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Screenshot of burns
Title:My Own Prison (91ef122b4a7693398be3e265c7a45284)
Filesize:909 Kilobytes
Release date:27.01.2002
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
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burns.bsp2175 KB27.01.2002

My Own Prison

A rather plain map. Starting outdoors in a metal theme, it goes into an zombie-infested underwater castle, and finishes in a lava/brick environment.

Tags: metal, small, maze, traps, outdoor

Editor's Rating: Poor
User Rating:
2.5/5 with 11 ratings
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Sid 30 September 2009, 0:46
lol my nephew and I made this using Qoole from Thanksgiving 2001 until early 2002.
dBAudio Registered 24 August 2014, 21:49

i don't think i've ever payed a quake map so insanely hard (skill 1) in all my life. i godmoded after the fiend room (which i survived somehow). the map was very dark. also, i got mad at the maze. i apologize for my negative comments. however, i do respect that Sid & his nephew made this together. that's pretty cool!

konstructor Guest 9 November 2014, 4:02

Please I need to know if author Sid is the same Sid Davis of skeet.bsp and dumbdim.bsp ?

pretty nice though very unforgiving map !

Cocerello Registered 16 November 2014, 17:41

Played on nightmare. 0 secrets found. 114/116 enemies killed.

Straightforward combats, even though they are harder than ID maps, they are doable, and they aren't unfair ones most of the time, the player just have to save from time to time. The difficulty comes mainly from lack of room to move, choice of monsters, and some shambler ambushes. The fiend room can be survived if the player remember their weakness when jumping.

There is some traps here and there, but they are guessable. There are no insta-death traps. The maze is a real pain, as it is barely lit. Playing it in fullbright, as i had to, made the maze an easy one to guide myself.

Brushwork is completely blocky and architecture the same most of the time, like the average 1996 map. Layout is varied and leads the player most of the time.

If it had some decent brushwork, architecture, and decently lit maze it would deserve a 3, but as it is and for the year, 2/2+

Cocerello Registered 16 November 2014, 17:46

Clearly, this map isn't small, as the tags imply, i would say it has medium to large size.

CoilSnake69 Registered 6 April 2023, 17:55

Nice map tbh. Just could use a little bit more of details. Finished on skill 2 ,fights are balanced and not that hard ,but almost got killed by stone that drowned in lava ,red armor saved me.

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