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Screenshot of ex_area32x_q1
Title:Area32x (ff3063111b172c30405aa2942b02562d)
Filesize:5360 Kilobytes
Release date:03.03.2019
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
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id1/maps/ex_area32x_q1.bsp8170 KB03.03.2019
id1/maps/ex_area32x_q1.lit4107 KB03.03.2019
id1/maps/ex_area32x_q1.readme.txt6 KB03.03.2019
wads/q_area32x.wad3994 KB02.03.2019


Large base level with Half-Life-inspired style and textures.

Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.

Tags: large, base, realism, half-life, textures

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3.3/5 with 23 ratings
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eXeler0 Registered 5 March 2019, 22:57

Howdy, I'm the author of this map. Just wanted to say it's inspired by Half-Life, it does NOT use any actual Half-Life textures or assets.

eXeler0 Registered 8 March 2019, 15:53

Something to consider from a gameplay perspective: This is not necessarily your average Quake map. See it more like a Half-Life inspired mini-game where you are supposed to explore the level in order to increase your chances to succeed. The most obvious path is not necessarily always the right one. As you go along and find the secrets you'll learn how to use the available ammo and weapons in the most optimal way.

Solomoriah Registered 12 March 2019, 2:39

Pretty cool map, eXeler0! Interesting and moderately challenging. I found the shoot-it red buttons odd, but they didn't stop me having fun.

eXeler0 Registered 13 March 2019, 0:35

Thanx Solomoriah, glad you enjoyed it. I understand shootable red buttons confused some, reason I chose it was to give me some options to create some puzzles (and then I just kept it consistent throughout the map. :-)

zigi Registered 19 March 2019, 21:12

Cool map dude! You can tell that it is Half-Life inspired, great work! Playthrough ->

eXeler0 Registered 21 March 2019, 23:53

Thanx @zigi Always cool to see how other players will take on the map.

coincoincanard Registered 15 April 2019, 0:38

Hello eXeler0,

It's a nice map you got there, and I can see what kind of inspiration you got from Half-Life.

As the map is labelled "RC3" in your readme, here are some thoughts about your map.

  • Ennemies are shooting at you right from the start. You might face them up a different direction for them not to attack you directly.

  • You might want to tone down the exterior lightning a little bit. It makes sens for the underground base to have clear lighting, but not from the outside.

  • The gameplay could be much more fluid. There's a lot of things getting in the way: fences to jump over, tiny edges to climb, places difficult to backtrack. I know this is intended, but most of theses items needs multiple tries to get over them and it breaks the fluidity of the experience in my opinion.

  • Some decorating elements gets in the way of the player and can get him stuck. For exemple, direction panels above elevators.

  • You sould use the clip bush to make the stairs more fluid. See dumptruck_ds's video about clip brushes.

  • It's not always easy to know where you should go. Try to see if you can connect places together. For exemple, when you get a key to open an door, there should be a passage connecting them together, rather than having to backtrack.

  • Some visual indication would be great to help the player recognise the environment when backtracking.

  • The push-buttons are off, in my humble opinion. You should try opting for the classical Quake-style "touch" button.

  • The new custom textures are much higher resolution than the original Quake textures that are also used. It created a weird visual effect.

  • The number of shamblers is too high for my taste, but that's a personal preference.

  • Some text messages are stuck in a short loop, and could have a much longer display time.

  • The secret doors are easy to spot, because they are a little bit off from the environment. There should be an elegant way to fix that.

Hope this will help you. I wish the .MAP was available!

Best regards, and keep mapping!

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