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Screenshot of dirt!
Download:dirt!.zip (0f48f8258a63c0bcdf5392100e450101)
Filesize:458 Kilobytes
Release date:01.07.1997
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
Dirt!2.bmp64 KB01.07.1997
Dirt!.txt2 KB01.07.1997
Dirt!3.bmp64 KB01.07.1997
dirt!.bsp912 KB01.07.1997
Dirt!1.bmp64 KB01.07.1997



Prolific mapper J.F Gustafsson's first map. While it is a mixture of good and bad, the classic 1997 vibe makes it fun to play. Quite small.

Tags: small, wizard, traps, dm

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2.7/5 with 16 ratings
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Repus Guest 6 December 2017, 12:09

This level is very uhm... squarish and very crude. There's one drawback that make it not as enjoyable at the end, as it should be: it's not clear what to do after entering the golden door. Only using noclip I could see that somewhere in the tunnel with moving block that crushes the player there's a door that you can shoot and enter the final room with two shamblers.

pmk Guest 31 March 2019, 1:30

I didn't like this map very much as i agree with the above poster that it was not clear how to find the exit to the map. Also the map is very dark which makes it hard to navigate through. Would not really recommend downloading this map as it only gets a two out of five rating from me.

Esrael Registered 15 June 2022, 10:30

While a good effort, it's not a surprise to learn the map being the author's first: crude map design, dark areas, unnecessarily trolly gameplay choices. There's even a chance to sequence break to the gold key. My favourite part was the forest at the beginning, which was the most detailed part of the map.

Nevertheless, if you can see behind all the beginner flaws, there's a pretty fun experience to be had, which is why I'd rate this something like 2.5/5.

Da Big Boo Registered 23 February 2023, 21:08

First section looks promising. The stage being set with trees and a watchtower but you are bombarded with enemy's too fast and too numerous to get into a rhythm.

The moving platforms are unreliable and precarious. Leading to plenty of unfair damage. Enemy balance is out the window and I had no clue how to get past the gold key squish room so I noclipped and found two shamblers stuffed in a room with the exit, so small was the room that you couldn't actually move so that's a hard L right there.

I get that it is a first map and I played on nightmare difficulty but this just wasn't iterated on enough. Hopefully his later maps will prove to be more well put together.

Oh and you can't see sh*t half the time.

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