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Screenshot of dmc2
Author:Connor Fitzgerald feat. Biff Debris, inertia, Evan Wagner, Kell
Title:Deathmatch Classics Vol. 2 (7f412ba7d2958ade8d9f7c679ccd9830)
Filesize:2418 Kilobytes
Release date:12.05.2011
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
dmc2.txt2 KB12.05.2011
dmc2m1.bsp1195 KB24.05.2011
dmc2m2.bsp1426 KB24.05.2011
dmc2m3.bsp1065 KB24.05.2011
dmc2m4.bsp1572 KB24.05.2011
dmc2m5.bsp1451 KB24.05.2011

Deathmatch Classics Vol. 2

Episode consisting of five classic deathmatch maps converted for single player (with speedrunning in mind):

dmc2m1 : Deadalus Revisited (imp1dm6) by Biff Debris
dmc2m2 : Slipstream (slip) by Inertia
dmc2m3 : Black Rain (evdm1) by Evan Wagner
dmc2m4 : The Killing Jar (kdmj) by Kell
dmc2m5 : Void Runner (kdmv) by Kell

Tags: episode, small, base, metal, rubicon, sda, dm

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3.7/5 with 16 ratings
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Bloughsburgh Registered 12 September 2016, 13:48

Deadalus Revisited was perhaps the most organized map. Great brushwork and flow considering the small map size.

Slipstream just felt like a generic romp in the base with some quake monsters thrown in...nothing stood out for me here.

Black Rain was unique with the blue metal void layout.

The Killing Jar was another notable level with interesting progression and great texture use. I think the biosuit can be an issue since the player doesn't know exactly when to grab them. I ended up breast-stroking through slime a few times!

Void Runner feels like an end map and I guess that makes sense! Fun to just go hog wild on the monsters with little risk. When you have a thunderbolt, Pent, and Quad, you basically feel unstoppable.

4 stars for the parts.

bfg666 Registered 18 November 2016, 1:41

Pretty much what Bloughsie said.

I enjoyed Slipstream a little more than him, though. It's not often that we can fight tougher monsters in base maps, so props for that. Also, one thing definitely stood out in this map, something that I have only encountered in Sock's Explore Jam 1 map so far: a vertical curve that can be used for slope-jumping to reach the highest room in the map.

I also disagree with him about the biosuits in Killing Jar, except the first one that you can grab before you really need it. The other ones are well-placed but usable only when you need them.

bfg666 Registered 18 November 2016, 1:55

Ooh, almost forgot: the Black Rain and Killing Jar maps should be swapped. It would be a lot more thematically coherent than the current order and would feel more like an episode than disjointed maps.

bfg666 Registered 18 November 2016, 2:02

One last thing (this website really needs an edit button!): supplies are overall in quite large excess. Don't worry about getting short on them, it shouldn't happen in any of these 5 maps unless you're particularly sloppy.

MikeTaylor Registered 23 November 2016, 15:38

I enjoyed this in an undemanding-romp kind of a way. None of the maps were familiar to me, but then I don't really play deathmatch.

Greenwood Registered 30 January 2020, 4:31

This is a cool little map pack. Not too stressful and a nice time killer. Biff's map (pictured) is arguably the standout, due to the nice brushwork, although they all have some interesting gimmicks in them. I ended up grenade jumping the last part of Inertia's map because I suck at ramp jumping :)

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