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Screenshot of drastic
Author:Mark Wheeler
Title:Drastic Falls (fc00f43b2cde2326c3805a37727e992e)
Filesize:1678 Kilobytes
Release date:17.01.1997
Additional Links: Crash's
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
drastic/maps/drastic.bsp1324 KB16.01.1997
drastic/walls01.txt4 KB14.10.1996
drastic/PROGS.DAT474 KB15.01.1997
drastic/CONFIG.CFG7 KB17.01.1997
drastic/BAZOOKA.TXT5 KB26.11.1996
drastic/drastic.txt4 KB17.01.1997
drastic/DRONE.TXT4 KB25.12.1996
drastic/sound/soldier/sattck1.wav14 KB14.01.1997
drastic/sound/soldier/pain1.wav5 KB14.01.1997
drastic/sound/soldier/pain2.wav8 KB14.01.1997
drastic/sound/soldier/idle.wav4 KB14.01.1997
drastic/sound/soldier/death1.wav35 KB14.01.1997
drastic/sound/soldier/sight1.wav4 KB14.01.1997
drastic/sound/kungfu.wav29 KB30.10.1996
drastic/sound/bfg/BFG.WAV18 KB23.11.1996
drastic/sound/ambience/rain.wav90 KB09.12.1996
drastic/sound/ambience/eagle.wav37 KB14.01.1997
drastic/sound/ambience/Copy of eagle.wav37 KB14.01.1997
drastic/sound/ambience/THUNDER1.WAV41 KB24.09.1996
drastic/sound/ha.WAV3 KB30.10.1996
drastic/sound/bazooka/DIE.WAV10 KB16.01.1997
drastic/sound/bazooka/DIES3.WAV10 KB15.11.1996
drastic/sound/bazooka/GRRR.WAV12 KB15.11.1996
drastic/sound/bazooka/DIES1.WAV9 KB15.11.1996
drastic/sound/bazooka/YEOW.WAV7 KB15.11.1996
drastic/sound/bazooka/STEP1.WAV27 KB07.09.1996
drastic/sound/bazooka/OOAA.WAV5 KB15.11.1996
drastic/sound/bazooka/STEPSTOP.WAV6 KB07.09.1996
drastic/sound/bazooka/When.wav22 KB17.01.1997
drastic/sound/bazooka/AHAIA.WAV8 KB16.01.1997
drastic/sound/bazooka/DIES2.WAV9 KB15.11.1996
drastic/sound/died.wav24 KB02.11.1996
drastic/sound/wall/wall01.wav33 KB13.10.1996
drastic/sound/hiyaa.wav18 KB16.01.1997
drastic/sound/ohdju.wav9 KB16.01.1997
drastic/sound/blarg/BJUMP2.WAV7 KB18.12.1996
drastic/sound/blarg/BIDLE2.WAV23 KB18.12.1996
drastic/sound/blarg/BJUMP.WAV24 KB14.01.1997
drastic/sound/blarg/BIDLE.WAV26 KB18.12.1996
drastic/sound/tchak.wav10 KB30.10.1996
drastic/rain.txt3 KB09.12.1996
drastic/BLARG.TXT3 KB25.12.1996
drastic/manga.txt2 KB04.11.1996
drastic/BFG.TXT9 KB26.11.1996
drastic/SNAKEMAN.TXT5 KB24.10.1996
drastic/progs/DRONE1.MDL68 KB24.12.1996
drastic/progs/DRNGIB3.MDL42 KB24.12.1996
drastic/progs/H_BABE.MDL27 KB14.11.1996
drastic/progs/SNAKEMAN.MDL129 KB13.01.1997
drastic/progs/DRNGIB1.MDL17 KB24.12.1996
drastic/progs/BAZOOKA.MDL141 KB20.11.1996
drastic/progs/manga3.mdl94 KB02.11.1996
drastic/progs/PULSE.MDL16 KB15.11.1996
drastic/progs/rubble1.mdl6 KB11.10.1996
drastic/progs/BLARG.MDL121 KB18.12.1996
drastic/progs/soldier.mdl143 KB14.01.1997
drastic/progs/UZI.MDL52 KB23.10.1996
drastic/progs/KIKBULL.MDL115 KB18.12.1996
drastic/progs/s_rain.spr37 KB02.12.1996
drastic/progs/rubble2.mdl16 KB11.10.1996
drastic/progs/DRNGIB2.MDL35 KB24.12.1996
drastic/progs/rubble3.mdl22 KB11.10.1996
drastic_quaddictedrepack.txt1 KB28.04.2009

Drastic Falls

Around medium map with a tree house, a waterfall canyon and a dam. Strange custom textures, rain, and new monsters: Snakeman, Bazooka babe, Drone, Blargs and Manga babes.
This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash

Tags: medium, textures, monsters, sounds, traps, puzzles, outdoors, waterfall

Editor's Rating: Average
User Rating:
1.8/5 with 9 ratings
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Esrael Registered 24 February 2018, 17:18

Unfortunately there's not a whole lot of good to say about this map, so let's first list the bad:

  • Cramped

    It's easy to get stuck in the geometry and especially the wind tunnels are really bad. Well, at least the enemies have it just as bad, getting stuck in geometry and such.

  • Cheap traps

    I got stuck in a few water pools, from which I was unable to climb back up. The author could have at least instakilled me if he decided to make trap pools. :/ Speaking of instakills, don't even think about falling down from the waterfall in any other way than how the author had intended, because you could very well end up perishing suddenly.

  • Obnoxious sounds

    A couple of the new monsters, the manga babe and the blarg, have really obnoxious sounds that get old very fast. There are a lot of blargs on this map, too, so it will be quite a while until you manage to silence them and bring peace and quiet to the map.

  • Frustrating puzzles

    The map tells you to look for a smiling face somewhere in the map, which pretty much requires playing hide-and-seek with stubborn searching for a shootable button in an arbitrary place in the map, which, in addition, is hidden in darkness. Have "fun" trying to find that button.

    The last "puzzle" is also completely uncalled for, requiring you to go through three teleporters before the exit opens. After each teleportation, you're sent back to the other side of the room, where you'll drop into one of the pools I was unable to climb back up from. So you'll have to time your teleportation just right to land on top of the platform on the other side.

I'd say the only good thing about the map is the looks of the waterfall room. The addition of rain and thunder really bring an outdoor feel to the map. Even though in the long run the blarg idle sound is super annoying, in the beginning the constant cacophony of noise around you kind of makes you feel like you're in this lush rainforest environment full of wildlife sounds. Also, having no prior experience on the blarg monster, I felt kind of unnerved by the unknown monster. I'm having a hard time recommending this map based on those merits, though. Whatever charm or pros the map may have, they're overwhelmingly outweighed by the bad, which make this map just a frustrating experience not worth your time.

Redfield Registered 24 February 2018, 23:09

Yeah, but it does have karate kicking, grenade launching, sexy manga babes. And somehow that makes me smile.

And yes, that ambient sound for the blarg thing-a-mijig is ridiculous. I think it could have been fixed if the blarg ambient sound was the blarg agroed sound.

Esrael Registered 27 February 2018, 11:38

The babes would probably put a smile on my face too, if only they didn't have a a ridiculous idle sound, as well. :/ And no, they're not cute enough for me not to get angry with them. xD

Thankfully the sounds are incredibly easy to replace with something better on this mod, seeing as it isn't even packed in a pak file. So, if anyone wants to try out this map, I'd recommend doing yourselves a favour by replacing the files kungfu.wav, BIDLE.WAV and BIDLE2.WAV with something less obnoxious.

MikeTaylor Registered 28 February 2018, 21:55

Truly awful. It takes a lot for me to not bother finishing a map, but this was just wretched from start to ... the bit where I gave up. A rare example of a Quake that does literally everything wrong. If i could award zero stars, I would.

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