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Screenshot of altus2
Author:Travis Pease
Title:Altus Mors (33ace3af1753a810369fbc7db811131e)
Filesize:195 Kilobytes
Release date:04.12.1996
Additional Links: Crash'sGeniac's Playlist
Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
ALTUS2.BSP438 KB04.12.1996
ALTUS2.TXT4 KB04.12.1996

Altus Mors

Small, poorly constructed mixed texture map.

Tags: small, mixtex, vertical

Editor's Rating: Poor
User Rating:
1.9/5 with 21 ratings
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Icantthinkofanickname Registered 22 April 2014, 18:23

Pretty much exactly what the editor's description says. Not great, but perfectly playable. There are three rather well-hidden secrets that are nonetheless not impossible to find, and at least one of them provides a very useful item that makes a real difference to how the map plays out. The very steep upwards route can be a little finicky and frustrating, but overall the map provides a few minutes of decent --if not exactly memorable-- fun.

ArrrCee Registered 14 May 2014, 1:46

I found out it's Latin for Noble Death... or maybe Tapioca Pudding, I don't know. Watch me play it here: Altus Mors on The Quake Grave

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 14 May 2014, 13:34

Hey ArrrCee, since you seem to share my affinity for lower-rated maps, I'm curious to read your take on Nozza's Palace. I seem to be the only person who does not think it is terrible.

ArrrCee Registered 14 May 2014, 21:27

I really do like playing these old or lower rated maps and trying to figure out what people were going for with their ideas. And some times just finding a crazy map where you're playing and wondering, "HUH!?" is just great. I'll give Nozza's Palace a look soon. =)

Dymitry Guest 10 January 2016, 13:07

Given the design of the level, the title is probably meant to be taken literally: "high death".

For some reason, I would have assumed this was a weak 2000s speedmap rather than a 1996 level.

Two of the secrets are easy to find, one is of the "shoot a random spot in the middle of a large drab wall" kind.

Esrael Registered 6 January 2018, 20:40

Maybe it's the fact that I haven't played vertical maps for a while that made this map kind of a refreshing experience. The gameplay's quite good, in my opinion.

Item balance is alright, but due to the verticality, which obstructed my vision (and my reckless playing), I kept wasting healthkits by accidentally picking them up. The map's lava lamps, which were kinda cool, also damaged me, which was uncalled for. T_T

The secrets were pretty nice and useful, but as Dymitry mentioned, the third secret was lame.

I'd kinda like to rate this thing 3/5, but because of the above mentioned secret and poor brush and texture work I guess I'll go with 2/5.

pmk Guest 28 October 2018, 0:01

Not really a great map worth playing, it is too short and the map is oddly designed. Also there is not much challenge to the map. This map gets a one out of five rating from me and i would say avoid playing this map as there are other maps more worthy of your time.

brunomiwa Registered 6 January 2019, 22:53

I liked the vertical idea of the map. Although I think it woulb be coolerz with more ogres raining down grenades. I found the lava fire a little bit off, got hit and I thought "nothing hits this hard in quake"

found 1 secret that wasn't really a secret. Ammo was short in the end.

Overall, cool idea for a map, 1996? Well, they were trying new things.

Avoid reading pmk message and use the time to play this map.

pmk Guest 26 April 2019, 16:55

coolerz is not a word brunomiwa. Go back to school and learn some grammar before you post.

Greenwood Registered 17 April 2020, 2:11

Conceptually it is not bad, but the lighting and construction are far from ideal, even by '96 standards. It's also not challenging. They should've repopulated areas that the player is forced to go back through. However, it functions and has an exit :)

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