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Screenshot of grim_rezipped
Author:Andrew Smith
Title:The Grim Outpost (8a1584233f6c18f7d6fff3c3b23467c5)
Filesize:2328 Kilobytes
Release date:09.02.2018
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
grim.bsp5539 KB09.02.2018
grim.jpg391 KB09.02.2018
grim.txt3 KB09.02.2018

The Grim Outpost

Large Wizard-/Episode 2-themed fortress.

Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits and BSP2 support.
[rezipped for Quaddicted]

Tags: large, wizard, fortress, castle, limits, bsp2, id1

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.7/5 with 83 ratings
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JMP Registered 1 April 2018, 0:37

Really fun old-school map, and it's nice to see one of the top Quake mappers of the '90s return!

anon Guest 10 April 2018, 16:02


MikeTaylor Registered 26 April 2018, 20:46

Just loved this. It's really Old School, taken to the max: a level that's as big and inventive as a good modern map, but with a pure 1990s ID aesthetic. Nice, findable-but-satisfying secrets (I got 9 of the 12).

Vasya shkolnik Guest 10 May 2018, 0:01

Really super map, very atmospheric, very explorable, and very Old-School.

Johnny Law Registered 24 July 2018, 6:10

Yeah this one is great fun! I like the scale of areas, which is somewhat more twisty/cozy than some recent big open maps I've been playing. Nice Ebon Fortress-ish construction (although more modern/polished) that works well with those textures.

The layout really gives you a feel of climbing and tunneling and swimming around through this interlocked space. But it's not too much "swiss cheese" ... really just splitting into a few route choices occasionally, although it disguises that. Good use of vantages where you can see one route from another.

Playing on hard, there were several surprise combat encounters that really tested my ability to run backwards into a narrow doorway or up a little staircase etc. You do need to keep your escape routes in mind because there's not much margin for blundering around when you move. That ended up being fine & fun tho. The only thing I might dock it for was a major surprise encounter that was just implemented as "teleport a bunch of powerful monsters on top of the player". Too bad about that one, but otherwise top notch.

zombipuppy Registered 10 September 2018, 18:13

Excellent map, played on hard difficulty. Only got 3 secrets, looking forward to playing it again!

Gioyo3aa Registered 22 February 2019, 22:17

Straightforward, nothing fancy, and many fairly obvious secrets. Yet beautifully executed in the spirit of the first maps. This would have blended in beautifully in the original game!

Spirit Registered 30 March 2019, 12:36

This should be required study material for any mappers. It is plain id1-style greatness. Countless homages to the original maps. Great secrets. Fun gameplay. Quake the way id did it!

Not sure why bsp2 was needed to be honest, this does not seem too complex.

whirlstr Registered 14 October 2019, 22:24

Starts off as an unassuming, 90s-esque level but gradually gets bigger & grander. And at the same time the gameplay gets more and more intense, so there's a great feeling of progression. You even get the rocket launcher, imagine that! Very substantial level with linear but good level design. The balance is mostly good, but at one point I ran out of ammo and had to go secret hunting for the grenade launcher.

mastema88 Registered 8 March 2020, 1:29

5/5 played through on skill 2, took me at least 10 tries. The only problem i have is that one switch early on that's required to hit to proceed in the map. it's often a little bit confusing to find. fun and varied gameplay with well thought out and fair monster placement. rewarding and fun secrets (only found 7 on my playthrough but the ones i found were distinctly helpful when i needed them).

Mars Registered 18 July 2020, 15:43

"id"eal map! 5/5 nice "id" secret!

erc Registered 20 September 2020, 16:44

Great to see one of my favourite authors from the initial years making a return. This is classic Quake done right.

JuanchoES Registered 4 October 2020, 22:58

Really fun map

Cpt.Gonzo Registered 16 September 2021, 22:22

Played it on skill 2. Was very short on ammunition all the time and it was quite a challenge. The fights were all great. Maybee a little narrow here and there. But i had alout of fun. Thank you.

[Kona] Guest 13 November 2021, 9:56

Nice little map and nice to see Andrew Smith back making maps as I always had fun in his originals for 97/98. It's a bit simplistic in design by todays standards but his maps were always just short fun fights with ogres and hell knights in small spaces but not too much detail. This would be Andrew's best.

BUT, there's something seriously up with the rating on this, with a 4.77 it's the best single map release in 25 years of Quake, and the 4th best release of all (ahead of the xmas jams, in fact ALL the jams, drake, alkaline, dwell, quoth, nehahra, travail, warp spasm, all of tronyn's episodes). I went in expecting some brilliant masterpiece but really it's just a 2000's level map, 3.7-4.0 I'm afraid.

triple_agent Registered 12 March 2022, 22:31

Marvelous observation, @'[Kona]'. Perhaps this map, is 'Quake' in a nutshell?

Alex Ros Registered 18 June 2022, 11:29

Wow. One of the most complex layout wise maps I ever played. Literally I can't imagine how to make such an interconnected looping environment. Genious. Hail Andrew. Seriously. THANKS

MikeTaylor Registered 15 August 2022, 16:29

On replaying this, it's still a lot of fun but I can't think why I gave it the full five stars, I remarked down to four, because although it's a really good old-school blast, it's only a really good old-school blast.

The Poughkeepsie Pelcher Registered 26 December 2022, 22:19

Tries to out-id id, but sadly ends up botching the scale. Too cramped.

Coffee009 Registered 10 March 2023, 6:10

Really solid map, enjoyed it all the way through!

Mopey bloke Registered 20 July 2023, 20:04

I love this map, and have replayed it countless times. I gotta warn people that it has a major issue that doesn't make sense to me. The rocket launcher at the end doesn't always spawn. No idea why it happens, but the bug is reproducible in Quakespasm, forks, JoeQuake, Mark V.

That's a good reason for it not to have a perfect score, but I'd give it one anyway.

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