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Title:Awoken Madness (5b46ceaa7053cf0523b1f39a5fb9f215)
Filesize:6470 Kilobytes
Release date:22.09.2019
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
hcmsp1.bsp9454 KB22.09.2018
hcmsp1.lit3388 KB22.09.2018
hcmsp1.map4968 KB22.09.2018
hcmsp1_readme.txt3 KB22.09.2018

Awoken Madness

Huge metal/runic fortress built into the mountains, with a high monster count. The map source is included.

Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.

Tags: large, runic, metal, castle, fortress, canyon, limits, source

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4.6/5 with 34 ratings
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Gioyo3aa Registered 1 May 2020, 13:29

Very high quality material and impressive effort as I've come to expect from Mazu, even more so since it's his first published work. The map is big, loaded with rewarding secrets, six of which I'm currently missing. Some of them are within my reach, but I'll be damned if I find out how, and others have me scratching my head (the shootable button which I seem to be unable to locate, and the "button that does not seem to do anything").

Keep them coming pleaaaaase!

Ninja Registered 1 May 2020, 22:03

This map is awsome, but my god hard as hell on skill 3, the end room, not enough ammo, but made it threw, hardest secret i find is the 1st one, find the 4 buttons, but 5\5 its brill

Johnny Law Registered 27 June 2020, 19:58

Fun routes, revisiting places in surprising ways with new stuff unlocked; clever use of the limited amount of interactivity in Quake to transform spaces; some super hairy but interestingly designed combat (skill 2); variety in theme and variety in the size/shape of areas... really just a great adventure packed into this one, and special kudos to Mazu that I rarely felt lost.

It has a lot of the "new mapper" energy and willingness to throw in a kitchen sink of cool ideas, but it's also tied together pretty damn well. A little exhausting if you try to do it in one sitting, and probably a bit more confusing if you don't, but I still feel like I gotta drop a 5 on it since it is just so much pure Quake fun.

MikeTaylor Registered 11 September 2020, 13:36

I'm having two problems: 1. In the area where you pick up the lightning gun, after surviving the nail traps and lava trap, I try to go through the door only to be told "kill something" — but there is nothing to kill. What am I missing? 2. In the (I assume) final big area, beyond the gold door, I am similarly stuck. After touching all four pillars, a bunch of scrags appear, but after I kill them ... nothing. What next?

MikeTaylor Registered 15 September 2020, 16:53

I'll answer my own question. I spiced this level up a bit by running it under Arcane Dimensions. That mostly works really nicely, but evidently prevents some triggers from activating. I replayed under vanilla Quake (id1), and both triggers activated fine. So put this down to pilot error.

Mugwump Registered 15 September 2020, 22:16

Why is this called sp1? It should be sp2, even though 37th Relic Retrieval wasn't named in this format.

MikeTaylor Registered 15 September 2020, 22:39

I liked this a lot — I'm a sucker for a big, varied map. But having come to it from the same author's stellar 37th Relic Retrieval, I can't give this map the same score as that one, so it only gets four stars! Lots of really nice set pieces, though.

Mazu Registered 23 September 2020, 18:52

To answer questions above. This map was my first map for Quake. Date is offset by +1 year for some reason. I Made this one in 2018.

whatisquake Registered 5 October 2021, 8:19

I expect Mazu maps to be huge and complex, and I expect first maps to be a little rough gameplay-wise, so I was ready to be lost for a long time... but that didn't happen. It is noticeably boxier than his later releases, and I was starved of certain resources in places, but it's a nice map.

Doommeister Guest 13 January 2022, 9:22

Very well designed but just too damn tough!!

MikeTaylor Registered 1 February 2023, 13:33

Mazu, it makes sense to know that you made this map before Relic Retrieval! I only recently found out that you are the same person as Mazu, so I will maybe replay some of the Mazu maps in light of that.

Alex Ros Registered 1 February 2023, 17:30

Late review. I played it 1 year ago and forgot to rate. So here we go... It's a good map! Play it

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