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Screenshot of assault
Author:The Harb!ngeR of Fish
Title:Assault (b26528b49e99c6ba0e0753f0614ef545)
Filesize:4696 Kilobytes
Release date:06.07.2003
Additional Links: erc's QualityUnderworldfan's
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
Assault/assault.txt5 KB05.07.2003
Assault/PROGS.DAT455 KB05.07.2003
Assault/Sound/activate.wav52 KB25.11.1999
Assault/Sound/throb.wav20 KB09.12.1999
Assault/Sound/intake.wav100 KB07.12.1999
Assault/Sound/deactive.wav91 KB09.12.1999
Assault/Sound/siren.wav26 KB13.12.1999
Assault/Sound/danger1.wav70 KB23.11.1999
Assault/Sound/thunder1.wav106 KB29.10.1999
Assault/Sound/warning2.wav243 KB23.11.1999
Assault/Sound/fan1.wav53 KB07.12.1999
Assault/Sound/pop2.wav53 KB12.02.1999
Assault/Sound/fan3.wav171 KB07.12.1999
Assault/Sound/elevator.wav63 KB07.12.1999
Assault/Sound/fan2.wav20 KB09.12.1999
Assault/Sound/starting.wav317 KB05.07.2003
Assault/Sound/epower.wav80 KB10.12.1999
Assault/Sound/drone.wav120 KB07.12.1999
Assault/Progs/whl.mdl23 KB09.12.1999
Assault/Progs/RAT.MDL135 KB09.04.1999
Assault/Progs/fan1.bsp30 KB07.12.1999
Assault/Progs/s_rain.mdl7 KB11.12.1999
Assault/Progs/rotor.mdl60 KB15.08.2000
Assault/Progs/S_RAIN.SPR37 KB24.11.1999
Assault/Progs/spaz.mdl86 KB11.10.1997
Assault/Progs/fan3.bsp40 KB11.12.1999
Assault/Progs/fan2.bsp44 KB07.12.1999
Assault/Progs/rain.mdl7 KB11.12.1999
Assault/Progs/aagtb.mdl65 KB10.12.1999
Assault/Progs/SPIDER.MDL93 KB05.03.1999
Assault/Progs/aagba.mdl47 KB10.12.1999
Assault/Maps/as4.bsp1056 KB05.07.2003
Assault/Maps/start.bsp424 KB05.07.2003
Assault/Maps/as5.bsp1568 KB24.07.2001
Assault/Maps/as2.bsp2032 KB11.12.1999
Assault/Maps/as1.bsp1014 KB16.02.2000
Assault/Maps/as3.bsp1968 KB05.07.2003


A mini-campaign with 5 small maps and a start map. New textures (e.g. Quake2 and Half-Life), some new code bits and sounds,as well as a few new monsters such as spiders and turrets. Starting with a shuttle crash, you fight your way through a collapsing enemy base in order to reach the rescuing teleporter. The idea is neat, but the levels lack in size and detail.

Tags: snall, base, episode, textures, monsters, campaign

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2.5/5 with 14 ratings
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