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Screenshot of digs06
Title:The Anomaly 2: Water (43a1b5fe8b57bac4b13afdd938a7f347)
Filesize:2903 Kilobytes
Release date:01.07.2011
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
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digs06.bsp7752 KB02.07.2011
digs06.txt2 KB01.07.2011

The Anomaly 2: Water

Large brick/metal complex where reality is twisted and many optical illusions occur. Nonlinear, explorational gameplay with puzzles and a great number of secret areas. The sequel to digs05.

Note: This level requires an engine port with increased limits, and r_wateralpha to be set to 0.3

Tags: large, wizard, metal, bricks, nonlinear, puzzles, chthon, limits, boss, exploration, water, abstract, experimental

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.4/5 with 40 ratings
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Qmaster 27 July 2011, 19:29
Lots of great usage of angular, rotated areas and of loopy puzzles. Overall a fun map but would've been better if it had been compiled with vis :(
digs 29 July 2011, 12:42
map compiled with vis.
EmoLevelDesigner 31 August 2011, 7:27
At first glance it's just a standard well-made Quake fortress. But then, it's almost like wallwalking in Prey in some places, then suddenly we meet partially or fully tilted rooms, really creating a feel of twisted reality. Drawn pictures come to life, and life mirrors itself in pictures.

Eventually we'll enter the corridor which is turned into a ring. There will be rotated rooms, where we will have to do some challenging maneuvers.

The author also remembered that in the world of Quake the water doesn't have to fall down, and can hang in the air. This feature is used creatively.

How can a designer surprise players when he has a limited toolset of Quake? It's good that there are authors who prove that it is possible to surprise.
Daz 25 November 2011, 19:50
Video playthrough, not a complete run as I got too confused :D Very interesting map however!
Digs 27 November 2011, 12:29
Daz, thank's for nice demo
delor 6 December 2011, 15:28
This map seems a bit tricky.. I look forward to play ! :)
El Hombre 8 December 2011, 2:30
Hmmm.. looks like a great and innovative map. However, something is busted right off.

I'm in the initial launch room, opened the gate, and "run forward non-stop" does nothing. I get a fraction up the wall and slide down again. Tried jumping, etc.

I'm using Quakespasm on Linux, but this appears to be a straight up map.
El Hombre 8 December 2011, 2:45
As a quick fix, I gave myself the rocket launcher and rocket jumped my way up. I hope the rest won't require this!
Digs 9 December 2011, 5:16
I checked in Quakespasm for windows. Everything is normal. It uses the same mechanism as that of wind tunnels. Should work without a rocket
El Hombre 10 December 2011, 21:45
Thanks for checking! Just doesn't seem to work for me. No worries. I just rocket jump when I get to one of these areas.

Btw, fantastic map! Really creative use of things and so many little details( like the paintings of weapons, but one is real, etc. ). I'm so confused, hahahaha....
czg 13 December 2011, 16:38
I played this and I got an amazing headache. Still a cool map tho.
AAS 2 January 2012, 8:03
Wonderful map, but gameplay is broken on latest DirectQ, constant freezes on curve floors :/
Digs 5 January 2012, 4:30
I tried the latest version of DirectQ. I do not seem to be any problems with the gameplay. But there were problems with the display of water columns. Not always correctly displayed himself column, bubbles are often seen only in the column, and on leaving the bubbles disappear. And sometimes the bubbles are displayed on a lighter background of the square. I thought that in an earlier version DirectQ this was not. It was okay.
peter tron 2 March 2012, 9:24
this really is what i want to see in a map.
mental warped configurations.
spawning, then immediately vanishing enemies.
i really like seeing an imaginative mind put to good use, and this map bloody has it!
some blokes will prefer a more vanilla/normal quake map style, but i don't feel straying far from some of these boundaries is a bad thing, especially if you thoroughly have a bangin' time.
this is the sort of map that gives you acid flasbacks, and upon completing it you find yourself sobbing 'n' shaking with euphoric madness.
(or you could just make a cup of tea, eat a chocolate bourbon, nod your head solemnly and say to yourself, "hmm, that was good!").
FifthElephant Registered 12 April 2013, 0:43

This is one of the best maps for Quake. I loved all the water puzzles, reminded me of Portal 2. The sideways rooms were amazing too! Really fantastic, 5/5 from me!

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 24 November 2013, 14:43

Warning: potential spoilers to follow.

An excellent map for the most part. Very innovative and really pushes the boundaries of what can be done with a Quake map.

Which makes it all the sadder that the boss fight was such a let-down. Although the mechanics of the original Chton fight have been replaced by tubes of water, it is essentially the exact same scene as in the original episode one finale -- predictable and a chore (run, dodge fireballs, push buttons, rinse and repeat).

Still, highly recommended as one of the best non-standard Quake maps out there.

Lane Powell Registered 11 May 2014, 3:08

I want to see more maps with this level of creativity.

Lane Powell Registered 11 May 2014, 3:08

Does the yellow armor secret require two rocket jumps or am I missing something?

digs Registered 11 May 2014, 3:20

You can jump down from the pentagram secret

Lane Powell Registered 11 May 2014, 4:16

Ah, ok. To be honest I used rocket jumping a lot on this map. I'm not sure which of those jumps (if any) were "normal" progression and which were sequence breaking haha

Jonan Guest 15 August 2014, 11:21

Great map. Perhaps a follow up with rotating rooms? Hipnotic triggers.

MikeTaylor Registered 13 December 2017, 11:03

Very hard to rate this one. It has some absolutely stellar sections, especially the ringworld beyond the silver-key door and all the 90-degree tilted sections around it with their deliciously nutty jumping puzzles. But in the end I simply gave up on the map because I just could not find the fifth pillar. I've been all over the map three or four times now looking for newly opened sections, and I'm coming up empty. This may just be my own idiocy (in support of that hypothesis, I offer the observation that even though I have reached 218 of the 240 kills -- 91% -- I have only one of the 20 secrets). But whatever the reason, it's map The Anomaly 2: Water ultimately a frustrating experience.

brunomiwa Registered 14 January 2018, 19:05

After reading all of the comments and played the map myself I say this: At the start, it was a delight. But the interconnected paths are a little bit hard to decypher. Plus, I laughed at the "it's not a secret" secret at the beggining and thought: "Well, the author is showing that these demon's walls aren't secrets". But afterwards I found a red armor secret behind one of those.

I don't know if it was a bug or a warning about the trap, but finding 8 secrets in one secret room seems odd.

At the end, ammo became very rare. Before the boss fight (which I find this very annoying, would prefer an arena), I had only rockets to fight the demon knights and scrags.

Interesting jumping puzzles at the end, but the scarce ammo made it very frustating, because you had tight jumps in tight spaces with only rockets to shoot.

And didn't like the backtracking because of the golden key appearing twice.

Overall: an ambitious map. Maybe some fine tunning would made me score this a 6/5 (it has potential to be beyond excelent) but I leave a 4/5.

death112 Registered 16 March 2018, 21:48

This is a top quality map. It'll screw with your mind. The end-boss fight really caught me by surprise. Yes, I knew by the layout of the room that the boss will come outa there. But you put a really nice twist to it.

Solomoriah Registered 24 April 2019, 2:43

Crazy map, makes NO sense, LOTS of fun!

Zombeaver Guest 14 June 2019, 0:19

Really cool map!

I just wanted to add a quick note here that if you're using FTEQW you'll need to add an autoexec.cfg to the folder (or just type it into the console) with sv_nqplayerphysics 1 (to enable NetQuake physics). It uses QuakeWorld physics by default, and the "wall walking" elements don't work correctly with it - works just fine with NetQuake physics enabled though.

Jugador Registered 21 October 2019, 14:32

Really nice map, with some twisty but logical exploration puzzles and polished, surreal looks. I used noclip to find the last pillar because I was too lazy to backtrack, but it wasn't hard to find at all. I just had failed to do what the map obviously wanted from me the first time I visited the place.

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