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Author:Artistical, Bloodshot, Fairweather, ionous, KalebClark, JCR, Mafon, Mazu, Naitelveni, NewHouse, Pinchy Skree, Strangework, Ukko, Yoder
Title:Func Map Jam X - Insomnia Theme (aa42f754c04b16bf579f83aecc58fc9a)
Filesize:112883 Kilobytes
Release date:07.05.2019
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Walkthrough demos:
First playthrough :)

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
func_mapjamx/docs/JamX_Artistical.txt2 KB03.05.2019
func_mapjamx/docs/JamX_ukko.txt3 KB30.04.2019
func_mapjamx/docs/jamx_hcm.txt2 KB30.04.2019
func_mapjamx/docs/jamx_ionous.txt2 KB06.05.2019
func_mapjamx/docs/jamx_jcr.txt3 KB28.04.2019
func_mapjamx/docs/jamx_kalebclark.txt2 KB28.04.2019
func_mapjamx/docs/jamx_newhouse_credits.txt1 KB06.05.2019
func_mapjamx/docs/jamx_pinchy.txt4 KB29.04.2019
func_mapjamx/docs/jamx_yoder_readme.txt3 KB17.04.2019
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/dejavu_bk.tga769 KB20.06.2000
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/dejavu_dn.tga769 KB20.06.2000
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/dejavu_ft.tga769 KB20.06.2000
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/dejavu_lf.tga769 KB20.06.2000
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/dejavu_rt.tga769 KB20.06.2000
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/dejavu_up.tga769 KB20.06.2000
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/dragonfire_bk.tga571 KB29.03.2019
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/dragonfire_dn.tga769 KB29.03.2019
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/dragonfire_ft.tga639 KB29.03.2019
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/dragonfire_lf.tga565 KB29.03.2019
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/dragonfire_rt.tga724 KB29.03.2019
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/dragonfire_up.tga250 KB29.03.2019
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/dragonheart_bk.tga623 KB16.11.2002
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/dragonheart_dn.tga771 KB16.11.2002
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/dragonheart_ft.tga717 KB15.11.2002
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/dragonheart_lf.tga628 KB16.11.2002
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/dragonheart_rt.tga662 KB16.11.2002
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/dragonheart_up.tga342 KB16.11.2002
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/shol_bk.tga280 KB22.01.2003
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/shol_dn.tga137 KB20.02.2003
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/shol_ft.tga274 KB22.01.2003
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/shol_lf.tga299 KB22.01.2003
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/shol_rt.tga297 KB22.01.2003
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/shol_up.tga337 KB05.02.2004
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/sor_lake1/lake1_bk.tga641 KB05.04.2019
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/sor_lake1/lake1_dn.tga630 KB05.04.2019
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/sor_lake1/lake1_ft.tga614 KB05.04.2019
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/sor_lake1/lake1_lf.tga630 KB05.04.2019
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/sor_lake1/lake1_rt.tga619 KB05.04.2019
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/sor_lake1/lake1_up.tga509 KB05.04.2019
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/sor_lake1/readme.txt2 KB27.11.2007
func_mapjamx/gfx/env/sor_lake1/sor_lake1.shader1 KB16.12.2008
func_mapjamx/jamx_readme.txt3 KB06.05.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/debris/wood1.bsp8 KB11.03.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_artistical.bsp26435 KB04.05.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_artistical.lit9008 KB04.05.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_bloodshot.bsp9945 KB02.05.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_bloodshot.lit5740 KB02.05.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_fw.bsp3593 KB04.05.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_fw.lit721 KB04.05.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_hcm.bsp13238 KB30.04.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_hcm.lit3518 KB30.04.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_ionous.bsp2742 KB05.05.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_jcr.bsp11972 KB05.05.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_jcr.lit3760 KB05.05.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_kalebclark.bsp10827 KB28.04.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_mafon.bsp4729 KB29.04.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_mafon.lit1019 KB29.04.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_mugwump.bsp221 KB06.05.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_naitelveni.bsp28796 KB04.05.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_naitelveni.lit6647 KB04.05.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_newhouse.bsp3286 KB06.05.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_newhouse.lit1531 KB06.05.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_pinchy.bsp9038 KB04.05.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_pinchy.lit3442 KB04.05.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_strwrk.bsp4455 KB03.05.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_strwrk.lit3490 KB03.05.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_ukko.bsp6351 KB30.04.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_ukko.lit2450 KB30.04.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_yoder.bsp2924 KB17.04.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/jamx_yoder.lit1732 KB17.04.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/start.bsp5458 KB07.05.2019
func_mapjamx/maps/start.lit1645 KB07.05.2019
func_mapjamx/music/Track84.ogg3564 KB28.04.2019
func_mapjamx/music/track121.mp37173 KB29.04.2019
func_mapjamx/music/track12A.mp39181 KB16.04.2019
func_mapjamx/music/track223.mp37210 KB19.04.2019
func_mapjamx/music/track67.ogg5358 KB08.01.2019
func_mapjamx/progs.dat456 KB20.03.2019
func_mapjamx/progs/bloodshot/g_shot1.mdl25 KB23.04.2019
func_mapjamx/progs/bloodshot/gib_head.mdl15 KB16.04.2019
func_mapjamx/progs/bloodshot/gib_player_legs.mdl76 KB25.03.2016
func_mapjamx/progs/bloodshot/s_bubble_red1.spr2 KB07.10.2015
func_mapjamx/progs/bloodshot/s_dripsplred.spr1 KB15.07.2016
func_mapjamx/progs/candle.mdl24 KB10.10.2018
func_mapjamx/progs/debris.mdl26 KB24.12.2018
func_mapjamx/progs/s_flame.spr29 KB01.10.2018
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/Bump.WAV21 KB16.11.2013
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/DistantRumble.WAV36 KB16.11.2013
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/alarm2.wav16 KB21.08.2016
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/bustglass2.wav11 KB25.09.2017
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/crash.wav18 KB17.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/dr1_strt.wav26 KB16.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/drip2.wav16 KB30.01.2015
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/fakedoor.wav29 KB22.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/falling1.wav248 KB18.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/gibsplit.wav65 KB23.03.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/heal_station.wav58 KB24.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/heal_stationA.wav75 KB20.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/heartbeat.wav61 KB21.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/heartbeat_fast.wav43 KB21.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/laugh.wav284 KB22.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/laugh_b.wav288 KB26.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/light.wav63 KB16.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/machine_loop2.wav70 KB09.11.2013
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/metal3.wav7 KB25.09.2017
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/power_off.wav87 KB02.05.2015
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/power_switch.wav65 KB29.03.2016
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/scream22b.wav64 KB16.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/scream_q3.wav341 KB18.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/scream_sh.wav77 KB16.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/spider_walk1.wav9 KB14.12.2010
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/spook_run1.wav82 KB16.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/step1.wav8 KB16.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/bloodshot/vore_scurry.wav133 KB16.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/break/pd_bricks1.wav61 KB27.03.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/break/pd_metal1.wav44 KB27.03.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/break/pd_metal2.wav70 KB27.03.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/break/pd_stones1.wav74 KB27.03.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/break/pd_wood1.wav34 KB27.03.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/break/pd_wood2.wav33 KB27.03.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/dump/water_59_02.wav47 KB01.10.2018
func_mapjamx/sound/jcrsound/bigmonsterpain.wav104 KB07.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/jcrsound/bigmonsterpain2.wav90 KB13.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/jcrsound/breath1.wav217 KB28.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/jcrsound/combined.wav104 KB19.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/jcrsound/finalscream.wav133 KB28.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/jcrsound/flow1.wav52 KB16.07.2018
func_mapjamx/sound/jcrsound/heartbeat.wav70 KB28.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/jcrsound/poop.wav22 KB28.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/jcrsound/rock_impact.wav90 KB01.01.2018
func_mapjamx/sound/jcrsound/rumble.wav104 KB12.08.2018
func_mapjamx/sound/pinchy/generator-power-down.wav20 KB25.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/pinchy/generator-power-up.wav20 KB25.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/pinchy/generator-running.wav37 KB25.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/pinchy/ship-taking-off.wav110 KB29.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/pinchy/waterfall-large.wav29 KB28.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/pinchy/waterfall-small.wav135 KB28.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/pinchy/waterfall.wav135 KB28.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/pinchy/window-break.wav22 KB20.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/strwrk/beep-old1.wav114 KB21.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/strwrk/beep.wav45 KB21.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/yoder/quake.wav34 KB06.04.2019
func_mapjamx/sound/yoder/quakeend.wav8 KB06.04.2019
func_mapjamx/source/jamx_artistical.map18996 KB04.05.2019
func_mapjamx/source/jamx_bloodshot.map5037 KB02.05.2019
func_mapjamx/source/jamx_fw.map1566 KB04.05.2019
func_mapjamx/source/jamx_hcm.map7261 KB30.04.2019
func_mapjamx/source/jamx_ionous.map2130 KB05.05.2019
func_mapjamx/source/jamx_jcr.map7537 KB05.05.2019
func_mapjamx/source/jamx_kalebclark.map4111 KB28.04.2019
func_mapjamx/source/jamx_mafon.jmf4023 KB29.04.2019
func_mapjamx/source/jamx_naitelveni.map18130 KB04.05.2019
func_mapjamx/source/jamx_newhouse.map1673 KB06.05.2019
func_mapjamx/source/jamx_pinchy.map6649 KB04.05.2019
func_mapjamx/source/jamx_strwrk.map1373 KB03.05.2019
func_mapjamx/source/jamx_ukko.map2444 KB30.04.2019
func_mapjamx/source/jamx_yoder.map2616 KB17.04.2019

Func Map Jam X - Insomnia Theme

Tenth community mapping jam: 14 Insomnia-themed levels plus a start map. It comes with a couple of custom skyboxes, sounds and music tracks. The map sources are included.

Note: These maps require a source port with increased limits and BSP2 support.

Tags: quake2, quake3, medium, large, castle, skybox, textures, sounds, music, limits, bsp2, source, dark, soundscape, soundtrack, ambiance, atmospheric, mood, lighting, blood, decals, corpses, carnage, hell, nightmare, horror, halls, hyperspace, mindfuck, abstract, structures, technology, industrial, metal, base, warpspasm, organic, flesh, start, breakables

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User Rating:
4.6/5 with 40 ratings
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Gioyo3aa Registered 21 May 2019, 17:52

Highlights: Bloodshot, JCR, and Mazu's maps. Pinchy's was too hard for me. I'll definitely replay some of these for secret hunting. Thanks for your great work!

Solomoriah Registered 22 May 2019, 17:34

Working my way through these one at a time, and I have to say, I'm already really impressed with Artistical's map. Deja Vu indeed!

Mugwump Registered 27 May 2019, 9:02

Everyone please note that my entry is not actually in there despite the portal bearing my name. It's just a placeholder that teleports you back to the start and will be replaced by a DLC. I plan to have the map finished by the end of this week.

BigPapaWokelord Registered 28 May 2019, 11:24

This jam was a BLAST. Twisted Strings is one of the best quake maps I've ever played just from sheer uniqueness. I don't want to spoil anything, but it's the first time I've been creeped out by a quake map.

Lane Powell Registered 29 May 2019, 7:35

Twisted Strings is indeed excellent. Bloodshot managed to make a proper survival horror level for Quake. Can't wait to play the rest of the jam.

MikeTaylor Registered 12 June 2019, 16:35

I've been away from Quake for a while — I got into the BioShock games and then replayed Portal 2 and went through a bunch of community levels. I was delighted when I got back and found there's a jam on one of my all-time favourite packs, Insomnia!

Unfortunately, the first map I played — Artistical's Deja Vu — is a really terrible start. Huge, sprawling and empty, it involves a huge amount of running around, and running back from looong dead ends, but has almost nothing to actually do. It's the one thing no Quake map can ever afford to be: boring.

I stuck it out to the end, relieved to get out even though, having killed everything that moved, I only had 124 of the 167 kills on Hard (and only two of ten secrets).

Let's hope things improve rapidly!

MikeTaylor Registered 13 June 2019, 2:16

... and sure enough, Bloodshot's Twisted Strings is much better, a genuinely disquieting experience in a complex that is half base, half eldrich nightmare, and half non-Euclidean catastrogeddon. (Yeah, I know, that's three halves. It's that kind of map.) I must have played something like 600-700 Quake maps in my life, and it's rare now that a map makes me think "Wow, I've never seen anything like this before." Twisted Strings made me think that.

MikeTaylor Registered 13 June 2019, 16:26

Fairweather's The Chiron Conundrum is nicely constructed, but short and a little basic. I enjoyed it, but I won't be telling all my friends about it.

MikeTaylor Registered 13 June 2019, 16:46

Ionous's enigmatically named Loum is a really fun blast, very much combat focussed but without ever descending into being merely an arena. Very satisfying, especially being reduced to two health (by the spawn ambush) and working back up. I missed one secret and two kills, but had a blast.

JMP Guest 13 June 2019, 18:08

I've played half of the map-pack, and I'm really enjoying it so far:

Artistical--While the map's layout is somewhat confusing, its size is impressive, and the empty corridors and corpses strewn around the base give it a great foreboding atmosphere.

Bloodshot--I agree with the previous comments that Bloodshot's map is fantastic. At the beginning, it reminded me of Half Life and the start map in Unreal, but it soon turned into something utterly surreal and unique.

Fairweather--A short, fun map. The texturing is faithful to Insomnia, but the size and straightforward progression make it feel radically different from czg's maps.

Ionous--Not the kind of map I enjoy TBH, the layout too symmetrical and arena-like, but it's technically impressive and looks great.

JCR--An impressive layout and lots of tense combat. The secrets are also pretty good.

Mafon--Progression is choppy and somewhat confusing, but I like the map's mixed textures. In that respect it reminded of Mafon's previous map Intrusion, which I also enjoyed.

JMP Guest 13 June 2019, 18:34

Forgot KalebClark's map: another map with lots of arena combat, so not my favorite style of gameplay, but nonetheless it's quite good for a debut. Visually it's quite faithful to the first map of Insomnia.

The teleporter at the center of the map reminds me of both than's "The Dark Portal" and the arena fight with fiends and shamblers in E4M8.

MikeTaylor Registered 14 June 2019, 12:07

I enjoyed KalebClark's Over Engineered Teleporter quite a bit in an uncomplicated way. It's reminiscent of the earlier stages of Insomnia, but without aspiring to the depth of CZG's levels. Still, a fine debut.

MikeTaylor Registered 14 June 2019, 13:08

Mafon's Quake Anomaly is the kind of map I find hard to get into, to be honest. A sequence of essentially unrelated areas joined by teleporters prevents me from getting any sense of the geography, and undermines the notion that this is a real place. With immersion broken, it comes down to sequence of combats, and those are not particularly satisying. Sorry to be negative about a debut map.

MikeTaylor Registered 14 June 2019, 13:09

Is there a legitimate way to get into JCR's map from the start map? The teleporter is blocked.

Gioyo3aa Registered 14 June 2019, 15:16

Use your axe :)

MikeTaylor Registered 14 June 2019, 18:16

D'oh! :-)

Well, I am glad I went into JCR's An Unending Dusk because it's marvellous, a really unpleasant trek through a weird mixture of mediaeval courtyards and the innards of some giant evil beast. Superb atmosphere, and some really good gameplay too. Eight of the 133 kills eluded me, but then I only took 3 of 9 secrets so I guess some were in these.

MikeTaylor Registered 14 June 2019, 18:19

Uh, sorry — I meant JCR's Garden of Body and Blood of course.

MikeTaylor Registered 17 June 2019, 15:07

I've been having a great time with Mazu's The Call From Below ... right up to what I assume is the last-but-one chamber, with the big exit in it and the massive fight with all the shamblers, vores and whatnot. Having won that fight, it looks like I need to get through the gold door to open the exit, but I cannot find the gold key. Am I doing something very very dumb?

MikeTaylor Registered 17 June 2019, 16:48

Anyway, I really enjoyed Naitelveni's In-Der-Welt-Sein, which has a unique atmosphere. I didn't go in the area with the choice of three stashes until right at the end, and actually that work out well: it meant I had ammo-conservation issues through much of the level. It does fall down in three ways, though. First, while the opening section is very non-linear and offers lots of opportunity for exploration, from about half way in it becomes a linear sequence of set pieces. Second, there are a lot of locked doors that never open, and no way to tell them apart from openable ones. And third, the map feels underpopulated, as though it could sustain a lot more combat had the auther taken the time to put the monsters in. Anyway, it was nice for once to finish with all kills (101) and all secrets (six).

MikeTaylor Registered 18 June 2019, 16:19

Newhouse's Byzantium Ohm Quantum is refreshingly different, with its labyrinth of long, twisting blood-filled tunnels and its ample fiends. I never found any nail-based weapon, but I assume there is one since I found some nailes (I got 3 of the 5 secrets, and I assume that rocket-launcher that I could see but not reach is one of the missing two. Also, all 71 kills.) I was glad I saved the quad, in an early secret, till the final battle!

MikeTaylor Registered 21 June 2019, 1:02

And so we come to Filtration Station by Pinchy Skree — which I believe is only his second map outside of speedmap packs.

Well, this is just marvellous. It's a sort of base penetration map, but with a sufficiently wide open geometry that it's really really difficult to make headway without getting picked off. I spent the first two thirds of the map constantly low on health and ammo, trying desperately to figure out tactics that would enable me to clean out sections without getting sniped from above, below or far away. It's a pretty much totally unique experience in Quake, and while it was frustrating at times, I loved it.

OK, the last part is a bit anticlimactic, after you've got the silver key. I could have done with more repopulation at that point. But overall, it was a fascinating experience, and my highlight of the pack so far.

MikeTaylor Registered 21 June 2019, 11:29

Strangework's Eyes of Carbonado is neat, but limited. After the epic scope of Filtration Station it feels like a good 1990s map in comparison. I enjoyed it, but it was very easy and could really have done with at least double the density of monsters.

MikeTaylor Registered 21 June 2019, 12:37

Ukko's Mtal Keep is really beautifully designed, with a lovely sense of place and a distinctive twisted character to the architecture. The gameplay lets it down, though. Not only is 90% of the combat against the same two enemies (enforcers and fields), but there is a single long route that you have to travel, and you have to repeatedly go back to the very start to get more supplies and re-run the same route over and over. It's a real shame that more inventive use isn't made of the space, and that nearly all the supplies are at the start rather than being earned along the way.

Still, this is Ukko's first non-speedmap, and I think it promises great things.

MikeTaylor Registered 21 June 2019, 17:44

We finish with Yoder's sewers, strange map that alternatives between very easy sections and very difficult ones, and that frequently puts you in a position where you can't backtrack to pick up supplies that you earlier decided to save for later. It was fun, but in the end I began to feel that suddenly being trapped with a bunch of fiends was getting a bit old.

John Guest 4 July 2019, 23:21

Looooved this four maps: - Filtration Station by Pinchy Skree - Byzantum Ohm Quantum by NewHouse - In Der Welt Sein by Naitelveni - The Call from Below by Mazu

MikeTaylor Registered 5 July 2019, 11:53

@John, did you find the gold key in The Call From Below? I never did.

John Guest 8 July 2019, 22:29

I don't remember, I will have to play it again and let you know. :)

bhlaab Registered 19 July 2019, 9:46

There's too many maps with wildly different styles to really judge without going into every single map one after another. One problem that cropped up a few times where important switches or weapon pickups would just not be lit. This was in multiple maps, so people must not be listening to enough Valve commentary tracks.

dumptruck_ds Registered 1 July 2020, 20:18

There's a bug in the progs.dat that affects item collision in some maps in this pack. You can download a fix here:

Sorry for the inconvenience!

dumptruck_ds Registered 1 July 2020, 20:22

<p>Oops <a href="" title="Here's the fix.">Fix</a></p>

dumptruck_ds Registered 1 July 2020, 20:23


Spirit Registered 3 July 2020, 11:56

Sorry for the markdown parser messing up URLs with underscores :(

I hope I manage to post it, with backslashes before the underscores:

erc Registered 1 October 2020, 11:46

An awesome jam! All the maps in the pack keep up with the ominous atmosphere of Insomnia really well, but of course some of them are a step up from the rest. The ones I enjoyed the most are:

  • Bloodshot's 'Twisted Strings', thanks to its great usage of scripted sequences and survival horror vibes,
  • JCR's 'Garden of Body and Blood' for the best visual appliance of the theme and overall gameplay,
  • Mazu's 'The Call from Below' for being a 'stock-monsters yet non-boring', 45 minutes long base run with lots of exploration and secrets and its interconnected layout that opens / links up with progression.

Artistical's, Ionous' and Pinchy's maps were enjoyable too, in their own right.

Jugador Registered 27 March 2021, 16:49

I'm really frustrated with Artistical's map. I have no idea where to go next. I'm going to look for a walkthrough video...

Jugador Guest 14 April 2021, 0:58

All in all, this was an excellent pack.

Did Mugwump ever finish his map? If so, where can I find it? Thanks!

Alex Ros Registered 8 August 2021, 12:05

Really cool. All maps are great. JCR's Garden of Body & Blood reminded me of Clive Barker's 'Hellbound Heart' & later sequel 'Scarlet Gospels'. The ionous idea of Shugurath origins fascinated me at readme, but well... it was a good map nevertheless! All maps were really. THANKS

whatisquake Registered 29 October 2021, 5:42

I'm particularly impressed with Bloodshot's "Twisted Strings", it really shows off what a modern Quake engine can do.

Doommeister Guest 28 January 2022, 21:00

Twisted Strings was great and Metal Keep I enjoyed despite having to go back to the beginning on a regular basis. The other's I just didn't think were very good/Too difficult or both sorry!! As a map pack goes just 3/5 for me.

OldKnavy Registered 30 March 2023, 3:33

Why do I spawn in an inescapable black box in bloodshot's map?

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