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Screenshot of fmb_bdg
Author:Mike Woodham
Title:This Onion (29cb9959dcbec7dc3d67fcdd8721a5b6)
Filesize:10056 Kilobytes
Release date:05.03.2007
Additional Links: Tronyn's Top 10: MedievalUnderworldfan's
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
FMB_bdg/maps/fmb_bdg1.bsp6672 KB04.03.2007
FMB_bdg/sound/voreling/land.wav7 KB07.01.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/voreling/bitestrt.wav11 KB07.01.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/voreling/idle.wav28 KB07.01.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/voreling/bite.wav9 KB07.01.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/voreling/death.wav20 KB07.01.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/voreling/sight.wav55 KB07.01.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/voreling/pain.wav16 KB07.01.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/equake/rumble2.wav34 KB01.10.2005
FMB_bdg/sound/equake/rumble4.wav34 KB14.12.2005
FMB_bdg/sound/equake/rumble.wav34 KB01.10.2005
FMB_bdg/sound/equake/rumble1.wav34 KB01.10.2005
FMB_bdg/sound/wall/platebreak.wav7 KB18.02.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/wall/wall01.wav27 KB01.05.2005
FMB_bdg/sound/wall/explosion2.wav30 KB06.05.2005
FMB_bdg/sound/wall/rockthud.wav10 KB24.07.2005
FMB_bdg/sound/vermis/sight2.wav105 KB08.12.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/vermis/grab.wav345 KB08.12.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/vermis/grabbed.wav51 KB08.12.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/vermis/spore.wav44 KB08.12.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/vermis/grndhit.wav36 KB08.12.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/vermis/death.wav145 KB08.12.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/vermis/pop.wav129 KB08.12.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/vermis/splash1.wav30 KB08.12.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/vermis/splash2.wav25 KB08.12.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/vermis/splash3.wav25 KB08.12.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/vermis/sight.wav135 KB08.12.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/foot2.wav3 KB30.07.1999
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/rain.wav40 KB30.07.1999
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/drip1.wav12 KB30.07.1999
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/break01.wav17 KB30.07.1999
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/foot4.wav3 KB30.07.1999
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/spark1.wav4 KB30.07.1999
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/foot3.wav2 KB30.07.1999
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/flow2.wav52 KB24.10.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/rumble4.wav19 KB14.12.2005
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/inh2ob.wav10 KB30.07.1999
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/uwater.wav39 KB04.06.2002
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/spark2.wav3 KB30.07.1999
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/quakeend.wav8 KB13.12.2005
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/flow1.wav52 KB11.06.2002
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/drip3.wav15 KB30.07.1999
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/spark4.wav3 KB30.07.1999
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/owater2.wav8 KB30.07.1999
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/shortexp.wav27 KB04.11.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/spark3.wav4 KB30.07.1999
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/quake.wav34 KB13.12.2005
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/longexpl.wav42 KB04.11.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/foot1.wav3 KB30.07.1999
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/outwater.wav7 KB30.07.1999
FMB_bdg/sound/misc/drip2.wav16 KB30.07.1999
FMB_bdg/sound/pendulum/hit.wav6 KB01.01.1996
FMB_bdg/sound/pendulum/swing.wav13 KB01.01.1996
FMB_bdg/sound/weapons/tink2.wav2 KB30.07.1999
FMB_bdg/sound/drole/sight2.wav45 KB22.02.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/drole/sight2.sfk1 KB22.02.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/drole/idle.wav14 KB22.02.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/drole/strike2.wav18 KB22.02.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/drole/fire.wav28 KB22.02.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/drole/death.wav65 KB22.02.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/drole/strike1.wav12 KB22.02.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/drole/swipe.wav4 KB22.02.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/drole/sight.wav28 KB22.02.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/drole/pain.wav24 KB22.02.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/drole/explode3.wav38 KB22.02.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/Music/We_Got_Trouble_end.wav243 KB27.01.2007
FMB_bdg/sound/Music/killit_end.wav87 KB27.02.2007
FMB_bdg/sound/Music/We_Got_Trouble_end2.wav73 KB26.01.2007
FMB_bdg/sound/Music/killit_loop.wav652 KB27.02.2007
FMB_bdg/sound/Music/Fantastic_B1-256_loop.wav1896 KB27.02.2007
FMB_bdg/sound/Music/null.wav2 KB11.11.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/Music/Infoscape_end.wav42 KB27.02.2007
FMB_bdg/sound/Music/dead1.wav322 KB27.02.2007
FMB_bdg/sound/Music/We_Got_Trouble_loop.wav1658 KB27.02.2007
FMB_bdg/sound/Music/Infoscape_loop.wav955 KB27.02.2007
FMB_bdg/sound/Music/Fantastic_B1-256_end.wav712 KB27.02.2007
FMB_bdg/sound/lavaman/l_death.wav99 KB01.01.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/IMP/FIST.WAV6 KB28.11.1997
FMB_bdg/sound/IMP/UP.WAV13 KB28.11.1997
FMB_bdg/sound/IMP/DEATH99.WAV9 KB28.11.1997
FMB_bdg/sound/IMP/expsmall.wav9 KB30.12.2005
FMB_bdg/sound/IMP/death.wav12 KB18.02.2006
FMB_bdg/sound/IMP/PAIN.WAV11 KB28.11.1997
FMB_bdg/sound/IMP/death_old.wav15 KB31.12.2005
FMB_bdg/credits.txt3 KB05.03.2007
FMB_bdg/progs.dat705 KB20.02.2007
FMB_bdg/progs/wizard.mdl187 KB27.06.2005
FMB_bdg/progs/beam.mdl9 KB21.05.2001
FMB_bdg/progs/imp.mdl400 KB26.12.2006
FMB_bdg/progs/vermis.mdl642 KB08.12.2006
FMB_bdg/progs/S_null.spr2 KB01.01.1996
FMB_bdg/progs/candle.mdl21 KB14.08.2005
FMB_bdg/progs/lant_sty.mdl163 KB23.02.2007
FMB_bdg/progs/braztall.mdl284 KB30.06.2005
FMB_bdg/progs/voreling.mdl182 KB07.01.2006
FMB_bdg/progs/drole.mdl364 KB22.02.2006
FMB_bdg/progs/brazshrt.mdl256 KB01.07.2005
FMB_bdg/progs/rubble1.mdl25 KB18.01.2007
FMB_bdg/progs/pendulum.mdl44 KB01.01.1996
FMB_bdg/progs/fireball.mdl10 KB02.12.1997
FMB_bdg/progs/lavaman.mdl187 KB31.12.2005
FMB_bdg/progs/h_imp.mdl23 KB01.12.1997
FMB_bdg/progs/w_spikered.mdl14 KB30.01.2006
FMB_bdg/progs/rubble9.mdl71 KB18.01.2007
FMB_bdg/progs/longtrch.mdl252 KB29.05.2006
FMB_bdg/progs/rubble2.mdl71 KB18.01.2007
FMB_bdg/progs/sword.mdl37 KB31.01.2006
FMB_bdg/progs/h_ogre.mdl42 KB06.12.2006
FMB_bdg/progs/spore.mdl14 KB08.12.2006
FMB_bdg/progs/ogre.mdl264 KB29.10.2006
FMB_bdg/progs/h_hellkn.mdl32 KB03.06.2006
FMB_bdg/progs/h_drole.mdl17 KB22.02.2006
FMB_bdg/progs/vleg.mdl6 KB07.01.2006
FMB_bdg/progs/rubble3.mdl107 KB18.01.2007
FMB_bdg/progs/drlbomb.mdl20 KB22.02.2006

This Onion

Large medieval castle in an underground cave with DKTe3 textures, a couple of new monsters and (optional) background music.

Tags: cave, large, keep, stronghold, medieval, castle, underground, dungeon, dkt, monsters, not, obsolete

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.6/5 with 48 ratings
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Quaker 27 February 2010, 2:30
Excellent map. There's no health supply at all in the last bit but it's fair if you know where to go to get cover. Music is very atmospheric too.
MegaQuaker 23 April 2010, 4:24
Outstandling visuals, coupled fairly nicely with good gameplay. The massive difficulty spike at the end was a bit much though. Still a can't miss.
Ubermann 25 June 2010, 13:20
Great map. Good ambience and balanced difficult. One of the best ever. Just a Must-Have.


Works 100% with Darkplaces Engine.
Doesn't work with WinQuake, FUHQuake.
With FTEQuake the map seems that has "sv_gravity 200 or something".

But I found a small bug:

In the keep entrance, where a Yellow Key is required to open an horizontal bar, it's possible to reach that place without the key, by the right stairs and then jumping up to the sloped border.
Qmaster 21 December 2010, 17:10
This level was fun, though it does have some flow issues like Ubermann was saying. Excellent hard to find secret areas, if only because it was so dark. I can't believe I didn't get the bookshelf secret until last :P 5/5 excellent atmo!
Spirit 22 December 2010, 12:31
If you want to use FTE you have to set cl_netfps to 0.
Evernight 11 December 2011, 21:34
Always been a fan of Mike Woodham's FMB maps.. just a wholesomeness about them :) recommended!
dBAudio Registered 20 October 2013, 20:54


MikeTaylor Registered 18 December 2013, 13:54

No question, this is a stone-cold classic map. Beautiful to look at, lovely to play, and very high RE-playability. 5/5 is a no-brainer.

Anyone who's not yet seen the sequel (a three-map pack of which this is the first) should get over to ASAP!

Two questions about secrets.

First, how do I get up to the blue armour in the ogre's balcony very near the start? I've hunted around that library forEVER and not found a thing.

Second, I see the rocket launcher up in a niche on a ledge above the main area, just outside the windows that overlook it from the first room. But I can't start to find a way up there. Anyone got it?

MikeTaylor Registered 18 December 2013, 14:21

Oh, and while I'm asking: after you drop down from the bridge over the lava onto the ledge from which you reach the lightning-gun secret, how on earth do you get back up?

MikeTaylor Registered 18 December 2013, 14:22

Oh, scratch that last question -- it's really obvious, I don't know how I didn't see it before :-)

Mike woodham Guest 25 December 2013, 17:24

Clue: you need to read a bit more

Mike Woodham Guest 25 December 2013, 20:55

Clue 2: a shootable button opens the bars on the windows

Radiation Registered 8 November 2016, 0:36

whoever gave this an obsolete tag has a special place in hell

ericw Registered 8 November 2016, 1:39

I'm guessing the "obsolete" tag was a reference to including an updated version of "This Onion"

Atzuras Guest 30 April 2017, 15:25

This is a common example of how you know you're playing a 5/5 map form the first minute, or as long as you take to reach that first view of the main area throug a spiked window. You know you are at the beginning of something great. Atrociously difficult at the first play, it can be somehow smoothered down with the systematic application of the rocket laucher and the many red armors available through secrets, exploration and a bit of luck, which makes any regular player happier defeating such an impressive level.

Still, there are some confusing shortcuts, some of them can lead to a dead-end (or just a dead player) but at least two of them can cut down the map to one third of the total lenght and it is not particularly difficult to think do or to do it. By using some of these, some secrets are not working or maybe are related to killing a monster I skipped. I guess it is intentional but if something can be broken, I am the kind of silly person that does it.

Anyway this is the kind of work focused on the awesomeness, exploration and challenging encounters more than a science project, I never expect to find 100% of secrets, nor they are a must to finish the level. 5/5.

Jugador Registered 20 July 2019, 18:31

Nice fourth-wall break with the music switches.

James G. 26 December 2020, 3:27

***Thanks very much, Maestro Mike for the map! ***Please, help me to find all the clever and crafty secrets. (01) At the bottom of the first stairwell there is a Yellow Armour in a niche. I shoot the Red Cross button beneath to extend the small platform from the niche, but the Armour stays in and out of reach! (02) There's a grating on the floor of one of the rooms. The secret room (with crucified zombies) is beneath the grates. How do I get there? ***Would a Q-professional, please, do a 100% run of the map and upload it on YT

[This comment had to be restored. See this thread for context. This means that there might be problems with its formatting or content missing. The information if the user posted while being logged in was not restored. -Spirit]

Mike Woodham 18 January 2021, 16:19

See my answers under For My Babies - Bin Dunne Gorne 2

[This comment had to be restored. See this thread for context. This means that there might be problems with its formatting or content missing. The information if the user posted while being logged in was not restored. -Spirit]

rchavp Registered 27 September 2022, 23:36

Well I'll be damned, what a fabulous map this was. Just fantastic.

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