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Screenshot of explorejam1
Author:PuLSaR, sock
Title:Explore Jam 1 (c023b6683089a851b1777523cd632d15)
Filesize:5512 Kilobytes
Release date:01.03.2016
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
explorejam1_readme.txt3 KB01.03.2016
gfx/env/moonhigh_bk.tga1025 KB19.03.2014
gfx/env/moonhigh_dn.tga1025 KB19.03.2014
gfx/env/moonhigh_ft.tga1025 KB19.03.2014
gfx/env/moonhigh_lf.tga1025 KB19.03.2014
gfx/env/moonhigh_rt.tga1025 KB19.03.2014
gfx/env/moonhigh_up.tga1025 KB28.10.2015
gfx/env/morose_bk.tga769 KB23.01.2006
gfx/env/morose_dn.tga769 KB23.01.2006
gfx/env/morose_ft.tga769 KB23.01.2006
gfx/env/morose_lf.tga769 KB23.01.2006
gfx/env/morose_rt.tga769 KB23.01.2006
gfx/env/morose_up.tga769 KB23.01.2006
maps/b_batt0.bsp7 KB01.03.2016
maps/b_batt1.bsp7 KB01.03.2016
maps/b_bh10.bsp7 KB01.03.2016
maps/b_bh100.bsp8 KB01.03.2016
maps/b_bh25.bsp9 KB01.03.2016
maps/b_nail0.bsp6 KB01.03.2016
maps/b_nail1.bsp7 KB01.03.2016
maps/b_rock0.bsp7 KB01.03.2016
maps/b_rock1.bsp8 KB01.03.2016
maps/b_shell0.bsp6 KB01.03.2016
maps/b_shell1.bsp9 KB01.03.2016
maps/explorejam1_pulsar.bsp1063 KB01.03.2016
maps/explorejam1_pulsar.lit546 KB01.03.2016
maps/explorejam1_pulsar.map659 KB01.03.2016
maps/explorejam1_sock.bsp1440 KB01.03.2016
maps/explorejam1_sock.lit503 KB01.03.2016
maps/explorejam1_sock.map783 KB01.03.2016
runjumpexplore1.jpg216 KB01.03.2016

Explore Jam 1

Two small maps made over two days. Gameplay is experimental and focuses solely on exploration and finding the way to progress. There are no monsters and no serious threats to the player.

The map sources are included.

Note: These maps require an engine with skybox support.

Tags: exploration, puzzles, skybox, parkour, no monsters

Editor's Rating: Nice
User Rating:
4.2/5 with 42 ratings
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Boomstick Guest 27 June 2016, 12:26

Myst and Quake....probably riven and the feel of a real world would work.

Bloughsburgh Registered 27 June 2016, 16:53

Very fun experimental maps.

With Pulsar's being more of a tutorial of sorts while the Sock's being a free roam button search!

This shows a lot of potential with exploration maps such as being used a bonus secret level or such.

newbie Guest 27 June 2016, 17:57

While Pulsar's seems "more of a tutorial" I can't find the way to press the last button up there in the dark corner :)

PuLSaR Registered 27 June 2016, 19:53

tried to shoot it?

PuLSaR Registered 27 June 2016, 19:57

or you can't find a button that lowers the platform to the button in the corner?

Newbie Guest 27 June 2016, 23:47

The last (according to the message) upper button of the 3-button vertical row :) Can't shoot it :)

Newbie Guest 27 June 2016, 23:54

Yeah!.. I've found the red shooting button at the corner ;) Great map, thanks!

kukkye Registered 28 June 2016, 15:05

fun maps, i hope you make some more of these

MikeTaylor Registered 29 June 2016, 15:13

I enjoyed Quario Qube (explorejam1_pulsar), while nevertheless thinking it would have been more enjoyable with some monsters, guns and ammo tossed in. Found my way through, but my word I needed a lot of tries to pull of that diagonal slope-jump at the end!

It's disconcerting having no measure of how far through a level you are. Usually the monster count is a decent proxy.

Lavra Guest 29 June 2016, 15:28

Two stimulating maps, with a very interesting use of architecture in terms of exploration and player dynamics. There are some movements which, somehow, reminds me to skateboarding in half or quarter pipes. It's cool! :)

blob Registered 30 June 2016, 23:26

That was fresh! :) That could be pretty interesting in a bigger map alternating explorations and pockets of monsters. Some inspiring ideas for secrets there. Liked both but Quario qube was really dark for me, had to kick up the brightness a bunch.

ArrrCee Registered 4 July 2016, 16:14

Explore Jam 1 on The Quake Grave

I don't have much to say here besides that this little jam is pretty amazing. I've wanted this type of map for a little while and I'm glad that they exist now. I had a lot of fun playing these and I hope we get to see more of these in the future!

MikeTaylor Registered 5 July 2016, 9:40

Forgot to say that I very much enjoyed Sock's TrickyExplorer (explorejam1_sock) as well -- though I would have found it more satisfying if, after each button press, it told me how many more still remained to be done.

But again, I can't shake the feeling that it would have been even more fun with monsters.

jackieben Registered 14 July 2016, 23:40

Really liked them, just the right ammount of challenge without pulling too much hair out, plus the acrobatics complemented the game of playing hide and seek with the buttons well. Looking forward to full time maps of this category.

Starting with the second map is a good idea for those unfamiliar with slope jumps, it's a good tutorial, while in the first map they are more advanced.

Skully Guest 12 August 2016, 5:15

These maps were pretty fun! I hope there are more like these!

cox Registered 21 August 2016, 23:08

okay, I have to admit - pretty awesome concept! I like this kind of maps - you have to really focus on what you're going to do next :)

Have to say, though, that first map was trickier for me - especially the last platform - damn, that was unexpected - I've switched from Quake Live to see if there are any new maps to try. Tried to trick jump all the way without using my brain - that's not how it is supposed to be done :)

And the second one - sock - a little bit to open for me - but - i think, that i went the other way around on most of the switches :)

After all - challenging and fun. Keep'em coming :)

bfg666 Registered 1 September 2016, 22:44

Wow! I came to this map pack thanks to ArrrCee's video and my only regret is that I wish there were more and longer maps, with more types of puzzles. Just two short push-buttons only whet my appetite. What I liked is that the puzzles are not nerve-wracking to understand but their completion can be tricky. Oddly enough, and as others have noted, though PuLSaR's is supposed to be the tutorial, it is the one I found more difficult with a couple very hard jumps. Sock's reminded me a bit of his Metal Monstrosity with a different texture set. Here's hoping for an Explore Jam 2 with (a lot) more content...

PS: If anyone has found the secret in sock's map, please share.

unbirthday Registered 14 September 2016, 10:07

Enjoyed - but the lack of monsters was deafening.

ubiquitous Registered 30 September 2016, 22:22

Loved these maps.

Not quite sure why people say Pulsar's map is a tutorial -- I found it to be the more difficult of the two.

Both maps had distinct strengths. Sock's map felt like a virtual Rubik's cube, trying to figure out different ways of twisting the map to get to a corner you haven't been to yet. Pulsar's map felt like the Quake version of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, and there was something especially enchanting about its atmosphere.

I would like to play more of this style of map.

Alex Ros Registered 16 July 2021, 21:27

In fact it's interesting. I liked that. I wish there be more explorational elements in usual elements. Infinite battles are boring. THANKS for creation

triple_agent Registered 19 March 2022, 3:55

Both entries in this jam are excellent, but I thought the puzzle by 'Pulsar', was more concise, complete and less contingent. These maps, nonetheless, are not for the layman - they require the mastery of some advanced 'Quake' movement techniques. Anyhow, the question is, does this small jam, exhaust 'Quake' potential for smart puzzles and no-monster level design, while still involving certain degree of a challenge nonetheless?

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