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Screenshot of bubbah
Author:The Bubbah
Title:Bubbah's Lair (56d7300c42cf214ff809380a4c7bb158)
Filesize:315 Kilobytes
Release date:03.10.1996
Additional Links: Crash'sGeniac's Playlist
Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
BUB1.MAP107 KB03.10.1996
BUB1.BSP429 KB03.10.1996
BUB1.TXT1 KB03.10.1996
BUB1.3DS505 KB03.10.1996

Bubbah's Lair

Small odd Wizard level. Map sources are included.

Tags: small, wizard, source, experimental

Editor's Rating: Poor
User Rating: 1.7/5 with 18 ratings
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xDDGx Registered, rated this a 3 12 June 2014, 15:37

I can't say this is a good map. But it's just funny, especially for a level made in 3D-Studio. At least, it's playable and winnable.

JellyGal Registered, rated this a 1 3 December 2014, 22:20

This is weird, pointless and confusing. The level design sucks, I'm pretty sure you have to jump through that lava at the start (yeah, that lava in the screenshot) and it's really really short. Not recommended.

TheInsaneMilkman Registered, rated this a 1 6 January 2015, 13:54

This is one of the worst maps I've ever played. For any game.

It's tiny, it's pointless, it's tedious and boring and it forces you to run through that lava in the screenshot. Absolutely terrible, nobody should ever play this. I have no idea why it's rated "poor" instead of "crap". 1/5

Noxat Registered, rated this a 2 10 July 2015, 2:51

Ugly design and a few cheap tactics like the aforementioned lava damage, but otherwise a few semi interesting tricks. Still not really worth playing, but I guess I won't miss those 3 minutes of my life too much.

Esrael Registered, rated this a 2 2 July 2017, 14:22

It feels like the level's trolling you with its unorthodox tricks it throws at you. xD I'll rate the map 2/5, because it's different and imaginative.

etb Guest 24 May 2018, 20:31

I agree with Esrael, surely the brushwork is nothing special and the lighting a bit plain-looking. BUT the level is still cool for its unexpected twists, it is uncommon to be surprised after two decades... by a map of 1996!

pmk Guest 9 August 2019, 6:12

Don't bother with this quake map as it is not worth your time. Very little ammo and unfair battle situations with nonsensical enemy placement. This quake map gets a one out of five rating from me.

JuanchoES Registered, rated this a 1 9 October 2020, 15:07

Really hard, killed 2 shamblers with my axe lol

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