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Screenshot of afhell
Title:The Ascent from Hell (932f10a504f503b61408ca36e73e250b)
Filesize:1247 Kilobytes
Release date:28.01.1997
Additional Links: Crash'sGeniac's Playlist
Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
AFHELL.BSP2811 KB27.01.1997
AFHELL.TXT5 KB28.01.1997

The Ascent from Hell

Medium sized, confusing mashup of texture themes with some paintings by H.R. Giger, Boris Vallejo and Olivia.

Tags: medium, blue, gallery, wizard, traps, outdoor, textures, dm

Editor's Rating: Poor
User Rating:
2.8/5 with 20 ratings
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Icantthinkofanickname Registered 10 January 2014, 16:07

Looks a little rough in places, but I enjoyed this for its originality, bizarreness and unpredictability. In some respects similar to (though not as good as) wca ( Geniac ( describes it as “stupidly difficult”, but I disagree: as long as you play somewhat strategically, it is not unfairly hard.

Played fine in DarkPlaces (latest stable release), but in Quakespasm I hit an invisible barrier when rising out of the coffin at the start.

jackieben Registered 10 January 2014, 21:29

Despite it's simple design, it has great ideas and atmosphere Combat is neutral

Thanks for the rec Icantthinkofanickname

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 10 January 2014, 21:32

At your service. :-)

Cocerello Registered 16 November 2014, 19:16

Skill 3. 0 secrets found. 38/50 enemies freed from their lives.

OKish map with lots of ideas inside, relieance of thinking before acting, and some insta-death not unfair traps. Difficulty varies from easier to around ID maps. Ammo/health is low but enough, also the map provides several opportunities for easy monster infighting for a wider breather for ammo.

Oh, and you can go back to hell. Good uck for reaching it.

JMP Registered 31 March 2017, 2:44

The paintings in the first part of the map are really cool, but the gameplay is terrible.

brunomiwa Registered 27 February 2018, 1:41

Liked the paintings.

At the start, got stuck in the elevator, making it go down again. Made me laugh because the sound of lights turning on and everything were all the and I missed it.

The combat wasn't pleasing. But I liked the new ideas. The only thing I complain is that with new textures, you never know if its a secret or just a detail.

Need a little more polish

MikeTaylor Registered 1 March 2018, 0:00

Like everyone else, I enjoyed the paintings.

Once I got through the silver-key door I went through a teleporter ... and it took me back to the start. Nothing seemed to have changed, so I gave up. Does anyone know what I was supposed to do next?

Esrael Registered 4 July 2018, 0:52

This map has a lot of original ideas and great atmosphere. Especially the dark first room was quite creepy, reminding me of the beginning of Blood. Great use of lighting!

As mentioned by others, combat relies more on thinking and monster infighting, which I don't mind. I thought it was still fun and provided another type of challenge from traditional combat. I did die to one instadeath trap, but it didn't feel too unfair, as stated by Cocerello.

The secrets seem tougher than usual, as I didn't find any. The readme states that rocket jumping is required to find secrets in the map, and with that in mind I'm pretty sure where to look for them. If only I had found the rocket launcher in the first place, though. :D

Also, playing the game with coop mode enabled, as suggested in the readme, adds a cool twist to the map that I haven't experienced elsewhere.

SPOILERS (for MikeTaylor):

After entering the silver key door, don't go into the teleporter but take the wind tunnel at the ceiling.

JMP Registered 20 July 2018, 19:15

The unmarked wind tunnel was what soured me on this map. I spent 5 or 6 mins walking in circles, at a loss for what to do next, before I noticed it. And visually, the areas after the wind tunnel are an abrupt change from the earlier parts of the map and look much cruder--I suppose that's meant to signify that the player has left hell and returned to earth, but IMO it makes the map feel disjointed.

ubiquitous Registered 2 October 2018, 21:36

Yes, this was was a bit rough around the edges and I was confused for a while about what I should do. I am giving it a comparatively generous rating because i think anyone who has been around the quake community for long enough (which, let's face it, is all of us by now) should play this to see some of the new ideas it has.

The start was very creative. Those few seconds of wondering "WTF?" before you see you are on an elevator. The use of artwork was cool. Seeing the meta-art of a quake screenshot in quake was interesting. But the coolest, for me, was the door embedded in a painting, which looks tres cool. I also appreciated some of the open spaced we had to do combat in.

Overall, not a map I would hold up as a high example of the art. But something good for a quake-er to experience (and maybe steal some ideas from!?)

pmk Guest 8 December 2018, 3:20

average that that i would say is not really worth playing as it is too short and not a lot of combat in the map. I will credit the author for the implementation of the paintings in the map as they provided a feeling of dread while playing the map. Because of the quick ending to the map i would only give this map a three out of rating and say it is not really a must play custom map as their are better maps to play on the archive.

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