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Screenshot of du2
Author:czg, OG, Yoder
Title:Disconcerting Unease 2 (fd56e7f04e8b5d273fad1ab30be1a77f)
Filesize:24313 Kilobytes
Release date:19.10.2020
Additional Links: Func_MsgboardPoster
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✘ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
du2_readme.txt2 KB19.10.2020
gfx/env/eaglesdare_bk.tga569 KB19.10.2020
gfx/env/eaglesdare_dn.tga746 KB19.10.2020
gfx/env/eaglesdare_ft.tga633 KB19.10.2020
gfx/env/eaglesdare_lf.tga528 KB19.10.2020
gfx/env/eaglesdare_rt.tga601 KB19.10.2020
gfx/env/eaglesdare_up.tga228 KB19.10.2020
maps/du2_grawert.bsp20869 KB19.10.2020
maps/du2_grawert.lit4809 KB19.10.2020
maps/du2_infinite.bsp8482 KB19.10.2020
maps/du2_infinite.lit1065 KB19.10.2020
maps/du2_og.bsp5955 KB19.10.2020
maps/du2_og.lit3512 KB19.10.2020
maps/du2_yoder.bsp3716 KB19.10.2020
maps/du2_yoder.lit1169 KB19.10.2020
maps/source/du2_grawert.map4828 KB19.10.2020
maps/source/du2_infinite.map607 KB19.10.2020
maps/source/du2_og.map1167 KB19.10.2020
maps/source/du2_yoder.map2162 KB19.10.2020
progs.dat387 KB19.10.2020
sound/level/brkglas.wav72 KB19.10.2020
sound/level/death.wav74 KB19.10.2020
textures/du2_grawert/{customer0.tga4097 KB19.10.2020
textures/du2_grawert/{customer1.tga1025 KB19.10.2020
textures/du2_grawert/{customer2.tga4097 KB19.10.2020
textures/du2_grawert/{customer3.tga4097 KB19.10.2020
textures/du2_grawert/{customer4.tga513 KB19.10.2020
textures/du2_grawert/{customer5.tga2049 KB19.10.2020
textures/du2_grawert/{karen.tga4097 KB19.10.2020
textures/du2_grawert/{manager.tga2049 KB19.10.2020

Disconcerting Unease 2

Four small to medium-sized spooky Halloween maps: an arctic outpost, a Q2-textured mining complex, a pumpkin spice latte franchise place, and an infinite horde arena. Comes with a few new features, a custom skybox and new sounds. The map sources are included.

Note: These maps require a source port with increased limits + BSP2 support.

Tags: medium, halloween, arctic, snow, winter, q2, mining, base, realism, pumpkins, arena, skybox, sounds, source, limits, bsp2

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3.7/5 with 26 ratings
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