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Screenshot of evspq1
Author:Evan Wagner
Title:A Subtle Dagger (73f1bcbe7b8940a64a414259fc379e5e)
Filesize:943 Kilobytes
Release date:19.12.2003
Additional Links: Underworldfan's
Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
evspq1.bsp2311 KB19.12.2003
evspq1.txt2 KB19.12.2003

A Subtle Dagger

Medium sized Metal level.

Tags: gothic, metal, outdoors, crypt, easy, simple, medium

Editor's Rating: Nice
User Rating:
3.7/5 with 15 ratings
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Ubermann 30 June 2010, 17:56
Nothing really special.

This map is a kind of Gothic-type castle or fortress with some indoors and outdoors areas.

The general aspect is quite good. With simple and clean construction, big areas to explore and some decent texture placement.

If you want to play an easy and simple map, without breaking your brain out, just play this map. You will enjoy 10 minutes.

In the bad side, the big areas make the map to look quite empty, out of detail, although the author put here and there some more complex structures.
Also, another bad thing is that strong monsters like Vores, Shamblers, Fiends, and so on, are placed where they do not supose a threat for the player by any means. They also come too early, when you are almost full of ammo and health.

Indeed, not a bad map nor a good map. 3/4.
hkBattousai 15 June 2012, 9:54
This map was better than some 5-star maps. I wonder why did it get only three stars.
Cocerello Registered 17 January 2013, 18:16
It's a map with an ID like feeling, non-linear layout, and decent brushwork. The gameplay is decent with an amount of ammo/health/armor quite good. Monsters need better placement but aren't positioned too bad. Difficulty is a bit below ID maps if you don't find the secrets, which i do think that are completely unnecessary to complete the map.

Resuming, a map above average, but that needs something special to become something to remember for long. Good for a quick play.
dBAudio Registered 2 August 2014, 0:52

an id feel for most of the map, but nothing spectacular to me. i would've preferred smaller areas or more monsters. 10 min sounds about right.

MikeTaylor Registered 5 September 2022, 21:02

Not too shoddy — a bit above the level of ID's maps. Nothing too surprising or novel, but it's well enough put together, except for that one place where there is inexplicably a teleporter where a simple staircase would suffice.

MikeTaylor Registered 5 September 2022, 21:02

by the way, I notice that this is the 666th map I have rated!

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