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Screenshot of bsqmsafe
Author:Lord Asaki
Title:BSQM Safe (2084d8810eeb85b8afbbc960bdf713bd)
Filesize:6723 Kilobytes
Release date:01.04.2021
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
autoexec.cfg1 KB16.09.2020
bsqmsafe.txt2 KB01.04.2021
go.bat1 KB01.04.2021
godp.bat1 KB01.04.2021
gofte.bat1 KB01.04.2021
goqbism.bat1 KB01.04.2021
maps/heylow01.bsp1031 KB18.01.2011
maps/heylow02.bsp152 KB18.01.2011
maps/start.bsp2899 KB01.04.2021
progs.dat395 KB01.04.2021
progs/boss.mdl207 KB05.09.2020
progs/demon.mdl100 KB05.09.2020
progs/dog.mdl274 KB23.10.2020
progs/enforcer.mdl157 KB05.09.2020
progs/fish.mdl80 KB05.09.2020
progs/hknight.mdl215 KB05.09.2020
progs/knight.mdl100 KB05.09.2020
progs/ogre.mdl911 KB26.10.2020
progs/oldone.mdl86 KB05.09.2020
progs/player.mdl186 KB05.09.2020
progs/shalrath.mdl79 KB05.09.2020
progs/shambler.mdl97 KB05.09.2020
progs/soldier.mdl697 KB23.10.2020
progs/tarbaby.mdl98 KB05.09.2020
progs/v_light.mdl50 KB10.09.2020
progs/v_nail.mdl39 KB10.09.2020
progs/v_nail2.mdl35 KB10.09.2020
progs/v_rock.mdl47 KB10.09.2020
progs/v_rock2.mdl40 KB10.09.2020
progs/v_shot.mdl32 KB10.09.2020
progs/v_shot2.mdl33 KB10.09.2020
progs/wizard.mdl63 KB05.09.2020
progs/zombie.mdl189 KB05.09.2020
sound/Ranger/Death1.wav90 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/Death2.wav73 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/Jump1.wav35 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/Jump2.wav39 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/Land.wav34 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/Oof.wav23 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/Pain025.wav32 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/Pain050.wav30 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/Pain075.wav21 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/Pain100.wav18 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/Step0.wav15 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/Step1.wav14 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/Step2.wav16 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/Step3.wav13 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/Step4.wav14 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/Step5.wav14 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/Step6.wav12 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/Step7.wav14 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/Step8.wav11 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/Step9.wav15 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/Stomp.wav15 KB23.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/bigdmg1.wav44 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/bigdmg2.wav59 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/bigdmg3.wav83 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/bonus0.wav51 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/bonus1.wav80 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/bonus2_.wav37 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/bonus3.wav42 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/bonus4.wav48 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/bonus5.wav50 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/bonus9.wav110 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/chat0.wav110 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/chat1.wav123 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/chat2.wav100 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/chat3.wav113 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/chat4.wav153 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/chat5.wav176 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/chat5a.wav172 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/chat6.wav87 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/chat7.wav151 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/chat8.wav147 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/chat9.wav117 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/chat9a.wav122 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/frag0.wav99 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/frag0a.wav110 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/frag1.wav87 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/frag2.wav170 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/frag3.wav135 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/frag4.wav119 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/frag5.wav82 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/frag6.wav60 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/frag7.wav203 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/frag8.wav128 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/frag8a.wav165 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/frag9.wav88 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/help1.wav55 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/help2.wav64 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/help3.wav51 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/lowhp1.wav51 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/lowhp2.wav38 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/lowhp3.wav98 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/lowhp3a.wav51 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/spawn0.wav152 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/spawn1.wav163 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/spawn1a.wav99 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/spawn2.wav142 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/spawn3.wav113 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/spawn4.wav181 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/spawn5.wav178 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/spawn6.wav156 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/spawn7.wav118 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/spawn8.wav215 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/spawn9.wav100 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/taunt1.wav137 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/taunt2.wav88 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/taunt3.wav102 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/taunt4_.wav119 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/taunt5_.wav261 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/taunt6.wav64 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/taunt7.wav100 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/taunt8_.wav29 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/taunt9_.wav47 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/taunt9a_.wav41 KB24.03.2021
sound/Ranger/vo/taunt9b_.wav50 KB24.03.2021
v101qc/ai.qc15 KB20.11.2020
v101qc/boss.qc13 KB28.10.2020
v101qc/buttons.qc3 KB25.07.1996
v101qc/champ.qc9 KB26.03.2021
v101qc/client.qc34 KB26.03.2021
v101qc/combat.qc10 KB01.04.2021
v101qc/defs.qc18 KB26.03.2021
v101qc/demon.qc11 KB03.02.2021
v101qc/dog.qc9 KB22.11.2020
v101qc/doors.qc17 KB25.07.1996
v101qc/enforcer.qc12 KB22.11.2020
v101qc/fight.qc8 KB20.11.2020
v101qc/fish.qc9 KB22.11.2020
v101qc/floater.qc10 KB22.11.2020
v101qc/fte.bat1 KB14.05.2017
v101qc/fteqcc.exe267 KB25.06.2011
v101qc/fteqcc.log6 KB01.04.2021
v101qc/go.bat1 KB14.05.2017
v101qc/hknight.qc19 KB03.02.2021
v101qc/items.qc31 KB26.03.2021
v101qc/knight.qc11 KB03.02.2021
v101qc/misc.qc17 KB13.09.2020
v101qc/monsters.qc8 KB22.11.2020
v101qc/ogre.qc15 KB03.02.2021
v101qc/oldone.qc10 KB25.07.1996
v101qc/plats.qc8 KB25.07.1996
v101qc/player.qc22 KB01.04.2021
v101qc/progs.src1 KB24.03.2021
v101qc/shalrath.qc9 KB03.02.2021
v101qc/shambler.qc14 KB03.02.2021
v101qc/soldier.qc10 KB22.11.2020
v101qc/subs.qc6 KB25.07.1996
v101qc/tarbaby.qc8 KB26.10.2020
v101qc/triggers.qc14 KB25.07.1996
v101qc/weapons.qc28 KB03.02.2021
v101qc/wizard.qc12 KB03.02.2021
v101qc/world.qc15 KB24.03.2021
v101qc/zombie.qc21 KB22.11.2020


Large April's fools level: long corridors with over 400 enemies, a rapid-fire shotgun, kickable gibs and Ranger voice-overs from Quake Champions. The qc source files are included.

Tags: large, base, bricks, mixtex, april, joke, gibs, ranger, qc, quakechampions, sounds, weapons, source

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User Rating:
3/5 with 21 ratings
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Jehannum Registered 11 April 2021, 19:00

The kickable gibs were a real hoot and reminded me of Headhunters for Quake! I haven't checked to see if there is one already, but I'd bet this code would make a funny Quake soccer mod.

Armitage Shanks Registered 22 April 2021, 12:34

Nice map thanks for the effort...

Qmaster Registered 26 April 2021, 0:31

Actually quite fun, but got old half-way through. If it were shorter it would have been better. Could have used more variety in the areas. Too maze-like.

Lots of little neat things really: Bumping into the gibs to knock them around was hilarious. Liked the walkable corpses that you could also axe. Shambler lightning knockback was neat. Not sure why the death knights were broken but liked that they did the overhead chop. I think I saw my rocket destoy armor and health packs once?

I had more fun just using the single shot gun, which was odd. The doublebarrel could have packed more punch.

Lord Asaki Guest 30 April 2021, 3:45

Worst map I've ever seen. I'd rather play Halo.

rchavp Registered 20 May 2021, 3:38

Hey there, some of us read the txt file :)

And some of us use Linux, so pay attention to the filename case, it matters in Linux. The custom sounds could not be loaded because of this.

Other than that, very fun and entertaining map.

MikeTaylor Registered 2 September 2021, 17:53

Well, this is weird. At first I really enjoyed the uncomplicated slaughterfest, but as it stretched out through more and more indistinguishable tunnels and rooms -- and especially as I wandered through all the even more indistinguishable upper-floor rooms with all the Death Knights -- I began to weary of it. In the end, I stumbled across the final arena from above, and unable to find the proper entrance to, instead I dropped down then ran away through the passage that should have been my entrance. In this way I was able to get up to 449/454 kills before returning and exiting, but I am 100% out of patience for tracking down those last five bad guys.

Certainly unique, but could have been much better with only relatively minor tweaks, such as coloured lighting to distinguish otherwise identical areas.

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