.2015
my_progs/mon_centurion.qc13 KB26.10.2015
my_progs/mon_dcrossbow.qc37 KB29.11.2015
my_progs/mon_demon.qc13 KB29.11.2015
my_progs/mon_dfury.qc38 KB29.11.2015
my_progs/mon_dguard.qc28 KB22.10.2015
my_progs/mon_dknight.qc36 KB22.12.2015
my_progs/mon_dog.qc18 KB29.11.2015
my_progs/mon_drole.qc24 KB04.12.2015
my_progs/mon_dsergeant.qc32 KB22.10.2015
my_progs/mon_enforcer.qc19 KB21.11.2015
my_progs/mon_firetopboss.qc16 KB24.12.2015
my_progs/mon_fish.qc10 KB22.10.2015
my_progs/mon_gargoyle.qc23 KB08.12.2015
my_progs/mon_gaunt.qc19 KB08.12.2015
my_progs/mon_golem.qc34 KB23.11.2015
my_progs/mon_hknight.qc25 KB30.11.2015
my_progs/mon_hogre.qc23 KB30.11.2015
my_progs/mon_hogreham.qc22 KB24.10.2015
my_progs/mon_hogremac.qc23 KB24.10.2015
my_progs/mon_jim.qc21 KB01.12.2015
my_progs/mon_knight.qc22 KB22.12.2015
my_progs/mon_lostsoul.qc22 KB14.12.2015
my_progs/mon_minotaur.qc33 KB19.12.2015
my_progs/mon_ogre.qc18 KB30.11.2015
my_progs/mon_oldone.qc12 KB04.12.2015
my_progs/mon_pyro.qc14 KB22.10.2015
my_progs/mon_scorpion.qc22 KB08.12.2015
my_progs/mon_shalrath.qc15 KB22.10.2015
my_progs/mon_shambler.qc17 KB25.10.2015
my_progs/mon_skullwiz.qc35 KB21.12.2015
my_progs/mon_soldier.qc20 KB21.11.2015
my_progs/mon_spider.qc29 KB08.12.2015
my_progs/mon_tarbaby.qc10 KB29.11.2015
my_progs/mon_voreling.qc23 KB08.12.2015
my_progs/mon_wizard.qc11 KB22.10.2015
my_progs/mon_wraith.qc35 KB10.12.2015
my_progs/mon_zombie.qc31 KB19.12.2015
my_progs/mon_zombiek.qc38 KB19.12.2015
my_progs/monsters.qc37 KB21.12.2015
my_progs/part_emitter.qc47 KB23.12.2015
my_progs/part_generate.qc27 KB21.12.2015
my_progs/part_manage.qc20 KB23.12.2015
my_progs/player.qc22 KB25.11.2015
my_progs/progs.src2 KB23.12.2015
my_progs/projectiles.qc56 KB23.12.2015
my_progs/qc_highlight.xml7 KB16.09.2015
my_progs/settings.qc27 KB22.12.2015
my_progs/sounds.qc8 KB23.11.2015
my_progs/sprites.qc1 KB28.05.2009
my_progs/subs.qc27 KB22.12.2015
my_progs/subs_soc.qc9 KB21.12.2015
my_progs/targets.qc14 KB16.12.2015
my_progs/traps.qc21 KB09.12.2015
my_progs/traps_lightning.qc2 KB29.07.2015
my_progs/traps_pendulum.qc17 KB29.08.2015
my_progs/traps_sawblade.qc10 KB29.10.2015
my_progs/triggers.qc59 KB17.12.2015
my_progs/triggers_states.qc13 KB17.12.2015
my_progs/weapons.qc35 KB19.12.2015
my_progs/world.qc29 KB09.12.2015
particles/particlefont.tga937 KB23.02.2014
particles/particlefont.txt10 KB18.02.2014
progs.dat1268 KB25.12.2015
progs/ammo_battery0.mdl11 KB18.09.2014
progs/ammo_battery1.mdl11 KB18.09.2014
progs/ammo_cells0.mdl27 KB18.09.2014
progs/ammo_cells1.mdl30 KB18.09.2014
progs/ammo_lidlarge.mdl25 KB18.09.2014
progs/ammo_lidsmall.mdl25 KB10.02.2015
progs/ammo_nails0.mdl14 KB02.02.2015
progs/ammo_nails1.mdl16 KB18.09.2014
progs/ammo_rockets0.mdl25 KB18.09.2014
progs/ammo_rockets1.mdl28 KB18.09.2014
progs/ammo_shells0.mdl14 KB02.09.2015
progs/ammo_shells1.mdl16 KB02.09.2015
progs/armour.mdl81 KB23.12.2015
progs/artifact_invis.mdl7 KB21.10.2015
progs/artifact_pent.mdl21 KB21.10.2015
progs/artifact_piercer.mdl19 KB10.12.2015
progs/artifact_quad.mdl22 KB24.11.2015
progs/artifact_sharp.mdl24 KB10.12.2015
progs/artifact_tome.mdl21 KB21.10.2015
progs/explode_box1.mdl53 KB12.10.2015
progs/explode_box2.mdl53 KB12.10.2015
progs/flame.mdl41 KB17.05.2015
progs/flame2.mdl73 KB09.01.2014
progs/g_nail.mdl32 KB26.12.2014
progs/g_plasma.mdl36 KB30.03.2013
progs/g_shadaxe.mdl493 KB13.06.2015
progs/g_shot3.mdl153 KB12.09.2015
progs/g_shotgun.mdl25 KB06.07.2015
progs/g_zershot.mdl71 KB24.02.2015
progs/gib_1.mdl9 KB19.03.2015
progs/gib_2.mdl33 KB19.03.2015
progs/gib_3.mdl33 KB19.03.2015
progs/gib_4.mdl9 KB19.03.2015
progs/gib_5.mdl33 KB19.03.2015
progs/gib_dmclaw1.mdl18 KB03.07.2015
progs/gib_dmclaw2.mdl18 KB15.08.2013
progs/gib_dmleg1.mdl19 KB15.08.2013
progs/gib_dmleg2.mdl18 KB15.08.2013
progs/gib_dmtail.mdl18 KB15.08.2013
progs/gib_drolearm1.mdl18 KB03.07.2015
progs/gib_drolearm2.mdl18 KB03.07.2015
progs/gib_droleleg1.mdl19 KB03.07.2015
progs/gib_gargwing1.mdl134 KB06.08.2015
progs/gib_gargwing2.mdl134 KB06.08.2015
progs/gib_knfoot_l.mdl18 KB20.08.2013
progs/gib_knfoot_r.mdl18 KB20.08.2013
progs/gib_minoclaw1.mdl196 KB01.10.2015
progs/gib_minoclaw2.mdl196 KB01.10.2015
progs/gib_minoleg1.mdl196 KB01.10.2015
progs/gib_minoleg2.mdl196 KB01.10.2015
progs/gib_ogfoot1.mdl7 KB27.03.2015
progs/gib_ogfoot2.mdl7 KB20.08.2013
progs/gib_p1.mdl9 KB02.07.2015
progs/gib_p2.mdl33 KB02.07.2015
progs/gib_p3.mdl33 KB02.07.2015
progs/gib_p4.mdl9 KB02.07.2015
progs/gib_p5.mdl33 KB02.07.2015
progs/gib_s1.mdl9 KB24.10.2015
progs/gib_s2.mdl33 KB19.03.2015
progs/gib_s3.mdl33 KB19.03.2015
progs/gib_s4.mdl9 KB19.03.2015
progs/gib_s5.mdl33 KB19.03.2015
progs/gib_scorpclaw.mdl81 KB09.09.2015
progs/gib_scorpleg.mdl81 KB09.09.2015
progs/gib_scorptail.mdl81 KB09.09.2015
progs/gib_shclaw1.mdl20 KB16.06.2015
progs/gib_shclaw2.mdl20 KB16.06.2015
progs/gib_shfoot1.mdl18 KB16.06.2015
progs/gib_shfoot2.mdl18 KB16.08.2013
progs/gib_soldfoot1.mdl50 KB27.03.2015
progs/gib_soldfoot2.mdl50 KB27.03.2015
progs/gib_spidbodyb.mdl18 KB16.06.2015
progs/gib_spidbodyg.mdl18 KB16.06.2015
progs/gib_spidlegb.mdl19 KB16.06.2015
progs/gib_spidlegg.mdl19 KB24.06.2015
progs/gib_voreleg.mdl5 KB01.07.2015
progs/gib_wraith1.mdl6 KB24.06.2015
progs/gib_wraith2.mdl7 KB24.06.2015
progs/gib_wraith3.mdl3 KB24.06.2015
progs/gib_wzarm1.mdl6 KB16.06.2015
progs/gib_wzarm2.mdl6 KB16.08.2013
progs/gib_wztail.mdl6 KB16.06.2015
progs/h_centurion.mdl63 KB04.09.2015
progs/h_dfury.mdl14 KB27.03.2015
progs/h_dguard.mdl11 KB27.03.2015
progs/h_dknight.mdl26 KB27.03.2015
progs/h_dog.mdl28 KB27.03.2015
progs/h_drole.mdl17 KB02.07.2015
progs/h_enforcer.mdl102 KB04.09.2015
progs/h_gargoyle.mdl42 KB06.08.2015
progs/h_gaunt.mdl60 KB03.07.2015
progs/h_hellkn.mdl41 KB27.03.2015
progs/h_hogre.mdl31 KB27.03.2015
progs/h_hogreham.mdl23 KB20.10.2014
progs/h_knight.mdl36 KB04.05.2015
progs/h_minotaur.mdl196 KB01.10.2015
progs/h_ogre.mdl29 KB14.06.2015
progs/h_pyro.mdl42 KB04.09.2015
progs/h_scorpion.mdl81 KB09.09.2015
progs/h_shalrath.mdl77 KB04.09.2015
progs/h_skullwiz.mdl270 KB16.12.2015
progs/h_soldier.mdl177 KB27.03.2015
progs/h_spiderb.mdl19 KB12.06.2015
progs/h_spiderg.mdl19 KB05.10.2014
progs/h_zombie.mdl25 KB02.07.2015
progs/h_zombiek.mdl3 KB27.03.2015
progs/health_100.mdl7 KB28.02.2015
progs/health_100b.mdl23 KB28.02.2015
progs/health_15.mdl7 KB28.02.2015
progs/health_15b.mdl11 KB28.02.2015
progs/health_25.mdl8 KB28.02.2015
progs/health_25b.mdl23 KB28.02.2015
progs/key_base.mdl57 KB31.08.2015
progs/key_circuit.mdl7 KB30.01.2015
progs/key_gold.mdl10 KB31.08.2015
progs/key_medieval.mdl58 KB31.08.2015
progs/key_rune1.mdl19 KB09.12.2015
progs/key_rune2.mdl20 KB30.01.2015
progs/key_rune3.mdl20 KB30.01.2015
progs/key_rune4.mdl19 KB30.01.2015
progs/key_runic.mdl57 KB31.08.2015
progs/key_silver.mdl10 KB31.08.2015
progs/misc_bonepile.mdl132 KB16.10.2015
progs/misc_broken.mdl2 KB23.11.2015
progs/misc_cable.mdl57 KB08.10.2013
progs/misc_candle1.mdl20 KB12.06.2015
progs/misc_candle2.mdl20 KB12.06.2015
progs/misc_candle3.mdl20 KB12.06.2015
progs/misc_chain.mdl226 KB09.12.2015
progs/misc_corner1.mdl25 KB24.07.2015
progs/misc_corner2.mdl25 KB24.07.2015
progs/misc_digit.mdl4 KB24.11.2015
progs/misc_dpull_s.mdl13 KB09.10.2015
progs/misc_empty.mdl1 KB09.09.2015
progs/misc_fixture1.mdl6 KB11.02.2011
progs/misc_flag.mdl16 KB12.12.2015
progs/misc_lantern.mdl29 KB29.09.2015
progs/misc_levels.mdl35 KB19.08.2013
progs/misc_lightpost.mdl44 KB31.08.2015
progs/misc_lighttube.mdl95 KB31.08.2015
progs/misc_madfish.mdl209 KB11.11.2015
progs/misc_mooring.mdl7 KB09.06.2005
progs/misc_mushroom.mdl11 KB20.08.2013
progs/misc_oscill.mdl50 KB19.08.2013
progs/misc_plinth1.mdl7 KB04.07.2012
progs/misc_plinth2.mdl7 KB06.07.2012
progs/misc_qwindow.mdl76 KB01.03.2015
progs/misc_radar128.mdl20 KB11.11.2015
progs/misc_radar64.mdl20 KB11.11.2015
progs/misc_radar96.mdl20 KB11.11.2015
progs/misc_seaweed.mdl16 KB06.08.2015
progs/misc_skull.mdl59 KB16.10.2015
progs/misc_smoke.mdl32 KB13.12.2015
progs/misc_spark.mdl10 KB06.07.2015
progs/misc_starfield.mdl23 KB19.08.2013
progs/misc_stickskull1.mdl111 KB16.10.2015
progs/misc_stickskull2.mdl144 KB16.10.2015
progs/misc_tape.mdl10 KB02.10.2015
progs/misc_textbook.mdl382 KB08.12.2015
progs/misc_tree.mdl171 KB04.11.2015
progs/misc_tree2.mdl331 KB17.10.2015
progs/misc_tutstatue.mdl205 KB26.11.2015
progs/mon_boss.mdl321 KB27.03.2015
progs/mon_centurion.mdl806 KB28.08.2015
progs/mon_dcrossbow.mdl1204 KB06.10.2015
progs/mon_dfury.mdl1461 KB13.03.2013
progs/mon_dfury_glow.mdl152 KB24.03.2015
progs/mon_dguard.mdl658 KB06.10.2015
progs/mon_dknight.mdl1049 KB21.12.2015
progs/mon_dknight_glow.mdl949 KB21.12.2015
progs/mon_dog.mdl450 KB30.01.2015
progs/mon_drole.mdl236 KB02.07.2015
progs/mon_dsergeant.mdl1349 KB26.12.2014
progs/mon_enforcer.mdl608 KB03.09.2015
progs/mon_gargoyle.mdl380 KB12.10.2015
progs/mon_gaunt.mdl143 KB03.07.2015
progs/mon_gaunt_elec.mdl32 KB24.06.2015
progs/mon_golem.mdl618 KB24.10.2015
progs/mon_hknight.mdl270 KB22.10.2015
progs/mon_hogre.mdl877 KB10.10.2015
progs/mon_hogreham.mdl957 KB06.08.2015
progs/mon_hogremac.mdl881 KB06.08.2015
progs/mon_jim.mdl325 KB11.09.2015
progs/mon_jimrock.mdl350 KB11.09.2015
progs/mon_knight.mdl374 KB22.12.2015
progs/mon_lostsoul.mdl169 KB08.12.2015
progs/mon_minotaur.mdl654 KB12.10.2015
progs/mon_ogre.mdl209 KB14.06.2015
progs/mon_pyro.mdl406 KB28.08.2015
progs/mon_scorpion.mdl331 KB17.11.2015
progs/mon_shalrath.mdl160 KB02.07.2015
progs/mon_skullwiz.mdl958 KB17.12.2015
progs/mon_soldier.mdl910 KB04.09.2015
progs/mon_spiderb.mdl224 KB12.10.2015
progs/mon_spiderg.mdl224 KB12.10.2015
progs/mon_voreling.mdl45 KB05.07.2015
progs/mon_wraith.mdl366 KB17.11.2015
progs/mon_wraith_glow.mdl131 KB21.12.2015
progs/mon_zombie.mdl373 KB02.07.2015
progs/mon_zombiek.mdl198 KB10.08.2013
progs/player.mdl506 KB30.01.2015
progs/proj_bolt1.mdl2 KB12.03.2015
progs/proj_diam1.mdl4 KB09.09.2015
progs/proj_diam2.mdl3 KB27.11.2015
progs/proj_dk.mdl6 KB01.03.2015
progs/proj_drole.mdl28 KB21.10.2015
progs/proj_flesh.mdl20 KB02.07.2015
progs/proj_fleshp.mdl10 KB02.07.2015
progs/proj_fury1.mdl7 KB13.03.2015
progs/proj_fury2.mdl6 KB14.03.2015
progs/proj_gaplasma.mdl4 KB21.10.2015
progs/proj_gargball.mdl18 KB25.06.2015
progs/proj_gargoyle.mdl6 KB25.06.2015
progs/proj_golemrock1.mdl9 KB24.10.2015
progs/proj_golemrock2.mdl33 KB24.10.2015
progs/proj_grenade.mdl4 KB01.03.2015
progs/proj_lava.mdl18 KB01.03.2015
progs/proj_laz.mdl5 KB08.09.2015
progs/proj_minoball.mdl14 KB01.12.2015
progs/proj_minoplasma.mdl6 KB21.10.2015
progs/proj_minopoison.mdl6 KB01.03.2015
progs/proj_ng.mdl2 KB01.03.2015
progs/proj_pgplasma.mdl13 KB21.10.2015
progs/proj_plasma.mdl5 KB21.10.2015
progs/proj_ringblast.mdl133 KB24.10.2015
progs/proj_ringshock.mdl19 KB20.10.2014
progs/proj_rocket.mdl8 KB01.03.2015
progs/proj_scorpion.mdl7 KB03.09.2015
progs/proj_serg.mdl7 KB01.03.2015
progs/proj_shal.mdl7 KB01.03.2015
progs/proj_shalball.mdl10 KB02.07.2015
progs/proj_shalegg.mdl10 KB02.07.2015
progs/proj_shalhome.mdl9 KB02.07.2015
progs/proj_shalshell.mdl8 KB02.07.2015
progs/proj_shellcase.mdl6 KB25.02.2015
progs/proj_skullball.mdl10 KB01.12.2015
progs/proj_skullwiz.mdl33 KB15.12.2015
progs/proj_skullwizp.mdl33 KB15.12.2015
progs/proj_smoke.mdl1 KB09.09.2015
progs/proj_sng.mdl2 KB01.03.2015
progs/proj_spider.mdl8 KB06.10.2014
progs/proj_wiz.mdl6 KB01.03.2015
progs/proj_wraithball.mdl22 KB01.12.2015
progs/proj_wraithbone.mdl7 KB24.06.2015
progs/proj_wraithegg.mdl10 KB02.07.2015
progs/proj_wraithpoison.mdl7 KB13.10.2015
progs/proj_wraithshell.mdl8 KB13.10.2015
progs/proj_wraithtrail.mdl24 KB13.10.2015
progs/s_bookrune1.spr2 KB12.07.2012
progs/s_bookrune2.spr2 KB12.07.2012
progs/s_bubble_blue1.spr2 KB15.03.2015
progs/s_bubble_blue2.spr2 KB15.03.2015
progs/s_bubble_brnd1.spr2 KB15.03.2015
progs/s_bubble_brnd2.spr2 KB15.03.2015
progs/s_bubble_brnl1.spr2 KB15.03.2015
progs/s_bubble_brnl2.spr2 KB15.03.2015
progs/s_bubble_grey.spr2 KB15.03.2015
progs/s_bubble_grn1.spr2 KB15.03.2015
progs/s_bubble_grn2.spr2 KB15.03.2015
progs/s_bubble_pinkyel.spr1 KB15.03.2015
progs/s_bubble_purp1.spr2 KB15.03.2015
progs/s_bubble_purp2.spr2 KB15.03.2015
progs/s_bubble_red1.spr2 KB07.10.2015
progs/s_bubble_red2.spr2 KB07.10.2015
progs/s_bubble_wht.spr2 KB11.07.2012
progs/s_bubble_yell.spr2 KB15.03.2015
progs/s_dotmed_blue.spr2 KB01.11.2012
progs/s_dotmed_dblue.spr2 KB19.11.2012
progs/s_dotmed_grey.spr2 KB22.07.2013
progs/s_dotmed_grn.spr2 KB14.11.2012
progs/s_dotmed_lgrn.spr2 KB19.11.2012
progs/s_dotmed_purp.spr2 KB15.03.2015
progs/s_dotmed_red.spr2 KB09.11.2012
progs/s_dotmed_tor1.spr2 KB12.07.2012
progs/s_dotmed_tor2.spr2 KB14.07.2012
progs/s_dotmed_yell.spr2 KB19.11.2012
progs/s_dotsml_blue.spr2 KB02.11.2012
progs/s_dotsml_dblue.spr2 KB19.11.2012
progs/s_dotsml_gold.spr2 KB02.11.2012
progs/s_dotsml_grey.spr2 KB05.11.2012
progs/s_dotsml_grn.spr2 KB14.11.2012
progs/s_dotsml_lgrn.spr2 KB19.11.2012
progs/s_dotsml_purp.spr2 KB02.11.2012
progs/s_dotsml_red.spr2 KB09.11.2012
progs/s_dotsml_wht.spr2 KB05.11.2012
progs/s_dotsml_yell.spr2 KB19.11.2012
progs/s_dpflame.spr22 KB29.08.2015
progs/s_explodbig.spr273 KB09.09.2015
progs/s_explodbigp.spr209 KB19.10.2015
progs/s_explodmed.spr72 KB19.10.2015
progs/s_explodsmallp.spr53 KB19.10.2015
progs/s_flame.spr22 KB04.12.2015
progs/s_plasma.spr6 KB19.10.2015
progs/s_poison.spr22 KB04.12.2015
progs/s_smoke.spr22 KB28.08.2015
progs/s_spark.spr1 KB07.07.2015
progs/s_steam.spr22 KB28.08.2015
progs/s_waterdrip.spr1 KB30.01.2015
progs/s_watersplash.spr1 KB30.01.2015
progs/targd_hull2.mdl4 KB23.11.2015
progs/targd_massive.mdl17 KB23.11.2015
progs/targd_short.mdl5 KB23.11.2015
progs/targd_tall.mdl5 KB23.11.2015
progs/targd_wide.mdl17 KB23.11.2015
progs/trap_pendlong.mdl44 KB21.04.2013
progs/trap_pendshort.mdl44 KB21.04.2013
progs/trap_sawblade.mdl29 KB18.04.2012
progs/v_nail.mdl42 KB09.11.2013
progs/v_nail2.mdl74 KB18.02.2015
progs/v_plasma.mdl54 KB30.03.2013
progs/v_shadaxe0.mdl93 KB04.09.2015
progs/v_shadaxe1.mdl93 KB02.03.2015
progs/v_shadaxe2.mdl93 KB02.03.2015
progs/v_shadaxe3.mdl93 KB02.03.2015
progs/v_shadaxe4.mdl93 KB02.03.2015
progs/v_shadaxe5.mdl93 KB02.03.2015
progs/v_shot2.mdl23 KB15.09.2015
progs/v_shot3.mdl77 KB15.09.2015
progs/v_zershot.mdl62 KB26.02.2015
progs/w_backpack.mdl145 KB20.07.2015
progs/w_blueflail.mdl17 KB11.03.2013
progs/w_chainsaw.mdl19 KB13.08.2013
progs/w_dcrossbow.mdl15 KB11.03.2013
progs/w_dfurysword1.mdl9 KB11.03.2013
progs/w_dfurysword2.mdl9 KB11.03.2013
progs/w_dguardsword.mdl9 KB11.03.2013
progs/w_dknightsword.mdl9 KB11.03.2013
progs/w_enforcergun.mdl34 KB04.09.2015
progs/w_hknightsword.mdl28 KB04.09.2015
progs/w_knightsword.mdl19 KB19.03.2015
progs/w_ogregl.mdl9 KB13.08.2013
progs/w_ogreham.mdl30 KB30.07.2015
progs/w_ogremac.mdl29 KB20.08.2013
progs/w_skullbook.mdl30 KB16.12.2015
progs/w_soldiergun.mdl36 KB27.03.2015
quake.rc5 KB25.12.2015
sound/ambience/chimes.wav245 KB03.11.2012
sound/ambience/deep.wav392 KB27.11.2015
sound/ambience/drone6.wav36 KB16.07.2015
sound/ambience/fire1.wav47 KB16.07.2015
sound/ambience/gargoyles.wav134 KB16.06.2015
sound/ambience/gearopen.wav49 KB27.11.2015
sound/ambience/generator_gas.wav517 KB11.11.2013
sound/ambience/ind_lift1.wav156 KB04.09.2009
sound/ambience/ind_lift2.wav153 KB25.08.2009
sound/ambience/liquid_bubble.wav127 KB21.11.1999
sound/ambience/liquid_burnlong.wav694 KB21.11.1999
sound/ambience/liquid_burnshort.wav88 KB21.11.1999
sound/ambience/lowboom.wav652 KB06.11.2013
sound/ambience/machine_loop1.wav123 KB09.11.2013
sound/ambience/machine_loop2.wav70 KB09.11.2013
sound/ambience/moo.wav260 KB04.11.2012
sound/ambience/power_drone.wav36 KB02.05.2015
sound/ambience/power_off.wav87 KB02.05.2015
sound/ambience/power_on.wav76 KB02.05.2015
sound/ambience/power_shutdown.wav1093 KB02.05.2015
sound/ambience/rumble1.wav395 KB04.11.2012
sound/ambience/rumble2.wav97 KB04.11.2012
sound/ambience/rumble3.wav205 KB04.11.2012
sound/ambience/s1_stop.wav16 KB27.11.2015
sound/ambience/switch_1.wav35 KB25.08.2009
sound/ambience/switch_2.wav61 KB30.08.2009
sound/ambience/switch_3.wav18 KB25.08.2009
sound/ambience/switch_4.wav44 KB30.08.2009
sound/ambience/switch_5.wav79 KB25.08.2009
sound/ambience/switch_6off.wav139 KB01.10.2009
sound/ambience/switch_6on.wav173 KB01.10.2009
sound/ambience/thunder2.wav241 KB04.11.2012
sound/ambience/windgust1.wav109 KB04.11.2012
sound/ambience/windgust2.wav109 KB04.11.2012
sound/ambience/windgust3.wav108 KB04.11.2012
sound/ambience/windgust4.wav200 KB04.11.2012
sound/ambience/windgust5.wav200 KB04.11.2012
sound/ambience/windgust6.wav400 KB09.10.2004
sound/ambience/woodcreak2a.wav345 KB30.09.2015
sound/ambience/woodcreak2b.wav345 KB30.09.2015
sound/ambience/woodcreak2c.wav302 KB30.09.2015
sound/ambience/woodcreak2d.wav345 KB30.09.2015
sound/ambience/woodcreak2e.wav302 KB30.09.2015
sound/break/ceramic_i1.wav11 KB14.10.2015
sound/break/ceramic_i2.wav11 KB14.10.2015
sound/break/ceramic_i3.wav11 KB14.10.2015
sound/break/ceramic_i4.wav18 KB14.10.2015
sound/break/ceramic_impact.wav37 KB14.10.2015
sound/break/glass_i1.wav13 KB14.10.2015
sound/break/glass_i2.wav31 KB14.10.2015
sound/break/glass_i3.wav9 KB14.10.2015
sound/break/glass_i4.wav5 KB14.10.2015
sound/break/glass_impact.wav70 KB20.04.2015
sound/break/metal_i1.wav47 KB20.04.2015
sound/break/metal_i2.wav36 KB20.04.2015
sound/break/metal_i3.wav68 KB20.04.2015
sound/break/metal_i4.wav79 KB20.04.2015
sound/break/metal_impact.wav128 KB20.04.2015
sound/break/potbrk1.wav49 KB12.10.2015
sound/break/potbrk2.wav62 KB12.10.2015
sound/break/potbrk3.wav41 KB12.10.2015
sound/break/potbrk4.wav69 KB12.10.2015
sound/break/potbrk5.wav73 KB12.10.2015
sound/break/potbrk6.wav40 KB12.10.2015
sound/break/rock_i1.wav30 KB20.04.2015
sound/break/rock_i2.wav29 KB20.04.2015
sound/break/rock_i3.wav25 KB20.04.2015
sound/break/rock_i4.wav27 KB20.04.2015
sound/break/rock_impact.wav90 KB20.04.2015
sound/break/wood_i1.wav28 KB20.04.2015
sound/break/wood_i2.wav25 KB20.04.2015
sound/break/wood_i3.wav18 KB20.04.2015
sound/break/wood_i4.wav12 KB20.04.2015
sound/break/wood_impact.wav83 KB20.04.2015
sound/dknight/dcross_idle.wav173 KB07.11.2012
sound/dknight/dcross_idlecom.wav58 KB17.02.2013
sound/dknight/dfury_grunt1.wav20 KB18.02.2013
sound/dknight/dfury_grunt2.wav54 KB18.02.2013
sound/dknight/dfury_grunt3.wav61 KB18.02.2013
sound/dknight/dfury_grunt4.wav29 KB18.02.2013
sound/dknight/dfury_leap.wav101 KB18.02.2013
sound/dknight/dfury_sight.wav68 KB11.03.2013
sound/dknight/dserg_hbreath.wav182 KB18.02.2013
sound/dknight/dserg_magic.wav34 KB16.02.2013
sound/dknight/dserg_sight.wav15 KB11.03.2013
sound/dknight/ghost_idle1.wav108 KB21.12.2015
sound/dknight/ghost_idle2.wav108 KB21.12.2015
sound/doors/rattle1.wav87 KB02.05.2015
sound/doors/rattle2.wav121 KB02.05.2015
sound/doors/rattle6.wav95 KB02.05.2015
sound/drole/death.wav65 KB30.06.2015
sound/drole/enrage.wav45 KB30.06.2015
sound/drole/fire.wav28 KB30.06.2015
sound/drole/idle.wav14 KB02.07.2015
sound/drole/pain.wav24 KB30.06.2015
sound/drole/r_explode.wav38 KB30.06.2015
sound/drole/sight.wav28 KB30.06.2015
sound/drole/strike1.wav12 KB30.06.2015
sound/drole/strike2.wav18 KB30.06.2015
sound/drole/swipe.wav4 KB30.06.2015
sound/enforcer/cent_hover.wav102 KB28.08.2015
sound/enforcer/death1.wav10 KB27.08.2015
sound/enforcer/def_idle1.wav32 KB30.06.2015
sound/enforcer/def_idle2.wav23 KB30.06.2015
sound/enforcer/def_sight1.wav18 KB27.08.2015
sound/enforcer/def_ssg_fire.wav14 KB30.06.2015
sound/enforcer/def_ssg_load.wav6 KB30.06.2015
sound/enforcer/elim_idle1.wav39 KB30.06.2015
sound/enforcer/elim_idle2.wav36 KB30.06.2015
sound/enforcer/elim_idle3.wav38 KB30.06.2015
sound/enforcer/elim_pg_load.wav16 KB27.08.2015
sound/enforcer/elim_sight1.wav31 KB30.06.2015
sound/enforcer/enfire.wav8 KB27.08.2015
sound/enforcer/enfstop.wav5 KB27.08.2015
sound/enforcer/idle1.wav16 KB27.08.2015
sound/enforcer/pain1.wav6 KB27.08.2015
sound/enforcer/pain2.wav5 KB27.08.2015
sound/enforcer/pyro_flameoff.wav9 KB28.08.2015
sound/enforcer/pyro_flameon.wav29 KB28.08.2015
sound/enforcer/sight1.wav6 KB27.08.2015
sound/enforcer/sight2.wav7 KB27.08.2015
sound/enforcer/sight3.wav7 KB27.08.2015
sound/enforcer/sight4.wav6 KB27.08.2015
sound/gargoyle/attack1.wav29 KB16.06.2015
sound/gargoyle/death1.wav41 KB16.06.2015
sound/gargoyle/death2.wav29 KB16.06.2015
sound/gargoyle/idle1.wav72 KB16.06.2015
sound/gargoyle/pain100.wav26 KB16.06.2015
sound/gargoyle/pain75.wav29 KB16.06.2015
sound/gargoyle/perch1.wav26 KB16.06.2015
sound/gargoyle/perch2.wav31 KB16.06.2015
sound/gargoyle/sight1.wav35 KB16.06.2015
sound/gargoyle/swoop1.wav21 KB16.06.2015
sound/gargoyle/swoop1hit.wav11 KB16.06.2015
sound/gargoyle/swoop2.wav24 KB16.06.2015
sound/gargoyle/wings1.wav44 KB17.06.2015
sound/gaunt/death.wav48 KB06.07.2015
sound/gaunt/idle1.wav78 KB06.07.2015
sound/gaunt/idle2.wav22 KB26.10.2015
sound/gaunt/idle3.wav94 KB06.07.2015
sound/gaunt/pain.wav28 KB06.07.2015
sound/gaunt/plasma_fire.wav113 KB26.10.2015
sound/gaunt/plasma_start.wav65 KB26.10.2015
sound/gaunt/sight.wav59 KB06.07.2015
sound/gaunt/wings1.wav44 KB17.06.2015
sound/gibs/gib1.wav21 KB12.03.2015
sound/gibs/gib3.wav33 KB12.03.2015
sound/gibs/gib5.wav16 KB12.03.2015
sound/gibs/gibchain.wav16 KB16.08.2013
sound/gibs/gibheavy.wav17 KB12.03.2015
sound/gibs/gibheavy1.wav11 KB12.03.2015
sound/gibs/gibheavy2.wav11 KB12.03.2015
sound/gibs/gibhit1.wav22 KB16.08.2013
sound/gibs/gibhit2.wav22 KB16.08.2013
sound/gibs/gibhit3.wav22 KB16.08.2013
sound/gibs/gibhit4.wav22 KB16.08.2013
sound/gibs/gibhit5.wav22 KB16.08.2013
sound/gibs/gibmetala.wav19 KB16.08.2013
sound/gibs/gibmetalb.wav31 KB12.03.2015
sound/gibs/gibstone1.wav52 KB19.03.2015
sound/gibs/gibstone2.wav22 KB19.03.2015
sound/gibs/gibstone3.wav35 KB19.03.2015
sound/gibs/gibstone4.wav9 KB19.03.2015
sound/gibs/gibstone5.wav22 KB19.03.2015
sound/gibs/gibwood.wav61 KB16.08.2013
sound/golem/death.wav366 KB12.10.2015
sound/golem/groundslam.wav130 KB12.10.2015
sound/golem/idle1a.wav87 KB12.10.2015
sound/golem/idle1b.wav87 KB12.10.2015
sound/golem/idle2a.wav44 KB12.10.2015
sound/golem/idle2b.wav44 KB12.10.2015
sound/golem/melee_pound.wav18 KB12.10.2015
sound/golem/melee_punch.wav18 KB12.10.2015
sound/golem/melee_swipe.wav40 KB18.02.2013
sound/golem/pain1.wav28 KB12.10.2015
sound/golem/pain2.wav33 KB12.10.2015
sound/golem/rockstorm.wav259 KB24.10.2015
sound/golem/sight.wav75 KB12.10.2015
sound/golem/wakestatue.wav245 KB12.10.2015
sound/items/nailp.wav96 KB09.12.2015
sound/items/nailp2.wav130 KB09.12.2015
sound/items/nailp3.wav45 KB09.12.2015
sound/items/protect.wav44 KB25.07.2013
sound/items/protect2.wav65 KB25.07.2013
sound/items/protect3.wav44 KB25.07.2013
sound/items/sharp.wav99 KB11.12.2015
sound/items/sharp2.wav259 KB11.12.2015
sound/items/sharp3.wav46 KB11.12.2015
sound/items/sharpa.wav96 KB10.12.2015
sound/items/sharpa2.wav130 KB10.12.2015
sound/items/sharpa3.wav45 KB10.12.2015
sound/jim/death1.wav15 KB27.08.2015
sound/jim/explode_major.wav37 KB11.09.2015
sound/jim/explode_minor.wav30 KB11.09.2015
sound/jim/gunidle.wav13 KB27.08.2015
sound/jim/gunidle2.wav48 KB08.09.2015
sound/jim/idle1.wav44 KB10.09.2015
sound/jim/idle1r.wav44 KB10.09.2015
sound/jim/idle2.wav44 KB11.09.2015
sound/jim/idle3.wav23 KB11.09.2015
sound/jim/laser_load.wav36 KB27.08.2015
sound/jim/pain1.wav27 KB10.09.2015
sound/jim/pain2.wav31 KB10.09.2015
sound/jim/rocket_fire.wav18 KB30.06.2015
sound/jim/rocket_hit.wav39 KB27.08.2015
sound/jim/rocket_load.wav23 KB11.09.2015
sound/jim/sight1.wav15 KB27.08.2015
sound/lostsoul/bite.wav18 KB01.07.2015
sound/lostsoul/charge.wav112 KB30.11.2015
sound/lostsoul/death.wav149 KB30.11.2015
sound/lostsoul/idle1.wav130 KB13.12.2015
sound/lostsoul/idle2.wav130 KB30.11.2015
sound/lostsoul/pain1.wav15 KB30.11.2015
sound/minotaur/attack1end.wav20 KB30.09.2015
sound/minotaur/attack1expl.wav16 KB29.09.2015
sound/minotaur/attack1long.wav42 KB30.09.2015
sound/minotaur/attack1start.wav20 KB30.09.2015
sound/minotaur/bolt_fire.wav18 KB29.09.2015
sound/minotaur/death.wav43 KB07.08.2013
sound/minotaur/idle1.wav18 KB29.09.2015
sound/minotaur/idle1com.wav16 KB29.09.2015
sound/minotaur/idle2.wav16 KB29.09.2015
sound/minotaur/idle2com.wav18 KB29.09.2015
sound/minotaur/jump1.wav22 KB02.10.2015
sound/minotaur/pain1.wav30 KB07.08.2013
sound/minotaur/pain2.wav41 KB29.09.2015
sound/minotaur/sight1.wav48 KB29.09.2015
sound/minotaur/step1.wav12 KB07.08.2013
sound/minotaur/step2.wav12 KB07.08.2013
sound/minotaur/strike1.wav11 KB30.09.2015
sound/minotaur/strike2.wav11 KB30.09.2015
sound/minotaur/swipe.wav4 KB30.06.2015
sound/misc/drip1.wav12 KB30.01.2015
sound/misc/drip2.wav16 KB30.01.2015
sound/misc/drip3.wav15 KB30.01.2015
sound/misc/laseroff.wav66 KB05.07.2015
sound/misc/laseron.wav41 KB05.07.2015
sound/misc/null.wav9 KB03.07.2015
sound/misc/rumbleloop.wav104 KB01.07.2015
sound/misc/rumbleoff.wav104 KB30.06.2015
sound/misc/secret3.wav296 KB07.08.2013
sound/misc/spark.wav13 KB07.07.2015
sound/misc/torchoff.wav53 KB23.11.2015
sound/misc/torchon1.wav87 KB22.11.2015
sound/misc/torchon2.wav83 KB22.11.2015
sound/misc/torchon3.wav96 KB23.11.2015
sound/ogre/ham_hit.wav51 KB25.10.2014
sound/ogre/ham_swipe.wav40 KB18.02.2013
sound/ogre/ham_wave.wav130 KB20.10.2014
sound/ogre/ogidle.wav26 KB26.10.2014
sound/ogre/ogidle2.wav22 KB26.10.2014
sound/ogre/ogleap.wav29 KB12.10.2015
sound/ogre/ogpull.wav50 KB23.04.2012
sound/player/heartbeat.wav69 KB25.06.2015
sound/player/ladmetal1.wav94 KB30.06.2015
sound/player/ladmetal2.wav94 KB30.06.2015
sound/player/ladmetal3.wav94 KB30.06.2015
sound/player/ladmetal4.wav94 KB30.06.2015
sound/player/ladrope1.wav70 KB01.07.2015
sound/player/ladrope2.wav70 KB01.07.2015
sound/player/ladrope3.wav70 KB01.07.2015
sound/player/ladrope4.wav70 KB01.07.2015
sound/player/ladwood1.wav47 KB30.06.2015
sound/player/ladwood2.wav47 KB30.06.2015
sound/player/ladwood3.wav47 KB30.06.2015
sound/player/ladwood4.wav47 KB30.06.2015
sound/scorpion/clawattack1.wav14 KB02.09.2015
sound/scorpion/clawattack2.wav14 KB02.09.2015
sound/scorpion/death1.wav11 KB07.08.2013
sound/scorpion/hiss.wav27 KB03.09.2015
sound/scorpion/idle1.wav34 KB02.09.2015
sound/scorpion/idle2.wav27 KB02.09.2015
sound/scorpion/jumpattack1.wav35 KB02.09.2015
sound/scorpion/jumpattack2.wav43 KB02.09.2015
sound/scorpion/jumphit.wav30 KB02.09.2015
sound/scorpion/jumpland.wav17 KB02.09.2015
sound/scorpion/pain1.wav24 KB02.09.2015
sound/scorpion/pain2.wav31 KB02.09.2015
sound/scorpion/sight1.wav48 KB02.09.2015
sound/scorpion/tailattack1.wav26 KB02.09.2015
sound/scorpion/tailattack2.wav20 KB02.09.2015
sound/scorpion/tailfire1.wav9 KB03.09.2015
sound/scorpion/tailfire2.wav9 KB03.09.2015
sound/scorpion/warning1.wav76 KB02.09.2015
sound/scorpion/warning2.wav48 KB02.09.2015
sound/shalrath/attack3.wav11 KB26.06.2015
sound/shalrath/bounce.wav15 KB26.06.2015
sound/skullwiz/attack.wav16 KB29.09.2015
sound/skullwiz/blinkin.wav33 KB29.09.2015
sound/skullwiz/blinkout.wav33 KB29.09.2015
sound/skullwiz/blinkspk1.wav44 KB29.09.2015
sound/skullwiz/blinkspk2.wav44 KB29.09.2015
sound/skullwiz/death.wav33 KB29.09.2015
sound/skullwiz/fadeaway.wav43 KB29.09.2015
sound/skullwiz/idle1.wav87 KB29.09.2015
sound/skullwiz/idle2.wav87 KB29.09.2015
sound/skullwiz/pain1.wav11 KB29.09.2015
sound/skullwiz/pain2.wav16 KB29.09.2015
sound/skullwiz/poison_hit.wav39 KB27.08.2015
sound/skullwiz/sight.wav36 KB29.09.2015
sound/skullwiz/skull1.wav22 KB29.09.2015
sound/skullwiz/skull2.wav22 KB29.09.2015
sound/skullwiz/summon.wav95 KB29.09.2015
sound/soldier/rocket_fire.wav18 KB30.06.2015
sound/soldier/rocket_hit.wav39 KB27.08.2015
sound/soldier/rocket_load.wav22 KB30.06.2015
sound/spider/attackmunch.wav11 KB12.06.2015
sound/spider/attacktear.wav11 KB07.08.2013
sound/spider/death1.wav11 KB07.08.2013
sound/spider/hiss1.wav18 KB07.08.2013
sound/spider/hiss2.wav22 KB07.08.2013
sound/spider/hiss3.wav23 KB07.08.2013
sound/spider/idle1.wav21 KB07.08.2013
sound/spider/jumpland.wav6 KB07.08.2013
sound/spider/miss.wav15 KB26.06.2015
sound/spider/pain1.wav6 KB07.08.2013
sound/spider/pain2.wav11 KB07.08.2013
sound/statue/comidle.wav18 KB19.03.2015
sound/statue/death.wav14 KB19.03.2015
sound/statue/hurt.wav8 KB19.03.2015
sound/statue/idle1.wav13 KB19.03.2015
sound/statue/idle2.wav14 KB19.03.2015
sound/statue/sight.wav10 KB19.03.2015
sound/steps/drag1.wav14 KB23.03.2013
sound/steps/drag2.wav14 KB23.03.2013
sound/steps/drag3.wav15 KB23.03.2013
sound/steps/drag4.wav14 KB23.03.2013
sound/steps/drag5.wav14 KB23.03.2013
sound/steps/giant1.wav33 KB12.10.2015
sound/steps/giant2.wav33 KB12.10.2015
sound/steps/giant3.wav33 KB12.10.2015
sound/steps/giant4.wav33 KB12.10.2015
sound/steps/giant5.wav33 KB12.10.2015
sound/steps/heavy1.wav13 KB23.03.2013
sound/steps/heavy2.wav11 KB23.03.2013
sound/steps/heavy3.wav13 KB23.03.2013
sound/steps/heavy4.wav11 KB23.03.2013
sound/steps/heavy5.wav10 KB23.03.2013
sound/steps/large1.wav33 KB04.02.2015
sound/steps/large2.wav25 KB04.02.2015
sound/steps/large3.wav24 KB04.02.2015
sound/steps/large4.wav22 KB04.02.2015
sound/steps/large5.wav24 KB04.02.2015
sound/steps/light1.wav9 KB25.12.2012
sound/steps/light2.wav7 KB25.12.2012
sound/steps/light3.wav7 KB25.12.2012
sound/steps/light4.wav5 KB25.12.2012
sound/steps/light5.wav4 KB25.12.2012
sound/steps/medium1.wav9 KB23.03.2013
sound/steps/medium2.wav9 KB25.12.2012
sound/steps/medium3.wav11 KB25.12.2012
sound/steps/medium4.wav9 KB25.12.2012
sound/steps/medium5.wav9 KB23.03.2013
sound/steps/slow1.wav9 KB25.12.2012
sound/steps/slow2.wav9 KB25.12.2012
sound/steps/slow3.wav9 KB25.12.2012
sound/steps/slow4.wav9 KB25.12.2012
sound/steps/slow5.wav11 KB25.12.2012
sound/steps/water1.wav63 KB04.11.2012
sound/steps/water2.wav71 KB04.11.2012
sound/steps/water3.wav71 KB04.11.2012
sound/steps/water4.wav61 KB04.11.2012
sound/traps/flame_loop.wav28 KB07.07.2015
sound/traps/flame_off.wav28 KB07.07.2015
sound/traps/laser_fire.wav8 KB08.04.2013
sound/traps/laser_hit.wav5 KB08.04.2013
sound/traps/pend_hit.wav12 KB08.04.2013
sound/traps/pend_swing.wav22 KB08.04.2013
sound/traps/saw_end2.wav98 KB28.10.2015
sound/traps/saw_loop2.wav170 KB28.10.2015
sound/traps/saw_loop2f.wav130 KB29.10.2015
sound/traps/saw_start2.wav213 KB28.10.2015
sound/traps/sawblade_off.wav15 KB29.07.2015
sound/traps/sawblade_on.wav37 KB29.07.2015
sound/traps/sawstrike1.wav31 KB29.10.2015
sound/traps/steam_loop.wav22 KB07.07.2015
sound/traps/steam_off.wav11 KB07.07.2015
sound/voreling/attackmunch.wav18 KB01.07.2015
sound/voreling/attacktear.wav9 KB01.07.2015
sound/voreling/death.wav18 KB01.07.2015
sound/voreling/idle.wav28 KB01.07.2015
sound/voreling/jumpland.wav5 KB01.07.2015
sound/voreling/pain.wav16 KB01.07.2015
sound/voreling/sight.wav44 KB01.07.2015
sound/weapons/axe_ceramic.wav25 KB12.10.2015
sound/weapons/axe_glass.wav13 KB28.05.2015
sound/weapons/axe_metal.wav29 KB28.05.2015
sound/weapons/axe_swoosh1.wav26 KB22.07.2013
sound/weapons/axe_swoosh2.wav13 KB22.07.2013
sound/weapons/axe_wood.wav8 KB28.05.2015
sound/weapons/bolt_hit1.wav13 KB18.02.2013
sound/weapons/bolt_hit2.wav11 KB18.02.2013
sound/weapons/bolt_hit3.wav12 KB18.02.2013
sound/weapons/bolt_hit4.wav16 KB18.02.2013
sound/weapons/crossbow_fire.wav26 KB22.02.2013
sound/weapons/crossbow_hit1.wav60 KB18.02.2013
sound/weapons/crossbow_hit2.wav32 KB18.02.2013
sound/weapons/crossbow_rdy.wav37 KB22.02.2013
sound/weapons/crossbow_swipe.wav40 KB18.02.2013
sound/weapons/gl_loadlong.wav22 KB30.06.2015
sound/weapons/gl_loadshort.wav8 KB28.08.2015
sound/weapons/nofire.wav2 KB07.08.2013
sound/weapons/plasma_expl.wav14 KB07.08.2013
sound/weapons/plasma_fire.wav87 KB17.10.2015
sound/weapons/plasma_hit.wav54 KB27.08.2015
sound/weapons/r_exp3.wav9 KB03.07.2015
sound/weapons/r_exp3b.wav35 KB03.07.2015
sound/weapons/resist_rocket.wav20 KB21.10.2015
sound/weapons/ric1.wav6 KB25.02.2015
sound/weapons/ric2.wav11 KB25.02.2015
sound/weapons/ric3.wav11 KB25.02.2015
sound/weapons/riotgun.wav13 KB24.02.2015
sound/weapons/sg1.wav29 KB21.03.2015
sound/weapons/sg2.wav29 KB21.03.2015
sound/weapons/sgun1.wav45 KB03.07.2015
sound/weapons/shellc.wav21 KB24.02.2015
sound/weapons/ssg1.wav17 KB21.03.2015
sound/weapons/ssg2.wav74 KB21.03.2015
sound/weapons/sword1a.wav11 KB16.02.2013
sound/weapons/sword1b.wav13 KB16.02.2013
sound/weapons/sword2a.wav11 KB16.02.2013
sound/weapons/sword2b.wav13 KB16.02.2013
sound/wraith/attack1.wav26 KB25.06.2015
sound/wraith/attack1_explode.wav147 KB01.09.2015
sound/wraith/attack2.wav87 KB25.06.2015
sound/wraith/attack3.wav11 KB26.06.2015
sound/wraith/bounce.wav15 KB26.06.2015
sound/wraith/death1.wav20 KB24.06.2015
sound/wraith/idle1.wav51 KB24.06.2015
sound/wraith/idle2.wav81 KB24.06.2015
sound/wraith/idle3.wav54 KB23.06.2015
sound/wraith/pain1.wav18 KB23.06.2015
sound/wraith/sight1.wav34 KB23.06.2015

Arcane Dimensions 1.42

This is version 1.42 - the newer, more feature-rich version 1.5 is available here.

Large-scale single player campaign with many new levels, some of them labeled as "test" maps, featuring a whole line-up of new monsters and items as well as several tweaks and changes to the gameplay. It is also meant to serve as a tool box for level designers. Map and QC sources are included.

Note: These maps require an engine port with increased limits, support for BSP2 and transparent textures. They are designed to be played with QuakeSpasm 0.91.0 or later.

A patch is available here.

Tags: swamp, large, monsters, weapons, remix, start, traps, source, runes, episode, skybox, bsp2, arcanedimensions, ad

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.5/5 with 103 ratings
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ezze Guest 27 December 2015, 13:37

How do you activate the Nightmare difficulty level?

SumSin Guest 27 December 2015, 20:10

You gotta be really hot-headed to even find it wink-wink

x86 Guest 28 December 2015, 2:28

Best single player mod and maps for quake! A perfect meld of the original quake style with newer work.

ezze Guest 28 December 2015, 2:50

I am hot-headed, thanks! Now I am ready to play this maps ;)

However, in the first tries I am afraid they are too large for my taste... I guess I have to learn how to save ;)

pjpk Guest 28 December 2015, 5:00

Getting a Mod LoadBrushModel: wrong version number error with this when trying to start ad_crucial - is that something I'm doing wrong? Keen to play, the start map looks amazing!

onetruepurple Registered 28 December 2015, 15:16

pjpk, it sounds to me you're not running the recommended engine (QuakeSpasm 0.9 with BSP2 support).

Lane Powell Registered 28 December 2015, 22:04

I found a misaligned texture and a brush you can clip through and get stuck in in Per Aspera As Inferi. -1 star.


Lane Powell Registered 29 December 2015, 7:09


DeeDoubleU Registered 29 December 2015, 20:09

Why are you still reading this? Go play it already!

pjpk Guest 29 December 2015, 22:36

Thanks onetruepurple - I was running an out of date version of QuakeSpasm. Have since updated and played this and it's absolutely fantastic!

Boomstick Guest 30 December 2015, 4:58

Stunning, just stunning....

Antiriad Registered 30 December 2015, 13:06

GREAT mod! There is a way to start directly with "feet" and "updprj" options (de)activated?

name Guest 30 December 2015, 13:28

"is a way to start directly with "feet" and "updprj" options (de)activated?"

  • Open up the quake.rc file in a text editor
  • Find the line that says 'temp1 1024'
  • Replace it with 'temp1 656384'
  • Save file
  • Load mod (via shortcut)

656384 = 1024 + 131072 + 524288

glossum Registered 30 December 2015, 22:57

It's very strange but I can only choose "Underearth". Choosing any other level I'm looping through endless cycle of "Secrets 0/1, Kills 0/6" - the ending of start level again and again. I'm on Windows and tried QuakeSpasm 0.90.1 and Darkplaces (32-bit and 64-bit each).

Daz Guest 31 December 2015, 3:37

Space bar to load the nextmap

jota Guest 31 December 2015, 22:23

is there a way to start the game with the impulse 130 command in the autoexec.cfg (to deactivate the projectile shotgun)

i don't know what should I change in quake.rc

pls help

jota Guest 31 December 2015, 22:26

I saw a comment about it, sorry and thanks!

ezze Guest 1 January 2016, 2:14

So weird, I love the new shotgun. It was even a feature in my short lived mod...

GunDolph83 Guest 1 January 2016, 13:15


anonymous Guest 1 January 2016, 19:17

Amazing stuff indeed!!! But I'm getting multiple "movetype_push with a non-bsp model" errors in the swamp map. :(

Milky Guest 2 January 2016, 10:07

How do you get to the final level? I beat all the stages, including the two remix ones, and nothing seems different at all in the start map. To make sure it wasn't broken because of repeated reloads, I started a new game and noclipped to victory on all of them again. Still nothing.

Lane Powell Registered 2 January 2016, 19:18

I haven't found it either, but I've read there are runes hidden on certain maps.

Delta Guest 3 January 2016, 23:46

I've just read that the runes are hidden! damn! I went through the swamp level, ended getting the rune and then turned it off -and about time, I played through it in two hours and a bit!- Thankfully I saved with two "left to go..." thingys, but still! Huge d'oh from my part, but still I loved the mod. 5/5, and I'll go through the other runes next days.

poop Guest 5 January 2016, 19:47

I keep getting hunkalloc: failed on <randomnumber> bytes :(

Spirit Registered 5 January 2016, 22:02

Which engine? Did you follow the readme?

poop Guest 6 January 2016, 1:35

nevermind, I didn't read the readme. everything's running fine now

komagame Guest 9 January 2016, 22:30

Help.. I need to play it on a PentiumII400+Voodoo3+Win98.. will it run ??

ericw Guest 10 January 2016, 0:12

Really hard to say, since there are so many factors and I've never used that hardware, try and let us know :-) RAM is likely going to be a problem. I don't know if QS runs on Win98. Some of the maps run in FitzQuake 0.85.

I have tested AD on awful gfx cards (intel 82815 and radeon 9250se) which are probably worse than a Voodoo 3 (?), and the framerate is pretty bad, 20fps or worse.

Dymitry Guest 10 January 2016, 9:31

Just over sixteen years ago I bought a computer with a Voodoo 3 and an Athlon 600. It was good for Unreal Tournament and sluggish on some Quake 3 levels. I would not attempt to play a 2004/2005 JPL, Kinn, or Tronyn level with it, much less a BSP2 level.

A 9250se is years newer than a Voodoo 3, with nearly three times the fill rate and eight times the memory.

komagame Guest 11 January 2016, 0:49

Main issue of Voodoo3 is lack of pixel-shader capability.. I guess Usually I'm able to play most of the maps on my PII400

Dave Guest 11 January 2016, 19:47

Just amazing. I'd love to see more maps using these enemies. Nightmare Quake was challenging as hell, yes!

carlmartus Registered 12 January 2016, 23:57

Top notch map. I like the alteratians on the boomstick. Works well in singel player quake as a whole.

dgl33d Registered 13 January 2016, 9:38

Amazing work guys!

theshep Registered 17 January 2016, 20:13

Beautiful! The train map had a bug with the rune room... I couldn't get out of it and had to clip out. Otherwise, all maps have been fun so far! I'm streaming them on my channel, sheporiginale.

MikeTaylor Registered 22 January 2016, 13:18

I was a bit disappointed to find that Sock's contribution (Obsessive Brick Disorder) is a reworking of his earlier Backsteingotik. On the other hand, it was a good opportunity to replay a modern classic, and it stands up extremely well. This time I got all kills (303 on Hard, but I imagine the number changes depending on how many skulls the sorcerers launch) and 6/10 secrets. I also found both the silver and gold vaults, and the rune.

One question: in the "second key" section of the map is a large hall with three button-operated crushers. On one side of the hall is a wide ledge which you can jump up to, using a ground-level light-fitting. On a pillar on that ledge, facing away from the hall, is a button. What does it do? (I pressed it, but nothing seemed to change. There was a message which I don't remember, but I think it had something to do with the vault keys.)

sock Registered 22 January 2016, 14:27

@theshep, there is an update for ad_crucial in the patch zip file. The original zip version does trap you in the Rune room. All fixed in the latest patch.

@MikeTaylor, Very true, OBD is a remake, but I think it is different enough to be an unique experience. If you want to know what maps I made for the MOD, check the readme file, there is plenty to play with! :P

The ledge with the button next to the 3 crushers on the GK side lowers a lift to get easy access to the GK vault key. There is several ways to get the vault key, the map is very much about player choices.

bolubeyi Guest 23 January 2016, 16:12

wooow, quake never die. Good work good job good game... thanks so much...

MikeTaylor Registered 27 January 2016, 15:46

Wow, I can't get over how completely awesomely ridiculously outstanding Foggy Bogbottom (ad_swampy) is. It's MFX's contribution, and I think ... I think it's my new all-time favourite Quake map. Huge, sprawling, very interconnected, confusing, hard but doable combats: it has everything. (At the moment, having finished the main part of the map and found the exit, I am making my way around the rooftops in search of the last few books.)

So awesomely great that I am awarding the whole pack five stars right now, having only played a couple of the maps.

MikeTaylor Registered 1 February 2016, 11:00

For a moment at the start of Sock's Firetop Mountain (ad_mountain), I thought or hoped it was going to be an Quake interpretation of the old Fighting Fantasy Gamebook Warlock of Firetop Mountain -- but alas, no.

Still, this is a unique level: absolutely brutal in the combats. I only play on Hard, and I still found three or four places where I had to keep on going back to saves over and over before I found a way through. If anyone's done it on Nightmare, I will be impressed.

My only real frustration is that the secret count is 1 (one), even though there are many more secrets which don't register as secrets. I never found the one official secret, which I assume must be a large area -- it's only reason I can think of why I finished on just 132 of 170 kills. (I broke open a lot of bloodied grates, but there was nothing behind any of them.)

Anyway, well worth playing, and I imagine the difficulty of the combats gives it a lot of replay value. 4* for this one, and (I forgot to say last time) 5* for Foggy Bogbottom. Oh and a weaselly 4+1/2* for Obsessive Brick Disorder.

MikeTaylor Registered 1 February 2016, 12:58

Sean Campbell and Matthew Breit's Necromancer's Keep (ad_necrokeep) is another winner -- a lovely, big level of crumbing terracotta with lots of well-judged combats including at least three hordes that I remember. (I feel that hordes tend to be underused in Quake, and I don't really understand why -- after all, they were all over Doom.)

The highlight for me was the pair of E1M5 (Gloom Keep) tribute traps: both of them much more satisfying than the originals that the pay homage to. (The only bit I didn't like was the nail traps, which I always find tedious and frustrating.)

All in all, this is a 5* map.

MikeTaylor Registered 1 February 2016, 13:00

(I just realised that Matthew Breit is Lunaran, who gave us Concentric Devastation. So he has previous! I don't know Sean Campbell by another name, though.)

MikeTaylor Registered 1 February 2016, 17:00

Eric Wasylishen's reworking of The Underearth (ad_e2m7) is in every respect a huge improvement on the original. I hope someone, somewhere, is eventually going to compile a big Quake Remixed pack out of all the various tribute maps out there. 4/5, losing a mark for originality.

Spirit Registered 1 February 2016, 18:18

Sean Campbell is Madfox.

OtherSpirit Guest 1 February 2016, 21:08

MFX is Madfox.

ezze Guest 2 February 2016, 10:57

I heard that this is Quake 2 in a universe better than this one...

MikeTaylor Registered 2 February 2016, 11:32

Are you saying that Sean Campbell, Madfox and MFX are all the same person?

MikeTaylor Registered 2 February 2016, 14:49

I absolutely loved MFX's The Crucial Error (ad_cruical, sadly misspelled). It's a base penetration map, somewhat in the Rubicon style, and packed with lovely set pieces. The layout becomes a little confusing in one or two places, but it does all makes sense. I finished with 226 of the 240 kills on Hard -- somehow, 14 of the bad-guys evaded by shotgun -- but only 3 of the 9 secrets. If anything, I seem to be getting progressively worse at finding secrets (or authors are getting progressively sneakier at hiding them). Five stars.

Sprit Guest 2 February 2016, 23:17

Nah, kidding. Sean = Scampie.

MikeTaylor Registered 3 February 2016, 13:18

Noel Lacaillade's The Mire (ad_dm5) is supposedly a remix of the original DM5, but it feels to me like a completely original creation. On replaying DM5, I can kind of see what The Mire is getting at, but I would say it's "inspired by" at the very most.

Anyway, this is much better than its source -- a fascinating labyrinth of walkways and plumbing, with some nice surprises and some impressive vistas. I finished with five of the seven secrets, but missing so many kills that I think there must be a whole extra secret area, like the hidden base in Adamantine Cruelty. My guess is that it's behind the silver-key door; but since I couldn't find a way to get the key out of its cage in the heat-sink pool, I don't know. Anyone prepared to offer a hint?

Anyway, well worth 4/5.

MikeTaylor Registered 3 February 2016, 16:42

Anyone who's not played the so-called "test" maps -- I highly recommend that you fix that! I've only played one so far -- Sock's Smash and Grab (ad_test1), but it's fully worthy of its own release as a playable Q1SP map, and I'd judged it as worth four stars.

Jonathan Guest 3 February 2016, 17:19

Fantastic stuff.

Are the purple keys always secret? Anyone found one yet?

Are the quads nerfed for anyone else - on Fogbottom for instance, I must have picked up at least 5 but they run out instantly.

ericw Registered 3 February 2016, 23:33

Jonathan, quads are working for me. What engine? Tried with patch 2 applied?

Jonathan Guest 4 February 2016, 14:51

ericw, I was playing the original release with a just-behind-the-curve QuakeSpasm on Mac. I'm now patched up and playing with the latest QS, I think I was still having that problem (loaded a quicksave) but I'm not sure. I want to go back and replay the level now (I quicksaved after leaving the level but hadn't got the purple key or any of that stuff) so I'll see if it still happens. I didn't notice it on any other level.

ericw Guest 4 February 2016, 20:55

Cool, I use Mac QuakeSpasm too.

If that quicksave was made with before applying the AD patch and loaded afterwards, it probably won't load correctly, so starting ad_swampy from the beginning will work, hopefully :)

MikeTaylor Registered 8 February 2016, 15:23

MFX's Rotation and Exploration (ad_test3) is another lovely level, well worthy of 4* in isolation, and it's ludicrous that it's hidden away in a "test maps" area that a lot of people won't bother with.

MikeTaylor Registered 8 February 2016, 16:29

Sock's My Precious! (ad_test4) actually is a test map -- just a small arena where you get to figure a bunch of golems and statues. Enjoyable, but not with a lot of replay value.

MikeTaylor Registered 8 February 2016, 17:19

Same goes for Sock's Welcome Theseus (ad_test5). It's a fun blast, if you like hordes -- and I do -- but basically a test map. Which is fine, as that's what it's advertised as.

MikeTaylor Registered 8 February 2016, 17:22

Oh, and I forgot to mention: Wraith and Minions (ad_test2), also by Sock, is another arena-combat test map. Again, well worth playing, but not one that you'll come back to over and over.

(I can't believe how much work Sock got through for this release!)

MikeTaylor Registered 10 February 2016, 12:11

Yet another so-called "test" map by Sock, Arena Town (ad_test5) is a great blast, alternating exploration and secret-finding with crazy arena combats. It's another map that, had it been released on its own as a regular Q1SP, would have been well worth 4* or maybe even 5*. (I found 118 of 120 monsters on Hard, and the sole official secret; but there are a bunch more secret-like places that are not registered, and I don't know if I missed some of those.)

MikeTaylor Registered 10 February 2016, 14:42

Sock yet again, this time with The Skull Wizards Manse (ad_test7) -- another test map, but one which feels intermediate in flavour between the arenas of tests 2, 4 and 5, and the fully formed levels that are tests 1, 3 and 6. An enjoyable blast, and a nice bit of training for dealing with the wizards. I found these really tough when I first encountered them, in the pack's main maps, but they're a lot easier to get to grips with once you figure them out. (I guess that's true of most monsters.)

MikeTaylor Registered 10 February 2016, 15:02

Gaunts and Droles (ad_test8) is by EricW -- finally, poor Sock gets a break -- and consists entirely of a tough arena combat with escalating numbers of gaunts and (stop me if you can guess this) droles. Enjoyable enough, but perhaps not really a test that we needed, given that gaunts and drolls have been around ever since Quoth.

MikeTaylor Registered 10 February 2016, 17:48

EricW's Round and Round! (ad_test9) is an enjoyable little blast, but over very quickly and much too easy. Not much to it, but then it is a test map, so that's no criticism.

MikeTaylor Registered 11 February 2016, 11:27

Sock's Plasma Burn! (ad_test10) is another arena combat, using much the same layout as the earlier Welcome Theseus (ad_test5) but not departing from ground level. It's pretty insubstantial, but at the same time enormous fun in a Doomish kind of way. The plasma gun is a very satisfying weapon.

MikeTaylor Registered 11 February 2016, 14:02

Sean Campbell's Hangar 16 (ad_e1m1) is a remake not of Quake's first level, but of Doom's. It's pleasant enough, but not necessarily what I'd most like to see the great talents of Scampie used on -- especially as Doom's first level was already Quakeified back in 1998 by DAV.

(Note: this level does not exist in the base Arcane Dimensions pack. It's part of Patch 2, which you can get from if you don't already have it.)

MikeTaylor Registered 18 February 2016, 17:14

Noel Lacaillade's Per Aspera ad Inferi (ad_lavatomb) is another remake, and for that reason I initially held off playing. But I'm very glad I went back to it. The new version is bigger and more brutal in every way, and the ending -- which, in the old version, I found anticlimactic -- is a huge arena-battle which is truly satisfying to come out of. 4/5, verging on 5/5.

BTW., I finished on 242 of 258 kills on Hard, but literally none of the eight secrets -- an abject performance even by my own standards. I imagine if I'd found some of these, I would have got the rocket launcher before it was too late to make any difference, and that would have made the level more fun. My bad.

QuakeForever Guest 1 March 2016, 4:52

I have a few questions - how exactly are the secret in ad_e1m1 triggered? I'm perplexed because I found the first two before, but they won't open anymore. Also what does the 'battery' do in this mod? I'd appreciate if someone could answer these :)

QuakeForever Guest 2 March 2016, 23:47

Also, who is Noel Lacaillade? What is ad_lavatomb a remake of?

Tom Guest 3 March 2016, 23:49


The batteries are just replacement for the cell pickups, to better suit "base-style" maps i think.

Noel is known as Ionous in the community, his lavatomb remake is from the mapjam6.

IDK about the secrets in doomse1m1for_quake. Check the provided .map source if you are desperate ;)

Tom Guest 3 March 2016, 23:50

markdown strikes again...

decino Guest 4 March 2016, 0:34

Fantastic campaign, had lots of fun finding all secrets and runes while blasting my way through hundreds of monsters and enjoying the beautifully crafted level designs. I'm currently uploading 100% Nightmare runs on YouTube, so if you're interested just search for "decino ad" or "decino arcane dimensions". 5/5!

Lane Powell Registered 28 March 2016, 3:24

Up till now I had mostly ignored the test maps, so I decided to play through them all today. Good fun. Two things:

  1. Of the maps that had secrets, nearly all of them were unmarked, which was a little annoying, except for the hidden key in "Arena Town." However, there were a lot of tricky areas in that map that seemed like secrets, including the ledge with the grenade launcher that I could not figure out how to access. In fact I played through the whole level with a ton of rockets I never had a chance to use! The layout was strange--it didn't seem necessary to visit every area to complete it; unusual, but enjoyably exploratory. The restart portal was useful because of the tricky ammo situation (the shells in the starting corridor stopped respawning after a while, which I'm not sure was intentional).

  2. What exactly is ad_test12? My guess is that the test hub was designed around the idea that there would be 12 test levels but one of them was scrapped after the fact.

tester of testmaps Guest 28 March 2016, 5:21

play test3

sock Registered 28 March 2016, 15:00

@Lane Powell, the test maps were designed as a way to check that all the new features were working properly every time I did a release for the team. They are designed for specific tasks, full of weird setups and were included as a resource for community mappers only. Some of the maps are even complete sections of game play because a square box is often not enough to test things.

I know lots of people keep treating the test maps as legitimate content, but I did not want to create a special devtool release, which is why they are included with all the source maps and editor configs.

PS. Testmap12 never existed, its just an empty slot!

Lane Powell Registered 28 March 2016, 20:43

Thanks for the info, sock!

Bloughsburgh Registered 29 March 2016, 13:17

A new standard for Quake mapper tools and gameplay. The amount of work done by Sock and the AD team is just absurd. I feel this breathed some new life into 20 year (at the time) Quake!

NoNameUser Guest 9 June 2016, 14:40

I hope this becomes the base for future maps over both Quoth and the Drake mod. I mean no offense, but overtime I've found the majority of the content in those mods so uninspiring on so many levels that I've skipped a good deal of maps with the "quoth/drake" tag on them, especially Quoth; AD feels exactly the opposite in every sense. There're some Quoth monsters included here, but thankfully not those I consider the worst of the roster. Also the Quoth map style is absent here, meaning no more pointy structures and endless stacks of bookcases everywhere.

Going a bit off-topic there, sorry. I'm currently on the room full of spinning saws on the Necromancer's Keep, and boy I'm on edge, rarely I've seen so many traps in a single level. Overall, this is an outstanding pack, and I'm really looking forward to play more maps based on this beaut. So much in fact that it's gonna be pretty hard for me going back to any standard Quake map no matter how great; things won't be the same without this.

Seeing as there're a few monsters from the official mission packs (actually, I believe only the wraiths and the stone knights from DoE), I only wish they had included the floating spike mines from SoA. It's a pretty dangerous (and kind of gross) enemy when placed on the proper spot, ideal for ambushing players, but then again it's quite possibly the most underrated Quake monster ever; I've never been able to figure why the vast majority of the mappers completely ignore it. Hell, even rottfish appear way more often and they aren't nearly as threatening.

Oh, and BTW, 5/5.

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 9 June 2016, 18:04


There're some Quoth monsters included here

Not sure if that is technically correct, since the underlying code for those monsters have been rewritten from scratch, and at least some of them behave a little differently (someone correct me if I'm wrong). So criticism (or praise) directed at Quoth monsters might not apply to their AD counterparts. Unless, of course, you're purely talking about visuals.

Also, if I may be a little pedantic, what you refer to as "the Quoth map style" sounds more like maps using the Knave texture set or built in the style of Contract Revoked; the two might be historically connected and many Quoth maps are in fact built in this style, but they're not the same thing. Just off the top of my head, Moldy Tower, Metal Monstrosity and Plumbers Don't Wear Ties (But They Do Carry Shotguns) are three Quoth maps that have nothing to do with the style you refer to -- and I'll wager that applies to the majority of Quoth releases. I don't wish to detract from the discussion of Arcane Dimensions, and I hope it does not sound as if I am attacking you, which I'm not! I just would not want you to miss out on some fantastic maps simply because you're not a fan of one particular visual style. :)

MikeTaylor Registered 9 June 2016, 21:00

Arcane Dimensions is awesome.

But Quoth is awesome, too.

Just sayin'.

Knowing Guest 20 June 2016, 20:55

Qbism, why?!?

Sarah Guest 21 June 2016, 2:46

Yeah why?!?

sock Registered 21 June 2016, 17:07

"I hope this becomes the base for future maps over both Quoth and the Drake mod. I mean no offense"

I have always wanted to modify or change the Quoth monsters, but sadly the QuakeC has never been released. The only monsters in AD using Quoth models are the Drole, Guant and Voreling which I did asked Kell permission to use. The Gameplay code is written from scratch so there is slight differences, but I tried to make them faithful. The soldier and enforcer upgrades are based on new models and different code. The Pyro model+code is from Rubicon2 codebase.

There is no monsters or code from Drake in AD. I cannot stress this enough as so many people keep saying this. The Drake MOD is really a vehicle for Tronyn/PM map packs, I don't think anyone else uses it for their own projects. I did borrowed a couple of shotgun sounds from Drake which I believe were originally from Doom.

The AD mod is about being open QuakeC source so that anyone can modify and re-use the code easily. I also wanted the mod to be a mapper friendly toolbox with plenty of new features and options to play with. Finally the mod is a bridge between Fitz and DP engine communities with features that switch around based on what engine is running.

Style wise I don't think AD has one, I really wanted it to be about features rather that specific looks. I sorta expect AD maps to have breakables, use new monsters, try out minion spawners, play with particles, drench maps in ambient sounds and surprise the player with trigger fading fog!

There are many new features in AD that I don't think are really obvious, but I do believe they add to the overall style of Mod: * Many new monster types (20+) with new game code and behaviours * Full compliment of monsters for different styles (base and medieval) * Respawning enemies that appear from summoning type creatures * Monsters that understand and interacting with breakables * Full gib system with unique models for most enemies * Easy to use bmodel breakable system with plenty of default setups * Particle system that automatically works for Fitz and DP engines * Debuff system for poison, flame and bleeding special attacks * Massive collection of new trap entity types to surprise the player * Greatly extended train and path_corner system for minecart fans * An extensive RPG ammo resistance system (with many new surprises) * Entity state system which can change any entity between off/disable/on/reset states * Triggered and fading fog support to change throughout a map * Tons of ambient sounds to bring any map to life * Most original ID items remade with better UV/Skins * All QC source files included so that anyone can understand how it works!

There is even a huge amount of documentation (readme file) and sample test maps, but I do agree they could have been presented better!

MikeTaylor Registered 21 June 2016, 18:02

The AD mod is about being open QuakeC source so that anyone can modify and re-use the code easily.

Let me offer a big round of applause here. In my day-job as a programmer, I've been advocating for open-source software for more than two decades. In my evening job as a palaeontologist, I've been advocating for open access to published research for the last few years. It's just great to see the same principles applied to mapping toolkits like Arcane Dimensions. Go, Sock!

MikeTaylor Registered 21 June 2016, 18:06

I have only one quibble with AD, which I should have mentioned before. I know a lot of people like the remade shotguns, but I find it sad that there is now no insta-hit weapon, that strikes where it's pointing at the moment when you pull the trigger. That was what made the shotguns unique in Quake.

sock Registered 21 June 2016, 18:45

"I find it sad that there is now no insta-hit weapon"

The core design of AD is projectiles are king!

I know there are exceptions (Shambler, Fire Wraith and Lightning Gun) to this rule, but I think the Shotgun is better for being projectile. Its about skill (leading fire), pellets can properly hit multiple targets, projectile shotguns do more damage, the player has a special power up linked to spread patterns and seeing the pellets travel makes it psychological feel more powerful!

The player already has projectile leading with Nailguns, Rockets and Grenades. The idea of leading targets is not an alien concept to the Quake universe and the whole point of Mods is in the name "Modification", its about doing things different. Why keep everything the same when you have the original game to play with already! :)

PS. Can someone please fix the formatting on my last post above? It really is frustrating that there is no preview/edit on text entered.

Yhe1 Guest 22 June 2016, 5:50

Are you going to import any nehahra monsters into AD, such as the Baron?

MikeTaylor Registered 22 June 2016, 12:47

Well, Sock, I'm not going to press the point: when AD contains 50 things that I love, picking on the one that I don't would be mean-spirited. At any rate, you're right that the lightning gun remains, so there is one insta-hit weapon left in the game!

But sure you're not going to tell me that the riot controller doesn't feel psychologically powerful? :-)

sock Registered 22 June 2016, 13:20

@Yhe1, I have no plans to implement any of the Nehahra monsters into AD. If you are wanting a monster like the Baron then I would recommend using the Fury Knight, as it has very similar attacks.

@MikeTaylor, I played with the idea of the projectile Shotgun since the beginning of the Mod and I knew it would polarize everyone's opinion because its such a big change. Ultimately a Mod is about changes and the fact that it has got this kind of reaction means it was worth doing! I believe the features that we love or hate about games are the one's that will be remembered!

Lane Powell Registered 22 June 2016, 20:54

I very much like that the levels in the AD package are multi-themed. Despite the fact that some of AD's features are very distinctive (including the projectile shotguns, which are fun to use), it feels like a sort of tribute to the whole Quake modding scene up til now. Part of this is because it used models and ideas that appeared in older Quake mods (such as Quoth), but also because of the distinct themes and atmospheres of the actual levels, with QUALITY being the only consistent feature (aside from particle effects and breakables). With that in mind I don't think an AD Knave level would be amiss.

As for Quoth, it's a great mod, not as impressive by AD standards but it's not a competition. I didn't like Quoth's bestiary 100% at first but I've warmed up to the parts I didn't like a lot after having grown used to the monsters. I'm actually making my first map for Quoth because it has some things I want to use that AD doesn't have afaik (don't worry though, I'm not using Knave textures). But (God willing) I hope to map for AD in the future, as well as at least one other mod.

P.S. Hating on Quoth monsters but praising the annoying SoA spike mine things?? That's obscene :P

sock Registered 22 June 2016, 23:29

"I don't think an AD Knave level would be amiss" ad_test7 baby!

"I'm actually making my first map for Quoth because it has some things I want to use that AD doesn't have" I am really curious to know what feature(s) of Quoth you are using. I don't want to clog up this release thread, so please email me (email address on my website) so I can find out! :)

MikeTaylor Registered 23 June 2016, 12:26

@Sock To be fair, I don't think the projectile shotgun has really split opinion: everyone except me seems to love it! (And even I really like the new gun; it's just the loss of the old one that I lament.)

blob Registered 1 July 2016, 11:01

This is so good. I guess I'll go as far to say this is the best quake mod I've ever played. So much of both quality & quantity. I really wish there were more hints for the runes to collect as well as a way to know if a level has one or not. They are really pretty impossible to find ( spent hours looking for the blood key!).

@decino Thanks so much for your awesome playthroughs online, I had actually been using them to find the runes I couldn't find! Very helpful.

Is there any way to leave the test map area and return to the first hub? I have 4 runes and still looking how to access the final boss.

Thanks so much for making such a great mod, makes me want to look into modding for it. :)

.mfx. Guest 1 July 2016, 13:20

@Blob (Spoilers ahead) Once you have all four runes a teleporter underneath the startmap changes its target and leads you to the credits map. Check the platforms in the startmap for clues.

There is currently no way out of the testmap hub, you'll have to start a new game.

Glad you liked it!

Watch out for the new and fresh AD1.5 coming soon.

blob Registered 3 July 2016, 7:47

Oh that's cool, I kept a save with the four runes with access to the hub I'll just go back to that Thanks :)

Your swamp map had probably my favorite mood & gameplay of the batch mfx, great job.

Yhe1 Guest 4 July 2016, 22:12

MFX's swamp map made me realize that Quake is missing an strong underwater monster. I think something like Blood's Gill Beast would do wonders (fast in water, slow on land)

FacilisDK Registered 15 July 2016, 21:49

Helping the ghost of Firetop Mountain was such an honour!

That is truly among the most amazing episodes.

If you have no idea on what I am talking about, play Firetop Mountain again ;)

FacilisDK Registered 15 July 2016, 21:53

But where do I find the bloody Skyline Key?

Waterwaffles Registered 31 July 2016, 6:56

Hi! I'm a quake 1 speedrunner and I am new to these forums. How do I get show_speed to work on this mod with the quake spasm engine. I am looking to speedrun this game.

aoanla Guest 31 July 2016, 22:02

I'm... mixed in my opinion of AD. The map design is genuinely very high level - I should join in on the praise of Foggy Bogbottom just for the evocative nature of the design, especially the opening section. On the other hand, and this may be a reflection on me, I found that I can get terribly lost in the big maps, and unable to work out what I'm supposed to do next - I'm currently stuck in the aforementioned Foggy Bogbottom without a silver key, and having basically traversed all of the map I'm aware of multiple times trying fruitlessly to work out what I haven't done. Some hints or anything would be nice, in the readme or otherwise....

dwere Registered 1 August 2016, 16:42

The problem with Foggy Fogbottom might be that it's too interconnected for its own good. It's a visually complex map with a lot of openings that don't always allow you to traverse one or both ways. It's considered to be a good practice in the retro FPS communities, but, like many good things, it can be overdone.

OTOH, finding the rune was a satisfying reward for running around feeling overwhelmed.

Matt Guest 5 August 2016, 4:05

I can't get this mod to run for the life of me. I've followed the readme instructions but when I click onthe quakespasm.exe shortcut in my "Ad" folder it runs Quake Spasm without the mod. Help!

Lane Powell Registered 5 August 2016, 4:13

The "Target" field in the shortcut's Properties should be something like this:

C:\Users\username\Desktop\Quake\quakespasm.exe -heapsize 256000 -zone 4096 -game ad

(Note: It doesn't matter where you put your Quake folder, I think.)

Make sure the ad folder is in the same folder as the id1 folder and Quakespasm. Also make sure that the ad folder is named the same as what's after "-game" in the shortcut's target. Since the zip file is called "adv142final" it's possible you need to rename the unzipped folder "ad".

ericw Registered 6 August 2016, 23:59

@aoanla bit late, but here is the SK in ad_swampy: (rewind as needed).

Revok Guest 9 August 2016, 22:39

I'm having the same problem Matt is having and I have followed Lane's advice. The advice about the target field I followed, and it didn't work as it notified that the name is "invalid."

sock Registered 10 August 2016, 1:19

@Matt and @Revok Try this guide I wrote, hopefully it will help!

Revok Guest 10 August 2016, 16:55

@sock So far I have AD sorted out as how your instructions have, however the target line is something I'm still having problems with.

Apparently "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Quake\quakespasm.exe -game ad" is an invalid target.

Not to mention, I also have Darkplaces organized as well.

Revok Guest 10 August 2016, 17:02

@sock I actually got it, though I have a new problem now:

"W_LoadWadFile: couldn't load gfx.wad"

What have I done wrong?

Revok Guest 10 August 2016, 17:07

@sock Wait, I think I got it definitely.

I just replace the entire target line with "quakespasm.exe -game ad"

So far I managed to start up AD.

I'll keep posted about any potential problems.

Pardon my noob-ness in Quake modding.

Thank you!

Revok Guest 10 August 2016, 17:07

@sock Wait, I think I got it definitely.

I just replace the entire target line with "quakespasm.exe -game ad"

So far I managed to start up AD.

I'll keep posted about any potential problems.

Pardon my noob-ness in Quake modding.

Thank you!

bfg666 Registered 13 August 2016, 3:39

@Revok You don't have to apologize for being a noob, we've all been there too at some point in our lives.

Quit your BS Guest 14 August 2016, 3:11

Oh look how edgy, someone voted this 2/5. Your mother must be proud of you!

bfg666 Registered 15 August 2016, 5:57

"Space bar to load the nextmap" Umm, more like Jump key, Daz, not everyone uses Space to jump. BTW Sock, why did you modify the map change behavior? Pressing Fire was too obvious? ;) It got me confused for a while until I read this thread.

Not rating this yet, I want to install all the HD content for AD before playing it, plus right now I'm in the middle of replaying SoA in HD. I've only tested the E1M1 remix and it's pretty solid, but I didn't like that Scampie added doors everywhere. Was it an issue of the enemies' line of sight making them attack prematurely? If so it's understandable. He did quite a good job at reimagining the secrets, though we could use better clues. I laughed at "Where did the button go?" (or something like that) and this one was pretty much obvious, but I've scratched my head for a while on how to trigger the secret in the room with the slime and the zigzag pathway. The final secret before the exit was quite puzzling too. Some kind of indication wouldn't hurt, like for example a "One more to go..." message so that you can understand you also have to hit the monitor behind you. After hitting the hidden door to no avail, I thought its location was changed, tried to find it by eye and logic and eventually had to resort to watch a playthrough after unsuccessfully ending up hacking away at every bit of wall between me and that rocket launcher, which is never fun. Subtlety is one thing but this is perversity.

I do have a couple of issues with the projectile SG: as someone said on the Func_Msgboard page, seeing orange pellets fly is somewhat weird to say the least. A normal metallic color would be more adequate, even though it would reduce their visibility (idea: adding a few white or grey particle trails instead would be a much better solution IMHO and probably not much extra work). Also, the pellets are waaayyyy tooooooo sloooow. I realize it's for dodgeability reasons but it just shatters immersion. Humans are not supposed to be able to dodge bullets/pellets, anyway. Evade the shot, yes, with some luck, but dodge the projectiles once they've been fired? Not so much. I might just revert back to the regular SG, though it does look much better with actual projectiles (even if they're orange!).

@Quit your BS Easy pal, everyone is entitled to their own tastes. I think if the dude wanted to troll he would have rated it 0/5, not 2.

QuakePone Registered 22 August 2016, 15:01

This used to be 1st and 2nd in user ratings. What the hell happened? I now have to rate it 5 even if I haven't finished it.

dwere Registered 22 August 2016, 16:18

I think if the dude wanted to troll he would have rated it 0/5, not 2.

Not if he wanted to be less obvious.

bfg666 Registered 31 August 2016, 6:41

@sock For AD 1.5, since test map 12 doesn't exist, why not use its teleporter to go back to the main hub instead? It's pretty stupid that you can't go back once you're in the test hub IMHO. Also, any thoughts on my criticisms of projectile shotty? I think they do make sense and implementing my ideas (faster pellets and particle trails instead of orange pellets) would improve it significantly.

bfg666 Registered 31 August 2016, 6:49

@MikeTaylor This is not Quake, but...

MikeTaylor Registered 31 August 2016, 12:11

@bfg666 -- that's hilarious!

bfg666 Registered 31 August 2016, 13:54

@MikeTaylor Heh, I thought you might enjoy it. Incidentally, Firetop Mountain was my very first Fighting Fantasy book.

@FacilisDK If you're still looking for that skyline key, look around for a passage at the top of the very first elevator.

NoNameUser Guest 31 August 2016, 14:47

Ok, so I'm not changing my mind about this pack at all, it's still an amazing piece of work in my book, but... the reward (if you can call it that) for getting all four runes was really disappointing. I really don't know whether I was expecting to see another huge map or maybe a small one with a brand new boss fight, but man, all that time spent gathering all those fiendishly elusive runes, just to get, what, some kind of credits map? Meh.

dwere Registered 31 August 2016, 15:02

It's a very pretty credits map.

Not entirely devoid of gameplay too.

bfg666 Registered 1 September 2016, 10:47

OK, so I couldn't wait for all AD maps to be HDified and gave this mod a go. Wow... just... wow! This is incredibly impressive work on all accounts.

Firstly, the mod itself is brilliant. The new gameplay mechanics rock all kinds of awesome! I especially enjoy the breakables and hope that they'll be used in many more maps to come. This feature alone should make AD mandatory for all mappers, even if they don't wish to use any other AD stuff.

I love the shadow axe but I just wish its model had a double-sided blade. Also, the edge of the blade looks overly bright, like it wasn't blood but the metal itself overheating or something, but I found no indication in the readme or in-game that this is the case. In terms of look, I'm not too fond of the widowmaker either with its bulgy muzzles. The return of Doom's plasma gun is great but I wish it was a new weapon in its own right. Its handling and tactical use are much too different to simply be an upgrade/replacement to the LG. I'd like them both to be usable at once, like the GL and RL.

The new monsters are good for the most part. The Wraith is a pain in the ass just like Doom's Archvile was, but sometimes a little masochism doesn't hurt... ;) I do hope, however, that with time all Hexen monsters will be replaced with original models, as well as Edie (Q2 really shouldn't mix with Q1 IMHO, except in Q3A/QL/QC where it makes sense storywise). Also, the Zombie Knight shouldn't be a zombie at all, as his behavior is too different from the regular type. He's just too fast and agile to be a Quake zombie.

And then there's the maps... Oh my Shub! There are no words to do justice to such a level of quality. I haven't tried them all yet but those I've played so far are almost flawless. I'll review them individually in subsequent posts. One very obvious thing that most AD maps have in common is that combat is a lot tougher (but not too tough) than in the original id episodes, which isn't a bad thing considering Grandaddy can feel a bit like a walk in the park nowadays.

My only real complaint regarding the maps would be that some secrets are way too much of a headscratcher to figure out how to access, even when in plain sight. This is a rather recurrent design flaw in modern Quake maps, by the way, and I think mappers should be more careful about giving hints, or at least include a secrets walkthrough readme in the archive.

I recommend using QRP with this gem of a mod, complemented with the additional packs found in Talisa's texture thread over at QuakeOne. Not every texture is HDified yet but the rest will come eventually. I know some people don't like using hi-res textures in Quake, but the more detailed architecture in this mod calls for it and fully deserves it. 5/5

dwere Registered 1 September 2016, 10:55

Also, the edge of the blade looks overly bright, like it wasn't blood but the metal itself overheating or something, but I found no indication in the readme or in-game that this is the case.

I think the fact that it glows in the dark is a pretty good indication that it wasn't supposed to be just blood.

I do hope, however, that with time all Hexen monsters will be replaced with original models, as well as Edie (Q2 really shouldn't mix with Q1 IMHO, except in Q3A/QL/QC where it makes sense storywise).

But... there's no Edie in AD?

bfg666 Registered 1 September 2016, 11:00

Crucial Error: I'm usually not a fan of base maps but this one is definitely a must-play. Huge, gorgeous, ultra-detailed, intricate, non-linear... it has it all! I found it had something of a Q2 flavor in its design. Difficulty progression is well-balanced, starting somewhat tame and steadily increasing until a tough final fight at the endlevel teleporter (damn those pesky Jim drones!). Some great ambushes, like that memorable first VERY up-close-and-personal surprise encounter with a Pyro. I didn't know I could breathe napalm!

On the negative side, due to its extreme intricacy and lack of overview or distant line of sight, the player can feel a bit lost at times and it takes a while to learn the map and remember which path leads where. Also, due to the fact that they only appear once the quest has been triggered, one can have trouble figuring out where to get those damned cards to fix the computer. I searched forever for them, unsuccessfully looking everywhere for doors or passages that I might have missed, before realizing thanks to a video playthrough that they popped up in remote places that I already had cleared and therefore had no reason to visit again. This is a "crucial error" of gameplay that costs the map one point. 4/5

bfg666 Registered 1 September 2016, 11:03

"But... there's no Edie in AD?" Umm... my bad. I've been playing a lot of different mods recently, including some that use the Jim/Bob model along with Edie, and this was a mix-up.

bfg666 Registered 1 September 2016, 11:22

Obsessive Brick Disorder: I've never played the original Backsteingotik so I can't compare, but OBD is genuinely outstanding. The abundance of wind tunnels can make it somewhat disorienting at first, especially considering the lack of variation in textures used throughout the map, but you get the hang of it eventually. Contrary to many maps with a similar lack of texture variation (did someone say Knave?), this one never gets boring thanks to its architecture. That's an impressive feat to say the least!

Combat is good if a bit too heavy on basic Knights and weak Guards, consistent and with a few ambushes in relatively close quarters, like that Shambler on a descending platform that got me a good sweat.

The only downside is that headscratcher thing I mentioned earlier: half of the secrets are much too hard to find and/or trigger and even when noclipping through the map, I still wasn't able to find one of them. WTF? Still, brilliant map. 5/5

bfg666 Registered 1 September 2016, 11:28

Necromancer's Keep: Another example of an otherwise great map with some impossible-to-find secrets. I found 2/3 of them in regular playthrough, 2 more via noclipping but the last 2 still elude me. Double WTF? And what's the point of hiding useful goodies in areas inaccessible without cheating, exactly? They don't even count as secrets. BTW, [SPOILER] how does one shift the first altar just behind the gold door? I know there's a switch under it that most probably triggers one of the 2 secrets on the sides, but I can't find a way to move that damn altar! [END SPOILER]

The starting "room" with the Blood reference (was that intentional or just a coincidence?) made me chuckle, the cave parts made for nice variations in environment and though I'm usually not a big fan of sealed arena combat, I found the one outside near the end (storywise, but near the beginning locationwise) quite exhilarating. The final fight in the library tower was most enjoyable as well with its successive stages and sense of progression that felt a bit like a game within the game (anyone remembers Kung Fu Master?) Another highlight was the fight in the gold key room. Putting cover in the form of breakable walls in there was a stroke of genius that added extra tension by making the fight evolutive. 4.5/5

bfg666 Registered 1 September 2016, 11:38

Place of Many Deaths: A very nice, detailed, interconnected and non-linear castle map with, again, 2 secrets I was unable to find even when cheating. It might have benefited visually from a less overused stone wall texture (I think it's the one from E1M2), but it's not too harmful as it is.

Relies slightly too much on monster teleport (come on, what are breakables for?) and does it almost systematically when you pick up a valuable goodie. The worst is the quad: you think picking it up is gonna help you cut through enemies like butter but it's literally wasted in the subsequent fight against an absurd amount of scrags and their friends that suddenly decided to throw you a party (and grenades) for finding it. The spider trap at the sharpshooter is pretty vicious. Good vicious. Final fight is tough but manageable thanks to the many covers and the open arena that allows you to go back for health. 4/5

bfg666 Registered 1 September 2016, 11:45

Firetop Mountain: A surprisingly smaller map than the rest, this is yet another masterpiece, mostly thanks to its narrative. The ghost inviting you to follow him is a pretty neat idea and I've had a lot of fun following the knight's tale. Objectively not a very original tale but still, it's refreshing to see these things in Quake. However, I have doubts about the map's replay value precisely because of its story-driven, more linear nature and smaller size.

The monsters systematically popping out of those cells "hidden" behind very recognizable breakable walls soon felt like an unrealistic, forced gimmick until I read in the readme that the place was supposed to be a prison. It would've been nice to know that beforehand, maybe via an introductory onscreen text or breakables that actually looked like prison doors and not decorated walls - how do the jailors feed the prisoners, BTW?

Also, this map has tons of hidden stuff but only one counting as a secret. This should be fixed, as it prevents the player from knowing if he found everything.

One final word: the fake startmap area at the beginning was cool and funny but slightly detracting due to its meta nature screaming "hey dude, this world is a videogame!" right in your face. 4/5

bfg666 Registered 1 September 2016, 12:35

Per Aspera ad Inferi: Another gorgeous temple map, right after playing Koohoo, how lucky am I? This one though couldn't be more different from Koohoo with its less cramped, much more spacious design and its more european fantasy type of architecture with celtic patterns and St John's crosses all over the place and impossibly high ceilings under an alien bright orange sunset sky. I liked how distinct the layouts of the two main temples are from each other, all the while retaining a similar visual style. Detail is top notch as well, except perhaps on the facades of the temples that could have used some more.

The only real visual hiccups IMHO, though minor ones, are 1) the lava texture: why make it so bright? It would be better with a redder tone; and 2) the cliffs surrounding the plaza: they look much too blocky and could use Trenchbroom's powerful vertex editing tool to give them a more natural shape. Some cracks, ledges and overhangs wouldn't hurt either and would break the repetitiveness of the rock texture.

The outside plaza is a nice touch and makes for an epic final horde fight. The sealed off area is not really a problem since you have enough room to manoeuvre between the enemies. Combat is solid overall but classic, with nothing unexpected ever really surprising the player, except perhaps for that very first ogre.

Kudos for the balance of secrets: none of them is too hard to find and I got them all without having to resort to noclip. One question though: is there a "normal" secret passage to the quad? I had to rocket jump from the brasero to reach it. Also, this secret is only triggered when you walk along the left side ledge (I mean left when facing the plaza). The author should make the trigger cover the whole platform. 4/5

Alright, this is all I've played so far. Now on to the remix maps and what everybody agrees on being the star of the show (which is why I saved it for last), namely Foggy Bogbottom. To be continued...

Bloughsburgh Registered 1 September 2016, 12:57


You have to perform a slope jump on the plank of wood that is close to that little lava hole. Enjoy ad_swampy!

bfg666 Registered 1 September 2016, 13:15

@Bloughsburgh Thanks, I didn't think about trying that. The rocket jump thing works too, tough it's a bit tricky to get it right.

bfg666 Registered 1 September 2016, 13:58

@Bloughsburgh Also, I saved the quad for the final horde fight that I had a feeling was coming up and by then the plank had disappeared, probably dislodged by the earthquake.

bfg666 Registered 4 September 2016, 3:49

Ogre Bastille: A great remix map, on par with Gloomier Keep and The Slipgate Triplex. I love the more medieval architecture and texturing and the enhancements make it more interesting. I miss the large platform descending into water when you step on it, though, but the secret put underneath instead is pretty cool. Some monsters (the 2 fiends at the bottom of the ditch and the shambler in the gold key room) seem to have disappeared in this version but it may be because of the skill setting I chose. A lot of stuff hidden behind all those locked doors make for nice exploration. A pity they don't count as secrets. By the way, when you face the citadel entrance, is there a way to get to that ledge on the right? I need to get into that room in the far upper right but all accesses to it are triggered from the inside. I can see a shootable button in there but I can't figure out what it does.

bfg666 Registered 4 September 2016, 3:55

Aaaaaarrrgh! I wasn't finished! Stupid phone who thinks pressing return = submit instead of line break! Oh well, I guess I can kiss my text formatting goodbye. The only thing I have left to add then is my rating for this map: 5/5

bfg666 Registered 5 September 2016, 7:12

The Underearth: Another excellent remix map, almost as good as Ogre Bastille. There seems to be a little less new areas, though, but that may be just an impression. Like OB, the more medieval theme suits the map perfectly. I love the cathedral-like arch-buttresses that support the "outer" walls, nice touch. One thing I liked a lot less: a couple of pointy doorways that look very 1996, I would've preferred them reshaped in a more detailed, gothic fashion, like the window frames.

Combat seemed good but I'm gonna have to replay it in a higher skill setting: it was quite easier than in the other AD maps. It was refreshing to see a map not end with an epic arena fight for a change, as it seems to be a recurrent gimmick in AD and many other modern maps. The quad in the first room after the wooden pipe (the room with the ogre crusher in the original) shouldn't have counted as a secret IMHO, as all it takes to grab it is to open a very much non-secret and unlocked door. Conversely, I wasn't able to figure out how to open the sort of library room with the skull wiz underneath the stairs. The LG secret was excellent. 4.5/5

bfg666 Registered 5 September 2016, 10:34

Just replayed Underearth on hard, it's still a little easy. I guess I'll have to play it on nightmare. And no, I was right, there are less new areas than in OB. Still a pretty cool remix.

Thedboy Guest 5 September 2016, 13:36

I can't find the entrance to Ogre Bastille in the start map, I can only get to it by typing 'map ad_e2m2' in the console. Am I going mad, or is there another way to get there?

bfg666 Registered 5 September 2016, 14:43

The 4 remix maps' entrances are on the ground floor. Check in the corners, the teleporters are inside holes in the ground.

bfg666 Registered 5 September 2016, 15:15

The Mire: I wasn't very familiar with the original DM5, since back in the day I didn't have any internet connection, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I first wandered around the original map to see what's what, then I ran the new version and boy, what a beauty!

It's basically a whole, huge new level, with only the very end section replicating the original. The wow factor is very high in this map, strongly reminiscent of Honey with its breathtaking vertical perspectives and its fog. The turbine adds a nice steampunk flavor to this otherwise medieval map for a very peculiar result rarely seen in Quake. I almost expected Warhammer dwarves to show their sturdy mugs! In a way, I kinda got them with some hammer ogres to reduce to pulp.

Combat is good and steady but the focus is on exploration and the magnificent design definitely makes it worth your while. The inclusion of the original DM5 almost seems odd due to its contrasting, more cramped design in comparison to the vast vertical spaces of the main map, but it makes for an intense final fight with less room to manoeuvre around tough enemies. I don't know how long Noel Lacaillade has been on the scene, but his two entries (this and Per Aspera ad Inferi) most definitely make him a mapper worth checking out. A masterpiece! 5/5

Thedboy Guest 5 September 2016, 15:53

@ bfg666 Thanks! I can't believe it. I've had AD for nearly 3 months and played it several times, but somehow, I've managed to completely miss the entrances to Ogre Bastille and Hanger 16! Even when I was looking for the entrance to OB I still missed it. Two more levels to look forward to, I guess!

bfg666 Registered 5 September 2016, 16:08

You're welcome, Thedboy. Have fun with OB. H16 is pretty cool too but trying to trigger the secrets may puzzle you if you think along the lines of the original E1M1.

. Guest 5 September 2016, 19:51

Install the patch too @ everyone! More maps and bugfixes.

daeel Registered 13 September 2016, 22:26

very kool singleplayer campaign . next one please

Quake lover Guest 9 October 2016, 21:12

I had to use Darkplaces to get this to run.

Looks good so far. It's how I wanted Quake 2 to look.

bfg666 Registered 10 October 2016, 4:13

@Quake lover Which engine do you usually use?

Quake lover Guest 10 October 2016, 21:26

@bfg666 I usually run Darkplaces but I downloaded the last Quaskspasm (0.92.1) and did a fresh install with just that and the mod, but every time I try to run it I get 2 unknown command errors: "ruseportalculling" & "clbeams_polygons"

I used both the 32 & 64 bit versions and the OS I am using is Win 7 64-bit.

After some tinkering with Quakespasm, I used a fresh install of Darkplaces with the mod and it loaded fine.

dwere Registered 10 October 2016, 21:58

Those are Darkplaces commands. They aren't supported by Quakespasm, but they also aren't needed in Quakespasm.

bfg666 Registered 11 October 2016, 0:23

@Quake lover I guess you copy/pasted your config.cfg straight from your DP install into QS, right? Remove those commands and it should work fine in QS. You got it to run in your engine of choice so that's cool, but I've read about some AD maps not working very well in DP, so if you have bugs switch to QS, as AD has been made primarily for this engine.

Quake lover Guest 11 October 2016, 2:41

@ dwere @bfg666 These were fresh installs so the configs are all new; nothing is copied from Darkplaces. Oddly enough, I found those two commands in the quake.rc file that is in the AD folder. I commented those lines out and no longer get the unknown command errors, but Quakespasm is still not going past the terminal. I wonder if the download was altered at some point?

Quake lover Guest 11 October 2016, 2:46

I suppose those two commands aren't the problem then, something else is preventing the game to start...

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 11 October 2016, 2:53

@Quake lover: Quakespasm doesn't play demos by default. My guess is everything is working fine; just start a new game.

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 11 October 2016, 2:54

... as in, load Quakespasm with game -ad, and start a new game or type "map start". Seeing those unrecognised command messages in the console is normal.

Quake lover Guest 11 October 2016, 3:02

I wonder if the newer version of Quakespasm is incompatible? I tried finding 0.91.0, but all I can find is the latest: 0.92.1

Quake lover Guest 11 October 2016, 3:05

Okay. "map start" worked. I threw me off since it didn't go to the main menu. I'm used to seeing a menu with black background if there is no demo. Thanks!

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 11 October 2016, 3:07

You're welcome. :)

bfg666 Registered 11 October 2016, 3:19

I've just checked and these unknown commands show up in my QS console too, but they don't prevent me from playing the game. Like Icant said, just start a new game. There's no reason it shouldn't work. BTW, make sure you've also installed the patch for AD, it contains 2 extra maps.

bfg666 Registered 11 October 2016, 3:21

Oops, didn't see the last posts, sorry - they were made while I was typing mine...

Quake lover Guest 11 October 2016, 3:33

@ bfg666 That's cool. I installed the patch as well. Quake's a long-time favorite of mine as it came out when I was in high school, but it's been awhile since I've played with mods, so I'm a bit rusty. I just got a 144hz monitor so I've been having a great time going back to some of the classics, playing them as they were meant to be play. I'm quite pleased to see the Quake modding community is still quite active :)

Septon Guest 25 October 2016, 19:30

The map ad_lavatomb.bsp won't load when I go to the portal. Impossible to play that map with GLquake? Thanks.

bfg666 Registered 25 October 2016, 20:27

GLquake? You're still using that outdated thing? Try Quakespasm or Darkplaces instead.

Dom Guest 5 November 2016, 9:28

Sorry for maybe stupid question, but in Obsessive Brick Disorder I found a suspect place behind three tubes at very start of level. It is accessible with grenade-jump only (grenade launcher found) and contains a button that "unlocks armory". What area does it mean?

evil_presley Guest 28 November 2016, 19:09

this might be off, but is there a way to browse specific maps? e.g. built for Quoth or AD? thx.

evil_presley Guest 28 November 2016, 19:20

nvm, quoth maps are tagged.

AnthonyS Guest 20 May 2017, 21:34

Please check out the latest patch! Absolutely amazing.

5/5 stars.

AnthonyS Registered 14 November 2017, 2:55

Please check out the latest patch! Absolutely amazing.

5/5 stars.

SEGAL Guest 30 April 2018, 17:06

Can't load the game with DarkPlaces :-( I have WinXP.


kueik Guest 12 July 2018, 14:59

Only I can tell one thing. AMAZING, or.. AWESOME, or.. INCREDIBLE... My God! Thanks Thanks Thanks a lot for this Arcane Dimensions. I'm enjoying a lot. I'm a fan of Quake I. The real Quake game (not second version or III version that it was horrible) Quake I has the essence of the game, and Arcane Dimensions is for me a pleasure to play with it. Thanks a lot for this incredible effort. And please, if you can, continue working on it!

Roofer doofer Guest 25 December 2019, 17:32

Per aspera ad inferi - quite a bad bug makes it unplayable for me. There is a room with closing bars you get trapped in with zombies. After killing them, one of the walls is supposed to explode and the bars open. Thing is it failed to do this to me and i got trapped in an empty room with no way to get out except noclip. I watched a video of the level on youtube and the same happened to the guy who posted it. He had to abandon the game, go back (to a previous save) try again and by magic, it worked second time for him but when I tried it, it didn't. Please sort this out, otherwise fantastic design but this bug is an issue.

PalmliX Registered 14 April 2020, 17:03

In a word, perfection. This mod is what made me return to Quake after many years and inspired me to even begin making my own maps. It feels like a true sequel to Quake 1 in that it enhances every aspect without making it feel like a different game. If you are a fan of Quake AT ALL then you owe it to yourself to play this. It's a MUST PLAY in every sense of the word. Quake's true sequel!!

Akrasia Registered 28 May 2020, 23:00


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