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Screenshot of dmc3
Author:negke feat. Lunaran, spirit, ShadoW, Vondur, Tyrann, R.P.G.
Title:Deathmatch Classics Vol. 3 (9a620fdc0f688e3d8898f96b659bbbf9)
Filesize:6124 Kilobytes
Release date:21.06.2011
Additional Links: QExpo boothDM3M8 hotfix
Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
dmc3.bsp1912 KB21.06.2011
dmc3.txt4 KB21.06.2011
dmc3m1.bsp1124 KB21.06.2011
dmc3m2.bsp962 KB21.06.2011
dmc3m3.bsp911 KB21.06.2011
dmc3m4.bsp977 KB21.06.2011
dmc3m5.bsp1273 KB21.06.2011
dmc3m6.bsp2951 KB21.06.2011
dmc3m7.bsp1394 KB21.06.2011
dmc3m8.bsp1777 KB21.06.2011
src/dmc3.map670 KB21.06.2011
src/dmc3m1.map551 KB21.06.2011
src/dmc3m2.map606 KB21.06.2011
src/dmc3m3.map541 KB21.06.2011
src/dmc3m4.map578 KB21.06.2011
src/dmc3m5.map904 KB21.06.2011
src/dmc3m6.map1987 KB21.06.2011
src/dmc3m7.map605 KB21.06.2011
src/dmc3m8.map946 KB21.06.2011

Deathmatch Classics Vol. 3

Eight small deathmatch levels by various authors converted into an action-packed single player episode. Comes with a start map and a secret level. The GPL map sources are included.

dmc3 : Deathmatch Classics Vol.3 by negke
dmc3m1 : Orange Whip (lundm1) by Lunaran
dmc3m2 : Zeal & Fury (spirit1dm3) by spirit
dmc3m3 : Deep Scars (q1shw2) by ShadoW
dmc3m4 : Aghast (aghast) by Vondur
dmc3m5 : Devastation (q1shw1) by ShadoW
dmc3m6 : Dark Ritual (ritual) by Tyrann
dmc3m7 : /me Votes Vondur For World Domination (rpgdm1) by R.P.G.
dmc3m8 : Base Of Two Deaths (negdm1) by negke

Note: There is a progression stopping bug in dm3m8 - a hotfix is available here.
Additionally, two of the maps are incompatible with QW servers. Alternate versions of them are available here.

Tags: episode, small, base, wizard, metal, mixtex, dm, source, start, boss, cr8

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.3/5 with 23 ratings
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necros 28 October 2011, 4:26
Good use of previous material and makes for a fun quake evening.
Cool qc hacks especially with the Shub-Niggurath fight.
negke 4 January 2012, 18:55
There's an issue in dmc3m8 on Normal skill. Sometimes one of the Scrags doesn't wake up and leave its teleporter closet, making it impossible to get all kills for the exit slipgate to activate. If that happens, you have to either restart the map or manually switch to the next map by entering "changelevel dmc3m7" in the console. No idea what's causing this. :(
mfx Registered 12 May 2013, 3:03

this is a hell of an episode. find all the runes, hooray to the extra map. cum. 5/5

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 19 June 2014, 18:34

A clear case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

I would perhaps not rate any of the respective maps (some of which have also been released individually) higher than a 3.5, because although they mostly look very nice and are excellent SP/DM conversions with plenty of entertainment value, they all show their DM roots in having little sense of place or narrative.

This, however, pretty much becomes a non-issue thanks to the start map/end sequence and (to a large extent) the secret map, which provide a sense of deliberate self-awareness to the entire pack. The rune search meta-game adds a great deal of additional play value, and the shotgun start button in each of the levels is a nice touch.

Some minor problems:

The difficulty level in terms of combat and secret hunting varies greatly and does not increase along with progression through the levels -- the very first map, for instance, has (in my opinion) the toughest secrets and most well-hidden rune.

For some reason, restarting after dying in a given map (as opposed to reloading from a saved game) made me lose my runes (is this a common problem?).

Playing on skill 1, I did in fact encounter the above-mentioned Scrag bug. For what it's worth, I could not find the Scrag anywhere when noclipping through the map -- it seems not to have failed to wake up, but to have disappeared entirely (I could be wrong, though). Does that perhaps help you troubleshoot, negke?

Overall, a wonderful and highly recommended pack.

MikeTaylor Registered 20 August 2015, 17:43

This deserves to be much better known. Although these eight levels all apparently started life as deathmatch arenas, there's not much to give that fact away, and they play brilliants as a single-player episode. I played on nightmare, and had occasion to regret it once or twice. In particular, R.P.G.'s dmc3m7 (/me Votes Vondur For World Domination) is absolutely brutal, and was quite right to tell me at the start "You will die here". Only problem was, it forgot to say "fifteen or twenty times".

I didn't find any of the runes, so I had to cheat to get to Negke's dmc3m8 (Base Of Two Deaths). I'm glad I did: although I don't usually like combat for the sake of combat, preferring exploration and discovery, I found this one really enjoyable, possibly even the pick of the pack.

All in all, a real gem from 2011. I can't give it five stars in 2015, but it's very well worth four even now, and would certainly have been a five-star release back in the day.

ezze Guest 6 November 2015, 12:48

Can anybody help with the secrets of the first level? I found 2 out of 3; one is on the open you just need a hard to see jump; one is beyond an unmarked shootable door... where is the third?

negke Registered 6 November 2015, 19:54

There's a small shootable vent above a doorway right at the start that opens the teleporter.

ezze Guest 8 November 2015, 19:49

A 100 Health box... that's make easier to pick up the rune. By the way, I found the run in dmc3m1, dmc3m2, and dmc3m3. But I am becoming insane looking for in in dmc3m4. Is that in another level? If so, which one?

onetruepurple Registered 8 November 2015, 20:12

It's in dmc3m4. Keep looking up!

ezze Guest 9 November 2015, 11:49

Found and finished the pack in skill 3. This episode is really good! I am not a fan of huge maps as I like to finish levels to have a sense of progression, and in this case I found it perfect. Good fights, good size, good theme... The only downsize if actually dmc3m7, the total lack of resources forces to play perfectly that it essentially mean: "save, play, was it perfect? yes: save again; no: reload." Since you don't know the map how much "good" is enough to continue is a mystery. This fact applies to all maps, but here was too extreme.

Anyhow, I guess a different style is good once in a while! Great pack, strongly advised if you like reasonably sized action maps.

Doc_Holliday Registered 30 June 2016, 10:37

Oh these were good...I played most of the maps in red health and loved it. Very well converted and edge of the seat all the way. Brilliant!!! Going to play the other 2 DM classics right now ;)

biggyboy Guest 5 July 2016, 16:43

Fun exploit in dmc3m7 -

Bloughsburgh Registered 25 August 2016, 12:06

Super fun maps but as other stated, some shine more than others. Still, the sum of its parts deserve a 4 star rating for sure.

ludicrous Registered 11 January 2017, 20:20

"Can anybody help with the secrets of the first level? I found 2 out of 3; one is on the open you just need a hard to see jump;"

I couldn't solve this jump. Is it really from the small ledge on the left side of this open?

Thanx for the rune hint, I also hadn't solved this. Playin' Quake for such a long time, and still overextended with new challenges ;-)

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