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Screenshot of apdm3
Author:Andrew 'than' Palmer
Title:Pretend Dead Friend (2f4da9aa97d3ea6649aa52eda998a42a)
Filesize:463 Kilobytes
Release date:09.05.2007
Additional Links: FuncUnderworldfan's
Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
apdm3.rmf2786 KB09.05.2007
apdm3.txt8 KB10.05.2007
apdm3.bsp730 KB09.05.2007
apdm3.map642 KB09.05.2007

Pretend Dead Friend

Small wizard-style deathmatch arena with single player settings. The map source is included (in standard and WC format).

Tags: wizard, deathmatch, small, dm, source

Editor's Rating: Nice
User Rating: 4.1/5 with 35 ratings
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gb, rated this a 5 8 April 2010, 0:10
Awesome. Short.
Spirit, rated this a 4 8 April 2010, 15:31
A small but beautiful map.
Gib, rated this a 5 11 April 2010, 15:28
Great looking and playing map just a bit short.
Aen, rated this a 4 11 October 2010, 18:02
Awesome & Hard. 4/5
Drew, rated this a 4 15 August 2012, 2:59
Very short but absolutely beautiful and plays as excellently as any of Than's other maps. A must play.
Cocerello Registered, rated this a 4 17 January 2013, 14:29
Awesome map, i always love how well it goes in SP a well done DM layout. The brushwork is detailed and fun to look. It lacks a bit in gameplay, also the amount of ammo/health/armor a bit low and you have to use monster infighting a bit to ensure you have enough ammo but OK for nightmare. Difficulty around ID maps.
bfg666 Registered, rated this a 4 12 September 2016, 16:26

A very short but excellent map. Beautiful, intense and surprisingly linear for a map originally made for deathmatch. The wonderfully crafted ruined look reminds me of some AD maps. The only downside is that it's extremely tight on ammo. I had to trick that last vore into blowing itself up in order to save my last shells for the tarbabies. It was long, boring and annihilated the map's momentum. I hate it when the lack of items forces me to grind like this. It costs the map one point in my rating.

AnthonyS Registered, rated this a 4 19 May 2018, 22:02

Not bad map, pretty quick but still enjoyable.

MikeTaylor Registered, rated this a 4 22 May 2018, 21:20

Short, sweet and very brutal.

Solomoriah Registered, rated this a 5 19 January 2019, 16:42

Brutal. Used every last drop of ammo the first time through, but I made it.

Greenwood Registered, rated this a 4 7 February 2020, 12:33

There are no skill settings in this map -- normal, hard, easy -- it's all the same and brutal. You start off taking on tarbabies that spawn in front of you with a regular shotgun. The hardest part of the map is literally in the first few minutes. Ammo is really tight as well in some parts and there's quite a bit of back-spawning. Of course, being a Than map, it's built well and looks great. Too bad the gameplay doesn't quite match it. Still above average, but not as good as his others.

Johnny Law Registered, rated this a 4 8 July 2020, 7:23

A short gem. Glad he converted this one! I think it probably works better as SP.

Correction tho, the actual map name is "Pretend Dead Friend".

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