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Screenshot of dark04b
Title:Dark 0.4 beta deathmatch maps for Quake (352a4865efc57667de55f603361e3cc9)
Filesize:976 Kilobytes
Release date:02.12.1996
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
DARK04B.TXT4 KB02.12.1996
DARKBASE.BSP1379 KB29.11.1996
DARKHALL.BSP924 KB01.12.1996

Dark 0.4 beta deathmatch maps for Quake

Two small beta maps, meant for Deathmatch but with monsters built in for some Singleplayer fun. darkbase.bsp - Dark Base: A quite non-linear base map. darkhall.bsp - Dark Hall: As non-linear id metal map. Nicely built.

Tags: base, metal, small, dm

Editor's Rating: Nice
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3.6/5 with 15 ratings
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Drew 9 August 2012, 19:32
I like the style of these maps. very impressive for the release date. Gameplay is not amazing - could have used a few more monsters in each map, I thought. As spirit mentioned, nice and non-linear. Worth your time.
JMP Registered 26 July 2017, 12:21

Really enjoyed both maps. Although they're both obviously DM conversions, they function well as non-linear SP maps. The architecture is id-quality. There are a few unfair combats (e.g., taking a lift right into an ogre's face), but overall the combat is decent and there's sufficient health and armor. Impressive for 1996.

Esrael Registered 30 November 2017, 19:51

Not much to add to the earlier reviews. You can clearly tell the author had familiarized himself intimately with the architectural details of both runic and base id maps. The single player versions of these maps exceeded my expectations overwhelmingly.

The maps being non-linear didn't bother me that much. I kind of did get lost in both maps, for an embarrassingly long time in the base map, for that matter, but it's okay.

Some of the teleporters in the runic map were a bit too particular for my liking. For deathmatch, especially, the teleporters should have very loose "tolerances", to allow smooth movement.

pmk Guest 27 October 2018, 14:52

well designed death match levels that can be played with single player functionality. These are well designed levels that are id quality with secrets to discover. The levels could have had a higher monster population in them with more intense combat situations. This short two level map pack get a three out of five rating from me and i would say they are worth a quick play through.

Greenwood Registered 1 March 2020, 2:59

Really impressive little nonlinear maps considering that they are from November 1996! In my opinion, the Base map is the highlight of the two, because it's less cramped, has more interesting architecture, and doesn't rely on teleporters for navigation like the Runic one. However, they are both entertaining! I would suggest cranking up the difficulty on the Base map, since it's pretty easy by modern standards and is strict Base (no fantasy critters).

The_Pirate 27 December 2020, 11:05

Very impressive, especially for the day and age when they were created! In spite of the 'deathmatch' design, very well suited for SP.

Claustrofobic, pretty intense fighting, exploring...and very entertaining!

I am tempted to call these litte gems "ahead of their time".

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