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Screenshot of honey
Title:Honey (5c66609025b7de7d1cbcfac69a92551d)
Filesize:20980 Kilobytes
Release date:31.03.2012
Additional Links: The Abandoned WorkshopsFunc_Msgboard
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
honey/honey.txt4 KB30.03.2012
honey/maps/bm_brkceil.bsp45 KB14.09.2011
honey/maps/bm_brkceil2.bsp45 KB15.09.2011
honey/maps/bm_chain.bsp118 KB06.03.2012
honey/maps/bm_chain2.bsp413 KB06.03.2012
honey/maps/credits.bsp2029 KB20.03.2012
honey/maps/h_end.bsp3557 KB20.03.2012
honey/maps/h_hub1.bsp3075 KB15.03.2012
honey/maps/h_hub2.bsp1988 KB15.03.2012
honey/maps/honey.bsp6614 KB30.03.2012
honey/maps/saint.bsp8493 KB30.03.2012
honey/maps/start.bsp5132 KB30.03.2012
honey/progs.dat519 KB28.03.2012
honey/progs/candle.mdl24 KB22.03.2009
honey/progs/mogre.mdl219 KB20.03.2012
honey/progs/s_light2.spr2 KB26.03.2012
honey/progs/tree1.mdl78 KB09.01.2012
honey/sound/honey/blaahd.wav198 KB17.01.2012
honey/sound/honey/machine.wav585 KB17.01.2012
honey/sound/honey/muzak4.wav5231 KB20.08.2008
honey/sound/honey/q2watr.wav199 KB20.08.2000
honey/sound/honey/ting1.wav166 KB10.02.2012
honey/sound/honey/ting2.wav166 KB10.02.2012
honey/sound/honey/ting3.wav166 KB10.02.2012
honey/sound/honey/ting4.wav166 KB10.02.2012
honey/src.zip3409 KB30.03.2012


Two cleverly designed maps with massive scale and thick atmosphere, using an expanded cistern texture set. Standard Quake gameplay with several enhancements and surprises. Includes a start/outro map and a bonus credits map. QC and map sources are included.

Tags: fog, medieval, victorian, cistern, epic, huge scale, large, bricks, source, cutscenes, sewer, narrative, humor, mustplay

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.8/5 with 159 ratings
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onetruepurple 1 April 2012, 0:58

Entering the main "courtyard" in map 1.

Revisiting the most disheveled parts of map 2 with the "keys".

The lift protruding from the ceiling.

The bloody occult place with a properly scary ambush.

"(...) some extra firepower!"

Spawn on steroids.

Every time a jump across a small gap like in E1M1 is necessary to progress.

The lone zombie gazing into the depths.

The final fights that have you go "oh shit", then "wait, this seems doable" and then "hell yeah".

Excellent work.
than 1 April 2012, 5:32
The rating should go to 11... I know that's 2xMAX+1, but it deserves it. Play it now if you haven't already. Amazingly well designed maps that are easily on par or better than any other Quake maps ever made (including czg07 and his other maps).
JohnNy_cz 1 April 2012, 16:11
First impression: Amazing how far and deep one can take the true Quake sewage atmosphere.

Further down the game: How much time did it take to make this map?!? 5/5
Serge 1 April 2012, 18:01
Very impressive. Id should hire this guy for the sequel (if it happens). The village map is awesome.
bent 1 April 2012, 23:07
can't save game, gives me an error "ED_ParseGlobals: EOF without closing brace on line 167". Using bengt jardrup's glquake. Any suggestions?
Spirit 2 April 2012, 7:25
Yes, use Quakespasm.
Daz 2 April 2012, 16:40
Video playthrough (2 parts) :
moron 4 April 2012, 14:11
..mmh I'll surely try it !
glad to see Quake classic authors are still alive!
Denizen 9 April 2012, 17:12
Did anyone get this to save a game using Darkplaces?
Dani 12 April 2012, 13:03
Very very beautifull.
I have problems saving, too.
Sometimes I get the same error than bent. And other one I get is :
Host_Error: PRVM_EDICT_NUM: server: bad number 603 (called at prvm_edict.c:515)

It seems that savefiles are there but it throws same errors when loading.

But a great job indeed.
Congrats !!!

QuakeForever 17 April 2012, 22:10
This is an excellent pack. CZG keep on mapping!

Check out for the first comprehensive review of the package.

And I hope Tronyn gets to covering this and that other recent map soon!
Rafro007 23 April 2012, 5:26
Man, just when you've laid off for awhile, you come back and find...this! Oh man, this was just what the doctor ordered and the only thing I hated about it was....there wasn't more! Great job, CZG, and loved the little ghosts at the end and uh...the credits.


P.S. As usual, I couldn't find all of the secrets, :( but that's ok. This was a necessary diversion at exactly the right time for me, and you can depend on that! :)
John 1 May 2012, 21:28
These are probably the best maps I´ve ever played, and i´ve played them all ;)!!!!

Great Inspiration for All!

Thanks CZG!
hkBattousai 5 May 2012, 22:29
Unknown command "Fog".
Hunk_Allock: failed on 616944 bytes
Sorry but, 1 star...
megalodon 6 May 2012, 14:43
hkBattousai.... Don't know if you did this or not but you can't play this with a normal quake or glquake.exe. You need to use a Fitzquake with increased limits and proper memory settings. It's not the map's fault since it's not meant for 1996 era.

However, I do feel ALL these things should be included in the readme file for newcomers, incl. mem settings. Fitzquake is mentioned, but that's it.

martyfender 10 May 2012, 17:13
CZG: I wanted to say that I absolutely love your lastest release, Honey. This is probably one of the best map sets I have ever played in Quake. The second map I think is the best of the two. I have played it twice through, once on skill 1 and a second time on skill 2. These great maps are unlike anything else I have played in Quake. I look forward to another great release by you. Thanks for straying off the beaten path building maps that are truly different, with out any of the stupid gimmicks, like I see in some of the so called, 4 star or greater maps. This is 5= hearts rating!
BME/ILMHB 9 July 2012, 21:45
Absobloodylutely a very high standard. The maps have such a humongous atmosphere and size. It's almost unbelievable this is just made in Q1, it can rival modern games of not so long ago.

Cocerello 24 July 2012, 15:48
Well, a lot of people commented already most of what i was going to say, so I'll keep it short.

Visually, the map is the best one i have ever played. It lacks a bit in the game play section and monster placement, like the shamblers at the final part of the honey map. It could be a bit difficultier in nightmare too. The fog looks very good, but in some parts it makes it very grayish, depending of the engine used.

The biggest problem i see is that the water flows again and the slime stops flowing without you using a switch, destroying something or killing the mastermind behind it or any other way it could be used. This ruins the narrative part of the map.
E-werd 27 July 2012, 23:51
Towards the end of the two maps there were very large machines with buttons. This is what started/stopped the flow.

If you were blindly pushing buttons to get through, you'd miss it! :)
Cocerello Registered 20 August 2012, 14:51
Thx for mentioning it, yes, there they are.

More than i were blindly pushing, its more like i couldn't see what they were doing or the relation with the water/slime, because, at least in honey, pressing the button on the machine moves 2 doors, so you just think thats all it does. But now that i took a good look, its obvious what they do.
qbism Guest 12 July 2013, 6:47

This was going to be a 'homage' trailer but 6 minutes is too long for a trailer. At least it's slightly less nauseating than my Tormentarium vid.
[youtube video link] (

Lane Powell Registered 15 August 2013, 2:38

On beating the first map, this is incredible

Lane Powell Registered 17 August 2013, 4:11

I feel like monster placement could be better (waaaaaay too much opportunity for sniping), but visually and in terms of layout this is top-notch.

indstr Registered 17 September 2013, 20:02

Was really impressed with this map, and it inspired me to download more of czg's levels. So far I haven't been disappointed!

generic Registered 5 October 2013, 5:03

Excellent mod from one of the best Quake mappers ever! Forget hkBattousai!

mfx Registered 15 October 2013, 13:50

The best ever!

SleepwalkR Registered 19 October 2013, 0:31

It's flawless!

MikeTaylor Registered 13 November 2013, 16:01

For many years, even as technically better maps have come out, my absolute favourite Quake download has been czg07, "Insomnia". Finally., it may have been surpassed. "Honey" is absolutely sensational in every respect (monster placement included, commenters above!) The ruined underground castle level is just a thing of absolute beauty. 5/5 isn't high enough.

boink182 Guest 20 December 2013, 2:15

this might be the best most shockingly well designed couple of maps i've ever seen in quake.

NightFright Registered 1 March 2014, 10:58

Certainly a milestone in Quake level design, and this so many years after its release still! At first I thought: "OK, two maps, how huge can it be?" The answer is: They are actually MASSIVE - and tied together so cleverly, it couldn't be done in any better way. Your task is clear: Clean a tainted water supply by turning off the poison in one level and turning on the water again in the other (sequence does not matter). Getting this accomplished is quite an experience since your surroundings are absolutely impressive. I was especially amazed by the underground castle with its special ogres and these tricky grenade/rocket switches. And even though the areas are huge, you never get lost, that's the other great thing czg accomplished here. Finally, I can only praise the ending - it's so surprising, rewarding and also funny that it's bringing this pack to perfection. Legendary, amazing, a must-play! [Side note: I played this with Fitzquake Mark V, worked perfectly without additional startup parameters needed.]

Spirit Guest 20 May 2014, 17:51

I like dudes!

onetruepurple Guest 20 May 2014, 17:53

Oh hey, so do I! Let's make out :)

Spirit Registered 20 May 2014, 18:41

This is not the way to test for bugs, especially if I just wrote about this particular one yesterday:

Comments are meant for civil on-topic (the release) discussion, nothing else.

MikeTaylor Registered 18 July 2014, 3:40

I wonder why on earth Daz rated this a 4? It's the only real non-5 score, and I'm baffled as to what we considers would be worth a 5! Sheer Hellish Miasma is so spectacularly super-great that it's easy to forget how awesome Constantly No Respect also is. Until the recent jam on this map (and anyone who's not seen that should over to func_mapjam1 right now), this was the greatest Quake download of them all, for me. How fitting that it should be surpassed (for quantity of not quite quality) only by its own progeny.

Spirit Registered 18 August 2014, 19:22

Just replayed this on hard skill and it is still the best thing ever EVER EVER

DiscombobULATED Guest 21 September 2014, 18:47

! I wish I knew how to make things work more properly.

I have got Honey working and it is AMAZINg to play-but it won't save. I am using the darkplaces engine and epsilon (which is confusing) . I just got quakespasm and it makes everything look very 1996 and has no mod option menu, so that seemed pointless.

On most of the readme files from this site say to enter command lines but I can't tell if it means in the console or in the folder? usually they don't work in the game console.

I am currently just adding downloaded maps and folders straight into my Darkplaces Quake folder and accessing them in the mod menu.. for Honey to work I have to put MAP HONEY into the command line , not sure I am doing it right.

I really just want to play all the stuff I can from this cool site but its not proving easy. Boohoo ;/

onetruepurple Registered 21 September 2014, 19:08

First order of business: If you want to "make things work more properly" you'll want to uninstall Epsilon.

Load the honey files from the folder, like: "quake.exe -game honey". It should bring you right to the start map.

Cocerello Registered 21 September 2014, 21:16

I second Onetruepurple opinion on Epsilon's pack of mods, delete it or make your own pack from zero, that pack is the worst option for almost every custom Quake map. DarkPlaces has some issues too wih most custom maps but it is still a decent option.

On the help for loading maps, you have a whole page talking about that in the help section in this website, check it out ;)

discombobULATED Guest 22 September 2014, 2:45

:D HOOOOORAAAAAY.... ! I deleted the epsilon files as you suggested and everything properly works properly proper now. What an amaaazing MOD!! Mind=blowing maps! I just been it playing for hours and need to change my underwear (for good reasons not bad*) and I am starving.

Thanks very much for the responses and the help, much appreciated!

Karl_Delacroix Registered 6 October 2014, 15:28

My favourite fan map for Quake 1 ever. The architecture is just off the charts, the atmosphere is top notch, the gameplay is really well balanced and the level design is just genius.

6/5 easily

mb13 Registered 11 April 2015, 2:08

One of the best I've ever played. Nice architecture and quite high difficulty level (at least for me).

Jonathan Guest 8 June 2015, 22:55

Has anyone found all 7 secrets in saint? I can only manage 6. From the top of my head, the ones I have found are

1) the megahealth near the start, rocket launcher to release 2) first corridor after megahealth, ceiling shoots switch, SSG 3) drop down to quad damage in the next section 4) the teleport onto the top of the archway, megahealth 5) another drop down to a mega-armor 6) ammo raised up on the scaffold in the Spawn area

Any clues for the 7th?

jmerridew124 Registered 17 September 2015, 19:05

As funny as the last level is, I kind of wish you hadn't gone the whole "abandoned village" route. This is one of your most fun maps but nothing quite hits the tone I love the way that Insomnia did.

That said, the level design here is absolutely amazing. You also seem to have a terrifying if lovable knack for hiding shamblers in places they should absolutely not be able to hide. I've walked around small rocks to find it was the perfect size to hide a shambler and that the path put me within inches of its face. I strongly prefer this method to the worn out "teleport shambler in player's face" trope you see in all sorts of top quality maps. This is one of those fantastic map packs that makes me approach each item, key, and door like it's going to explode. I love that.

MikeTaylor Registered 24 September 2015, 15:04

Played Sheer Hellish Miasma again. Oh, man. That level hits <i>every</i> button. It's just perfect in every single respect. Architecture, atmosphere, monster placement, surprises, weapon availability, progression, revisiting already-visited areas under different circumstances, secrets ... Seriously. I can't think of one single thing that could make this better, other than that I want more of it. A true milestone in Q1SP design.

matti Guest 24 September 2015, 21:57

Yeah, its devastating awesome in all aspects. CZG is a hell of a mapper.

selekt0r Registered 25 January 2016, 15:47


Bloughsburgh Registered 29 March 2016, 13:18

Incredible in every single facet possible. If you are playing custom quake maps, then you NEED to play this one.

Doc_Holliday Registered 18 June 2016, 7:31

Two of the most amazing maps I've ever seen

bfg666 Registered 25 August 2016, 16:39

Would rate it 6 if I could! This is all a modern Quake map should be: complex but not complicated, fun and oh, so gorgeous! The first time I saw those arches plunging deep in the golden fog, my jaw dropped! This type of grandiose architecture reminds me of belgian comic book artist Schuitten. Enemy placement is excellent and never deters from the mood set by this incredibly amazing design.

gotshun Registered 27 August 2016, 1:26

Absolutely outstanding. CZG is an artist.

gotshun Registered 27 August 2016, 1:30

I was so inspired by these maps, I decided to remake a "Honey theme." The problem is I don't know how to post my maps, so any help would be appreciated.

Bloughsburgh Registered 27 August 2016, 3:35


Email Spirit or post on

Would love to see more maps!

gotshun Registered 28 August 2016, 23:21

Very good Bloughburgh, thanks for the input.

ludicrous Registered 10 September 2016, 12:38

Played this again after first time in 2014. Great, one of the best I ever played.

ubiquitous Registered 24 September 2016, 11:10

The best superlatives do not do this map pack justice. The architecture and visual desire are outstanding. The enemy placement and encounters are outstanding. The atmosphere is truly outstanding. The scale of the maps is mind-blowing. The creativity of some of the gameplay mechanics (such as the novel form of key used in the second map is incredible. And all this achieved in an engine that was essentially released in 1996.

You could hang this thing next to the Rembrandts in the National Gellery and people from around the world would come to see it - it's that good.

I have some minor quibbles:

  • The colour changing fog was really cool and ensured the atmosphere was always spot on. But sometimes the transition was a bit abrupt. There was one time in particular, where the fog changed from turquoise to pink (it looks better than it sounds) that felt a bit like a 1960s disco.

  • These maps have spawns, which I always thought made a poor fit in the visual theme of quake and don't make for particularly enjoyable fights. Fortunately, they are used sparingly.

  • The tongue-in cheek ending in the village and the credits page felt a bit incongruous, given the thick atmosphere that went before. This was obviously deliberate, but felt a bit out of place to me.

bfg666 Registered 24 September 2016, 13:30

"You could hang this thing next to the Rembrandts in the National Gellery and people from around the world would come to see it - it's that good."

'Nuff said.

dt Guest 25 October 2016, 14:10

Getting this error ending the level "constantly no respect":

dt Guest 25 October 2016, 14:11

I should mention I'm playing on darkplaces with the game downloaded from steam.

bfg666 Registered 25 October 2016, 20:24

@dt Check this post: I'm pretty sure it'll fix your issue.

dt Guest 26 October 2016, 13:52


Tried all the cvars there, nothing seemed to work. Error didn't even change. Couldn't find any additional info on google either.

Thanks anyways, the map was very good - I played through both sides (not sure if there was more after) before running into this issue.

Might come back to it if I run into more issues with darkplaces and switch to something else.

Butane Registered 26 October 2016, 17:12

Quakespasm is the way to go man.

I also used Darkplaces until I stared to get errors with certain maps and mods. I switched to QS for compatibility but stayed for the faithfulness to the original.

Butane Registered 26 October 2016, 17:12

Quakespasm is the way to go man.

I also used Darkplaces until I stared to get errors with certain maps and mods. I switched to QS for compatibility but stayed for the faithfulness to the original.

Butane Registered 26 October 2016, 17:12

Quakespasm is the way to go man.

I also used Darkplaces until I stared to get errors with certain maps and mods. I switched to QS for compatibility but stayed for the faithfulness to the original.

bfg666 Registered 27 October 2016, 1:58

Well then I can't help you without more info. Do you have any other mod installed? Which DP version are you using? If you have the one bundled in the Epsilon build, you should uninstall that and start over with a clean DP install.

Quakespasm is the way to go man.

Not if you want fancy stuff like RTlights or advanced replacement content capabilities.

dt Guest 27 October 2016, 2:06

Thanks, I'll give it a go.

Kinn Registered 26 December 2016, 13:52

Replayed recently and both maps remain bum-slappingly stunning masterpieces of layout, gameplay, pacing, brushwork and atmosphere.

onetruepurple Registered 28 December 2016, 20:56

Can you believe that next April this will be five years old?

Kinn Registered 28 December 2016, 22:36

otp: no it seems like it was released yesterday. Welcome to being an old git I suppose.

Atzuras Guest 26 March 2017, 17:06

Level design of Sheer Hellish Miasma is simply terrific, best of all times in this Game, and not counting the exellent Honey theme and superstandard gameplay. Must play. Must enjoy. By the way, I also missed the 7th secret. Any clue?

Agentflit Guest 18 June 2017, 10:22

I swore a lot, haha. Maybe I shoudn't have picked hard on the first go. Fantastic maps!!!

Ajora Registered 25 July 2017, 10:47

Fantastic. Loved the ending. Really amazing work.

BPSkibbenheims Registered 6 August 2017, 18:15

Played through this yesterday on on hard. Great fun! Loved the large underground areas. The sheer scale of the maps was great. The pacing and resource distribution was just right. Felt like I was ammo starved but not so much so as to make it annoyingly frustrating. Just enough to make things a bit more tense! Awesome little ending to it all too. Quite charming. lol

You can check out a video of the playthrough at the following:

magnusmww Registered 18 September 2017, 23:24

Really liked it. Tried in Darkplaces first, but ended up with a quakeC-error upon finishing both levels, just before going back to the start-map. No problems with saves though, as others have had before (probably previous versions of DP?)

Had to do a quick noclip through the levels in quakespasm to see the awesome ending! :)

death112 Registered 17 March 2018, 16:56

"I'm the horse of a ghost" Truly a fantastic set of maps

Satchel Guest 24 September 2018, 15:17

This was fantastic, very atmospheric and well paced. I agree with others who said that the level of ammo conservation was just right. Let's have a sequel :)

marctimothymoses Registered 25 December 2018, 19:13

the stained glass windows are amazing. I also love chandeliers

Lysander Registered 10 March 2019, 3:31

What can I say about this.... Sheer Hellish Miasma indeed. The atmosphere, the challenge, the scope, the epicness, the inventiveness, the imagination, the humour. By far the best 3rd party campaign I've played.

Titosor Registered 20 March 2019, 1:03

Stellar level design, lots of personality. 5/5

bhlaab Registered 20 July 2019, 2:33

Impressively made. The use of rocket keys in the second map was cool. Some cheap shots and iffy monster placements here and there bogged things down. I really did not care for enemies spawning in behind me without making a noise. I super did not care for the inclusion of slimes. The ending was cute.

Fyrenic Registered 23 July 2019, 21:33

Absolutely amazing map and great level design. The map is really captivating right from the start with its theming. One of the best maps I've ever played.

Jugador Registered 27 October 2019, 18:40

Holy Mother of God.

Arkyreon Registered 1 December 2019, 20:30

Beautiful Map with great theming and atmosphere.

HemebondTest Guest 29 December 2019, 17:49

Nice big map with interesting gameplay.

Dr. Toboggan Registered 20 January 2020, 9:34

Believe the hype.

BonfireBunny Registered 24 March 2020, 21:40


The atmosphere is astounding.

BonfireBunny Registered 24 March 2020, 22:27

Update: 9001%

The ending completely made my day.

Gioyo3aa Registered 24 March 2020, 23:13

I can't figure out where the entrance to Nightmare mode is. Cocerello, you seem to have found it, any hint? (or did you just use skill 3 before loading maps?)

onetruepurple Registered 28 March 2020, 18:20

I'm almost 100% sure there is no Nightmare button in the start map. But I could be wrong.

Cocerello Registered 28 March 2020, 20:31

@Gyoyo3aa, i cannot remember anything about a nigtmare entrance in this map, checked again just in case and also on the release thread, so i suppose i loaded the map already on skill 3. Back then i played everything on that skill level.

PalmliX Registered 6 April 2020, 21:18

Not much else to say here that hasn't already been said. The hype is real. Honey will make you re-think what Quake can be.

Aubrey Registered 12 June 2020, 21:11

First thought: “NessainceE,” but with Lovecraftian kink.

Alex 29 December 2020, 20:42

Honey will get you to do some Quake parkour. The ghost stories are cracking me up. So much creativity...

[This comment had to be restored. See this thread for context. This means that there might be problems with its formatting or content missing. The information if the user posted while being logged in was not restored. -Spirit]

whatisquake Registered 12 March 2021, 6:19

Spooky, clever, funny, highly recommended!

metalliqaz Registered 12 May 2021, 17:41

Incredible maps, especially for 2012. Secrets are very hard to find, I found 2/7 and 0/7.

aquinas_nz Registered 3 September 2021, 8:38

Excellent set of levels :) Truly expands the scope of what you think Quake can handle.

Alex Ros Registered 17 October 2021, 19:43

Really great. But maps aren't equal. One is much-much better than another one - the one with destruction everywhere is better. Well it is better that 90% of ALL maps existing. So hey! THANKS

Salty Guest 3 December 2021, 0:27

Wow Honey now comes free as an add-on for Quake Remaster!

Guest Registered 8 December 2021, 22:34

New Honey release for Quake Enhanced with better lighting and a new ending.

Guest Registered 8 December 2021, 22:36

to download the above place underscore after quake and honey ! :)

Escalate_krsk Registered 9 December 2021, 21:24

Good maps! Fun play! Even funnier unorthodox ending) But no new content...

Andy Guest 7 January 2022, 0:02

I am running the new quake with the add on ''ONEY" iT SAYS USE THE ROCKET TO OPEN but i dont have a loncer? how it works?

Guest Registered 16 January 2022, 17:30

Trying to run 2021 mod dl from the above link in qss. Followed instructions to the letter. New Game:


All my other mods work. Original 2012 Honey works.

Alex Ros Registered 16 January 2022, 22:27

"Trying to run 2021 mod dl from the above link in qss". It's not well suited for non Kex. It was updated specifically for Kex and rerelease/enhaced edition. And it's actually worth it! Recommend

Guest Registered 18 January 2022, 0:13

Thx for explaining. I'm not a fan of the look of that "enhanced" version. They missed a chance to add a portal for nightmare too. I think enhancing the graphics of quake is missing the point a bit. But if you're gonna do it, you should do it properly. IMO, they used the wrong engine.

MikeTaylor Registered 8 November 2022, 1:44

I re-re-re-re-replayed Sheer Hellish Miasma. Ten years after it was released, it remains by far the most fascinating and inventive progression of any Quake map I have ever seen. Quite literally a work of genius.

Rez Guest 10 April 2023, 16:32


I loved this a lot. Sheer Hellish Miasma was great fun, from the feeling of being lost in an unfathomably large structure to how it always seemed like you were breaking the map and making your own rules because of how clever the layout was. The best part was how it actually made backtracking entertaining with the rocket and grenade "keys". I was sad to see it end.

Constantly No Respect seemed like the easier map, but it certainly wasn't any less enjoyable. I found more secrets on this map, and that early rocket launcher certainly helped. The Arcane Dimensions style zombie-killer axe was a great touch for helping to conserve ammo, and being able to snipe some enemies from a distance gave some lovely opportunites for serious payback.

Finally, the ending is amazing. I wasn't expecting such a funny and surreal conclusion to such a eerie and atmospheric mapset but czg knocked it out of the park. Damn that was good.

MelOfTheSea Registered 18 August 2023, 0:29

:) This is the very first map I ever saw here, with its nice thumbnail and description.

Onionhead Guest 2 September 2023, 16:21

Incredible atmosphere, challenging but fair combat and gorgeous level design. A masterpiece

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