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Screenshot of alb1v1a
Title:Pleasant murder (13a5b2fb83b445a270e26a7e9e94f35e)
Filesize:1084 Kilobytes
Release date:08.04.2014
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Walkthrough demos:
Axe happy. No secrets.
Axe happy. All secrets.
Rerecorded with protocol 15. All secrets.

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
alb1.bsp1390 KB25.02.2000
alb1v1a.bsp929 KB08.04.2014
alb1v1a.jpg143 KB09.04.2014
alb1v1a.map374 KB08.04.2014
alb1v1a.txt4 KB09.04.2014

Pleasant murder

A small base map originally created by the author in 1997.

Tags: base, small, idbase, 1997, source

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2.6/5 with 17 ratings
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Icantthinkofanickname Registered 18 April 2014, 19:25

There is no editor's description yet (as of 18 April 2014), so I downloaded this thinking it was a brand-new full release from Cocerello (something for which I have been and still am waiting, eagerly) ... which is not exactly what this is, but this is pretty nice too.

It's a polished and fixed version of an old map that the author first created back in 1997, so it is hard to classify and rate: it is not truly a 2014 release, nor is it exactly a 1997 map any more. In any case, I am glad it got released, and hopefully it will inspire other mappers to fix, polish and release their older creations too.

While certainly lacking the sheer visual power of a modern map, this does provide a solid, fun, rounded experience. There are definite echoes of some original id maps, with moments of creative flair (e.g. the nailgun room) that kind of remind me of Digs's early work. My only minor gripes were with a bizarre exploding wall and a platform that had to be shot to be activated (I found only one of two secrets, though, so technically this does not apply to the entire map).

Worth a download both as a matter of historic interest (the download includes an earlier, less polished version of the map) and for a few minutes of uncomplicated fun. The title is very apt; pleasant murder indeed.

FacilisDK Registered 19 April 2014, 17:05

This map gave me a good 15mins of playtime. As always, nice to see something new :)

Cocerello Registered 19 April 2014, 23:21

There is no need to put ''year'' tags. If you put a year at the search fields, it will show all the maps of that year without any need for tags.

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 19 April 2014, 23:53

Yes, but this map will only show up if you search for "2014", so it makes perfect sense that "1997" was added as a tag.

Cocerello Registered 20 April 2014, 10:08

Yes, i know, i noticed that just 5 mins ago. Please forget what i said.

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 28 May 2014, 16:45

That screenshot was incredibly unflattering. Replaced it with something different. If the powers that be disagree, I shall humbly accept my chastisement.

mfx Registered 28 May 2014, 22:02

New shot is definitly better! I liked the map, its layout in general. Could have been harder, no doubt. I wonder how many maps are still sleeping on old HDs, and never see the light of day...

MikeTaylor Registered 3 June 2014, 23:07

Very derivative indeed, but competently assembled. It could have been made enormously more enjoyable just by including three times as many monsters (and, to compensate, twice as much ammo). Shame it's so underpopulated.

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 16 June 2014, 16:59

Having played through the map a few more times, I have now noticed that the final area (the very last little room where the exit is located) is only sometimes closed as it should be (the player is supposed to open it with a button). Most of time when I play this map, it is open.

You can see this in the two demos I've just uploaded. In the demo with no secrets, the final area is closed, and in the demo where I find both secrets, the final area is open.

Odd. Has anyone else experienced this?

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 16 June 2014, 18:42

Did not realise some engines have trouble opening demos recorded using protocol 666, nor that it can be changed manually before recording. Sorry for demo-spamming.

Cocerello Registered 6 July 2014, 13:53

First of all, thx for the demos, glad you found a way to have fun with it. About the change in the screenshot i cannot complain or punish you, as the small size of the rooms makes it so there is no good angles to take a decent looking screenshot. Made lots and none of them satisfied me. About the issue you point. I wondered what was that since 1997 xD. Solved the mystery some weeks ago, after finding something similar in a map i have been constructing along the year. There is a hidden extra trigger in the MH secret, that's why you see it closed on your first demo.

dBAudio Registered 3 August 2014, 16:48

a pleasant murder. quick & painless.

AnthonyS Registered 20 May 2018, 2:27

Average map, very quick.

TheSlipgateStudios Registered 29 August 2022, 19:48

Below Average map.

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