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Screenshot of deepness
Title:The Deepness Below (78f78ba1485012b69aabfc8436af43e1)
Filesize:10336 Kilobytes
Release date:01.10.2018
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Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
deepness/Quake_deep.fgd21 KB01.10.2018
deepness/deepness_README.txt16 KB01.10.2018
deepness/gfx.wad111 KB18.09.2018
deepness/gfx/conback.lmp63 KB28.09.2018
deepness/gfx/env/underwater_bk.tga483 KB26.07.2018
deepness/gfx/env/underwater_dn.tga769 KB26.07.2018
deepness/gfx/env/underwater_ft.tga492 KB26.07.2018
deepness/gfx/env/underwater_lf.tga473 KB26.07.2018
deepness/gfx/env/underwater_rt.tga525 KB26.07.2018
deepness/gfx/env/underwater_up.tga458 KB26.07.2018
deepness/maps/deepness.bsp5439 KB01.10.2018
deepness/maps/deepness.lit2401 KB01.10.2018
deepness/maps/start.bsp2966 KB29.09.2018
deepness/maps/start.lit586 KB29.09.2018
deepness/progs.dat373 KB01.10.2018
deepness/progs.lno90 KB01.10.2018
deepness/progs/airbubble.mdl15 KB30.08.2018
deepness/progs/ammo_crystal0.mdl19 KB17.09.2018
deepness/progs/ammo_crystal1.mdl19 KB17.09.2018
deepness/progs/ammo_nails0.mdl14 KB28.05.2018
deepness/progs/ammo_nails1.mdl16 KB28.05.2018
deepness/progs/ammo_rockets0.mdl25 KB28.05.2018
deepness/progs/ammo_rockets1.mdl28 KB28.05.2018
deepness/progs/ammo_shells0.mdl14 KB28.05.2018
deepness/progs/ammo_shells1.mdl16 KB28.05.2018
deepness/progs/anchor.mdl84 KB25.08.2018
deepness/progs/bolt2.mdl65 KB09.08.2018
deepness/progs/eel2.mdl174 KB16.09.2018
deepness/progs/eelgib.mdl29 KB16.09.2018
deepness/progs/eelhead.mdl51 KB16.09.2018
deepness/progs/fish.mdl91 KB18.09.2018
deepness/progs/g_explod.spr19 KB27.08.2018
deepness/progs/g_spike.mdl15 KB15.09.2018
deepness/progs/g_trident.mdl238 KB09.08.2018
deepness/progs/ghost.mdl542 KB22.09.2018
deepness/progs/glut.mdl392 KB17.09.2018
deepness/progs/goldstatue.mdl47 KB28.09.2018
deepness/progs/gst_spike.mdl17 KB11.09.2018
deepness/progs/h_shark.mdl249 KB01.10.2018
deepness/progs/health_100.mdl7 KB28.05.2018
deepness/progs/health_15.mdl7 KB28.05.2018
deepness/progs/health_25.mdl8 KB28.05.2018
deepness/progs/mermaid.mdl283 KB29.08.2018
deepness/progs/misc_skull.mdl59 KB28.05.2018
deepness/progs/qursula.mdl546 KB25.08.2018
deepness/progs/qursulagib.mdl26 KB18.09.2018
deepness/progs/seahorse.mdl142 KB28.08.2018
deepness/progs/seaweed.mdl69 KB16.09.2018
deepness/progs/shambler.mdl126 KB14.09.2018
deepness/progs/splash.mdl24 KB29.08.2018
deepness/progs/starfish.mdl75 KB29.08.2018
deepness/progs/v_trident.mdl239 KB14.09.2018
deepness/progs/wizard.mdl73 KB16.09.2018
deepness/qc/ai.qc16 KB17.09.2018
deepness/qc/boss.qc13 KB26.07.2018
deepness/qc/buttons.qc3 KB26.07.2018
deepness/qc/client.qc35 KB22.09.2018
deepness/qc/combat.qc8 KB29.09.2018
deepness/qc/defs.qc18 KB28.09.2018
deepness/qc/demon.qc11 KB26.07.2018
deepness/qc/dog.qc10 KB26.07.2018
deepness/qc/doors.qc18 KB26.07.2018
deepness/qc/eel.qc7 KB24.09.2018
deepness/qc/enforcer.qc11 KB26.07.2018
deepness/qc/fight.qc8 KB26.07.2018
deepness/qc/fish.qc8 KB16.09.2018
deepness/qc/ghost.qc15 KB29.09.2018
deepness/qc/glut.qc12 KB01.10.2018
deepness/qc/hknight.qc19 KB26.07.2018
deepness/qc/items.qc30 KB20.09.2018
deepness/qc/knight.qc10 KB26.07.2018
deepness/qc/misc.qc19 KB29.09.2018
deepness/qc/monsters.qc7 KB03.09.2018
deepness/qc/ogre.qc15 KB26.07.2018
deepness/qc/oldone.qc10 KB26.07.2018
deepness/qc/plats.qc8 KB26.07.2018
deepness/qc/player.qc19 KB26.07.2018
deepness/qc/progdefs.h3 KB26.07.2018
deepness/qc/progs.src1 KB16.09.2018
deepness/qc/qursula.qc14 KB24.09.2018
deepness/qc/shalrath.qc8 KB26.07.2018
deepness/qc/shambler.qc13 KB13.09.2018
deepness/qc/soldier.qc10 KB26.07.2018
deepness/qc/subs.qc7 KB26.07.2018
deepness/qc/tarbaby.qc8 KB26.07.2018
deepness/qc/triggers.qc16 KB16.09.2018
deepness/qc/weapons.qc26 KB11.09.2018
deepness/qc/wizard.qc11 KB26.07.2018
deepness/qc/world.qc12 KB28.09.2018
deepness/qc/zombie.qc21 KB26.07.2018
deepness/sound/ambience/mermaid_song.wav1432 KB22.09.2018
deepness/sound/ambience/waterfall_loop.wav388 KB30.06.2018
deepness/sound/eel/004epan.wav4 KB16.09.2018
deepness/sound/eel/005epan.wav6 KB16.09.2018
deepness/sound/eel/eactive1.wav26 KB16.09.2018
deepness/sound/eel/eatt1.wav14 KB16.09.2018
deepness/sound/eel/edie3r.wav17 KB16.09.2018
deepness/sound/eel/eelc5.wav16 KB16.09.2018
deepness/sound/eel/epain3.wav7 KB16.09.2018
deepness/sound/ghost/death.wav156 KB13.09.2018
deepness/sound/ghost/expld.wav11 KB18.09.2018
deepness/sound/ghost/idle.wav29 KB09.09.2018
deepness/sound/ghost/magic.wav83 KB10.09.2018
deepness/sound/ghost/pain.wav22 KB09.09.2018
deepness/sound/ghost/scream.wav169 KB14.09.2018
deepness/sound/glut/gbite.wav15 KB29.08.2018
deepness/sound/glut/gdeath.wav80 KB26.07.2018
deepness/sound/glut/gidle.wav167 KB25.07.2018
deepness/sound/glut/gpain.wav51 KB26.07.2018
deepness/sound/items/airget.wav69 KB30.08.2018
deepness/sound/qursula/laugh.wav206 KB31.08.2018
deepness/sound/qursula/qurattack.wav33 KB31.08.2018
deepness/sound/qursula/qurattack2.wav22 KB31.08.2018
deepness/sound/qursula/qurdeath.wav95 KB31.08.2018
deepness/sound/qursula/quridle.wav69 KB31.08.2018
deepness/sound/qursula/qurpain.wav78 KB31.08.2018
deepness/sound/qursula/qurswalk.wav133 KB25.08.2018
deepness/sound/weapons/fearshot.wav88 KB10.09.2018
deepness/sound/weapons/trihit.wav26 KB10.09.2018
deepness/sound/weapons/tristart.wav110 KB10.09.2018

The Deepness Below

Small underwater map with custom textures and monsters, and the author's trademark 'Disneyness'.

Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.

Tags: small, underwater, sea, ocean, textures, monsters, weapons, limits, disney, little mermaid, start

Editor's Rating: Nice
User Rating:
3.9/5 with 23 ratings
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onetruepurple Registered 17 November 2018, 12:54

Cute extra content. The map itself is probably the weakest part, though, since it's short and fairly simple in design.

Mugwump Registered 21 November 2018, 18:33

Funny, I have quite the opposite opinion to onetruepurple's... Yes, the map is short and simple, but it is pretty if a bit too dark in places. Case in point: you'll never find one of the secrets if you don't know where to look or crank the brightness up, as the shootable button activating it is in total darkness and not glowing.

The problem IMHO is said extra content. It doesn't fit Quake's atmosphere and the new monsters' textures and anims need more work. Also, the "boss" is very underwhelming combat-wise.

Esrael Registered 1 December 2018, 13:10


Excellent! I really like the looks of the temple areas in particular. The high ceilings give a nice sense of scale and I like the yellow round lamps high up there. The vines, waterfalls and broken parts of the temple create this nice atmosphere of decay. I also like the ethereal singing voice that you can hear from time to time. That combined with the ghost monsters add nicely to the atmosphere. The selection of vanilla monsters (with blue reskins) was appropriate for the theme as well.

I liked the novel idea of using the trident to replace the Thunderbolt! Nice creativity there! Good thing you made it safe to use underwater! xD Using AD items also suited the theme pretty well here.

The only thing that clashes with the theme are the bright mermaid characters. Maybe a darker Lovecraftian twist on the mermaid chracters would have made them feel more like they belong in the map. The sharks too, while otherwise very well done, are maybe a tad bright compared to the dark blue and green theme the map has otherwise going on. But maybe I'm being a bit nit-picky here. :)


Pretty standard with no real flaws to it but with nothing much memorable either, except for the ocean part. It was quite refreshing fighting the swimming monsters (with a completely new nicely executed shark monster) while having to make sure I don't run out of air bubbles. I liked how you couldn't outswim the sharks (which turned out to be the cause of my downfall). Now in hindsight I think it would have been cool to make more use of verticality during the ocean part, like having some caves higher up in the rock wall. I liked the replacement sound for the SSG. Gave it a little bit of 'oomph'.

Other gameplay:

Since the map looks so nice, it's interesting enough to explore. I liked the air bubble mechanic and having the horsefish illuminate dark areas.

The secrets were okay. However, I couldn't find the third secret until Mugwump mentioned having to crank up the brightness, so that left a little bit to be desired.

I prefer short maps, so the map's length isn't really a problem, but maybe it was a bit too simple, as mentioned above, dunno.

Closing thoughts:

Overall, a really nice-looking map with a coherent theme, but the gameplay has a few hiccups here and there. The ocean part had the most interesting combat, which I would have liked to see more of and with some verticality.

Solomoriah Registered 18 February 2019, 23:50

I'm going to call this one "cute." But it's a nice departure from the usual gritty-brutal Quake content.

smallfish robocat Guest 11 September 2021, 8:25

Hey Redfield,

can you make an Arcane Dimensions version of this map?

Thank you in advance. :)

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