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Screenshot of dmd
Author:Andrew 'than' Palmer
Title:Deathmatch Dimension (1.02) (42cc2cd95191179eab53011f494ec561)
Filesize:29377 Kilobytes
Release date:09.06.2023
Additional Links: itch
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
dmd/dmd.txt11 KB11.06.2023
dmd/dmd_source.txt4 KB07.06.2023
dmd/dmd_story.txt20 KB09.06.2023
dmd/dmdemo4.dem2031 KB06.06.2023
dmd/dmdemo7.dem3891 KB05.06.2023
dmd/dmdemo9.dem2209 KB05.06.2023
dmd/gfx/conback.lmp63 KB04.02.2023
dmd/gfx/env/greycld_bk.tga1025 KB21.03.2023
dmd/gfx/env/greycld_dn.tga979 KB21.03.2023
dmd/gfx/env/greycld_ft.tga1025 KB21.03.2023
dmd/gfx/env/greycld_lf.tga1025 KB21.03.2023
dmd/gfx/env/greycld_rt.tga1025 KB21.03.2023
dmd/gfx/env/greycld_up.tga871 KB21.03.2023
dmd/gfx/env/greycld_wind.cfg1 KB21.03.2023
dmd/gfx/env/redcld_bk.tga1025 KB21.03.2023
dmd/gfx/env/redcld_dn.tga979 KB21.03.2023
dmd/gfx/env/redcld_ft.tga1025 KB21.03.2023
dmd/gfx/env/redcld_lf.tga1025 KB21.03.2023
dmd/gfx/env/redcld_rt.tga1025 KB21.03.2023
dmd/gfx/env/redcld_up.tga1025 KB21.03.2023
dmd/gfx/env/redcld_wind.cfg1 KB21.03.2023
dmd/mapdb.json3 KB01.06.2023
dmd/maps/dmd1.bsp4638 KB07.06.2023
dmd/maps/dmd1.lit1939 KB07.06.2023
dmd/maps/dmd2.bsp3185 KB11.06.2023
dmd/maps/dmd2.lit1413 KB11.06.2023
dmd/maps/dmd3.bsp4386 KB07.06.2023
dmd/maps/dmd3.lit1433 KB07.06.2023
dmd/maps/dmd4.bsp3209 KB10.06.2023
dmd/maps/dmd4.lit1161 KB10.06.2023
dmd/maps/dmd5.bsp3212 KB05.06.2023
dmd/maps/dmd5.lit991 KB05.06.2023
dmd/maps/dmd6.bsp5445 KB04.06.2023
dmd/maps/dmd6.lit1930 KB04.06.2023
dmd/maps/dmd7.bsp3170 KB09.06.2023
dmd/maps/dmd7.lit940 KB09.06.2023
dmd/maps/dmd8.bsp4365 KB06.06.2023
dmd/maps/dmd8.lit1674 KB06.06.2023
dmd/maps/dmd9.bsp3730 KB07.06.2023
dmd/maps/dmd9.lit1232 KB07.06.2023
dmd/maps/start.bsp3240 KB04.06.2023
dmd/maps/start.lit1106 KB04.06.2023
dmd/mapsrc/dmd1.map2533 KB07.06.2023
dmd/mapsrc/dmd2.map1982 KB11.06.2023
dmd/mapsrc/dmd3.map3081 KB07.06.2023
dmd/mapsrc/dmd4.map2203 KB10.06.2023
dmd/mapsrc/dmd5.map1712 KB05.06.2023
dmd/mapsrc/dmd6.map3985 KB04.06.2023
dmd/mapsrc/dmd7.map1670 KB09.06.2023
dmd/mapsrc/dmd8.map3961 KB06.06.2023
dmd/mapsrc/dmd9.map2393 KB07.06.2023
dmd/mapsrc/dmd_start.map2745 KB04.06.2023
dmd/progs.dat325 KB07.06.2023
dmd/quake.rc1 KB09.06.2023
dmd/src/ai.qc15 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/amtest.qc2 KB26.09.1996
dmd/src/boss.qc14 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/buttons.qc4 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/client.qc35 KB05.06.2023
dmd/src/combat.qc8 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/defs.qc19 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/demon.qc11 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/dog.qc11 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/doors.qc19 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/enforcer.qc12 KB07.06.2023
dmd/src/fight.qc9 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/fish.qc9 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/flag.qc1 KB26.09.1996
dmd/src/hknight.qc20 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/items.qc31 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/jctest.qc1 KB26.09.1996
dmd/src/knight.qc11 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/misc.qc16 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/models.qc11 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/monsters.qc6 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/ogre.qc16 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/oldone.qc12 KB22.04.2023
dmd/src/plats.qc9 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/player.qc19 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/progdefs.h3 KB04.11.2000
dmd/src/progs.src1 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/shalrath.qc9 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/shambler.qc14 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/soldier.qc11 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/sprites.qc2 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/subs.qc8 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/tarbaby.qc8 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/triggers.qc16 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/weapons.qc27 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/wizard.qc12 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/world.qc12 KB19.07.2021
dmd/src/zombie.qc21 KB19.07.2021

Deathmatch Dimension (1.02)

A single player episode containing 10 maps inspired by the official Quake deathmatch maps. Features four previously released and now updated maps, as well as five completely new maps and a start map. Most levels are medium-sized and take 10-20 minutes to complete. All maps can be played in sp, coop or dm and support all skill levels.

Note: Some of the maps require a source port with increased limits. Ironwail or vkQuake are recommended.
An updated version (1.03) is available here.

Tags: remix, remake, rmx, episode, dm, source, limits

Editor's Rating: no rating (yet)
User Rating:
4.9/5 with 59 ratings
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Alex Ros Registered 12 June 2023, 2:07

f**kin best. Among vanilla this one is my absolute favourite (as of June 2023). Among aaaaaall mods & eps existing this one is definetly in unsorted TOP-10, I do not want to compare. Must play for any Quake fan

ostx Registered 12 June 2023, 10:11

Absolutely amazing. Beautiful and very clever renditions and maps inspired-by the deathmatch maps. Best release recently!

BFIIKilla Registered 12 June 2023, 16:13

I have to say this is a really great vanilla style episode, which for me are my favorite type. From start to finish it was fantastic. Thanks for all your hard work on this, its really appreciated!

Enclave Guest 13 June 2023, 4:58

This is without a doubt one of the best sets of maps I have ever played... my only issue is that it ended.

Simply brilliant work. A masterpiece of clever design, great artistry and excellent fights. It doesn't overdo it like a lot of modern Quake map sets either which I really appreciate. Thank you!

homopoluza Registered 13 June 2023, 18:59

Map design, gameplay, and traps all are excellent! Cheff kiss! It was fun to find all dev's secret rooms.

PyroGXPilot Registered 13 June 2023, 20:17

Pure Gold

THEBIGCAT Registered 14 June 2023, 8:00

Thank you so much 10/10 I would gladly pay for something like this. As PyroGXPilot said Pure Gold.


Text_Fish Registered 14 June 2023, 11:00

Great pacing, crisp visuals and the sheer volume of quality content in this episode make it an instant classic, hopefully worthy of inclusion in the re-release to give it more exposure.

These maps prove over and over again that you don't need an overblown "kitchen sink" mod like AD or Progs_Dump to breathe new life in to Quake, although I would love to see what sort of interesting new monsters "Than" could conjure up if he ever does decide to create a small mod because he clearly has a very refined understanding of the game.

Zothique Registered 15 June 2023, 14:55

The joy of seeing people's cheers nowadays to these old classics is only surpassed by being able to play new than maps. 5 stars!

Johnny Law Registered 15 June 2023, 17:56

One of my favorite recent releases for sure.

Every map looks great and has interesting exploration/pathing. Combat on skill 2 is challenging in a fun way. The map sizes are just right and the episode progression works pretty well -- not perfect, but better than some episodes where you are just swimming in ammo and power weapons in latter maps.

The nostalgia twist on these is the secret sauce... the map structure has obviously been rebuilt rather than just copied, but you can still easily recognize some familiar locations and routes. Then the map will surprise you with something that has been changed or added. Just a great balance there.

Johnny Law Registered 15 June 2023, 17:58

BTW note that there is also a "1.03" version released that has fixes for easy skill:

Mopey bloke Registered 15 June 2023, 18:37

I played a few of these maps before, and they are excellent. I guess I would've liked to have access to grenades sooner if I'm to be honest.

Also Andrew Palmer made a face reveal in this pack. So play it all over again and search for every secret if you didn't see it.

Mr.Burns Registered 23 June 2023, 7:23

Very nice work Andrew, well done. It kept me absorbed from start to finish and there were some very nice touches. Please keep them coming. Kind regards Monty

ludicrous Registered 23 June 2023, 18:34

Great. I only knew DMD6 and DMD7.

All maps look good and gameplay is not too difficult for me, as mostly playing skill 0.

I discovered most of the secrets, three secret rooms, and also the secret map.

An atmospheric episode.

Thanx, as always.

Titosor Registered 25 June 2023, 7:04

High quality. Nice tight map design and good flow. Play it!

The_Pirate Registered 25 June 2023, 7:59

This is damn close to perfect.

Old mapper, wondrful skillset, oceans of imagination. A strong sense of balance and playabillity.

And he's letting stuff mature and develop over time. Like old whiskey maturing in oak casks.

I have a very short list of classic maps, that i return to again and again. I think i will have to include this map pack...

Than - thanks for your years of quality work. And thanks for sharing!

Rudi Registered 28 June 2023, 7:46

very nnice bro

DMXneon Registered 2 July 2023, 18:29

Really great stuff - and fairly challenging even on Normal skill!

Limpet Arch Registered 4 July 2023, 18:27

I cannot think of a better fit for a pre-2021 Episode 6. Also, the first level is definitively the only time in Quake's history where the regular nailgun would actually be used in a deathmatch level.

OldKnavy Registered 5 July 2023, 2:29

Easily one of the best ever episodes for Quake, comfortably matches the quality of Terra, Beyond Belief, and Episode 4: The Elder World.

yavzas Guest 8 July 2023, 11:28

ttahs awesome mod for quake... i like so so much.

stoo Registered 15 July 2023, 20:21

Absolutely phenomenal. A joy to play from beginning to end. Wandering through these beautifully reimagined levels was an awesome experience and it's clear that they were thoughtfully, masterfully designed to be true to the originals; instantly familiar while feeling fresh and exciting. Played on Skill 2 and it was perfectly balanced, pacing was amazing, the progression flowed seamlessly and the secrets (especially the unmarked ones) were hidden so perfectly in plain sight. Just download it now. 10/10

Ewigkind Registered 19 July 2023, 20:40

Great Mapset 5/5 I really liked all the similarities to the original quake maps, and the secrets that joke around about the dev team :)

Agentflit Registered 22 July 2023, 23:25

Absolutely classic yet tastefully modern. Everything from enemy placement to level progression is top tier polished. Fun secrets too. I'm extremely impressed. Thank you Andrew! You should be proud.

DMD5 is my favorite at the moment but every map is a delight.

Played on nightmare.

mfx Registered 24 July 2023, 14:31

Instant Classic!

MikeTaylor Registered 24 July 2023, 17:09

It takes a lot for me to score a map as five stars, in these days where five-star territory has to mean "on a part with the Rubicon Rumble Pack, Arcane Dimensions or Alkaline". This pack does it. Every single map is a joy to play, with beautiful architecture, brutal combats, disturbing atmosphere, and enjoyable progression. The whole thing is a perfect lesson in how to build Quake levels that work on every level.

My only quibble, I suppose, would be that some of the later maps feel like they were designed for a shotgun start, and are a bit too easy when you approach them already weaponed up. But of course you can always make your own shotgun start by using map dmd6 (or whichever) as you enter each new level.

So, so good.

nerjal Registered 17 August 2023, 23:59

One of the best Quake releases ever, making this an instant superclassic. Every map is well crafted and in the right size, but it's on dmd8 and dmd9 where it really shines, they're the most fun and gorgeous maps of the pack. Highly recommended!

PooshFox Registered 29 August 2023, 14:25

It,s awesome!

lowenz Registered 15 September 2023, 0:44

Question! Why using Ironwail I can't force the sndspeed with the commandline switch +sndspeed ONLY in this top tier map pack? :|

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