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Author:Adib Murad, Avix, Chuma, CommonCold, Icecoldtofu, Ish, Konig, RecycledOJ, Shadesmaster, Zigi
Title:Fireblu Jam (0e1173e4c3c93d396425b84689eced35)
Filesize:85315 Kilobytes
Release date:25.05.2023
Additional Links: TrailerSlipseer
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
fbj/FBJ_README.txt2 KB25.08.2023
fbj/FBJcover.png1400 KB19.08.2023
fbj/READMEs/VG9tbXk=.zip2 KB19.08.2023
fbj/READMEs/fbj_adib.txt2 KB21.08.2023
fbj/READMEs/fbj_cc.txt2 KB16.08.2023
fbj/READMEs/fbj_chuma.txt2 KB12.08.2023
fbj/READMEs/fbj_ict.txt1 KB22.08.2023
fbj/READMEs/fbj_konig.txt2 KB21.08.2023
fbj/READMEs/fbj_recycledoj.txt2 KB14.08.2023
fbj/READMEs/fbj_zigi.txt1 KB18.08.2023
fbj/gfx/env/d1sky1_bk.tga33 KB08.08.2023
fbj/gfx/env/d1sky1_dn.tga40 KB08.08.2023
fbj/gfx/env/d1sky1_ft.tga34 KB08.08.2023
fbj/gfx/env/d1sky1_lf.tga33 KB08.08.2023
fbj/gfx/env/d1sky1_rt.tga34 KB08.08.2023
fbj/gfx/env/d1sky1_up.tga23 KB09.08.2023
fbj/gfx/env/jam6scampbk.tga3073 KB18.08.2015
fbj/gfx/env/jam6scampdn.tga3073 KB18.08.2015
fbj/gfx/env/jam6scampft.tga3073 KB18.08.2015
fbj/gfx/env/jam6scamplf.tga3073 KB18.08.2015
fbj/gfx/env/jam6scamprt.tga3073 KB18.08.2015
fbj/gfx/env/jam6scampup.tga3073 KB18.08.2015
fbj/maps/fbj_adib.bsp1299 KB21.08.2023
fbj/maps/fbj_adib.lit291 KB21.08.2023
fbj/maps/fbj_avix.bsp2803 KB21.08.2023
fbj/maps/fbj_avix.lit389 KB21.08.2023
fbj/maps/fbj_cc.bsp2608 KB19.08.2023
fbj/maps/fbj_cc.lit984 KB19.08.2023
fbj/maps/fbj_chuma.bsp996 KB13.08.2023
fbj/maps/fbj_chuma.lit372 KB13.08.2023
fbj/maps/fbj_ict.bsp5028 KB22.08.2023
fbj/maps/fbj_ict.lit2949 KB22.08.2023
fbj/maps/fbj_ishv3.bsp1094 KB16.08.2023
fbj/maps/fbj_ishv3.lit150 KB16.08.2023
fbj/maps/fbj_konig.bsp2352 KB21.08.2023
fbj/maps/fbj_konig.lit1333 KB21.08.2023
fbj/maps/fbj_recycledoj.bsp1473 KB21.08.2023
fbj/maps/fbj_shades.bsp2662 KB15.08.2023
fbj/maps/fbj_shades.lit513 KB15.08.2023
fbj/maps/fbj_zigi.bsp2539 KB18.08.2023
fbj/maps/fbj_zigi.lit625 KB18.08.2023
fbj/maps/source/fbj_adib.map603 KB21.08.2023
fbj/maps/source/fbj_avix.map1225 KB21.08.2023
fbj/maps/source/fbj_cc.map634 KB19.08.2023
fbj/maps/source/fbj_chuma.map273 KB11.08.2023
fbj/maps/source/fbj_ict.map3904 KB22.08.2023
fbj/maps/source/fbj_konig.map273 KB21.08.2023
fbj/maps/source/fbj_recycledoj.map989 KB21.08.2023
fbj/maps/source/fbj_shades.map444 KB15.08.2023
fbj/maps/source/fbstart.map714 KB19.08.2023
fbj/maps/start.bsp3073 KB19.08.2023
fbj/maps/start.lit1049 KB19.08.2023
fbj/music/track27.mp39228 KB10.08.2023
fbj/music/track40.ogg1582 KB01.01.2014
fbj/music/track44.ogg6924 KB14.08.2021
fbj/music/track50.wav26194 KB14.08.2023
fbj/music/track66.ogg4084 KB22.08.2023
fbj/music/track69.ogg2092 KB18.08.2023
fbj/pak0.pak60834 KB22.08.2023
fbj/progs.dat331 KB27.01.2022
fbj/smp_readme.txt4 KB27.01.2022
fbj/v1.1.txt1 KB22.08.2023

Fireblu Jam

A once-sealed evil has found new life in the realms of Quake! Blast your way through 11 maps featuring the most infamous texture from DOOM, FireBlu! Made using Dumptruck_ds's Speedmapping Progs

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User Rating:
3.4/5 with 9 ratings
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The_Pirate Registered 3 September 2023, 12:44

For once, a map pack that use Doom textures, but (mostly) avoids remakes of old Doom levels!

As in all community map packs, there is a rather wide spacing of the quality of the individual maps, but the general quality is good. Some of the maps really hit the mood of ol' Doom, others are very intersting hybrids, but (nearly) all are worth playing!

Well done everyone. Thanks for your efforts, and thanks for sharing!

JagTaggart Guest 25 September 2023, 2:58

One of the maps, I think it was Zigi's was painful. I liked some of the ideas in it, but there's an intensely flashing red hallway that really hurt trying to navigate. I'm still hurting, and I don't suffer from seizures or anything like it,

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