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Screenshot of bridges
Author:Jason Booth
Title:Bridges to the Highlands (775ea6463301922aab3e87ca9fc77b33)
Filesize:1042 Kilobytes
Release date:05.11.1996
Additional Links: Crash's
Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
bridge.bsp895 KB05.11.1996
brhiland.bsp396 KB05.11.1996
bridges.txt3 KB05.11.1996
bridglnk.bsp123 KB30.10.1996
watrways.bsp710 KB05.11.1996
brstart.bsp318 KB30.10.1996

Bridges to the Highlands

Three small, boxed/leaked, ugly Medieval/Wizard/ Basemix maps. Comes with a simple skill selection map and a pointless linking map.

Tags: small, mixtex, mini episode, dark, low ammo, tricks

Editor's Rating: Poor
User Rating:
1.6/5 with 17 ratings
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Hotwir3 24 November 2009, 18:17
Sure it's not very good, but this pack is not crap (i.e. as the ugly Tremors maps).
I enjoyed mostly "watrways.bsp".. was fun!
xDDGx Registered 15 June 2014, 1:18

Well, what we can expect from beginner's maps, which were created as tests for quake engine to learn level editing? Of course, not much:
- brstart — funny idea with turrets, but as start level this map is too uncomfortable; 2/5
- bridglnk — really pointless, only two portals without any messages and tips; although, there is nice lava logo on wall; 2/5
- brhiland — WHAT IS THAT?! — looks to experimental for me; 1/5
- bridge — most playable from these maps, the only one I have actually done... but why it's so dark? And I've played it at night... 3/5
- watrways — too original for me... and also too dark. 2/5
Total score: 10/5=2

ArrrCee Registered 12 December 2015, 21:00

Bridges to the Highlands on The Quake Grave

I don't normally like to speak ill of maps because people are putting their time into them and hopefully learning to become better mappers. It's unfortunate that this pack is just not that great. I think there are 2 major problems here and one is the darkness of the maps. It's really difficult to see where you're going therefore making it difficult for you to progress. The other is the design voice/language. That is to say, when you build a map, you sort of want to communicate to the player, without actually saying it, how they should do things in your map. I felt this was all over the place.

As xDDGx pointed out above, in the first map you choose your difficulty, fair enough. Then the 2nd map sort of gives you an inkling as to what you're going to expect from the rest of this pack. It's dark and doesn't really give you a chance to get your bearings straight. I found myself scrambling for the exit and I randomly found it.

Then it's the waterways map. This map is the most fun as it had me sort of trying to figure out how to get to a good vantage point to take out the enemies. The problem is that it's super dark and the enemies basically all see you at once so you don't have a chance to plan your attack. It's one of those maps that you're frustrated with at first but then when you figure out how to do it, and it feels more rewarding. After that, you are in a room with 2 teleporters; one takes you to the next map, the other takes you...back to the waterways map. I found myself playing through waterways a few times before I got to proceed. This was very annoying! Why even do this?

The final map has you up really high on skinny platforms and after you take out the enemies, you have to jump on these tiny little specks and platform over to the exit. Why would you make someone platform on tiny little specks of environment? That's awful to do to the player!

I would not recommend this pack, there isn't much positive to take in. I feel as though the author maybe should've put all of these ideas into one map and added some lights.

Esrael Registered 10 July 2017, 15:32

This mini episode has some of the trolliest Quake maps I've ever played, right from the get-go: The text file dares the player to try the map in nightmare, but once you find the supposed nightmare selection path, you're pitted against a horde of monsters, not the least of which being four shamblers.

It was actually kind of fun trying to beat the challenge of getting to choose nightmare, utilizing monster infighting as much as possible. The thing is, the map doesn't even expect you to make it without cheating, so once you get through the portal, you're thrown into a cage with you finally realizing the true purpose of those weird spike shooters: to punish you for being a dirty cheater (which I wasn't). :/

Then the trolling continues in the first proper map, where you have to deal with ornery stairs and are starved of ammo trying to survive enemies that ambush you from complete darkness, until you realize possibly too late you were supposed to avoid them in the first place. Being almost defenceless instills this feeling of panic, where you're desperately trying to find a way out. It's actually kind of cool; a little bit something different from your standard map.

The only architectural highlights would probably be the cool shadow casting lamps (probably because they were mostly the only things I could see in the first place!)

Come to think of it, I think the second proper map might have actually been my least favourite, maybe because it tried to be the most "normal" of the bunch, and failing at it: It was still kinda stingy on ammo and way too dark. The low ammo situation was still bearable, but the darkness ruined it for me.

Then comes that weird "bridge" level, the biggest troll of the bunch, where you very well could end up repeating the previous map for choosing the wrong teleporter. That's just stupid. >:C

I kinda liked the last level. For one, it had more light (or at least the illusion of more light) and it was quite unique-looking. It was also quite forgiving about falling down. Even though I was able to focus hard enough in that platforming part without failing at it, I think it still requires too much accuracy for being very enjoyable.

pmk Guest 20 October 2018, 5:57

worst of quake maps that i have ever played. Too dark, no cohesiveness to the levels and just incredibly difficult with bad design choices that were made during the creation of these maps. I give this 1996 quake map pack a one out of five rating and would not recommend others to bother playing this map pack.

Philnemba Registered 1 January 2020, 6:39

An early user created mini episode from 1996 that appears to be somebodies first set of Quake maps:

brstart - The starting map with 3 difficult settings to choose from

bridge - A bit too dark and ammo was too tight to where I had to relied on some infighting to save ammo

watrways - I found this a bit more fun than bridge but some parts of the map was still too dark

bridglnk - Really serves no purpose and the portal I pick took me back to watrways :(

brhiland - Interesting experimental map with skinny walkways and some precise platforming near the exit

Conclusion: Its an interesting set of small experimental maps from 1996 but there were better ones out there from that time.

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