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Screenshot of dranzsp1
Author:Chris "Drannerz" Dransfield
Title:Death waits (cc53100082b7b1b20df17c2f0ec15b8e)
Filesize:560 Kilobytes
Release date:13.05.2000
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
DRANZSP1.bsp1348 KB13.05.2000
Dranzsp1.txt2 KB13.05.2000

Death waits

Medium sized zerstyle base/metal map. Quite hard.

Tags: base, metal, medium, zer, daz, hard, traps

Editor's Rating: Nice
User Rating:
3/5 with 15 ratings
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Gib 10 April 2010, 21:43
Seemed really hard right from the getgo, with no alot of ammo at the start to cope with it. Good fun map though, will have to go back to uncover the 2 secrets I missed.
hkBattousai 13 June 2012, 16:50
I just bothered to vote because this map is listed with 4 stars, and it doesn't indeed deserve those 4 stars. And, that "jump of faith" was absolutely ridiculous!
Spirit 14 June 2012, 0:00
I hope you realise that by voting like that, you just make others vote exactly the same way. Do not vote to influence a rating. Vote with the rating you would rate the release. Otherwise you are ruining the whole idea behind letting people rate maps...
Spirit Registered 24 June 2014, 18:08

Quite brutal and rather unfair map. You have to save every few steps if you don't know it.

Cobalt Registered 24 December 2015, 19:57

Hrm...Dranz's DM maps are actually quite good, surprised the SP got such poor reviews.

Lane Powell Registered 29 January 2019, 0:12

Alright map, it's mostly hard near the beginning due to a severe ammo shortage vs. some nasty surprises. It's quite difficult to get much farther than the first few areas even on skill 1, but it ends up being one of those maps that gets slightly easier as you go along and pick up more resources.

Visually it's pretty basic, channeling the first map of the original zer mod. Progression is also pretty basic, maybe over-reliant on teleports.

Not bad, but not one of the better maps for the mod. Skill 2/3 would maybe be recommended for challenge-seekers.

Greenwood Registered 10 February 2020, 19:33

It's comical how humble this mapper is in his Read Me file ("This level rocks!").

Like Lane states above, it's alright. I do appreciate some of the things that he throws at you, like having to shoot a vore on land while submerged underwater or deal with a vore and 2 spawns in an enclosed room.

However, spawning chainsaw wielding ogres or 1-hit-kill fiends directly behind you while doling out zero health most of the time is not exactly great gameplay. You basically have to do a lot of save scumming. You die, reload (now knowing where enemies spawn in), kill, advance to the next room, and repeat. It not overly enjoyable. The leap-of-faith bridge is rather buggy too. On one try I ended up stuck inside the bridge.

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