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Screenshot of alk12
Author:Shaun [Kona] Ross
Title:Fearcraft (ad2cc84929f8f58a8d299c455ac03d09)
Filesize:4235 Kilobytes
Release date:25.08.2002
Additional Links: erc's ExcellenceRetroquakeTen FourUnderworldfan's
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
alk12/alk12.jpg59 KB25.08.2002
alk12/alk12.html12 KB25.08.2002
alk12/alk12.txt3 KB25.08.2002
alk12/pak0.pak8905 KB09.03.2002


"Three small-medium sized levels that are almost a horror Hexen2 theme. The setting is a dark fantasy castle showing hints of industrial growth, built upon terrain and cliffs, and disappearing into the void. The last in the 'Alk' series, it wouldn't be an Alk map without the onslaught of custom monsters. Fearcraft includes the SOA enemies, Baron, Axeman and some tougher Quake monsters. Not high in difficulty, Fearcraft will provide some enjoyable gameplay." Nice.

Tags: fantasy, castle, industrial

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
3.8/5 with 22 ratings
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dBAudio Registered 15 August 2014, 11:40

it's possible to exit the first two maps in under a minute by jumping up and over some terrain.

Pritchard Registered 3 September 2016, 4:53

I enjoyed the maps for the most part, although like the other commenter said there is a pretty bad skip. The later maps also have issues, with the second having a large leak in the sky and the third having nowhere near enough ammunition for the end of the map. Throughout the set there are a large number of fullbrights, which suggests that the map was tested on an engine without fullbrights. (Seriously, they're on basically every texture...)

Apart from all those issues, the combat was fun, with the new kinds of monsters neither detracting or adding significantly to the experience.

MikeTaylor Registered 22 September 2016, 16:25

I found this a bit of a trudge: it's all very competent, but there's no inspiration for me, and it feels more like a training exercise than a game. I'm still giving three stars because there is something grimly satisfying about smashing your way through so many enemies is so relatively small a space. But for my money, it's nowhere close to Kona's best work.

(Also, I don't understand why these are three small maps instead of one decent-sized on. There are something like 150 monsters in total, which would have been a reasonable size even back in 2002.)

Lane Powell Registered 24 February 2017, 10:18

Under a minute? More like under 10 seconds.

overlord Guest 10 July 2022, 7:59

the second map gives you a rocket launcher right before it spawns a shambler in front of you. that's almost as big a jerk move as giving a thunderbolt underwater. did i ever mention how much i hate shamblers? because i really hate them. people can hate spawns and this or that custom enemy as much as they want, shamblers are always the worst pain to fight for me. they have a lot of health, are very fast and do a lot of damage.

SlagMuppet Registered 26 December 2022, 16:57

cool idea. was fun. thanx

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