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Screenshot of gemch01
Title:Gem Church (1be6c2ebcce680e1fd60b3ae2b04a31f)
Filesize:1386 Kilobytes
Release date:04.10.2001
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
church.jpg128 KB05.09.2001
gemch01.bsp3412 KB04.10.2001
gemch01.txt3 KB04.10.2001

Gem Church

Detailed recreation of a gothic stone church ("from somewhere? in Canada") with no monsters or gameplay, intended more as a mapping exercise / study rather than a playable level.

"I only had the jpg as reference, and some things are not perfect, and I had to make up the inside, but overall it turned out to my liking."

Note: may require a source port with increased limits.

Tags: nomonsters, medieval

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2.4/5 with 8 ratings
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radiatoryang Registered 21 April 2022, 1:22

As a fun community exercise, I've uploaded the church reference photo here: -- can anyone identify the church this is based on?

-- Guest 21 April 2022, 7:32,_Washington)

-- Guest 21 April 2022, 7:34
Alex Ros Registered 25 April 2022, 11:38

I think such things should not be released on QD. It's not playable map. It's more for personal evolution or for mappers - so it could fit Quake Mapping discord much better

Spirit Registered 25 April 2022, 16:52

It's playable though? It's fun to walk around and look at stuff. If you don't care for that, just skip it. It's clear from the description.

Ninja Registered 25 April 2022, 17:45

Looks like a church, from the game pain killer

Mugwump Registered 16 May 2022, 10:15

@Alex Ros Quaddicted aims to be THE defacto repository for Q1SP maps, like Doomworld is for classic Doom. Therefore, this map does have its rightful place here. The fact that it doesn't contain any gameplay is totally irrelevant. There's really broken stuff in here and yet that's not deleted. This works. Some people actually do enjoy simply running a map for sightseeing. Should they not be allowed to just because YOU don't like it?

Besides, who knows? Someone could see it and decide to use this competently designed church as a setpiece in another map. They'd need to be able to find it to do that, wouldn't they?

MikeTaylor Registered 21 September 2022, 1:51

This is a really strange one. I have to mark it as a one-star map because of the total lack of gameplay, but it feel mean to do that because this is a very nice piece of architecture, deserving of a much better fate. I hope someone -- Gemein or somebody else -- takes this and makes it into something you can play.

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