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Screenshot of hhouse
Title:Fall Cleaning (0ddaade286f4f8812567f823a20054c8)
Filesize:917 Kilobytes
Release date:28.10.2003
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
hhouse.bsp2329 KB28.10.2003
HHouse.txt5 KB28.10.2003

Fall Cleaning

Small to medium mansion with constant monster teleports and some arena combat situations, produced for Tronyn's Halloween Haunted House mapping exercise.

Tags: small, brick

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4/5 with 30 ratings
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Ron 8 August 2010, 13:52
Wonderful map !
Quite hard, but great fun.
Sid 18 November 2011, 19:27
One of my favs, ever.
hkBattousai 5 May 2012, 20:56
Pretty good gaming in such a small area.
Fr3n Registered 15 December 2012, 7:32
last room seems impossible to survive, which is sad because the entire map prior to that point is nothing short of awesome in both gameplay and construction. maybe I just need to try again. :)
JellyGal Registered 11 August 2014, 7:21

This is an amazing map. It has wonderful visuals and great gameplay. It's rather difficult and you really have to use ammunition wisely, but it's very rewarding when you finish. It's a bit confusing at first that you have to kill all the enemies for certain doors to open but you get used to it. The combat is tight and fun as well.

The only other complaint I have is that the last part is a bit overkill, I barely got through it and had to Shambler-dance with an axe for about a third of the last Shambler's health.

I most certainly recommend this to everybody though.

MikeTaylor Registered 1 October 2015, 12:14

This is an overlooked gem -- a master-class in getting the most out of a small area. The stream of combats as you repeatedly retrace already-visited areas is finely judged (it's hard on Hard), and there's a real sense that you're making progress, even though you rarely get to open up new territory.

I've not really seen anything like this before (Spring Cleaning from the second 100-brush competition would be closest, but it doesn't make nearly such good use of the space). Despite the smallness, the blockiness of much of the architecture, and the bland lighting everywhere except the basement, I am awarding this four stars (by 2015 standards, so it would have been five not so long ago). A great demonstration of just how different Q1SP can be.

(Also: Scragbait evidently really loves his vores!)

BTW., has anyone found the secret? I didn't.

MikeTaylor Registered 18 January 2016, 16:09

On replaying this, I found the secret, right at the start. It's super-obvious. It helps a bit, but not much.

magnusmww Registered 19 September 2017, 0:13

This is another of those SP-maps that I go back to over and over again. It's a solid "haunted house" map with some very tight gunplay.

The size of it all is pretty small, and you progress by killing off foes, finding keys and exploring, opening up parts of the house as you go.

Great fun!

Ajora Registered 26 October 2017, 3:45

This is an excellent map that really captures the spirit of Halloween.

ArrrCee Registered 31 October 2017, 0:07

Fall Cleaning on The Quake Grave

I was really surprised by the quality of this map considering it takes on building a house in Quake and it was built in such a short time! Good map, good challenge!

whirlstr Registered 24 November 2018, 6:44

Relatively small map that uses CONSTANT monster teleporting to extend its length way past its welcome. Nearly every monster you kill will trigger another group of monsters to teleport in. You replay the same few areas over and over again with different combinations of enemies to be allowed the joy of a couple cramped lock-in arenas. For me the only truly difficult parts of this map were getting stuck on poorly-clipped geometry. Not fun.

Vasya shkolnik Guest 29 March 2020, 21:42

Beautiful architecture, but terrible gameplay. A great illustration of what I call "picking a cast-iron wall with a teaspoon." Fat monsters constantly spawn around you, with whom you cannot go into the line of sight. Therefore, each meter of space must be recaptured by a few minutes of dull shooting from the corner of the next Shambler or Vorе by one-by-one bullet. Because of this, the passage of the level is perceived to be very long.

Greenwood Registered 13 April 2020, 8:54

This map packs a lot of punch in a small area thanks to the gameplay setups. I found it pretty challenging, but doable. You really have to be aware of your resources and land your shots well. Tried "easy" for kicks and the encounters are the same; however, all the enemies are grunts (making it super easy). It's a solidly built 2003 map & in my opinion, it's a Halloween classic :)

JMP Registered 22 August 2020, 21:46

Excellent arena-style map. Had me on my toes quite often.

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