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Screenshot of ananke
Title:Ananke 17 (78a3fa6e87e6af435ed36bb81487bf7d)
Filesize:1005 Kilobytes
Release date:26.04.2006
Additional Links: Underworldfan's
Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
ananke.txt2 KB26.04.2006
ananke.bsp2674 KB24.04.2006

Ananke 17

A very short but appealing space/tech map.

Tags: base, quake2, cave, small, space, void

Editor's Rating: Average
User Rating: 3.8/5 with 18 ratings
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Bad Sector 1 April 2009, 3:16
Awesome map, but as mentioned in the description it is a short one. However its a good option for a quick bite-sized encounter with Quake's monsters :-). Talking about biting, btw, near the ending there were a bit too many monsters. Not something "unhandleable" (and i'm not considering this a bad thing, btw) but up to this point there weren't many monsters and it was unexpected.

Probably the only negative aspect of this map is that it ends abruptly.
Fr3n Guest, rated this a 4 14 October 2012, 20:46
Cool brushwork, exciting gameplay. The ending is abrupt but highly entertaining for what it is - I exited with 4 health. :D
Cocerello Registered, rated this a 4 11 April 2013, 20:04

It's a very good map, very short but nice and original.

The theme seems to be an alien planet with a base, and it's done very well, both parts are superb, even though the first would be better if it were darker. It uses in here the grunts and dogs for a very amusing combat.

For me, the best map at using dogs.

The second part is frenetic too and with a good brushwork and architecture. Gameplay is balanced except the last room but good indeed.

ubiquitous Registered, rated this a 4 30 September 2018, 10:51

Interesting! The opening section of this map reminded of the infamous Xen from Half-Life. It take serious balls to open your map like that! But it actually worked and ended up being quite cool.

The rest of the map has a base theme, but uses some Quake 2 textures and ends up feeling quite fresh.

The combat felt well-calibrated throughout, and I thought the final fight made for a nice, intense challenge, given that it stuck entirely to the vanilla monster entities.

brunomiwa Registered, rated this a 4 7 January 2019, 3:11

I liked the vibe that the maps get you into. The opening of the map felt like Half life 1. The repopulation of the first section was interesting.

The second part was cool too, the scrags added a new kind of difficulty. Since it gets you constantly moving. There were parts which I thought were secrets, but weren't.

The final part felt like too artificial, some enforces cramped in a tight hall, that when you enter have grunts cramped in sideways halls.

The final fight was lame, but boy it got me on my feet. Two shamblers plus the sound of fiends on the back... well. The supernailgun made it easier, and I think since you get stocked on equipments it's not a problem.

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