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Screenshot of cotcg
Title:Court of the Chaos God (10c60efe963fd140682ac6ea9539e089)
Filesize:2340 Kilobytes
Release date:04.02.2021
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
CotCG.bsp4550 KB27.01.2021
CotCG.lit680 KB27.01.2021
CotCG.map1332 KB27.01.2021
readme.txt7 KB25.01.2021

Court of the Chaos God

Small otherworldly castle surrounded by mountains. The map source is included.

Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.

Tags: small, medieval, ebon, mixtex, castle, mountain, rocks, limits, source

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3/5 with 24 ratings
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MikeTaylor Registered 10 February 2021, 16:50

I saved the Quaddicted comments page from during the comment disaster, because I felt the endless, mindless repetition of the same comment had a completely appropriate nightmarish Chthonic quality to it.

I made a terrible mistake live editing the comments database

(I'm glad they're back, though!)

MikeTaylor Registered 10 February 2021, 16:50

Here is the saved image, which I see Quaddicted's implementation of Markdown can't show in place:

MikeTaylor Registered 10 February 2021, 16:51
Spirit Registered 10 February 2021, 20:48

Yo, please keep comments on releases on topic. Random discussions are something for a forum.

Greenwood Registered 13 February 2021, 18:46

This is a pretty neat debut map. You can tell the mapper really had fun experimenting with some interesting ideas, like hiding powerups within skybox textured geometry or using trigger pushes to subvert the player's expectations. Sure, it has it's minor flaws, but it's quite enjoyable and I look forward to more from this new mapper!

Jehannum Registered 6 March 2021, 22:27

I found this to be a fun map, especially the final combat. There are definitely some good and original ideas in the use of architecture and textures.

I'll be watching for your next map!

Mistawright Registered 28 March 2021, 0:11

great map

ArrrCee Registered 3 April 2021, 18:20

Court of the Chaos God on The Quake Grave

This map has a great sense of humor and really nice flow to it. It's basically a quick map with 3 horde fights, but all in all, it's a good romp! My main issue is that the first and second rooms could learn a bit form each other. I feel the first horde fight room, though nice looking, is too open and easy to dodge everything. While the second map, though better in regards to not being as open, I think the corners and the area but the altar are little to cramped and feel like pinch points for the player to get caught on geometry of the walls. The last area is very wide open, but it's just a fun quad fight which I really enjoy to blow off some steam. The other thing I would've done is maybe make the castle itself a bit bigger and more menacing. This is supposed to be 3 trials for the chaos god, so I feel like this should look big and menacing or more chaotic... ort of like the entrances to the horde fights, how the brick is broken all over but you can still walk on it?

Either way, excellent job on this, looking forward to more!

MikeTaylor Registered 26 May 2021, 12:30

An enjoyable map whose three horde combats are all different enough to remain interesting. For the one in the church, I stayed outside and sniped at monsters inside and emerging, whereas for the final challenge the most fun way is just to lob quadded grenades into the mob as you circle-strafe. Nice.

One irritant: the map has several buttons that turn out not to be buttons after all — notably the two rune pillars right at the start, visible in the screenshot above. There are well established conventions in Quake for what kinds of things are pushable, shootable or neither. It's never good to depart idly from those conventions.

Mazu Registered 15 July 2022, 8:40

Very nice combat setups in this map. Visually its a bit of a mess but I think that is the whole point for the lore of this map. Clever way to get around that issue haha. Found one floating torch on one of the arches and thought "hey this must be a bug... no wait its just chaos"

Maybe even the buttons that are not buttons are made to mess with your mind, just a thought. You got played by chaos.

CoilSnake69 Registered 16 April 2023, 10:05

Crashes on KexQuake

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