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Screenshot of guncotton
Author:Shaun [Kona] Ross
Title:Guncotton (e77da6bbfcca5a2e079c1ea137eb2fa6)
Filesize:2838 Kilobytes
Release date:10.06.2003
Additional Links: RetroquakeTen FourUnderworldfan's
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
guncotton/pak0.pak6716 KB17.07.2002
guncotton/guncotton.txt3 KB10.06.2003


"Guncotton is an industrial/base styled two map pack (and start map). Architecturally very detailed, the maps are woven in modified Q2 Waste textures (MXoxide) and Than's Industrial set. Both levels are small but pack a punch with modified Grunts and Enforcers among the other Quake monsters. Enforcers have improved firepower, and Grunts now lay out the punishment with a strong arsenal of different weapons and new skins, also used in Nihilore."
Awesome maps and pretty cool monster modifications!

Tags: base, custom, quake2, textures

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.3/5 with 32 ratings
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dBAudio Registered 9 August 2014, 10:36

i especially liked the modified grunts. kind of like Quoth base enemies.

FredBezies Guest 28 October 2014, 9:24

Great levels, and one of the simplest nightmare access I've ever seen !

MikeTaylor Registered 26 September 2016, 18:53

Satisfyingly crunchy. Lots of human monsters -- I think only one non-human other than dogs -- but they're high-powered custom humans who feel believable nd put up a real fight. Some of Kona's best work for my money. (Though I do wish the two smallish maps in this pak had been combined into a single decent-sized one.)

Greenwood Registered 10 February 2020, 21:17

An awesome "micro episode." Very good, interesting brushwork. The tastefully modified Base dudes nicely expand the enemy variety. The equally nice ambient sounds provided really add to the immersion. A high quality little package!

Gioyo3aa Registered 10 February 2020, 23:24

Short but fun.

SR Registered 6 January 2022, 10:03

Simple (in a good way) and nice. Fun gunfights and well-made layouts.

Mopey bloke Registered 13 January 2022, 1:36

These maps look really Quaky (RickyT32 tm). Lovely looks. Very sad about the lack of vising for transparent liquids.

About the AI of the new enemies, they were out for blood. Made me really miss my wings, which I'm assuming were in the one second level secret I did not find. Those grunts sure make good use of THEIR rocket launchers!

Also enemies predicting your circle strafing trajectory! I didn't expect to find this so back in Quake, but I guess Quoth had it(?); still made for some great shoot outs.

zaratzara Registered 3 May 2022, 16:31

Awesome stuff. Love the exciting feel of combat brought about by the new enemies, who are challenging in new ways as snipers and (especially!) in the arenas.

Died twice on normal, very unusual for me but legitimate and rewarding: the pace is much quicker and the standard Quake muscle-memory + resource management no longer applies; everything changes on a split second according to new balistic mechanics.

The fiend pit lock-in was fantastic, one of the most hectic close quarters I've ever faced. Excellent adrenaline throughout — felt a bit like a more hectic and condensed Quake 2 in some ways.

Really liked the new aesthetics: the more colourful and delineated new enemies and interactibles contrasting nicely with the even more muted tonal range of the environment.

One nice little touch here is that you will face off against rocket-launcher enemies while having only a grenade launcher with which to deal with them yourself. It's another nice challenge to the typical dynamics of Quake 1 where you're usually much more tactically empowered than mobs. On that note, I've a minor complaint with the last secret: it's very cool in its own right, but given the sequential context in which you're likely to discover it, the player is most likely to take the time to focus on its time sensitive mechanic immediately after the last point in time where it might have been useful.

Based on this, I can't wait to play the rest of Konas work.

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