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Screenshot of araivo
Title:Apinaraivo / Monkey Rage (1bebc9596ff66a18c34c2eb88e6f0fc3)
Filesize:2574 Kilobytes
Release date:05.01.2005
Additional Links: Underworldfan's
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
araivo/araivo.txt2 KB05.01.2005
araivo/pak0.pak5940 KB05.01.2005

Apinaraivo / Monkey Rage

Large and exessively detailed IKbase level using some SOA entities and the Mega-Enforcer.

Tags: base, large, ikbase, soa, armagon, boss

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.1/5 with 33 ratings
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notsogavin 18 February 2012, 14:03
Large, frantic based map! Excellent work.
Fr3n Registered 9 December 2012, 18:10
I won't give it away but if you enter the final room just right you'll figure out why the original SoA had Armagon start inside a wall. ;)
Cocerello Registered 27 December 2012, 21:40
The excessively detailed comment is surpringsily needed, this map focus on brushwork. The layout is nice too. Gameplay is good, but some rooms would be better with a different choice of monsters, but it's too minor. Amount of ammo/health/armor is a bit over but OK.

The end, well ..., ... i need a good strategy in the open for Armagon, i always need at least 10 tries for this sucker.
marco.nadal.75 Registered 22 September 2013, 14:03

Monkey Rage indeed... this mouse scraping simian couldn't find the button to raise the 3 sets of bars IN THE FIRST MAP. >_<

Playing with Quake HD Pack (DP)

Spirit Registered 14 December 2013, 17:18

I did not manage to kill the boss on hard mode without cheating me a quad. It is ridiculously overpowered. :(

dBAudio Registered 26 February 2014, 1:44

the intricate detail of this map is quite impressive. the gameplay was ok. Armagon's rockets are what get me killed. easily.

MikeTaylor Registered 30 July 2014, 18:17

Actually "excessive brushwork" is about right . It's impressive, and nice to look at, but in the end distracting -- I was constantly looking for secrets in rooms where everything looked like a secret but nearly everything was actually just scenery. The map is well put together, and I feel a bit bad giving it only 3*, but put together the easy-to-get-caught-on scenery, the somewhat repetitive gameplay and the ludicrously overpowered boss,and I can't honestly say it merits more.

Jonan Guest 8 August 2014, 11:46

Kept on getting snagged on brush work. Which was nice. I'd like to see the whole map stretched out width wise.

Pritchard Registered 25 September 2016, 11:22

I absolutely adore the brushwork in this map. It's a level of detail that I aspire to when building, and I understand how time-consuming it can be to make. Unfortunately, the rest of this map suffers for this.

I came into this level feeling excited; I love base, I love detail and I love a good challenge. But by the end I felt underwhelmed and disappointed. Perhaps that's because I telefragged armagon by accident, I dunno. Perhaps it's because the custom enforcer is one of the most annoying enemies to fight in Quake (I'd be fine if the "shield" accurately represented the frames they were vulnerable for, but it has a strong tendency to stop your shots even when you can't see it!). Perhaps it's because for all the time and effort that went in to building a map to this level of detail, gameplay, flow and duration fell by the wayside.

I took a healthy amount of time to beat this map. In part that's because it makes you traverse a large amount of itself to unlock the path forwards, and in part because I was wondering aimlessly, half-lost in the labyrinth of metal that blends too easily into itself. I never felt a strong sense of direction in this map, and at times would struggle to identify where I was in relation to areas I had previously visited, even if I could see them.

I almost feel like the map would be more fun without the visual distraction, but then I would miss that part of its quality.

MikeTaylor Registered 25 September 2016, 16:33

On replaying this map, I enjoyed it more. But the ending is still dumb. You just can't beat Armagon without some form of special behaviour. In my case, I tried several time entering the arena, until I got it just right and he landed on top of me. Then I just fired the lightning gun straight up his cloaca until he exploded.

0.08 Registered 6 July 2020, 4:08

To everyone playing in the future, I managed to beat the end boss by getting behind him as he starting firing lasers everywhere. I just lightning gun'd him until he fell to his knees. Once you know that, it's pretty quick and easy.

I don't know exactly what I did to get a better experience than everyone else here, honestly. I didn't get stuck on the brushwork, I didn't find the amount of items excessive, nothing. The only problems I had was I died a few times before figuring out the dude at the end and I forgot where the bars opened (that last part was prolly just me though).

This map really is cool as all hell, though, I must say. Played it on hard and had a blast all the way through. Nothing good I have to say that people haven't already said.

Jehannum Registered 14 April 2022, 17:33

I enjoyed playing this map, other than having trouble finding one of the buttons I needed to push to continue. I got to the end and killed Armagon with no trouble and was thinking the whole thing was just too easy; too much ammo/ health, etc., and then noticed I'd done it on skill 1. So I restarted and ran through on skill 2 and ended up getting my ass handed to me several times in the end. I restarted and played the whole thing through again and left the secret quad until I had the level otherwise cleared and then went back, got the quad and raced to the end arena, and put the boss down hard! LOL.

Johnny Law Registered 15 April 2022, 19:56

Good stuff. It doesn't fall into the trap of some maps from this era of being TOO blocky/chunky... it's still made with a nice scale to run around and fight in, that doesn't feel like it's wasting your time.

It's a little bit too samey perhaps. without the cool twist or inspiration that makes for a truly great map. Also as folks above have mentioned, on the final fight (skill 2) either you find an approach that trivializes it completely or else you get unavoidably blown to bits, no middle ground, which isn't much fun.

Very solid little adventure though and Jago uses this texture set well. Kinda bummed that he apparently didn't make many other maps.

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