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Screenshot of bmfbrsp2_v1.2
Title:The Mountains of Insanity (bc74cf6f1ff3887ee833edf6dc2436ba)
Filesize:19464 Kilobytes
Release date:29.11.2020
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Walkthrough demos:

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
bmfbr/gfx/env/maskonaive2rot_bk.tga2833 KB02.09.2020
bmfbr/gfx/env/maskonaive2rot_dn.tga3073 KB02.09.2020
bmfbr/gfx/env/maskonaive2rot_ft.tga3073 KB02.09.2020
bmfbr/gfx/env/maskonaive2rot_lf.tga2969 KB02.09.2020
bmfbr/gfx/env/maskonaive2rot_rt.tga3004 KB02.09.2020
bmfbr/gfx/env/maskonaive2rot_up.tga3073 KB02.09.2020
bmfbr/maps/bmfbrsp2.bsp9226 KB29.11.2020
bmfbr/maps/bmfbrsp2.lit3182 KB29.11.2020
bmfbr/maps/bmfbrsp2.map5997 KB29.11.2020
bmfbr/progs.dat515 KB28.11.2020
bmfbr/progs/candle.mdl24 KB10.10.2018
bmfbr/progs/debris.mdl265 KB06.11.2019
bmfbr/progs/g_shotgn.mdl25 KB17.05.2019
bmfbr/progs/g_shotty.mdl23 KB17.05.2019
bmfbr/progs/h_boss.mdl63 KB02.02.2020
bmfbr/progs/lspike.mdl2 KB14.09.2020
bmfbr/progs/mervup.mdl33 KB06.06.2020
bmfbr/progs/pd_base_key.mdl21 KB15.11.2019
bmfbr/progs/pd_rune_key.mdl46 KB15.11.2019
bmfbr/progs/pd_wiz_key.mdl22 KB15.11.2019
bmfbr/progs/s_flame.spr29 KB01.10.2018
bmfbr/progs/s_null.spr2 KB03.10.2019
bmfbr/progs/spark.mdl10 KB03.06.2019
bmfbr/quakec src/LICENSE18 KB12.01.2019
bmfbr/quakec src/README.md1 KB13.08.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/ai.qc16 KB27.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/boss.qc14 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/boss2.qc16 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/buttons.qc4 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/changelog.txt9 KB08.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/client.qc42 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/combat.qc8 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/copy-paste.txt4 KB11.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/custom_mdls.qc3 KB18.09.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/customsounds.qc6 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/cutscene.qc30 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/defs.qc25 KB28.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/demon.qc15 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/doelightning.qc5 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/doeplats.qc15 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/dog.qc14 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/doors.qc18 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/dtmisc.qc29 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/dtquake.qc3 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/elevatr.qc4 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/enforcer.qc25 KB08.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/fgd_def/progs_dump_120.def134 KB08.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/fgd_def/progs_dump_120_JACK.fgd104 KB11.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/fgd_def/progs_dump_120_TB.fgd108 KB27.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/fgd_def/progs_dump_120_TB_Custom_mdl.fgd111 KB11.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/fight.qc8 KB12.01.2019
bmfbr/quakec src/fish.qc12 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/func_bob.qc6 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/func_fall2.qc6 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/hipcount.qc6 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/hippart.qc8 KB28.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/hiptrig.qc7 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/hknight.qc24 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/items.qc53 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/keydata.qc6 KB13.08.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/keylock.qc6 KB13.08.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/knight.qc15 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/lights.qc16 KB27.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/math.qc2 KB12.01.2019
bmfbr/quakec src/misc.qc41 KB28.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/misc_model.qc3 KB27.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/mobot.qc14 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/monsters.qc10 KB17.10.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/newflags.qc6 KB16.09.2019
bmfbr/quakec src/ogre.qc39 KB08.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/oldone.qc11 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/oldone2.qc15 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/plats.qc14 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/player.qc21 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/progs.src2 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/rotate.qc31 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/rubicon2.qc28 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/shalrath.qc13 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/shambler.qc18 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/soldier.qc19 KB08.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/subs.qc14 KB17.10.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/tarbaby.qc10 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/triggers.qc41 KB27.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/weapons.qc37 KB08.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/wizard.qc16 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/world.qc20 KB07.11.2020
bmfbr/quakec src/zombie.qc33 KB07.11.2020
bmfbrsp2.txt4 KB29.11.2020

The Mountains of Insanity

Large level with a secret military research base in the mountains built on top of a runic/metal dungeon. It is based on the Progs_dump mod (included) and comes with a few modified models and a custom skybox. The map and QC sources are included.

Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits

Tags: large, base, metal, runic, progs_dump, canyon, models, skybox, limits, source, hard, difficult, insane, traps, coagula

Editor's Rating: no rating (yet)
User Rating:
4.5/5 with 46 ratings
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MikeTaylor Registered 5 April 2021, 16:08

Very nice progression from a regular military base into something more eldritch, finishing up as a sort of Coagula-style combat. I got all the kills but only five of the ten secrets.

Jehannum Registered 3 May 2021, 21:51

I played on 2 and had a good time killing everything in front as well as behind me! Nice architecture and the mixing of the two level types was nice too. It added some needed spice to the base map enemies!

Try as I might, I could not get lined up to shoot that third button at the end! Not sure if I missed the angle somehow or if there's a bug. I could see where it was, I just couldn't see the button!

Thanks for some fun gameplay!

Alex Ros Registered 19 November 2021, 23:40

One of the best maps I ever played. Works perfectly on Kex rerelease with nicer mobs & weapons. What's interesting is that you've predicted what Machinegames've done in official DOTM and you made it no less cool. The only thing I didn't like were mobs spawning behind my back. I got it that it was intended like a disaster event, otherworldly mobs spawning in like randomly, but it's just felt unfair. Other than that the map is absolutely great. Infighting scene is perfect! Opening of the gold door and observing what was behind it gave me chills. Runic ruins "crawling" into base map felt really creepy, lovecrafty. Those decorative cubes flying in void were really awesome, inventive... hm. What else? Secrets were kinda easy. Like vanilla. That's not bed, just I felt myself clever :D Lighting? Maybe I'd prefer more contrast, but that's not important, it's just me who loves shadows. Anyway THANKS for the map. Really nice 30 minutes of my life!!!

MittensForKittens Registered 3 May 2022, 4:36

This is a rock solid base-style map that evolves into something a whole lot less predictable. There are some really interesting scripted events that occur throughout that directly tie into and enhance gameplay. Brushwork is adept and the ambiance evolves in an interesting way.

My only areas of constructive criticism are that the lighting was somewhat flat/lacked variety and the ending combat arena felt overly constrictive for the kind of enemies spawned there. Otherwise, outstanding work!

Visuals - 4/5 Atmosphere - 5/5 Gameplay - 5/5 Difficulty - 4/5 MittensForKittens' Rating - 4.5/5

AllisonChains Registered 7 June 2022, 18:40

This was an absolute pleasure to play, with every monster in the Quake bestiary and a densely packed array of secrets to find. The visual details throughout provide a great sense of place, while eventually being leveraged to tell an actual story. This is the atmosphere that Quake has always tried to convey, it was merely broken up with level loading screen before. But here the progression from one theme to another feels incredibly natural, and that's a true testament to the artist's ability.

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